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Translated by Rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Yvonne slowly pulled herself out of Mammon’s embrace. She knew who she could afford to offend and who she couldn’t. Although Isefel had never come to Hell before, he was still the fallen angel on par with the seven demon lords. Even if her shoulder shook until it fell off, even if all her tears dried up, Mammon would never antagonize someone like Isefel for her sake.

Although Mammon had a good impression of Yvonne, he still smiled to lessen the embarrassment: “A misunderstanding?”

Isefel looked unfathomably at him.

Mammon said, “Yvonne is Lilith’s most capable assistant, I believe this is a misunderstanding.” By saying that, it was clear that he was washing his hands off of this affair. What he meant was, brother, if you really can’t stop yourself, just do it, I have no objections, we only can’t make things difficult when it comes to Lilith.

Although Feisha had never heard of Mammon, hearing the way he spoke, Feisha knew he was a bigshot. As for Lilith, her name reverberated like thunder in his ears (1). Someone who was tangled with Adam, Satan and Cain. It was amazing that with her age, she didn’t feel any fatigue, even crossing generational lines from Adam to Cain.

He sighed with feeling and helped to smooth things over, “That was really a misunderstanding. We have travelled far to come here, seeing that there was a place that was so famous here made our eyes light up and our hearts feel carefree and relaxed. Only now did we realize that it was Lady Lilith’s capable assistant.”

If it wasn’t making your eyes light up, was it dimming your eyes? Anger brewed resentfully in Yvonne’s heart as she glared at the lying Feisha.

Mammon smiled and said, “This must be the human representative that has been making quite a wave, Mr. Feisha.”

Feisha was extremely flattered and said, “Making a wave?”

“Making the cold fallen angel ascend once more to Heaven and then making the angel who had ascended descend from rage… in all of history, there is only one person who can do that.”

Hearing his words, Feisha felt badass.

Mammon smiled shallowly and said, “Now that you’re on the second floor, you should try some of our local delights.”

Isefel asked, “Your treat?”

Mammon’s smile didn’t change, “Of course. Are you suspecting my sincerity?”

Isefel put his arm around Feisha’s waist and started walking. In that instant that their shoulders brushed, he said lightly, “I won’t forget the sin you fell for — avarice.”


After exchanging whispers with Isefel, Feisha finally learned that Mammon wasn’t just one of the seven demon lords of Hell, he was the wealthiest one too. Half of the properties on the second floor belonged to him. He even owned a substantial part of the first floor industrial zone. If Lucifer wasn’t afraid that he had his fingers in too many pies and pocketed the entire of Hell for himself, Mammon would likely be several times richer.

Feisha followed Mammon and entered a lavishly decorated night club, so lavish he couldn’t even dream of something like that. He had always thought that his previous place of work, the hotel, was already luxurious, of high quality, with new and original architecture and was ostentatious enough. But now he knew that that was like comparing a toilet built last minute with America’s White House.

“What…did he embezzle?” Being a demon lord was considered being a public servant right? Was nobody suspicious of a public servant living in such wealth?

Isefel said, “His sin was avarice.”

That was to say, he embezzled in broad daylight and was tacitly approved of by the government and one could even say that his greed was being protected?

“Lord Lucifer had no opinions?” The developments of Hell looked very modern, if they valued honest and clean politics, why did no one do anything about this place?

Isefel replied, “In the past, Hell was full of chaos.”


“The current model was led by Mammon. It is an accumulation of treasure.”

“…..” Feisha immediately rearranged his expression and sighed appreciatively, “A talent.” No wonder adverts frequently said, what did the twenty first century lack the most? Talents! Only now did Feisha understand how accurate these words were. Sometimes, a talent was worth thousands of soldiers and horses. “Is he rentable?” Noah’s Ark had no upper limit anyway, why not let him loose to express himself there, he might even build a space fort.

As he finished his sentence, Mammon turned around and looked at him like he was smiling and yet not.

Feisha watched him turn his head again and hurriedly said, “Eavesdropping is still considered listening, why not give me an answer?”

Mammon laughed out loud, slowed down his steps and walked shoulder-to-shoulder with him, “What do you want to rent me for?”

Feisha glanced at Isefel and saw that he didn’t look like he was objecting and continued, “Just improving Noah’s Ark a little.”

“Oh? You want to improve it until it’s like the second floor of Hell?”

As Mammon asked, a pair of twin witches happened to walk towards them. The swaying mounds of flesh almost made Feisha’s eyes fall out of their sockets. Isefel suddenly bent and lifted Feisha into his arms.

Feisha was stunned. “I can walk.”

Isefel said expressionlessly, “You’re tired.”

Feisha watched Isefel’s perfectly beautiful profile and thought gloomily: he really could walk by himself.

Mammon, by the side, had to laugh when he saw this, “How interesting. Maybe you’ll quickly gain another sin.” They had reached the end of the crystal corridor and as he pushed open the door that was whiter than snow, smoother than jade, he said, “Jealousy.”

Behind the door was a meeting room that was semicircular in shape facing an enormous floor-to-ceiling window. There was no ceiling, only the starry sky. Only then did Isefel put Feisha down on his feet. Feisha walked in and felt like he was walking on clouds. The floor was unbelievably soft and yet he didn’t fall.

