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Half an hour ago.

The police officer driving the car looked ahead of the blocked convoy, Xie XingMu was in the back seat, “Capitan Xie, what should we do if we’re blocked here? I’m afraid we won’t be able to make it to court.”

Their police car idled on the bridge, the car escorting Yu ShiQin was just behind them. The bailiff had already crossed over the bridge, and was trapped from the traffic in front of him and couldn’t move.

Xie XingMu said, “Listen to the command, see how they dispatch arrangements.”

The words just fell, and a commanding voice came from the walkie-talkie, “Escorting suspects behind the police car to the bridge police cars. You can pass from the left side of the road. Go around Red Maple Bridge, avoiding the main road. After 35 km, there’s another convoy coming to meet you.”

“The commander told us to detour, so let’s switch routes.” The police officer started the car.

Xie XingMu vaguely felt that this was a little suspicious, but the police car in front of him had turned around the turnoff, so he swallowed his words, but remained vigilant. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, the sky was gloomy like dripping ink, and the three police cars were driving in the rain with very low visibility.

“Xiao Cai, drive carefully.” Xie XingMu surveyed the environment outside the car while instructing the driver.


After driving for about twenty minutes, the three cars turned right and reached the Lijiawan Stone Bridge. This stone bridge was built in the 1970s, spanning a ravine in Lijiawan, after several solid alterations, it was now basically abandoned. Under the bridge was more than a hundred feet deep valley, because of heavy rainfall flash floods the deep valley creek has risen into a flood potential, roaring and surging forward, the roar of water raging through the valley. 

The three police cars drove up the stone bridge, the windows were dense with water, and Xie XingMu tried his best to look out the window, but still couldn’t see. The rich experience in criminal investigation told him that if the road to transport Yu ShiQing would be changed, the most likely location was here.

He subconsciously pressed his right hand to the gun holster at his waist and urged the driver, Xiao Cai to pay attention to it.

“Capitan Xie, don’t worry, I understand.” Xiao Cai replied.

Everything happened in a split second. A sudden explosion sounded and the car was overturned by a huge wave of aftershock. Xie XingMu rolled around inside the car, his ears temporarily deafened and the world lost its sound. He fell into a brief period of unconsciousness, and when he opened his eyes, several unfamiliar figures appeared in his blurred and upside-down vision.

They were wearing black hoods, guns in their hands, and were coming down the next hill towards the bridge. Xie XingMu moved his body and found that he could still move. He called out to Xiao Cai twice in a hoarse voice, but there was no response.

He unbuckled his seat belt, reversed his body position, pushed open the car door next to him and got out of the car, then backed up against the body to block himself and check the situation around him.

The other two police cars were in front of and behind the bridge, the bailiff’s car behind them was badly damaged, had a deformation; just now the explosion point should be that car location. The car that held Yu ShiQing hit the stone fence ahead, but there was a trace of movement, and he didn’t know how the people inside actually were.

Xie XingMu moved to the driver’s seat position, pulled open the car door, and saw Xiao Cai motionless eyes closed leaning on the driver’s seat. He reached out and probed his nose; the person was just unconscious.

The trace of white gas rising into the air from the hood of the car was dispersed by the rain. Xie XingMu forcefully pulled open the deformed driver’s door, dragged Xiao Cai out, and hid him behind the car.

Xie XingMu felt a dull pain in his chest. Due to the rollover he may have broken a rib or two. He looked at the car that held the broken walkie-talkie, coughing slightly twice and grabbed for the gun at his waistband. He held the gun to his side.

His hawk-like sharp eyes, stinging red by the rain, noticed the group of masked men who were approaching through the car window behind him. The group of masked men were five in total, holding guns in their hands. They had two police cars behind them and went straight to the front one.

Which was the police car holding Yu ShiQing.

Xie XingMu picked up the unconscious Xiao Cai and moved his position, quietly shifting backwards, sitting him against the rear of the last police car, and then catapulted forward, hiding behind the middle police car. The front had Yu ShiQing’s car and a masked assailant kicked the back door in. The person next to him went over, pulled out a gun and bang bang hit the lock twice. Then he kicked hard until the door was kicked open.

