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Sunset Boulevard by Blocking the Monk (KaBiqiu)

日落大道 by 卡比丘

Year: 2019

Genre: BL, ABO, omegaverse, HE, Secret love, childbirth, NSFW, modern

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 51 Chapters (Complete) [Originally posted on Gongzip]

Translator: Zellyfish

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~


On the run from the government despite being one of the most successful and attractive alphas in the entire League, Chen Boqiao unexpectedly has to spend time with Zhang Jue, one of his admirers from middle school. As they get to know each other better, he realizes that Zhang Jue seems to still have feelings for him after all these years. However, was Zhang Jue really an alpha as he had always claimed?

Chen Boqiao x Zhang Jue

From unrequited love to a happy ending


Chapter 1.1: Sentenced to Death (Part One)

Translated by zellyfish of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Chen Boqiao spent three months in the League Military Jail Number Five, in this time, he celebrated his twenty-ninth birthday alone, missed his father’s burial, and witnessed six former officers of the military being escorted to their execution.

His cell, of which he was the single occupant, was not far away from the site of the execution. After a normal military criminal was escorted past his cell, it’d usually be ten minutes before he heard the gunshots of the execution and the flapping wings of the birds that were startled by the gunshots. The unmuffled AKM automatic rifle sounded like a war drum, beating on the hazy sky that was the vast drum surface over the suburbs of the League.

The day after the sixth officer was executed, on the morning of December 25th, Chen Boqiao went to court. 

He was wearing a rough prison uniform, his wrists bound in steel handcuffs, and he was sitting in the room, absently listening to the prosecutor’s dignified and impassioned reading of the complaint. At the very back of the court, the cameras of the Associated Press were operating, broadcasting the trial of Chen Boqiao, the son of the richest man in the League and former army colonel of the entire League. 

Treason, the murder of his father, and four brutal murders with conclusive evidence. Chen Boqiao was sentenced to death in court and was to be executed immediately. After the trial, Chen Boqiao was escorted by prison guards away from the court. To walk from the courtroom to the escort vehicle, one needed to pass through a corridor full of reporters.

Two rows of heavily armed police officers made a narrow passage amidst the crowd with their shields. The reporters with their access permits on a lanyard pushed at the police with excitement. The more powerful reporters lifted the microphone over the police’s shoulder and tried to reach Chen Boqiao and asked loudly, eager to get a few words from him. 

“Mr. Chen, will you continue to appeal?”  

“Mr. Chen, before the start of the trial, the overseas media had time and time again disclosed the judgment of this case in advance. Multiple pieces of evidence have apparently been forged. Do you know the details of this matter?” 

“Mr. Chen, your supporters are sitting and protesting outside the court. There are large-scale demonstrations throughout the Alliance. Please don’t give up your appeal——” 

“Colone-, Mr. Chen, experts speculate that this whole thing was a conspiracy by your stepmother, may I ask——”  

“——Mr. Chen! Could you please answer me——” 

The passage separated by the human wall became narrower and narrower, and reporters scrambled to follow Chen Boqiao’s pace. Chen Boqiao was the most emotionally stable person on the scene. He even smiled at a camera that was about to get into his face. 

The camera’s lights were strung together into a long strip, flashing in the corridor, just like the time between Chen Boqiao’s twenty-eighth to twenty-ninth birthday; it extended for such a length that there seemed to be no end in sight.

Just a little more than ten months ago, Chen Boqiao was still the idol of all the young soldiers of the Alliance and the rising star in the military and political circles. On January 29th, he led a commando team to complete a dangerous surprise attack, freeing a small town in the center of the war zone that had been besieged by the war between the two countries for three years, allowing 100,000 people to escape its nightmare.

Subsequently, Chen Boqiao was appointed as the youngest colonel of the League and awarded the Presidential Medal. On June 12th, Chen Boqiao’s father and the richest man in the League, Chen Zhaoyan, was shot while inspecting a factory and died on the way to the hospital. On June 14th, Chen Boqiao was identified as the prime suspect for the murder of Chen Zhaoyan and was arrested in his home. 

After a few months of ups and downs, he reappeared in public view. Chen Boqiao was not as desperate, embarrassed, grief-stricken, or angry as predicted by the media. He hadn’t changed at all.

“——Mr. Chen! Regarding the succession of Zhaohua Energy, can you give a clear response to the investors?! Will your stepmother and the widow of Chairman Chen, Ms. Zhao, become the first Omega to be the richest person in the League?”

“Mr. Chen Boqiao——” 

Chen Boqiao did not answer any questions. He passed through the light strip made up of blurred faces and noises, and stepped into the escort vehicle at the urging of the officer behind him.

Before the car door closed, Chen Boqiao heard the slogans of the protesting crowd outside the court. Those who had been protected by him and his comrades were calling his name in synchronization. There were eight bullet-proof and explosion-proof armored vehicles in the escort convoy. To prevent accidents, the convoy had planned nearly ten different routes. 

Only a few minutes before departure the drivers would be given the real one. There were three officers in the carriage with Chen Boqiao. Two young men were sitting opposite him, and the older one was sitting beside him, both holding submachine guns and staring at Chen Boqiao closely, and did not dare to relax for a moment. 

Chen Boqiao closed his eyes for a while and took a nap. When the car passed a slightly bumpy road, he opened his eyes and made eye contact with the young soldier sitting directly opposite him. 

The soldier’s eyes widened, his lips pursed, and he looked alarmed. Out of politeness, Chen Boqiao smiled at him, not expecting him to get even more nervous, as beads of sweat rolled down his forehead, slowly soaking the short hair on his cheeks.  

“Are you hot?” Chen Boqiao found it interesting and couldn’t help but ask, “Or are you afraid of me?” 

Before the young officer could answer, the middle-aged officer beside Chen Boqiao had already picked up his gun and whispered a stern warning, “No communication.” 

The young officer turned away obediently when he heard the words.

Chen Boqiao shrugged but stopped talking nonetheless, leaning against the wire with his back, apathetic as he listened to the dull and violent throttle of the armored vehicle as it climbed the slope, watching the submachine guns in the hands of the two soldiers opposite him, swaying along with the car’s movements.


“Hello, the owner cannot answer your call right now. Please leave your voicemail after this voice message is over.”  

“Jue, where have you been? I am very worried about you.”

“I have done what you asked me to do. You promised we’re still best friends. But why did you cut all contact with me after that day?”

“By the way, my father is not angry anymore. He agreed to let me go out and take a break. I am going to Thai Independence State. I peeked at the map in your safe and the date on it, sorry.”

“Will we meet? I hope so.”

“Ah, and if you hear my message, call me back as soon as possible.”


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