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Chapter 146: Ninth World (11)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Edited by Sulo

“You, what are you doing?!” Bai Duan was just trying to keep their relationship as friends, but here he was carried into Cao YuYing’s arms and kissed by him. His mental state right now was not very good.

What’s more, Cao YuYing was wearing women’s clothes, which gave Bai Duan the illusion that he was being oppressed by a woman. Even though Cao YuYing was a man, he still seemed coquettish, and this was extremely weird to Bai Duan. Bai Duan’s mood was so complicated that it was hard to explain.

“Enough! You let me go!” Bai Duan struggled to get out of this predicament, but would Cao YuYing allow him to escape? It was impossible for him to go back to being vegetarian after eating meat!

Bai Duan’s writhing body got Cao YuYing’s heart burning, and his body was even hotter. Before long, Bai Duan himself calmed down, and obediently nested on Cao YuYing’s chest, he didn’t even dare to take a big breath — because he felt a familiar, hard and hot object sticking to his thigh.

Subconsciously, he looked down and saw that the woman’s dress under him was propped up with a very obvious bulge. Bai Duan’s mouth twitched, it was just… very eye-stabbing.

Although Bai Duan stopped moving, Cao YuYing didn’t intend to let him go easily, but his movements eased down, and he was no longer tough and fierce like before.

Cao YuYing gently caressed the back of Bai Duan’s head, and pulled it close to his once again. Cao YuYing placed his lips on his lover’s, gently sucking it before moving down to his neck, peppering him with kisses and licking him. If the tough stance of Cao YuYing aroused Bai Duan’s resistance, then the gentle touching and flattering made him soft in Cao YuYing’s arms.

Bai Duan’s face was red and his eyes were shining. The loose Taoist contract in his mind was happy and longing for the touch and kissing. Meanwhile, Bai Duan’s refusal was beginning to weaken, as if he was welcoming Cao YuYing.

Cao YuYing opened Bai Duan’s collar, and sucked his delicate and beautiful collar bones. He held him firmly in his arms with one hand, while the other hand travelled down and pulled his belt loose. His hand went deep into the middle coat, breaking through many obstacles. Finally, Cao YuYing successfully got his hands on Bai Duan’s tender skin which had been immersed in the repairing elixir overnight.

Bai Duan shuddered when he touched him, and his arms against Cao YuYing’s chest finally had some strength of resistance but only barely, “Don’t… No way… Not here… ”

“Not here, then where?” Cao YuYing chuckled with a hoarse voice.

Bai Duan choked — he barely remembered how he had proposed to be friends with the other and got angry. Although the current situation was completely dominated by Cao YuYing, Bai Duan was feeling contradictory. After all, he had also reacted, he even lost his armor and indulged in kissing and caressing the other.

“Don’t resist me, I promise, being lovers is more suitable for us than being friends.” As Cao YuYing said that, he could not help but push the almost exploding part up a bit, embedding it directly between Bai Duan’s legs.

Even through several layers of clothes, Bai Duan was still aroused by the aggressive action. He looked at Cao YuYing in women’s clothing and makeup, his smudged lipstick. He felt the hard object that was slowly pulled away and then inserted under his robes, rubbing against the inner side of his thigh. He couldn’t help but blurt out the word, “Pervert”.

Cao YuYing was stunned for a moment, then laughed, “Pervert? What does that mean?”

Bai Duan didn’t know where he had heard the word, but he knew it was perfect to describe Cao YuYing right now.

Although he was called a ‘pervert’ by his sweetheart, Cao YuYing didn’t mean to repent at all. Instead, he was eager to show the profound meaning of the word more thoroughly.

He withdrew his hand from Bai Duan’s clothes, then, just when his lover was relieved, he held him up with both hands. As Bai Duan’s body was lifted up, he subconsciously hooked his arms around Cao YuYing’s neck and was brought into the deeper part of the study, and then placed on the bed there.

As early as entering the study, Cao YuYing had spiritually dispersed the servants around the study, ensuring that no one was eavesdropping, and also scanned the internal structure of the whole study. Although the small bed in the study was not very comfortable, it was a good place to secretly have sex. The wide window frame beside the small bed and the swaying bamboo curtains at the window gave people a sense of being in the broad daylight. The low height made it feel like they were on the ground, which made this particularly thrilling.

After placing Bai Duan on the bed, Cao YuYing’s kisses fell on his face again. Feeling his lover’s uneasiness, he licked Bai Duan’s Adam’s apple and bit him gently around the neck, which made Bai Duan shudder. Most of the strength Bai Duan had recovered dissipated in an instant.

“Take it easy. You will feel very comfortable. You realized that last night already, didn’t you? You’re going to love it…” Cao YuYing lied on his side beside Bai Duan, holding him in his arms with one hand around Bai Duan’s shoulders, while the other hand ripped off his belt and undergarment.

Bai Duan’s body trembled slightly, and he did not know whether he was afraid or eager. The Taoist contract in his mind showed its presence more recklessly, which magnified Bai Duan’s attraction to Cao YuYing by several times.

Under the double influence of the contract and his lover together, even though Bai Duan knew he was doing something wrong, he still couldn’t help feeling dizzy in his sweetheart’s gentle seduction, so he began to relax his body.