The man in prison clothes and handcuffed was Yu ShiQing and he was lying in the vehicle. He heard the movement and raised his head, looking outside at the few people, and his eyes suddenly expanded.

The police officer lying opposite him then also suddenly opened his eyes, reached out to pull the gun behind him, but the assailant punched him in the head, and the officer was immediately unconscious again.

The hitman also wanted to fire his gun, just raised the gun, but heard a bang. Instead of the policeman being shot, the assailant froze violently, a bullet hole appeared in his undershirt, and he fell forward soundlessly.

“There are still cops alive!”

The remaining four thugs instantly turned around and aimed their guns at the police car behind them and pulled the trigger. In no time, shell casings were jumping all over the place, and the entire valley resounded with the dense sound of gunfire, echoing over the rushing roar of the river under the bridge.

The police car behind was soon riddled with holes, the front end of the car was beaten into a hornet’s nest. The head assailant made a stop sign and leaned over with his gun, and the three of them fanned out in that direction.

Xie XingMu leaned back in the police car, eyes on the rearview mirror of the last police car. The mirror had been deformed and turned upside down, and was showing him a clear picture of the situation behind him.

Xie XingMu suddenly peeked out from behind the car, raised his hand and pulled the trigger, then darted back behind the car.

The process quickly seemed to have aim, and the rightmost thug, already covering his chest, fell down.

The remaining three thugs looked at each other and suddenly rushed past the police car at the same time, with all three guns aimed at the back of the car. But there was only an empty space behind the car, and there was no one there.

“Be careful!” The leader of the fighters suddenly shouted, while dodging to the side, the stone floor beside him suddenly had two more bullet holes, and debris splashed over them. “He’s behind the stone pillar!”

Bang! Bang!

After another two gunshots, the three thugs hurriedly crouched down behind the car, found a position to hide, and raised their guns to aim at a tall stone pillar on the side of the bridge.

Yu ShiQing had climbed up, his face still dripping blood, down the sides of the nose dripping down, looking hideous. Both of his hands were cuffed, not caring about the burst of gunfire outside, he groped in front of the fallen police escort body. Then he climbed to the front of the car and found the keys from the passenger side of the escorting policeman who had lost his life. He breathed heavily and looked out of the car while opening the handcuffs, then pulled out the gun behind the cop’s waist, chambered the bullets and got out of the car.

After the three thugs and Xie XingMu engaged for a moment, the gunfire stopped.

“Boss, he should have run out of bullets, I’ll go check.” One of the thugs quietly poked his head out, and just as he stood up, there was an extra bullet hole in the body in front of him. He hurriedly squatted down again, “Holy shit!” 

The leader of the assailants gritted his teeth and said, “This won’t work, the police will be here soon. You guys cover me, I’ll go from the back.”

“Okay.” The assailant on the right poked his head out, aimed his gun at the stone pillar and kept pulling the trigger. But at that moment, he felt a shadow falling over his head. Before he could react, the gun in his hand was kicked out, clattering in the air, a row of bullets aimlessly shot in all directions. 

Xie XingMu jumped from the roof of the car behind the stone pillar, kicked the gun away from one of the assailants in the air, followed by a punch that hit the man’s forehead with a thousand pounds of force. The man spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground on his back, with his chest sunken.

Xie XingMu landed on the ground after the punch, followed by a roundhouse spin kick, hitting the wrist of the assailant beside him and dropping the gun he was holding.

The assailant’s reaction was very quick, and the moment the gun was out of his hand, he pulled out a dagger and stabbed towards Xie XingMu’s face.

Xie XingMu bent back to avoid the blow, but there was a lunge to the side of the leader. Seeing another sharp dagger coming from the left, he couldn’t avoid it, and only slightly turned sideways, allowing the tip of the knife to graze his heart and hit his left shoulder. The blade was pulled out with a stream of blood, Xie XingMu’s uniform right shoulder was quickly stained crimson.