Mammon snapped his fingers. A light silver sofa patterned with violets swiftly emerged near the floor-to-ceiling windows. There were two small side tables by the sofa, each holding a bottle of wine and six glasses.

Mammon, standing before the windows, pointed in front and said, “Welcome to Decaying Paradise.”

The city view seen through the windows suddenly changed and became a scene filled with clamorous individuals embracing and doing all sorts of lascivious things. Feisha only took one look and felt his ears burning. It’s not like he had never watched pornography but he’d always watched it alone for his own enjoyment. Watching it with others, especially someone he barely knew, was a whole different experience.

Mammon clapped his hands.

The men and women who were previously caressing each other desperately like they were in heaven immediately separated and retreated to the side in alluring steps.

Mammon sat down on the sofa, poured himself some wine, picked it up and shook it before saying, “I’d planned to show my trump card, but, since I have someone asking so nicely, I can hardly refuse, isn’t that right?”

Feisha saw the Yvonne who had suddenly appeared in the middle of the stage and understood. “Actually there’s something that I don’t know if I should say.” He dragged the word out.

Mammon smiled and said, “Please.”

“I still feel that you’re rejoicing in others’ misery.”

Mammon’s smile deepened and he took a sip of wine, “Who says I’m not?”

Isefel pulled Feisha to sit with him.

Feisha consoled himself: we’re just here as tourists, someone’s hosting anyway, I might as well watch this.

A low, supple and ambiguous voice could be heard. Yvonne was beginning her performance, her movements were bold and seductive, her fingers kept caressing her body and her expression was lovely and alluring. The clothes on her body began disappearing under her leisurely but provocative movements.

Feisha saw her figure and gulped.

Mammon watched Isefel engrossingly.

Isefel, as usual, was placid.

The show was entering its climax, Yvonne’s finger was slowly entering her own forbidden region, but her eyes were locked here, the scorching hot and naked hints in her eyes sinking deep into one’s bones.

Feisha took a few breaths to smoothen out his breathing and spoke in an extremely low voice to Isefel, “Can you take Lilith?”

The corners of Isefel’s lips lifted in a barely visible smile and he nodded ever so slightly.

Feisha turned around and saw the increasingly impassioned Yvonne and said, “I’m hungry.”

Mammon asked, “What do you want to eat?”

“Pork. Especially the kind that have two big mounds of flesh on their chests.”

Mammon held his cup up to his lips, preventing his smile from being too obvious. Yvonne’s movements didn’t stop but her expression was becoming more venomous. She had indeed heard them.

Just now, Feisha saw Mammon snapping his fingers, clapping his hands, and guessed that this place likely had listening devices installed so that those at the other end of the room could hear them and he was right.

He thought for a moment and said, “That’s right. What we’re saying here can’t be heard there, right?”

Mammon understood him and shook his cup.

Isefel held Feisha’s hand and tightened his hold for a moment, as though he was encouraging him.

Thus, ‘at ease’, he criticized, “I think Miss Yvonne’s chest is quite strange, one part seems higher than the other, one part bigger than the other, one part facing outside while the other is facing in. And her nose too, when she breathes out, it comes out of the left nostril, when she breathes in, it comes in from the right nostril. Her eyes are quite interesting too, one has eyebrows curling up, one has eyebrows curling down. If one were to look at her photograph and split it with her nose at the center so that there were two pictures, one would never think to put these two together to get a complete face. Haha…”

Mammon struggled to contain his laughter while admiring Yvonne, who was so furious she was shaking, and yet she was still devotedly performing. “Actually…” He bit his lip, “Yvonne has many admirers.” But there was a period where he likely would not look for her because he was afraid that if she took off her clothes, he would dive forward to measure her chest.

The dance, which could originally last for thirty minutes, was over in seven minutes and thirty six seconds, after which Yvonne revealed a forced smile and disappeared from the audience’s gaze. Feisha let out a breath, luckily nothing went too badly. Yvonne was definitely doing it on purpose.

Mammon said, “The next show is my trump card.”

Feisha was astonished and rejected, “A good thing should be savored, not devoured.” As he said ‘devoured’, he felt that he could be seen as making oblique accusations so he quickly explained, “Uh, that is, there’s a time and place for greed, everyone has their own ambitions…” He seemed to be digging a deeper hole for himself.

Mammon didn’t seem to take offense and said, “We should actually savor avarice. If there was no avarice, we won’t have progress. Avarice is the power and source of everything.”

Feisha thought silently: As expected of someone who is both the eldest disciple of avarice and the representative of avarice, he can’t say three sentences without talking about his profession.

Mammon pointed, “The show is about to start.”

Feisha looked and saw a skinny youth with long flowing hair bowing to them, creating two balls of fire in the shape of roses and then slowly letting them go, turning them into wide and long colored lines, falling to the floor.

“Sorcery?” In Hell, it should be sorcery, right? Feisha thought, overflowing with sweat.

Mammon tilted his head and looked at him. “Then what do you imagine it’s called?”

Although it was phrased in a question, Feisha felt that he had been found out.



(1) This is an idiom that means Lilith’s name is very famous and is heard of everywhere

(2) The word used here for ‘tangled’ implies sexual relationships/affairs

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