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Translated by Ellabells of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


After finally getting rid of the pizza, Feisha hurried to the scene only to see Gin and Lanka standing at the two ends of the lobby, expressionlessly facing each other.

Feisha whispered to the audience, “Have they started fighting yet?”

Asa said, “The fight is over.”

As soon as he spoke — it was like the bells of a temple, the bells of a school — he attracted everyone’s attention.

Feisha gave a dry laugh and moved toward Shamal instead. Gossip must be with the right person, those who can’t keep their voices down absolutely can not be allowed membership.

Shamal saw him squeeze his head over and immediately cooperated by leaning in and whispered, “They already finished a round. Right now, Gin has the upper hand. Ha, as expected of my idol.”

See. This is a good partner in gossip. One look to understand what the other party needed. So easy to communicate with!

Feisha nodded with satisfaction and said, “When is the second round?”

“I don’t know.” Shamal said, “There is the possibility of an intermission until the end of the game.”

Feisha suddenly had a look of resentment, “If only there is a referee to fan the flames!”

At this time, if there was a referee who could make a few pointers for the loser, it would definitely arouse the strong morale of the loser and the self-esteem of not accepting defeat.

As he was regretfully thinking that, he was suddenly kicked on the buttocks and was pushed forward. When he finally regained balance, he found himself standing in the middle of the confrontation between Gin and Lanka. The azure and date colored eyes moved away from each other and turned to look at him.

“You…” He turned back and hatefully glared at the culprit.

Shamal smiled brightly and raised two thumbs, giving him a cheering gesture.

After Feisha gave him a look to signal his grudge, he turned back and reluctantly smiled. “Actually, I was kicked out.”

Gin and Lanka looked at him silently.

“Oh, by the way, do you guys need towels or mineral water?”


“Also,” Feisha watched their faces cautiously. “Are you still fighting?”

Gin crossed his arms. “Hmph. If we keep fighting, I am afraid that there will be one less prince in Genesis.”

The corners of Lanka’s mouth twisted. It was nothing like the usual gentle smile, but is instead full of sharp ridicule. “To be able to bully the younger generation so confidently, I am afraid that it’s only your family.”

Gin raised his eyebrows. “You know you’re the younger generation and still dared to provoke me?”

“I don’t mean to provoke you. I just want to meet my cousin who is also a junior.” Lanka paused, his date colored eyelids seemed to be covered by layers of dark clouds, black as ink, “Is this not allowed?”

Gin can’t help but say, “Hughes is not feeling well and needs rest.”

Lanka gave a cold laugh: “Is it because he is not feeling well, or is it because you don’t feel well?”

“Both. He is not feeling well. So of course, my heart is even more uncomfortable. Is it that you see him uncomfortable and feel great inside?” Gin quickly counterattacked.

Lanka stiffened.

Feisha silently counted for ten seconds, then said, “Gin, K.O. wins!”

Gin blinked at him.

Lanka’s pallor was a little off.

Feisha secretly poked out his tongue at them. He looked back to see Isefel, who had joined the audience at some point, and immediately ran to his side.

Isefel glanced at him and turned to Lanka. The pressure on Feisha immediately disappeared. He couldn’t help but generously think, ‘It seems that the saying of ‘fox faking a tigers might’ is still very reasonable.’

Lanka looked away from Isefel and rolled up his sleeves, facing Gin. “How can we disappoint the audience? Let’s fight another round.”

Gin shook his head and sighed, “I’ve never rejected those who want to offer up their lives.”

Feisha looked at the situation and was full of energy and excitement. Last time, Almedande PK’d Antonio, he only saw the finale. This time he must watch the climax.

Just as the flames of war were on the verge of a bursting, a crisp voice broke in, sounding surprised, “Big brother Lanka?!”

Feisha resisted the urge to yell for a refund and wiped his face in silence.

When watching a climatic part of a TV series, what could be more painful than suddenly encountering a commercial?

The direct ending of the show.

Shamal pulled him as he turned around to prepare to leave and whispered, “The story is getting good, why are you leaving?”

“Good my butt.” Feisha said, “ A good martial arts film just became a romance film… I really can’t keep watching it!”

The depression of the onlookers clearly did not affect the plot of the main actors.

The juvenile version of Hughes came out of the crowd. After glancing between Gin and Lanka a few times, he did not hesitate to go to Lanka. “Big brother Lanka, why didn’t you tell me that you were coming?”

Lanka threw a meaningful look at the steel-faced Gin and smiled. “I wanted to surprise you.”

Hughes rushed over and hugged him, shouting in his arms, “I really missed you.”

Lanka looked down at the little head that kept rubbing against his chest, his eyes endlessly tender. He tightened his embrace, “Me too.”

“Get your hands off of each other!” Gin finally exploded.

With his outbreak, Feisha’s confidence also broke out. Sure enough, romance is no good. Is it about to become an action film?

Hughes was surprised and tried to get out of Lanka’s arms, but Lanka refused to let go. He just let him turn around in his arms, facing down with Gin, who’s eyes slowly turned from light to dark blue.

“Let. Him. Go.” Gin’s snow white fangs were coldly clamped over bright red lips, his cold and gloomy gaze seemed ready to tear anything to pieces.

Lanka smiled without fear, “Why?”

The atmosphere was like a balloon that had been blown up to the extreme. If there was just one more breath, it would directly burst!

Feisha’s hopes were brought to a new height!

