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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Yu Chu was suddenly picked up and he subconsciously grabbed Zhou Mu’s shoulders, “What are you doing? Put me down!”

“Stop it, are you trying to make a scene?” Zhou Mu sideways looked in the direction of the visitor, while lightly reprimanded.

Yu Chu wanted to punch the chest in front of him, but had to swallow his anger and say, “Who’s making a scene? Are you not afraid of being seen?”

Zhou Mu looked down at him and put him down, standing against the tree. It was the two thugs on duty, and since it was patrol time, the two were smoking and yawning as they walked through the trees to the far side. Seeing the men disappear, Yu Chu pushed away from the chest in front of him to get away, and was again tugged by Zhou Mu’s arm.

“What? Still want to fight?” Yu Chu raised his chin.

The rain had stopped and the moon had burst out of the clouds, reflecting his fair complexion as if it were transparent, and his two black eyes were as if they were painted, but the look on his face was very unpleasant. Zhou Mu didn’t make a sound, turned his back and half crouched down.

“Hmph.” Yu Chu breathed out of his nose, but he still got on his back.

Zhou Mu’s every step was very calm and steady, the wide solid shoulder back also made him feel very safe, Yu Chu thought it over, before finally easing his tone of voice, “The truth is, I don’t intentionally tease you or pretend to be crazy. I really don’t know where the key is. If you know anything, can’t you tell me? Or you want me to make wild guesses? You see, I even told you about how I’m a transmigrator, but you’re like a shut up clam shell, not telling me anything.”

He felt that these words were sincere, but Zhou Mu was still unmoved, so he sighed, “I know it’s hard for ordinary people to understand the transmigrated thing, and if I were to hear someone else say it, I wouldn’t react any better than you. Let’s compromise, you choose a term that you are comfortable with, which is very suitable for my current situation.”

Zhou Mu asked, “What kind of situation?”

Yu Chu, “The situation where I don’t remember anything.”

Zhou Mu, “There’s also a big change in your temperament. You’re like a new person, with suddenly better skills, and you don’t have the training for that.”

Yu Chu pondered for a while and said, “But how else can you explain what you just mentioned other than transmigration? I can’t even find a more suitable reason.”

“There’s no such thing as transmigration in this world.”

Yu Chu wondered, “How can you be so rigid? Then pick an alternative, since you and I have to communicate.”

Zhou Mu was silent for a moment and then said, “Memory loss.”

“But didn’t I say amnesia in the beginning?” Yu Chu was a little frustrated, “Okay, okay, amnesia then. I woke up and found that I had lost my memory, lost all my past knowledge, and somehow learned boxing skills. So Mr. Zhou Mu, as my bodyguard, can you tell me some useful information?”

“Who am I to tell you? Who knows if you’re faking it?” Zhou Mu sneered.

Yu Chu said, “I can also see that although we have different purposes, you need me, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be so concerned about my safety and save me twice behind Yu ShiQing’s back. Well, I should be quite important to you.”

Zhou Mu didn’t say anything to refute, which was an acknowledgement of his claim.

“If I’m pretending, then I definitely know everything you said, so why does it matter if you tell me again? I’m sure you won’t object if I say that we are currently grasshoppers on the same rope. If something happens to me and I tell Yu ShiQing about what you did, you won’t be able to get a good deal either.”

“You’re threatening me?” Zhou Mu said coldly, stopping in his tracks.

Yu Chu said, “Not really threatening, just stating the truth. I’m not going to ask you what the purpose of your visit to this island is, and I’m not interested in that. Just tell me about the key.”

Yu Chu didn’t know if Zhou Mu believed that he had indeed lost his memory, or if he thought he had a point, but he finally opened his mouth after a few moments, “I don’t know much. I only know that you have a key, an item left to you by your mother. I don’t know exactly what it’s for, but as long as you hold that key, you can currently guarantee your personal safety.”

“My current personal safety?”

Zhou Mu continued, “I don’t know what will happen in the future, but if you want to leave the island one day, you have to keep the key safe.”

“How do you know about this?”

Zhou Mu paused for two seconds and then said, “I overheard the conversation between Mr. Yu and Uncle Wu.”

“What did they say?”

Zhou Mu stopped speaking.

Yu Chu also stopped asking questions, lying silently on Zhou Mu’s shoulder, unknown what he was thinking about. Only when he was approaching the Yu Family Mansion did he ask, “You said I would die if I went ashore, so will it be Yu Feng who kills me?”

“Maybe.” Zhou Mu was noncommittal.

Yu Family’s gate was monitored and there were men on duty. Zhou Mu was experienced enough to carry Yu Chu to the backyard then climb in through the fence.

The whole process was clean and crisp, and even though he was still carrying a person, it didn’t affect his speed. When he slipped silently into the soft wet ground of the garden, Yu Chu asked him in his ear, “Were you a thief before?”

“I was.” Zhou Mu said in the same small voice as he walked through the flowering branches, keeping a vigilant eye on his surroundings.

“Coincidentally, I’ve been a thief before too.” Yu Chu laughed in a low voice.

Zhou Mu ignored him again and carried the other through the garden, advancing close to the shadows of the building before flashing into the front door and darting up the stairs. By the time Yu Chu unlocked the door to his suite, the two were safely inside.