He frowned and quickly reached out and ripped off the rickety bumper from the broken front of the car next to him and swung it hard at the two assailants. The bumper carried a strong wind, the assailants didn’t dare to touch it, only stopped the forward attack, respectively taking two steps backward.

Xie XingMu stretched the bumper like a large knife across his chest, giving off an awe-inspiring aura, so that the two assailants didn’t dare to act rashly like before, just stood in place facing each other. Xie XingMu concentrated on the two assailants in front of him, completely not noticing Yu ShiQing in his blind spot.

Yu ShiQing took the gun, but Xie XingMu was standing behind the police car, his entire body was blocked. Yu ShiQing climbed the stone bridge railing, sneakily moved towards him, ready to go around to the position where he could aim at Xie XingMu and shoot.

Just then, the sound of a car’s motor suddenly came from the distance, and the sound flew from far to near, and looked like it would reach the bridge.

The two assailants exchanged a look and both lunged at Xie XingMu.

Xie XingMu used his bumper to fend off one man’s dagger, while his foot swept hard at the other man’s calf. After the man took two steps back to dodge, he punched the man in front of him in the face. The man hurriedly tilted back his head, but was still hit by a move, the bridge of the nose issued a broken crack, and his nose gushed out blood.

The other person, also no longer fought Xie XingMu hard, and since he had used his dagger, he picked up his empty gun, quickly replacing the magazine.

Xie XingMu wanted to rush, but the bloodied fighter in front of him was desperately trying to hold him back. He watched as that man replaced the clip and shot toward him.


A silver-white car suddenly appeared at the bridge, the tires scattered on the ground through the car debris and flew through the sky. The car didn’t have the slightest intention to slow down and was facing the man who had raised his gun. The assailant was hit by the car. 

Under the assailant’s horrified pupils, the car instantly zoomed in front of his eyes, he could not turn his gun, he only heard the sound of his whole body bones cracking, felt his body fly through the air, and the world became a blur.

Xie XingMu only paused for a moment, then immediately attacked the front, using his fist again to hit the assailant’s carotid artery on his neck. 

The last assailant was already frightened and angry after witnessing his accomplice being hit by the car, and now he was hit by another punch, and immediately went berserk, hissing and clutching his dagger.

After Yu Chu hit the man, the car continued to rush forward, he hit the brakes with all his might. The tires on the bridge surface screeched harshly, skidded a bit and then stopped. He was ready to get out of the car to help Xie XingMu, but just pushed open the car door and saw Yu ShiQing standing on the bridge railing.

Yu ShiQing didn’t even notice the car; he was so focused on getting rid of Xie XingMu. The rain washed the blood from his face one drop at a time, making him look very terrifying. Yu ShiQing had fallen and was covered in moss, wet and slick from the rain. He held onto the gun with both hands and pointed it towards Xie XingMu but the car was still blocking his view. It wasn’t the best shooting position so he moved forward a step.

The place where he landed was a patch of moss, and Yu ShiQing slipped and stumbled outward.

He reached out to wrap his arms around the stone pillar next to him, but the stone bridge was already old, plus it had tried to withstand the explosion, and the stone pillar broke the moment he held it. A section of the stone railing fell into the river. In a hurry, his other hand grabbed the edge of the bridge concave seam, finally stabilized his falling body, hanging in the air, the gun in his hand had also fallen into the deep torrent.

Now he could only rely on his left hand to support himself. Without someone to help him, he would last less than a few minutes before he fell. 

“Give me your hand.” A familiar voice suddenly came from overhead.

Yu ShiQing was shaken and looked up incredulously. After seeing Yu Chu’s face clearly, he murmured, “Xiao Chu…”

“Hurry up, give me your hand!” Yu Chu leaned over the bridge, poked out half of his body, and did his best to reach out his hand.

Yu ShiQing looked at Yu Chu’s outstretched hand and finally grasped it.

Although Yu Chu grasped Yu ShiQing, there was no easy way to pull him up. This section of the stone railing all fell into the water, leaving only the bare surface of the bridge, and he had little strength and his feet caused a crack in the bridge.

