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Translated by Zellyfish of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: kai and Kiramekineko


Although Chen Boqiao had explained, Zhang Jue was still concerned about the phrase “Chen Boqiao hates it when other people smoke”. On the way back to the safe house, he kept the car window open since he was worried that the smell of cigarettes on his body was too strong and Chen Boqiao would dislike him.

In the afternoon, he was bored and uncomfortable while waiting in Pei Shu’s reception room. He saw an ashtray outside through the floor-to-ceiling window, so he went to the car to get a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, and went outside to smoke.

His addiction to cigarettes was first formed when he went into heat and had no inhibitor. Back then, he would try anything as long as it could divert even the slightest bit of his attention from his heat. Among all the things he had tried, he only got addicted to smoking.

However, since Ai Jiaxi heavily protested Zhang Jue’s smoking habit, Zhang Jue quit smoking after finding a suitable inhibitor and usually wouldn’t think about smoking. Today, while standing in Pei Shu’s villa waiting for Chen Boqiao to come downstairs was one of Zhang Jue’s special moments that made him want to smoke.

When Chen Boqiao knocked on the window of the car after he got out, Zhang Jue could see Pei Shu behind Chen Boqiao. He was in a daze, involuntarily recalling the uneventful evening many years ago when he had confessed to Chen Boqiao.

They had been in the locker room of the canoeing club. Chen Boqiao had skillfully and politely rejected him in reply, so Zhang Jue had no choice but to go outside while befuddled.

When he passed another row of lockers, he made eye contact with Pei Shu, who was leaning over to change his shoes. Pei Shu’s expression immediately became strange, with a little surprise. Perhaps he did not expect that a person like Zhang Jue, who was an unpopular loner, would stutter out some romantic nonsense to Chen Boqiao.

Zhang Jue did not stay for long. He walked out very quickly. When he was about to push open the locker room door, he had heard Pei Shu teasing Chen Boqiao behind him.

Pei Shu said, “Isn’t that Zhang Jue? You’re such a charmer, man.”

Zhang Jue opened the door and walked out.

The memories of this particular half an hour at the age of seventeen often caused Zhang Jue’s inexplicable anxiety for the following many years of his life. Zhang Jue had imagined many expressions that Chen Boqiao might be wearing when he responded to Pei Shu in the locker room. Was he annoyed, slightly contemptuous, mocking? Or perhaps Chen Boqiao was expressionless.

After all, Zhang Jue was no one to Chen Boqiao.

Zhang Jue stood on the pool patio, watching the water in the swimming pool ripple from the wind, smoking one cigarette after another. He wanted to return to the reception room after smoking the remaining few in the packet, but he didn’t expect Chen Boqiao to come downstairs so quickly and catch him red-handed.

Pei Shu did not pretend to have forgotten, nor did he hide his opinion of Zhang Jue, saying that Zhang Jue did not do enough research on Chen Boqiao.

Zhang Jue wanted to argue, it wasn’t like Chen Boqiao would consider him even if he did his research and did not smoke or drink. But having said that, since Pei Shu said it, Chen Boqiao probably actually hated people who smoked, at least hated them before. After all, Pei Shu definitely knew more than Zhang Jue.

As he thought about it, Zhang Jue lowered the car window again.

“Zhang Jue,” Chen Boqiao said suddenly, and he reminded Zhang Jue, “I’m not disguised right now. I might be seen if the car window is wide open.”

Zhang Jue was stunned, and immediately closed the window, leaving only a small gap.

“You don’t smell of smoke,” Chen Boqiao seemed to be able to understand all of Zhang Jue’s thinking, and he said, “Don’t be so nervous, don’t you know how unreliable Pei Shu is?”

Zhang Jue let out an “oh” and Chen Boqiao said again, “Close the gap too.” Zhang Jue closed the windows obediently.

After a short drive, Zhang Jue could not help but feel like the smell of cigarettes in the car got stronger, and had to ask Chen Boqiao, “Do you smell it now?”

With a smile in his eyes, Chen Boqiao reiterated to Zhang Jue, “Zhang Jue, I don’t hate the smell of cigarettes that much.”

“I won’t smoke anymore,” said Zhang Jue firmly, having made up his mind.

They were driving on the highway when they passed by a huge LED billboard, and it was showing an overview of the night news segment. There was a photo of the Asian League President Zhao Kun, and a few lines of large characters next to the picture, announcing a live speech tonight at nine o’clock.

Zhang Jue took a peek at Chen Boqiao and found that Chen Boqiao was also looking at the billboard, so he asked Chen Boqiao, “Want to see it?”