The floor lamp in the living room came on, and Yu Chu slid off Zhou Mu’s back, jumped on one foot and sat down next to the sofa, sighing, “It’s so warm and cozy in the house, how could I have picked a stormy night to run away?”

Zhou Mu first went to turn on the TV, turn down the volume, and then stood at the coffee table looking down at him, “Do you want to shower first or should I?”

“What?” Yu Chu didn’t respond for a moment.

Zhou Mu asked, “It’s already five o’clock, don’t you want to take a shower and go to bed?”

Yu Chu slowly lifted his head, his dark eyes staring at him, his gaze gradually becoming deeper and deeper.

Zhou Mu turned around and headed for the bathroom, “Since you’re not answering, I’ll wash up first.”

“Hey.” Yu Chu called out to stop the person, trying to not smile or laugh, “I’m not interested in you.”

“Coincidentally,” Zhou Mu took off his T-shirt as he walked, revealing his strong muscles and smooth shoulders and back, “I’m not interested in you either.”

“Then why do you want to shower at my place? Isn’t there a matching bathroom in the dormitory? I don’t think Yu ShiQing should be that stingy.” Yu Chu grinned and leaned back in his chair, skimming his lips with a disdainful expression, “You don’t even think twice about making excuses.”

Zhou Mu paused in his steps, turned around at the bathroom door, and calmly stated, “First, I’m heterosexual.”

“Coincidentally,” Yu Chu tapped the arm of the sofa, “I am too.”

“Secondly, the man in my dormitory is on duty tonight, and he’s handing it over to someone else at five o’clock and then returning to his room. Doing the math that means he would reach the dormitory in seven minutes. And now at this time, the person taking the shift has already gotten up and is leaving the dormitory building. I rushed back just in time to run right into him. When the person in my dormitory goes back to the room, he would first hesitate to call me if he finds me missing. But according to my understanding of him, he will eventually choose to report this to Uncle Wu after repeatedly struggling for ten minutes.”

Yu Chu stared at Zhou Mu, trying to tell from his expression whether he was lying or not, while the other was standing in the doorway and letting him look at him, his gaze as open as his naked upper body.

“So you’re sleeping here tonight?”

Zhou Mu, “I’m sleeping here.”

Yu Chu, “And the reason?”

Zhou Mu, “Because you thought there was going to be a thunderstorm tonight and you were scared, so you kept me here with you.”

“That’s a perfunctory reason, I’m at least an adult.” Yu Chu said in shock.

Zhou Mu said, “It’s the truth, you’re afraid of thunder at night.”


Zhou Mu turned around and went into the bathroom, closing the door, and the sound of water immediately rang out from behind the door.

Yu Chu sat on the sofa and pondered: How weak is this original body? If I hadn’t transmigrated, he would have drunk the sleeping drug his brother mixed and let Li Wei get his hands on him. At the same time, he sighed. If the original body also transmigrated into his body, he hoped he could survive for three days.

Zhou Mu’s bathing speed was fast, and just a few minutes later, the sound of water stopped, the bathroom door was pushed open as he walked out wearing Yu Chu’s bathrobe.

The white bathrobe was small and short for him, so he just held the belt up, revealing a firm, wheat.colored chest and sculpted abs, with a mermaid line that slanted down to the edge of his black bottoms. The whole man exuded a strong hormonal aura, handsome and sexy.

Yu Chu half-squinted at him, first whistled a little, then flicked his tongue and asked in a flirtatious young master tone, “Beauty, are you seducing me?”

He thought his current posture, tone and expression were all flirtatious, until Zhou Mu’s expression began to look a little weird, then he abruptly sat up straight with a straight face and cursed inwardly with chagrin: Fuck, I forgot to change my face again.

“Go take a shower. The person in the same dormitory has already found out that I’m not there. I guess in about ten minutes, he will report to Uncle Wu. My cell phone was left in the dormitory and not turned on, so when Uncle Wu can’t get through to me, he’ll come to you right away to ask about it.”

Yu Chu stood up holding the sofa and Zhou Mu came closer and asked, “Do you want me to help you to the bathroom?”

“No— Aah!”

At the same time Zhou Mu finished his question, he had already picked up the person horizontally and quickly took him to the bathroom.


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November 18, 2021 9:26 am

Both saying they’re heterosexual… truth or not? If former, for how much longer? 😏
When will ZM realise or accept Yu Chu is a transmigrator?
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 18, 2021 4:59 pm

These two is very interesting! Which one will go down first and see how annoying it will be if one of them disappears forever! The facts are already pretty clear, because ZM doesn’t believe in YC. Thanks for the chapter!

November 18, 2021 9:15 pm

Why i feel Uncle Wu hate ZM🤔🤔🤔

November 18, 2021 11:51 pm

You are heterosexual? Well, not for long dear, not for long. That’s what you get for being the MC of a BL novel. This Uncle Wu… I don’t think he’s a good person, but let’s see what happens next.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 29, 2021 9:39 pm

Yu chu making that perverted expression with that face is cracking me up

January 3, 2022 8:53 pm

I’m heterosexual” “I am too” – Famous last words. 😏

The whole man exuded a strong hormonal aura, handsome and sexy

– Calm your thirst, author! I can barely contain mine! 😆

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