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Translated by zellyfish of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor:  kai


Zhang Jue’s eyes wandered for a long time and finally focused on Chen Boqiao. He seemed to have regained his wits temporarily and stared at Chen Boqiao without a word. The two stared at each other. Before the cigarette ash could fall, Zhang Jue’s hand trembled slightly and extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray.

“What are you doing here?” Zhang Jue asked Chen Boqiao in a murmur.

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue, and after a while, he said, “I was worried that your fever had not gone down, so I came by to take a look.”

Zhang Jue was pale, he averted his eyes and asked Chen Boqiao, “Have you finished looking then?”

“If you’re done, can you leave?” Zhang Jue added.

Chen Boqiao nodded, turned around, and left the room.

As he closed the door, Chen Boqiao could still vividly see Zhang Jue’s image in his mind. Chen Boqiao felt awkward, and felt bad for Zhang Jue. It wasn’t that he had never seen Omegas who couldn’t control themselves during heat, but none of those omegas struggling with desire and begging to be entered were more pitiful than Zhang Jue was.

Zhang Jue was like a survivor who had no desire to survive. He just wanted to have an intact, healthy body and a normal face, but he was utterly destroyed by the sexual desire.

If Zhang Jue’s inhibitor had not been broken by him then, things would not be this bad.

Chen Boqiao planned to wait for Zhang Jue at the love hotel, so he made his way to the room he rented. After a few steps, his phone vibrated.

Zhang Jue was calling him.

Chen Boqiao looked at the name flashing on the screen, stopped walking and picked it up.

Chen Boqiao waited silently for Zhang Jue to speak. Zhang Jue’s breathing was a mess. After a while, it calmed down.

“I had not been differentiated at the age of seventeen,” Zhang Jue said, “My mother was very worried. She took me to the hospital for an examination.”

“The director of the hospital told us that according to the medical report, I was born without glands—”

Zhang Jue’s voice suddenly cut off. Chen Boqiao did not question him, and stood quietly waiting for Zhang Jue to continue talking. Zhang Jue’s voice was low. Chen Boqiao felt that it was because he didn’t want Chen Boqiao to hear his emotions.

Zhang Jue said, “After the report came out, Jiaxi differentiated into an Omega. Our parents had always hoped that we could get married. I considered the circumstances, and decided to get differentiation-promoting surgery done, specifically gland implants.

“At that time, for many reasons, the T-differentiation agent needed for the operation was recalled by Zhaohua Medical, but the dean assured my father that the differentiation agent they had left stocked was absolutely perfect, and I did not have glands, so I was the target demographic for T-differentiation agent anyways.”

“He said the operation was not dangerous, and the success rate was 99%.”

Speaking of this, Zhang Jue stopped again, his breathing rapid and labored.

Chen Boqiao held his phone to his ear, standing tall in the deserted corridor.

The corridor carpet was a kind of brown mosaic, the wallpaper was beige and checkered. Along the corridor walls were one wooden door after another, painted pink unevenly, and on each door was a copper number plate. 

Chen Boqiao had room 201 on his left and 204 on his right.

Zhang Jue was at 207.

“Were you that one percent?” Chen Boqiao asked.

“No. I had glands,” Zhang Jue said very slowly, as if spitting out every word was very painful, “I wasn’t born without glands.

“I just got the wrong report.”

“After the gland was implanted, it differentiated very well. Ai Jiaxi and I were engaged. We all thought the operation was successful.

“After three months, my other gland differentiated naturally.”

“Then, just like you saw, I became…” Zhang Jue paused for a few seconds before finding the adjective that suited him, “a mess that doesn’t belong anywhere.”

Both ends of the phone were quiet. Chen Boqiao was still waiting, but Zhang Jue seemed to feel that he had finished speaking, so he stopped talking.

Zhang Jue may have moved the phone farther away. Chen Boqiao could no longer hear his breathing, so he called out, “Zhang Jue?”

Ten seconds later, Zhang Jue said dully, “I’m here.”

  “Do you need my help?”

Zhang Jue was silent, Chen Boqiao waited again, then changed his phrasing, and asked Zhang Jue once more, “Can I come in?”

After a short while, Zhang Jue let out an “Okay.”

So Chen Boqiao walked back and reopened the door of Room 207.

Zhang Jue’s body was covered with a quilt.

He was not sure how Chen Boqiao intended to help him, and he doubted whether Chen Boqiao could help him at all, but Zhang Jue’s instinctual response to Chen Boqiao’s suggestions was always “sure” or “yes”.

The door opened and closed again. Chen Boqiao took off his mask and sunglasses, placing them on the glass cabinet at the entrance.

He was dressed differently from in the morning, and changed his shirt. If Zhang Jue’s head was not so groggy, he might silently praise Chen Boqiao for his anti-recon ability.

Looking at him from a half-lying angle, Chen Boqiao looked even taller than usual. He walked up to Zhang Jue, and asked calmly, “Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

The fact of it was that Zhang Jue became even more uncomfortable because Chen Boqiao had entered the room. But Zhang Jue didn’t want to mention it, so he said nothing.

Chen Boqiao obliviously sat by the bed, very close to Zhang Jue. He stretched out his hand and placed it on Zhang Jue’s forehead, and commented that he was still feverish. He added, “will the high body temperature caused by the heat last for a long time?”

Zhang Jue did not have the energy to answer, and turned his head away slightly, trying to move away from the back of Chen Boqiao’s hand. Chen Boqiao noticed Zhang Jue’s attempt and raised his hand. Zhang Jue thought he was going to retract his hand, but he held Zhang Jue’s chin, looked down at Zhang Jue, and pressed down on Zhang Jue’s glands.