Yu ShiQing looked up at Yu Chu’s red face because of the struggle, and suddenly remembered a scene of déjà vu: on Broken Heart Cliff of Singwon Island, Yu Chu hanging on the edge of the cliff, and he was looking down at his face… 

Although he later learned from the interrogation people that Yu Chu hadn’t died, but had fallen off the cliff. His calm eyes held no sadness, and the black waves underneath him appeared in his dreams again and again.

Yu ShiQing’s face appeared in a trance and suddenly said in a hoarse voice, “Xiao Chu, do you hate dad?”

Yu Chu’s other hand also tightly gouged the ground cracks, as he scoffed and gritted his teeth, “I hate you.”

“Then why are you trying to save me?” Yu ShiQing asked in a hoarse voice.

“Because I… I don’t want to feel guilty.”

Yu ShiQing looked up at him, “But if you save me, I can’t live either.”

“That… is none of my business.”

The bridge surface that was wet by the rain was extra slippery, and Yu Chu slid out a little more towards the bridge, and the necklace around his neck also slipped out of his collar, hanging in the air and swaying gently.

“You’re still wearing the necklace…” Yu ShiQing looked at the necklace. His expression seemed sad and happy, but after looking at the cross that was cracked in half, he was first puzzled, but instantly reacted, shocked, “This cross… this cross…”

Yu Chu inclined his head to look at Xie XingMu, who had the upper hand in the fight against that thug, and relaxed a little in his heart. He tightened his grip on Yu ShiQing’s hand and said, “Yes, the key is inside. Whether you live or not, you, and those behind you, can’t escape.”

Xie XingMu punched the opposite fighter’s throat heavily. After a muffled bang, the fighter spurted out a mouthful of blood, staggering back two steps, finally falling down. Xie XingMu gasped, wiped the rain that covered his vision, looked at Yu Chu who had half his body straddling the bridge outside, and immediately rushed over.

“So the key… You gave me the key a long time ago…” Yu ShiQing’s expression looked like he was laughing and crying at the same time, “You gave it to me as a birthday present…”

Yu Chu looked down at him and said word by word, “Yu ShiQing, your son Yu Chu, he hates you, but he also loves you.”

He wasn’t talking about himself, but the original Yu Chu.

Crack… crack… CRACK!

The bridge made a slight sound, and a crack appeared in the stone under Yu Chu’s chest, spreading like a spider web into the distance.

Xie XingMu rushed over, quickly bent down and grabbed Yu ShiQing’s hand, pulling it hard. But Yu ShiQing was a bit abnormal, he looked down at the flood rushing under his feet, and then looked up at Yu Chu. His face showed a certain calmness that was out of place.

Xie XingMu saw the difference in him, and coldly shouted, “Yu ShiQing! We already have the key to the safe, and can get the evidence. The court will judge your crime, you only need to cooperate now. Don’t have any other thoughts!” 

Yu ShiQing wasn’t listening, he was staring intently at Yu Chu. His face slowly revealed a look that seemed like a cry and a smile, “Xiao Chu, Daddy is sorry. Please live happily.”

Yu Chu’s heart felt a jolt. Yu ShiQing let go of the hand gouging the bridge, and then struggled to shake off his other hand Xie XingMu and Yu Chu were holding. Then his entire body fell and was swept away by the current.

The floodwater was like a huge beast with its mouth open, instantly swallowing his figure… 

Xie XingMu quickly shifted his eyes and held Yu Chu in his arms, his head tightly pressed to his chest, hoarse voice repeatedly saying, “Don’t look, don’t look…”

A sound of sirens came from the distance, Yu Chu took a deep breath in Xie XingMu’s embrace, smelling his body and rain mixed into a unique scent. Yu Chu slowly raised his hands, and wrapped his arms around Xie XingMu’s waist.


Three months later.

In a certain prime location, a dessert store silently appeared. The store’s desserts were delicious, attracting a lot of customers nearby. After work many people loved to come here to buy a dessert to take home, and if they had plenty of time, they would buy a cup of coffee, and sit at the store’s small tables to eat.