Chen Boqiao turned his face, looked at Zhang Jue for a while, smiled, and said yes.

Therefore, after returning to the safe house, Zhang Jue found a small projector and nailed it to the ceiling. The bed in the bedroom was conveniently facing a white wall, so Zhang Jue cast the live broadcast on the wall in the bedroom and sat by the bed to wait for Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao finished his shower as the live broadcast began.

The moderator of the meeting came to the stage and said that according to the President’s wishes, before the President’s speech, an officer named Fang Hong would speak first.

Zhang Jue noticed that when he heard Fang Hong’s name, Chen Boqiao was surprised, but then he immediately schooled his expression. When Major Fang Hong limped onto the stage, Chen Boqiao’s expression was calm.

“The criminal, Chen Boqiao, was my comrade-in-arms,” Fang Hong said.

He lowered his head to read the script and clasped his hands on the surface of the speaker stand. Zhang Jue felt that his shoulders were trembling, and subconsciously glanced at Chen Boqiao. Chen Boqiao noticed it and smiled at Zhang Jue. He explained, “He’s my old subordinate.”

Fang Hong spoke very steadily, but his voice was not loud. He said that in his opinion, Chen Boqiao was a self-centered and undisciplined officer, and he only wanted to get promoted in rank, never caring about the safety of his subordinates.

For example, when the war zone fell into a deadlock, Chen Boqiao once proposed to get a team of young soldiers to attract firepower while the majority of the soldiers went in from the flank. He said that this particular plan could only be stopped at the utmost objection of Fang Hong and his teammates.

Fang Hong never looked up, reading off the manuscript with his head down. Upon hearing this, Zhang Jue felt uncomfortable and wanted to shut down the live broadcast, but Chen Boqiao held his hand.

“These are all lies,” Zhang Jue persuaded Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao grasped Zhang Jue’s hand. He didn’t use much effort, as if he knew Zhang Jue would never resist.

“It’s been a long time since I last saw my friends,” Chen Boqiao looked at the video projected on the white wall and shrugged indifferently. “It’s good to see him even if it’s on TV.”

Immediately, the “friend” on the screen continued to read word after word, “I think that the success of the team’s breakthrough was due to the hard work of the frontline soldiers, and there was a trace of luck involved. Our success had nothing to do with the leadership of the criminal Chen Boqiao.” The sound came out from the speaker placed in the corner of the room by Zhang Jue, a little distorted.

Chen Boqiao didn’t smile anymore and he didn’t look at Zhang Jue, but it pained Zhang Jue nonetheless. Zhang Jue’s eyes were fixed on Chen Boqiao’s gentle profile, and he remembered all the memorial services that Chen Boqiao had attended.

When he was twenty-something years old, he saw the news of Chen Boqiao’s rescue of the hostages and getting injured for the first time. He had tried his best to travel from the New Independent Republic to the Asian League and watched the hospital from a block down. Visitors’ cars came in and out, but he could never get close.

Zhang Jue did not pay attention to what Fang Hong said afterwards. He thought about how Chen Boqiao was an idealist who was not naive enough, though Chen Boqiao would never admit to this, and how he was not qualified to see Chen Boqiao, being nothing but unfamiliar old classmates.

Even if they may never meet, never speak to each other, and he may never be remembered by him. Zhang Jue hoped that Chen Boqiao would have a good life.

Chen Boqiao finally moved his gaze from the wall to Zhang Jue’s face, with a smile on his face, and said to Zhang Jue, “Don’t look so sad, I’m still alive.”

Zhang Jue did not speak, and Chen Boqiao added, “Fang Hong’s wife works in the central bank of the League and they have three children.” As if he was explaining the actions of his old subordinate, and also explaining the reason why he did not care.

Zhang Jue continued to look at Chen Boqiao silently, and Chen Boqiao called him, “Zhang Jue, come here.” Chen Boqiao grabbed Zhang Jue’s wrist and pulled Zhang Jue into his arms.

Zhang Jue was leaning stiffly against Chen Boqiao. The sound of the broadcast entered Zhang Jue’s eyes and ears, but not his brain. Chen Boqiao’s pheromones enveloped him. It was the scent of sea salt and pine, which aggravated Zhang Jue’s artificial alpha scent gland, making him slightly uncomfortable, but secretly eroding his rationality and making his heart tremble.

Zhang Jue’s forehead was pressed against Chen Boqiao’s chin. Fang Hong bowed down as they watched the live broadcast. After a while, the president, Zhao Kun, came up.

The president’s speech was as intense as ever, with a lot of dramatic flair. He denounced Chen Boqiao and described Chen Boqiao as a heinous murderer and a short-sighted traitor.