Stroking his lover’s slender, blushing, bare legs, Cao YuYing slowly pulled them apart, then turned over to be on top of Bai Duan. Cao YuYing quickly took off his own undergarments, and pulled Bai Duan’s legs to his waist. The clothing on both their upper bodies was still mostly on — though Bai Duan’s collar was pulled open — but their lower halves were just barely covered by the long robes.

The scene was so lustful that it made Bai Duan tremble more and more. Of course, the burning organ that was right against his butt had a lot of ‘credit’ in that as well.

Bai Duan cleared his mind up for a moment, but without waiting for him to open his mouth to stop Cao YuYing, the hard organ greeted him by rubbing against him twice, and entered the used and still soft entrance.

Bai Duan moaned as Cao YuYing thrusted in, his body turned red along with the comfort he felt in his bones. Subconsciously, he raised his hand to Cao YuYing’s neck, and even his toes curled up.

In Cao YuYing’s eyes, Bai Duan seemed to be encouraging him, which led him to make more frequent and strong thrusts, almost pushing the person under him into tears.

Bai Duan panted as tears slid down from the corner of his eyes. Bai Duan’s eyes were closed tightly and his head was slightly tilted to one side. Even he didn’t know if he was enjoying the sensation or if he just wanted to escape reality.

Cao YuYing pushed into Bai Duan twice, he raised his hand and brought Bai Duan’s face to the front again. He chuckled in a hoarse voice, “What are you doing with your eyes closed? Open your eyes. Look at me!”

Bai Duan’s eyelashes which had tears on them, trembled. Finally, under the repeated urging of Cao YuYing, he slowly opened his eyes, took a deep look at him, and quickly closed them again. Without any cooperation, he turned his head to another direction again.

From his lover’s actions, he felt a sense of disgust. Cao YuYing felt something drop in his heart, for fear that his lover was disgusted with him. This time, he was afraid that his lover might be hating this half-seduced and half-forced sex. He quickly stopped, he propped up his own body with his elbow, he held Bai Duan’s cheeks gently, and asked in a soft but uneasy voice, “Why won’t you look at me?”

Bai Duan’s heart was softened by his worried tone. He opened his eyes again, twiched the corners of his mouth, and said four words gently, “…It hurts my eyes.”

——It felt like he was dominated by a woman. It hurt his eyes, and his self-esteem. The subtle sense of ineffable dislocation was also oddly thrilling.

Cao YuYing understood what his lover was hinting at in an instant, “……”

Although Cao YuYing had to admit that being dressed in women’s clothing was a bit bad for the eyes. Yet, it didn’t mean Cao YuYing was happy hearing this fact during sex.

In retaliation, the force and speed of his thrusts suddenly became fiercer, and soon wiped out the last trace of Bai Duan’s reason. What’s more, he also forced his ‘honest’ lover, who had no consciousness at all, to look at himself with wide eyes and let him deeply remember what he looked like at this moment.

At the end of this event, Bai Duan felt that his body and mind had been deeply ‘baptized’ and his whole person was confused. Lying on the chest of his wife in a mess, he unconsciously rubbed against the two soft, fake boobs.

Cao YuYing, whose chest was rubbed against and moved out of place, “……”

Because the small bed was not very comfortable, Cao YuYing only did it once with Bai Duan, then retired.

He helped his soft husband up, dressed him and combed his hair with his own hands. Cao YuYing was very content as he watched his beautiful and delicious lover leaning on the couch. He still seemed to have not completely recovered. As Cao YuYing looked at his lover, he took care of his own appearance properly. He also moved the fake boobs back to the right position.

After confirming that he looked normal, Cao YuYing couldn’t help but touch his lover’s red face again and steal a kiss from his lips.

Bai Duan finally regained his mind and gave him a complicated look, but he never said anything about ‘just being friends’ again.

——After all, for last night’s love affair, Bai Duan could still use ‘being drunk’ as an excuse. However, he had to face up to his heart and accept that he didn’t hate and even enjoyed it very much, the feeling of being hugged, kissed, or even entered by another man.

It was too weird and heretical for Bai Duan, who was always conservative, but there was another voice in his heart telling him that this was ‘right’ — such a contradictory feeling made Bai Duan unable to clear his mind.

If there was no physical relationship with Cao YuYing, it might have taken several years for Bai Duan to gradually accept the love of a man. But now that they have beaten home base two times fiercely, Bai Duan’s acceptance speed suddenly increased several grades — which was one of the reasons why Cao YuYing chose to hide his gender and go to bed with him directly.

Love would come out eventually when they have lots of sex. What’s more, the two of them had been in love long before that. Since his lover had forgotten, they needed to do more to get back the feeling of love faster~

Therefore, when Bai Duan gave up his delusion of ‘being a friend’ with Cao YuYing, the relationship between the two naturally soared. Although he still had some problems, he no longer resisted the intimate actions of Cao YuYing.

The servants brought over from the Imperial Palace by the princess watched them get along with each other from the beginning of their new marriage, and quickly entered into the honeymoon period of deep affection and love. No matter where they went, the newlyweds were together hand in hand, their shoulders right next to each other. From time to time, they hugged each other, and had their lips pressed together. The servants were fed dog food day after day.

They thought that they were really not modest enough and went against ethics. On the other hand, they envied the deep relationship they had.

In short, no matter what the others thought, Bai Duan and Cao YuYing spent three whole days together happily — and then came the day when the bride had to visit home after marriage.

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