“Can you grab a different hand?” Shamal raised his arm with difficulty. Upon it, Feisha’s hands were gripped tightly.

“Ah?” Feisha was apologetic and ready to let go.

Isefel gave Shamal a look from behind him.

Shamal felt a chill all over, and immediately laughed, “Of course, if you can’t, then forget it.”

“…” Feisha touched his forehead. “Do you have a fever?”

Shamal felt even colder and sincerely said, “No fever, it’s just really cold on my back.”

Feisha’s face was full of confusion.

Just in that few seconds of distraction, the situation on the field had a huge change.

Hughes suddenly snorted and fell into Lanka’s arms.

Gin moved in front of Lanka and looked at Hughes with concern. But after seeing Lanka’s hand on Hughes, his face was turned ugly to the extreme.

Feisha dumbly stared at the scene for a full five seconds before becoming annoyed, “What happened in the second I was distracted? Did anyone record it?” Confiscation of recorder, camera, even cellphone. This world without technology is really not conducive to the development of gossip.

Layton waited on the sidelines for so long and finally found the opportunity to come up to the stage. 00″Although I didn’t record it, I saw everything clearly.”


Layton smiled and said, “Ten gold coins.”

Feisha turned to Isefel. “Did you see it clearly?”

Isefel slowly shook his head.

Shamal grievously thought, ‘..Of course he didn’t see it clearly. All of his focus was aimed at me!’

Feisha looked at Layton sullenly. “I don’t have ten gold coins.”

Layton thought for a moment, “Then, how many do you have?”

“If it’s gold coins, not even one. But there is a copy of the size data for a dwarf’s lower area. Do you want it… oh.” Feisha looked down at the red faced, red eared, but only able to grab his thigh after lunging over, Layton. He could not help but pat his head. “Be good, tell this big bro what happened just now.”

Layton loosened his hold in resentment, and he was reluctant to speak, “Gin attacked Lanka just now, and Hughes came and blocked it.”

Such an old-fashioned plot is probably not even broadcasted in replays, right? Why is it happening live before his eyes?

Feisha was grateful for the progress of writers and saddened by the boring real life.

However, the involved parties apparently did not know that they had entered such a cliche plot and were still performing hard.

“Gin, I regret it very much. If I knew it was going to be like this, I wouldn’t have just watched him be with you from the beginning!” Lanka finally dropped his usual calmness.

Gin’s face at the moment was very similar what Feisha saw of Leslie’s in the conference room. It’s pale and cold, exuding gloom. “What a grandiose rhetoric. However, with me and Hughes, I didn’t need your permission at the beginning. And now there’s no room for your arrogance!”

Lanka’s face dropped, the date color of his eyes were like deep pools. There was pain, sadness, annoyance… Countless emotions were stirred up in the pools before they finally turned into a look of forbearance and suppressed.

The corners of Gin’s lips lifted. “If I was you, I wouldn’t have appeared right before my own marriage.”

The endurance in Lanka broke, the pain finally expressed by flowing out like a spring. “Do you think you know Hughes well?”

Gin’s lips were stiff.

Lanka looked at him coldly. “Do you think you deserve Hughes?”

Gin’s hands on his side slowly squeezed into fists.

Hughes, who had been silent for the entire time, suddenly looked up at him tearfully. “Gin… Go back first. I have something to say to Lanka.”

Gin heart softened and and also felt cold. The two feelings conflicted like water and fire.

“Gin…” Hughes’ eyes were full of pleadings.

Gin’s fist creaked, but eventually loosened with the growing well of tears in Hughes’s eyes.

Feisha watched Gin turn into a bat, flying off to the top of the building. He was so mad he slammed a fist on Shamal.

Shamal was surprised by the pain, but any complaints were swallowed down under Isefel’s gaze. “I understand your feelings. But this kind of thing can only be decided by the parties involved. Others can’t help.”

Feisha grieved and raged, “Damn it. The good action movie has taken the romance route again. I hate it!”

Shamal, “…”

At the entrance of the conference room, two heads sneakily lined up together, peeking around the door.

“Cough.” Feisha stood behind them.

Shamal and Layton turned their heads at the same time. They saw it was just him and let out a breath of relief.

“What are you doing here?” Feisha looked at them condescendingly.

Shamal said, “Of course to look at the follow-up development of Hughes and Lanka. Don’t tell me that you’re not here for this.”

Feisha shook his head. “You guys really peep at people’s private affairs. Simply too low.”

Shamal and Layton were very depressed at his words. “Don’t you want to watch?”

Feisha’s words were righteous and strict, “It is wrong to invade people’s privacy. Since they closed the door, they obviously don’t want anyone to eavesdrop.”

Layton awkwardly collected the Domino Listening Device and walked slowly away with Shamal. But they only walked out a few steps before they saw Feisha squatting by the door exactly as they did.

Shamal gnawed his teeth, “Don’t you say that it is wrong to invade people’s privacy?”

Feisha didn’t even turn his head, “But that doesn’t mean not doing it. It’s not right to commit crimes, but the crime rate in each country is still very high each year.”

Shamal said, “But there are also corresponding measures to deal with criminals.”

Feisha nodded, “So definitely don’t get caught.”

Shamal, “…”

Layton said, “Didn’t you say that since they closed the door, they obviously do not want people to eavesdrop?”

Feisha reached out to him, “So you should quickly take out the Domino Listening Device.”

Layton, “…”


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