Chen Boqiao lowered his eyes and asked Zhang Jue, “How long do your heats take?”

“If there are tools,” Zhang Jue felt weird having him massage his glands, so he tried to push Chen Boqiao’s hand away, but to no avail, so he continued, “around ten hours, or a day.”

“I’ll help.” Chen Boqiao said. He dimmed the light again, and the cheap orange light in the room made the people and objects all seem hazy. Zhang Jue’s eyes were lidded, dazedly looking at him.

Chen Boqiao pulled open Zhang Jue’s quilt and let the cool air in the room touch Zhang Jue’s exposed skin. He lowered his head, and held Zhang Jue’s knees tightly. He stretched out his hand and pulled out the toy from between Zhang Jue’s thighs, turned off the power, and threw it at the end of the bed.

Zhang Jue was very worried that Chen Boqiao would laugh at him, but Chen Boqiao did not. He just slowly unbuttoned his shirt and asked Zhang Jue casually, “Where did you buy it?”, like this was just a normal conversation that could help Zhang Jue relax.

“Downstairs,” Zhang Jue said.

Zhang Jue smelled a heavy scent of alpha pheromone and saw Chen Boqiao approaching him. Zhang Jue wanted to tell Chen Boqiao that he had just opened a box of condoms and put them on the bedside table, and he could use them if needed.

But Chen Boqiao was faster than Zhang Jue. He seemed to have seen the condoms there, and took one himself. He put it on with his back facing Zhang Jue. Within the dim room, illuminated by the sensual lamp light, Chen Boqiao pressed down onto Zhang Jue.

He slowly entered Zhang Jue’s body, pressed lips against the base of Zhang Jue’s ears, and told Zhang Jue, “The condom is a bit small.”

Chen Boqiao had sex with Zhang Jue in a very traditional posture. He was strong, spreading Zhang Jue’s legs and holding down Zhang Jue’s hips, and went in and out without hurry. The fluids that Zhang Jue secreted were squeezed out from the place where other than the sound of their bodies meeting and the short moans that Zhang Jue sometimes could not hold back.

Chen Boqiao’s movements were simple and pure, he didn’t even touch Zhang Jue’s body much, seeing as he had one hand on the bed beside Zhang Jue’s waist supporting himself.

In a daze, Zhang Jue looked at him, feeling that this might not be an intimate act for Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao said he’d help Zhang Jue, so that’s all there was to it. Zhang Jue was fucked to a climax soon. Perhaps because he was too dazed, he hooked his arms behind Chen Boqiao’s neck and wanted to ask for a kiss. But before he could try to pull Chen Boqiao down, his hands were held in place to prevent his movements.

After Chen Boqiao held Zhang Jue’s arm in place, he stopped moving for a moment, and after an unknown period of time, he lowered his head and kissed Zhang Jue. Chen Boqiao held Zhang Jue’s lips and they had a wet kiss that was neither long nor short.

Zhang Jue ejaculated intermittently, his body easily satisfied. His temperature seemed to be declining, and he was no longer in his trance-like state, because Chen Boqiao had ‘helped’.

And yet Zhang Jue’s eyes hurt, and his throat choked up, pained.

He thought to himself that there was nothing to be sad about. Chen Boqiao was not interested in him, as he had already been told ten years ago.

Zhang Jue made a lot of stupid decisions, and his luck had never been great. He suffered for this. He knew better than anyone that he was a person with no merits, that he was unattractive and dull.

Then it should be because of shame and guilt that Zhang Jue’s tear glands continuously secreted the warm fluid.

Chen Boqiao stopped moving and may or may not have touched his face lightly.

Zhang Jue turned his head and buried half of his face in the bedding. Tears overflowed from the corners of his closed eyes, slid across his nose bridge, and quickly disappeared into the sheets.


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December 24, 2021 10:56 am

My heart is broken 💔😭
Oh Zhang Jue.. 🥺

December 25, 2021 1:25 am

How sad.
I’m not sure I totally understand about ZJ’s glands though…. they thought he didn’t have one, so one was implanted and he was an Alpha, but then his own differentiated him as an Omega? I hope they sued the hospital, or whoever gave him the wrong report!
This will only deepen his feelings for CB though; although it read like he was gentle and kind on this occasion.
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 1, 2022 12:02 pm

Can’t believe it was a clerical mistake that lead to ZJ’s medical problems! 😡

My heart is breaking for ZJ…😭

Hoping that CB wasn’t just ‘helping’ but felt a little something as well.

January 2, 2022 10:57 am

“huu huu” my heart feels ZJ pained

January 23, 2022 8:48 pm

Well this chapter was sad as fuck…but so far I’m liking the sort of melancholic mood of the novel. I’m interested to see what comes next

May 7, 2022 2:38 am

this chapter is too heartbreaking. i hope I’m not just reading things with CB and his hesitation to leave ZJ was him still not aware that he’s hurting seeing ZJ hurt T^T tysm for this chapter

May 24, 2022 11:13 pm


August 16, 2022 6:16 am

It’s been a while since I last read something like this. I wonder why he can’t take out the implanted glands… 😭😭😭

October 23, 2022 2:29 am

Never had i ever read a sex scene as sad and as unromantic as this one. My heart goes out to ZY 💔😭

April 11, 2023 3:33 pm

Yeah, that was a letdown for Zhang Jue. Sterile, clinical sex. Just what Zhang Jue didn’t need as his confidence was already in the negative range.

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