This store not only sold desserts to eat, the boss also looked amazing, but even when he wasn’t in the store often, he would still attract many people over.

But today, the customer’s luck was good and the boss actually appeared.

Some people sighed in their hearts, this boss really looked the best. With big eyes, white skin, he looked good and soft.

Yu Chu had gotten used to people’s attention on him, and the whispering at the bar of the cashier taking orders. His eyes skimmed the round table on the floor, suddenly stopped talking, as he slightly narrowed his beautiful eyes.

There was a sneaky thief in the corner, sitting behind one of the guests, and was quietly snatching his wallet out of his pants pocket. The next time, the customers had the privilege of watching how the good and soft sweet store owner was able to subdue the thief with ease.

The whole process took no more than three minutes.

The police car soon arrived and two police officers jumped down. The first one, tall and handsome, pushed the thief to the police behind him to take away, but he himself stayed, sitting on a high stool by the bar.

Guest: So this store provides follow-up protection?

Yu Chu arranged all the work for the day and whispered to Xie XingMu, “Off duty now?”

“Mmn. I came to pick you up first, so we can go pick up DuoDuo together.” Xie XingMu raised his hand and lifted a lock of his hair that was hanging down to the corner of his forehead.

“I made DuoDuo’s favorite macarons, so I’ll bring him a box back.”

The two were smiling and whispering, exchanging a tacit glance from time to time, when the customers finally woke up to the fact that they were a couple. These two were so compatible that even if there were people in the store who didn’t accept such feelings, they couldn’t deny that their presence in the same picture was only pleasing to the eye, and they didn’t have the slightest dislike for each other.

Yu Chu put a box of macarons in his bag and was naturally picked up by Xie XingMu, then left the sweet store side by side. Xie XingMu went to the car and Yu Chu waited by the side of the road. At that moment, the sunset’s colors filled the street, giving a warm glow to Xie XingMu’s tall back.

Yu Chu turned his eyes away, squinted at the leaves of the trees, sighed contentedly, and waved his hand at the sky.

Mom, I’ve been very happy, you can rest assured.

Yu Chu, I hope you’re as happy as I am.


The author has something to say:

Although not long, I enjoyed writing this very much. Thank you to all the little angels who encouraged me along the way with your daily comments and letting me know I don’t stand alone. I’m writing a new novel, so I would be pleased if you join me in reading it as well. 


I am the Paranoid Emperor’s Little Leopard Cub

Luo Bai’s mother passed away. Before her death, she left only one sentence: don’t expose your original snow leopard form, don’t fall in love with anyone, and don’t end up in the same situation as your mother.

Luo Bai was sent to the palace in the capital and met the person he was now being raised by – Chu YuZhao, who had been injured and had lost his memory and stayed in his house. He felt that the mature man in front of him had changed, but he was still the best-looking person he had ever seen. So ignoring the other man’s majestic and cold eyes, he blushed and shyly called out, “Pretty brother.”

The chamberlains were shocked, “Impudent, call him Your Majesty.” 

Chu YuZhao also sized up the teenager in front of him, who was already 17 years old, and frowned deeply. He knew Luo Bai was mentally deficient, but he didn’t think he would be this stupid.

Well, let’s keep him, anyway, he was a cold emperor and was destined to be a bachelor. It was better to have such a person with him.

–Although he was just a fool.


When Luo Bai was a child, in order to save a person, his original form never grew up, and he became a fool. Although he was clueless and foolish, even when he was bullied he would not complain, and would not shed a tear.

Chu YuZhao looked at the dough-like Luo Bai, said thought it was a pity that although he was pretty, he did not understand anything. But even though the dough-like Luo Bai had a clear heart, he would feel pain, and would secretly shed his tears behind people’s backs.

Chu YuZhao didn’t know that this little fool would steal his heart and live with him for a lifetime. More than that, Chu YuZhao would one day put his life on the line, just to let the little fool stay by his side…


cold-hearted and cold-faced wife spoiling maniac gong x soft sweet and lovely little beauty shou

1. This novel does not correspond with historical facts.

2. It’s the author’s usual routine, a small sweet text with a plot hidden under the skin, containing a thrilling adventure and other elements.


