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New Year’s Special: Drunk…

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Gu Ting Yu didn’t usually drink alcohol… Except for one special occasion, which was during a gathering when he was first employed in the hospital; as a newbie it didn’t feel right to reject the seniors, so he drank a few glasses of alcohol.

Everything after that was blank, he remembered nothing.

The next day Gu Ting Yu climbed out of bed dizzy and tired, the second he got to the hospital he had this vague feeling that something was wrong… For example, the nurses that were cold to him just yesterday, were for some unknown reason discussing and inspecting him from a distance now, there were also a few people who were whispering to each other while blushing, as they walked past Gu Ting Yu…

If it was only girls, then it wouldn’t be too odd, but…

Even a few hospital heads often invited him to talk…


Gu Ting Yu was a little frustrated, how come those middle-aged men always slapped his shoulders while talking, then somehow covertly slid their hands down to his chest. They often asked whether Gu Ting Yu needed a “body check-up” …

Only much later he finally found out that except for describing him as a skilled vet, and a very polite person even though a bit cold at times, the people around him also had another adjective to describe him, one that he couldn’t quite put a finger on, which was—


On New Year’s Eve, Gu Ting Yu worked in the hospital up to the evening.

This was his first New Year’s after coming back from the other world, his past New Years were usually spent working or going to the healthcare center to be with his mum, then returning at night to a quiet house, gazing at the bright fireworks outside blankly.

But this year was very different…


His phone was ringing, Gu Ting Yu checked the screen, the call was from home.

“Hello?” Gu Ting Yu picked up the phone.

“When are you coming back?” Jue’s voice came out of the other end of the call, “Qing Que made food, and the huge bed Xiu Er and Zhuo Yin ordered arrived today—the quality is very good, it definitely won’t collapse again. Also, I did the laundry; when are you going to be back, dear wife?”

Hearing Jue’s magnetic voice, Gu Ting Yu blushed for some reason.

“You…You guys are just…” He looked at the clock on the wall, one hand holding the phone while the other tidied his desk, as he was preparing to go out, “I’m going to visit my mum and bring her some nutritious food, it may already be seven when I come back. Oh and, don’t let Bai Zhi Ao make carrot soup anymore.”

Bai Zhi Ao imitated a cooking show on the television and made a pot of carrot soup before. Gu Ting Yu thought he should encourage him so he praised him a little, but from that day onwards, carrot soup would appear in his house every day. The result was that Gu Ting Yu would lose his appetite every time he saw carrots.

“Okay… Huan Sheng just came back too, he also brought some alcohol back with him… We will wait for you to come back; be careful on the streets.”

“Hmn… See you later.”

Hanging up the phone, Gu Ting Yu had his whole face red and hot. He picked up his big coat and went outside. Jue did it too hard with him last night, so his back was still a little sore.

The world was full of surprises; before he went to the other world, he would never have imagined that so many people would be accompanying him in his future days… They had been through so much together…

Gu Ting Yu walked through the winter streets. Though it was still very cold, knowing that so many people were waiting for him at home, he felt warmth deep in his heart… If asked what wish he had for the New Years, then he’d wish that the times of doing… that… could be reduced.

It was already very late when Gu Ting Yu left the center his mum was staying in. When he thought of how much his mother had recovered, he felt relieved.

Gu Ting Yu hurried home, counting seconds and peeking at his watch.

Looking at the lights from his house afar, Gu Ting Yu smiled, increasing the speed of his footsteps. Soon, he rang the doorbell while catching his breath.

The sounds of moving chairs and tables came through the door; every time Gu Ting Yu returned from work, Bai Zhi Ao and Nian Xing would compete to see who could open the door first. As expected, the second Gu Ting Yu opened the door, Bai Zhi Ao spread his arms and buried himself into Gu Ting Yu’s chest enthusiastically.

