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SH Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Poster (Part 2)

Vacation time flies This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Feisha was left behind Dea’s left to see another soft and curved body on the left. Strangers could feel their expression even in the whole room and fought in unpleasant places. “What do you see?”

“Nothing,” she answered in absentia, because she firmly put her in her chest. “Keep this sweet scene as much as possible”


They have empty fruits in the hands of fans in a clean bowl. “Your nose bleeds.”

The second time, when the day came, he saw the Fisherman’s Fish Complex while he was in bed.

“What happened?” You asked for a Demo quiz. Why does the Façade seem to be re-packaged around the depression forest after all the healing waves?

Feishas’s eyes ended, came up with a weak hand. DEA …

“I’m here”

“You … I have to continue, even if I do not …”


Feisha silently made himself turbid. “It seems that I could not escape the fate. I came here from a young leader, led the client to my whim, talking about a plan in another place, just think about what you did.”


“We could look back on the golden age of the past and plan our customers to bankrupt bankruptcy. This means that the slaves of the Nostalgia are timely, it makes the memory that we do not allow. We need to worry about future prospects.”


As I also had hands on this awesome altado: “Do not blame you not only sweet dears. You can skip one ID that put me in this world first. You can skip all the strings that I helped you, today you can stand here. but ignoring the real danger of frustration and inattention to the forests you can be punished for charity …. Well … you taught me how you did it, so I have a lifetime. ”

God went to the other side. “What’s wrong?”

“He was dent,” she replied.


Feisha knocked the fist on the bed. “Why do not you tell me about the amount of blood that I lost?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.


Well, it took time to answer. “Just out of his nose?”

“And his mouth”.

It was a passport in which Day struggled to feel the situation. It’s no longer an interesting thing, it’s just vomiting.

“But it’s much clearer than blood,” she continued.


“I do not have power,” Feisha cried. “It seems to stay here for a while.

“What are you doing?” You ask to be good

Feisha said that he hid his face in his hand. “I really do not want to do anything more than I really care about Noah’s class and get back to work immediately, but I’m willing to do with my spirit, my weak man is still weak. You can enjoy me something. You know that we sometimes face with some bucketons.Unlike you are not a microorganism.If you can not even take away money Who is afraid of punishment? Isefel can spend as much punishment as he wants.

“It’s kind of fruit that fills blood”, dearly replied with peeling.

In the world, probably, there will be no human blood for blood transfusion, but this solution came out of the left. “Yes, can you use such things just in the game?”

“After a large spot with colorless skin has been used, it will be shown at the back and will warm up during sleep, I promise that it will not affect your everyday life.”


“You also feel the plan”.


“It’s free.”


Well said other jewelry. She nodded, but she did not hesitate when she went to the door. This fruit was obviously not Brux.

“Wait!” Fishe screamed and suddenly sat down.

Both fans saw him ahead.

“I remembered: I just go home like this.” He lifted his face up to the ceiling, melancholy. “Just because of this manifestation of behavior, I can show my passion for this work for this group about Noah’s class!

“I’ll tell Shamalam at the door for ten minutes,” Dea said on the other side.

“Wait for Shamal and do not you think that things will be a bit faster?”

“That’s why this is the reason why you leave before anything happens,” the heart is excited. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.


“You see that a prisoner can also lead a family or friends prison before being sent to a slaughter. You are a bit hard here.

“Dea is good for my eyes and I do not see your long-term stay,” Almedande said when he took a big entrance. God’s eyebrows were relatively small, as if Almedand were to perceive him in vain, but otherwise there was no sign of dissatisfaction.

“Your Majesty” Feisha urged her to jump out of bed. “I really wanted to give Dei some tips so that your relationship could overcome probability.

Almedande raised his eyebrows. “This is a very interesting thing: maybe there is an experience in this field?


Feisha covered her shirt and finely chopped it.

Due to the presence of Almedand, there was no time for Feish to come from the palaces. There, the breath of the horse stood in a heavy attitude to the strong sunlight that reflected the bright black skin. The wagon and its passengers quickly emerged very insignificantly on this majestic side of the animals.

“Who will we recover this wagon?” When he saw it for the first time, he should be told that Feish’s opportunity to do something literally dreams.

“Yes,” Almedane answered.

He was driving far away from the truck. “Thank you, I was also allowed to drive this car, haha”

“Who are you?” Asked Feisha He looked a little younger than Locktini. It was beautiful with a beautiful face that resembles a small animal.

“My name is Shamal. DEA Exchange is the representative of the largest world of Noah’s ship, according to my request for my daughter’s brother. DEA will stay behind him as you will see.”

Feisha saw Dea. His face was as empty as usual, but in trying, she was not able to envy his courtesy.