Hey everyone, next up we have a novel called The Cannon Fodder Doesn’t Want to Die [Quick Transmigration] by Humble Servant Girl (The same author of Interstellar Rare Species). 


Summary: Yu Ze was in a car accident in his original world and ended up being completely paralyzed, the doctors consider him in a vegitative state. While he can still hear what everyone around him is saying, he does not have the ability to respond. So when an AI calling itself System 02 appears in his brain, telling him he can get all functions of his body back, Yu Ze jumps at the chance. System 02 explains to him that he has to pass through several worlds as the cannon fodder who dies early. His mission is to live as these cannon fodders and survive past the original time when they die. 


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Sue R
December 29, 2021 1:54 pm

Thank you for your hard work, the story is short and full of both sweet and exiting scenes with the little cutie Dou Dou who gave the extra warmth to the story. I enjoyed reading very much.🤘💖⭐⭐⭐

December 29, 2021 3:28 pm

Aww. Im so glad they got a happy ending. YC and XXM deserve it.

Thank you for yet another great translation guys!!

December 29, 2021 4:11 pm

I loved reading this little Novel full of action, surprises and a smart and cute DuoDuo. Thanks for translating.❤️

December 29, 2021 8:13 pm

Thank you for this sweet novel, author and ERs.
I love a happy ending! It had excitement too. Very enjoyable read.
I Am The Paranoid Emperor’s Little Leopard Cub sounds interesting too. I would like to read that as well.

December 29, 2021 10:41 pm

Wow, the ending. Really good. Thank you for the chapter and al the hard work tranlating this novel. I really enjoyed it. 🥰👍🤩🤩💖💖💖

December 30, 2021 8:23 am

Why do the endings always sneak up in me? I could read 10-20 more chapters of these two. Xie still doesn’t believe Yu Chu has transmigrated.
Thank you for all your hard work. This was a real treat. 😀

January 4, 2022 1:37 am

Wonderful Ending. I hope you keep tortured by your guilt in hell, Yu ShiQing!!!

Still suck that Mumu still doesn’t believe Yu Chu’s Transmigration fact, but it was understandable. Suck but excused.

Duoduo is Precious and Cutest in this novel!!! Yu Chu’s loneliness was sad, when he felt he can’t trust who he trusted. But what Mumu did before was excused, so I won’t complain.

When Yu Chu finally soaked in this new family of three, I’m so happy for him.


WeiYing lanovia degusu
WeiYing lanovia degusu
January 18, 2022 6:24 am

Ah me gustó mucho

February 25, 2022 6:54 am

Moc děkuji za celou knihu. Velmi se mi líbila i když ji čtu přes Googl překladač (neumím anglicky😊). Duo Duo byl úžasný😍. Doufám, že si někdy budu moci přečíst i Vaši další knihu anotace zní skvěle👍.

July 27, 2022 6:16 pm

Another lovely story from this author.Thank you for translating,great story and I loved the child too.Looking forward to the next one.

September 11, 2022 1:29 am

This was such a beautiful and cute story. I loved reading it🥺 thank you so much for translating ugh my heart is warm and fuzzy after reading such a cute and interesting story❤️

December 23, 2022 3:34 pm

We’ve reached the end :’) I’ll miss them QwQ. They key finally appeared, and at the same time, father’s ending was o.o … Everything was finally resolved.. Wonder what’ll happen to their business partners 🤔 Will the police continuously track down remnants of the case, branch out or close this one with father’s death.. Happy that mc gets his peaceful retirement life and a family ~~

I am the paranoid emperor’s little leopard sounds interesting ~~

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oooof my heart is so fuuulll!!! this story has such a good balance of action, suspense, mystery, fluff, and adorable baobeis~~ thank you for all your hard work! this is definitely a new favorite of mine~

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This was a great read!

Thank you for your hard work.

April 15, 2023 7:09 pm

This was a great read!

Thank you so much for translating.

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