“Da Shu~~~I’ve missed you so much~~~”

Hugging Bai Zhi Ao, Gu Ting Yu saw that Nian Xing tripped and planted himself on the floor a few steps away, from where he gave Gu Ting Yu the puppy eyes. Gu Ting Yu melted the moment he saw that expression; he walked towards the dining room, one hand hugging Bai Zhi Ao, the other supporting Nian Xing.

There was a huge table in the dining room; the table was already veiled in steam rising from all the food. Qing Que had tied up his beautiful gold hair that reached his shoulder; his aura was graceful and attractive, but he was wearing a pink apron that didn’t suit him one bit, as he walked out of the kitchen with a bowl of pork soup in his hand.

Seeing Gu Ting Yu, Qing Que revealed an intoxicating smile, “Go wash your hands, I’m almost finished with dinner preparations.”

Gu Ting Yu didn’t have any chances of getting his own food (i)—because he couldn’t even finish the food the others piled in his bowl.

“Ting Yu, do you want some wine?” Huan Sheng asked while pouring a small cup of wine and passing it to Gu Ting Yu.

“Hmn.” It was the New Year’s after all, so Gu Ting Yu didn’t want to spoil the mood by refusing. He took the cup and gulped all of it down in one go. It’s just wine after all, so it shouldn’t be very strong, he thought.

The sounds of firecrackers and fireworks could be heard from outside. Gu Ting Yu put down his chopsticks, suddenly feeling very hot.

“I’m full, stop adding more food into my bowl already, seriously, I’m completely full already…” Gu Ting Yu leaned back in his chair lazily, licking his lips,

Umm…The dishes Qing Que made are really tasty.

Those little movements were all seen clearly by the twelve men in the room.

As the saying goes, when people don’t need to worry about food, impure thoughts would surface.

“Well, since you are full already… Why don’t we go look at our new bed?” Xiu Er asked.

“…” Of course Gu Ting Yu knew what they were getting at, “looking at our new bed” meant “using our new bed”.

“No!” Gu Ting Yu rejected him decisively, “You guys promised not to do… that on New Year’s.”

Qian Lü nodded, “Then we can do something else.”

However, Zhuo Yin was angry, he had been holding back for a very long time already, it was finally his turn today, so of course Zhuo Yin didn’t like the idea, “That’s so unfair, how come we have to stop when it’s my turn!?”

“Who asked you to break the bed last time! Xiao Yu couldn’t get off the bed for a whole day!” Nian Xing jumped out and hugged Gu Ting Yu, “Let’s just ignore him, how about we play poker?”

“Hmn…” Gu Ting Yu rubbed his head as he felt a bit dizzy, “…I will tidy up the table… you guys go ahead first…”

When everyone finally moved to the huge sofa in the living room, sitting in a circle and preparing to play poker, Gu Ting Yu felt his vision blurring…

So hot… So thirsty…

He subconsciously pulled open his clothes, picking up the wine bottle and walking shakily towards the living room, when he felt the coolness that came with it.

“Ting Yu come, quick—” Huan Sheng was frozen like the iced packages of food in the supermarket before he could pronounce the “-ly” part of the word. Everyone was surprised by how idiotic Huan Sheng looked, they all turned their head to the hallway… Immediately, the originally noisy and bustling living room became so quiet that even a tiny fly could be heard loud and clear.

Gu Ting Yu raised the wine bottle up, pouring its contents over his head… The wine trickled down his body through his hair, dampening his white shirt, it stuck on his skin, becoming semi-transparent, trailing down along the wrinkles of the shirt, the others found Gu Ting Yu’s private spot covered only by his shirt, under the hem there were two naked legs… besides the shirt, he wasn’t wearing anything else.

Gu Ting Yu got on all four on the floor like a little cat, slightly arching his back, crawling forward bit by bit. Gu Ting Yu’s eyes were hazy and distant. He stared at Zhuo Yin who was the closest and crawled over; in front of everyone’s shocked gazes, Gu Ting Yu pulled open Zhuo Yin’s clothes, sticking his tongue out, and he licked Zhuo Yin from the abdomen to his chest, letting out some unintentional moans.