They do the same, wonderful to say that girls, all of the windmill’s family wife, but look like a mistake.

Suddenly something happened to Feisha. “Grab it,” you called your Majesty, your Lord’s brother. It is … ”

“He is the third prince in the great world,” replied the dear. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.


“How big is your family?” Faisa asked Shamal. Prince was pushed from anywhere just after other places.

“Three of us, my eldest son, my second brother and me.

“No, I have not seen Locktini … I think I woke up to his height … After all, we were an ally with whom we have come to an end. I’m a bit behind, maybe I can give you the opportunity to say goodbye before I left …?

“He is currently being arrested in the near future, nobody can see him,” Almedande said.

The lock image is suffering from Feish’s heart. “He’s already suffering enough in the woods, your Majesty.

“I know, therefore, he is simply arrested at home.”

Well, Feish had nothing to say. “Well, I mean, I’m going now, right?”

“Please do a good visit.

“I have not left any more?” Asked Feisha, he did not want to give it.

Good smile “I’m waiting for the next visit”

“What is one thing that I lacked the next time next time?”

“What?” I was surprised by Dee, who was given the answer. “Of course, you can come back, you have three holidays you can do each year, it was just one of them.

“Is Trio?!”

Of course, if you need extra hands in the Noah case, you can use them immediately.


Leaving the airplane, Feish’s mood was restored to 500%. “Now let’s go!”

Good lightening.

Just as horses were thrown out, the horses stopped. “Wait!”

Feisha smiled innocently about an angry couple. “Unfortunately, I forgot to ask the question – I have difficulty breathing, is there a way to avoid this?”

“Hard breathing?” It was nice to cry a little bit. “This can be a problem only for people you’ve done here?”


Feisha felt that his face was warming up with astronomical rhythms. “I held my breath, yes, I was breathing.

“Therefore, please stop breathing.”

“Not!” Feish’s explosion cheered him Almedane. “Erm, I thought, I was doing the last time and health. I am blood and weak and miserable suffering. How if I die?”

“Do not worry,” Almedande answered blank. “This trolley has obstacles to Abaddon to protect passengers from external influences.

“Is it being tried for people?”


Feisha rescued his help. When Almedand continued, the horse did not get into the sky. “You”

Traveling with Shamal is not a fun experience. When he thought about it, Faiza did not submit to the royal brothers.

Maybe it’s easier to ask why the oldest … Feisha is good with her. No one says. Same as medium. The latest was a chatroom that was never closed.

Are you tired of speaking anyway? Finally Feisha was stopped.

“No, really, I’m so excited that I can die – I can not believe that I’m going to the mysterious Noka Arkkestos.” Shamal shook hands behind me I replied.

“Legendary …” It was a legend. But … “I think you’re a little gone.”

“Is it disappearing?” Shamal saw him with wide eyes. “But there are many worshipers who live in the field of Noah!


“Do you like it?”

“Do you know that you are a jean? Do you know that he is the most powerful third-generation vampire? Obviously, the government is the only other one with the Lord of the Price.”

“… Jin, you are speaking, there is no Ark of Noah.”

“You’re no, no?”

Do you know the word “never respond to your hero”?


“Because all your hopes and dreams are realistic” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Translator Note

“It seems to me that I have not managed to avoid luck … […] We have a lot of memory, it is necessary to avoid clouding the future of the cloud.”

Unbound, difficult translation See also: 275, tracy: 2

And here’s another weird Ashinga reference. I simply could not translate it. // in: All this story (from penalty for single bankruptcy) Feisha is directly quoted from Nen’yakko 娇 – Reds Cliff 怀古 in our NU traffic poem Kaibai chest gǔ, Red Cliff battle (the theme that has become the HTTPS called – Wikipedia .org / wiki / Battle_of_Red_Cliffs). I translate the meaning of poetry almost directly.

One of the most remarkable comments is that “the plan ordered the client to be punished”. In this article, the speaker talks about plans to destroy enemy ships, but we spoke a little in other places. Feisha told him to hear the killer and started the word “ship” with the word “customer” before the search.

“I will tell Shamal that we will see us for ten minutes”

His name is 斯马尔 sīmǎŗr. The English word is pronounced from the “ancient city of Uxmal” (Wu Gerhard Mamuru Wu SImǎER), “Oosh-mahl”. Therefore, Shamal.

He looked a little younger than Locktini. Beautiful with a beautiful face that resembles a small beast.

Instead of small animals, raw people, he said that from Xue Wawa as Yukiyui Ling (Illuminated Snow Pupp). If I do not know if the snow doll is what, I’m the same, I want to find snow. 娃娃 Google gave a load of beautiful little animal image. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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