“… Who… can eat me…” Gu Ting Yu’s expression was a mix of innocent and seductive… He quickly took off Zhuo Yin’s leather belt, and bowing down, he took Zhuo Yin’s huge member into his mouth. Gu Ting Yu spread his legs and kneeled down in front of Zhuo Yin, showing the pink skin of his behind as he arched his back.

Looking at something so bad for blood pressure, everyone was petrified like fossils…

“Umm…” Gu Ting Yu had Zhuo Yin’s member in his mouth; his mouth became numb after a while, so he raised his head, and saw Zhuo Yin’s shocked face. Then, he suddenly lost his interest, and abandoning Zhuo Yin’s erect member, he turned to his next target.

Gu Ting Yu sniffed Liang Yue, naturally pulling his clothes open. Gu Ting Yu was satisfied seeing Liang Yue’s sturdy muscles, and he lowered his head and started licking his nipple, and while Liang Yue was gasping for air, Gu Ting Yu took a hard bite there.

“Ugh… Not tasty…” Gu Ting Yu let go of the red nipple, then suddenly saw a beautiful face; he went from Liang Yue’s lap to Qing Que’s, spreading his legs on Qing Que’s pink apron.

Gu Ting Yu’s member was on top of Qing Que’s. He was tossing and turning his hips, their hot members rubbed against each other, and that lit the fires of Qing Que’s lust. However, Gu Ting Yu had already left irresponsibly when Qing Que’s member rose.

Qing Que’s reactions slowed down dramatically after the stimulation, and when his mind returned, Gu Ting Yu had already forcefully kissed Bai Zhi Ao and Nian Xing, then started his rampage with Xiu Er; the seducing moans, the way he moved his body, none of them belonged to the Gu Ting Yu Qing Que knew…

Xiu Er was so aroused that he was going to push Gu Ting Yu down onto the floor and do him right then and there, but Gu Ting Yu suddenly pushed him away and crawling over to Qian Lü, he turned around, his behind facing Qian Lü, Gu Ting Yu separated his plump butt cheeks and asked, “… why does it feel… hot and wet there…”

Qian Lü flopped down onto the floor making a huge “thud” sound, red fluids gushed out of his nose.

Gu Ting Yu’s gaze turned to Jue who was sitting beside Qian Lü. The deck of cards Jue was holding scattered onto the floor; with his mouth wide open, he couldn’t believe that the drunk Gu Ting Yu was so flirtatious and teasing.

“Meow~” Gu Ting Yu imitated the sounds of a cat, and Jue couldn’t move his eyes away—that was right up his alley. Fire could burst out of Jue’s eyes.

After lighting flames in all the people around him, he yawned and wobbled his way back to his bedroom… Leaving behind a room full of mortified and aroused Xiao Gongs (ii) who had nowhere to vent.

————Mushroom (iii) separation line————

This is a glimpse into the future~~

Technically there should be twelve Xiao Gongs, but three of them haven’t made an appearance yet, so they are just blurred out…


(i) The exact word used in raws is “clipped food”, because they were using chopsticks. Chinese people usually dine on a huge round table, with a turning disc in the middle where plates of different food are placed on, everyone would seat around the table with a bowl of rice and start picking up the food on the spinning plate, the spinning plate is there so that everyone could reach every kind of dishes.

Usually people would pick food up and pile them up on the senior’s bowl, which is an act that shows care.

(ii) Xiao Gong: Referring to the twelve beasts, it means seme.

(iii) The author’s pen name is Mushroom-faced Person, so she called it a “mushroom separation line”. This is what the author usually writes when she had something to say, like an author’s notes with a different name.

PS: The New Year’s mentioned here isn’t the Lunar New Year, but just 1st January. The Lunar New Year this year was on the 5th of February, so hope you all had a lovely day ^^

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