Moments later, Chen Boqiao moved. He raised his hand to pinch Zhang Jue’s shoulder and said, “Zhang Jue, you are so nervous even when just watching TV.”

Chen Boqiao’s hand went around Zhang Jue’s chest, as if he was embracing Zhang Jue, and he looked down at Zhang Jue, with a teasing expression on his face as usual. But Zhang Jue felt that Chen Boqiao’s thoughts were actually elsewhere.

They stared at each other, and couldn’t tell who approached the other first. Zhang Jue thought that there was a 99% percent chance it was him.

Probably Chen Boqiao had given Zhang Jue the opportunity, and Zhang Jue seized it. Zhang Jue tilted his face and brushed Chen Boqiao’s cheek, chin, and the corner of his lips with his own. He knew he was shaking inconspicuously, but he didn’t know if Chen Boqiao could feel it. Chen Boqiao allowed him to get close in his lame and awkward way.

Zhang Jue could not tell whether Chen Boqiao liked it or barely tolerated it, so he at last inched up slowly, meeting Chen Boqiao’s lips.

Chen Boqiao was like a person who needed to vent and therefore did not refuse Zhang Jue’s efforts to comfort him. He was Zhang Jue’s teenage (to adulthood) fantasy. If he could make Chen Boqiao feel better, no matter how difficult the method, Zhang Jue was willing to try it.

As he kissed Chen Boqiao, Zhang Jue’s other gland gradually showed domination over the alpha gland. It was not as delirious as it was during the heat, but he felt that it was getting difficult to restrain himself. He moistened Chen Boqiao’s lips, and Chen Boqiao pressed on his arm like a silent encouragement.

When Zhang Jue straddled Chen Boqiao, Chen Boqiao lowered the volume of the live broadcast and asked Zhang Jue, “Is your heat still ongoing?”

Chen Boqiao asked not so sincerely. Zhang Jue felt that Chen Boqiao knew that he was not in heat, but still he said what Chen Boqiao wanted to hear, “It seems to be.”

Zhang Jue pulled Chen Boqiao’s bathrobe down a little to kiss Chen Boqiao’s neck, past his chest and strong abs, and came to the semi-hard organ. He raised his hand and pulled down the edge of Chen Boqiao’s underwear, opening his mouth to wrap around it. Chen Boqiao was very large, even half-mast, so Zhang Jue had a hard time.

The smell of pheromone hit Zhang Jue’s face. Zhang Jue closed his eyes and opened his mouth with more force, swallowing and sucking. Slowly, the member in Zhang Jue’s mouth became harder and bigger, weighing down on his tongue and pressing into his throat.

Zhang Jue felt Chen Boqiao’s hand gently stroking his cheeks and hair, and then clasping his chin.

Zhang Jue had a strange feeling that Chen Boqiao became less polite then. He casually held Zhang Jue’s jaw and pressed himself deep into it. The corner of Zhang Jue’s mouth hurt. He looked at Chen Boqiao through hooded eyes, trying to make his expression look more relaxed, but he knew that he was doing horribly.

Chen Boqiao stared at Zhang Jue with his head down and pulled back the hair that had fallen and clung to Zhang Jue’s face. The knuckles of his fingers slid up and down gently on Zhang Jue’s cheeks, as if it was Zhang Jue’s pain and struggle that was pleasuring him.

But very soon, he released his hand from his chin, pressed it on Zhang Jue’s shoulder, and withdrew from Zhang Jue’s mouth.

“I’m sorry,” Chen Boqiao said, “it’s probably uncomfortable for you.” His tone sounded a little apologetic, but his hands pulled Zhang Jue’s arm up. Chen Boqiao took off Zhang Jue’s clothes and let Zhang Jue sit on him again.

Before entering, Chen Boqiao hesitated briefly. Chen Boqiao paused at Zhang Jue’s entrance and suddenly asked Zhang Jue, “Are there any condoms?”

Zhang Jue was confused, staring at Chen Boqiao blankly. Chen Boqiao’s hands pressed at the inner part of Zhang Jue’s thighs, but Zhang Jue found that Chen Boqiao’s expression was still very rational.

“They’re in the hotel,” Zhang Jue said slowly, “I didn’t bring any back.”

“Okay.” Chen Boqiao didn’t move. 

Zhang Jue waited for a while, but he was at a loss. He looked at Chen Boqiao and stammered, “I… I can just use my mouth…”

Chen Boqiao interrupted Zhang Jue and said in a very low voice, “Forget it.” The next second, he squeezed into Zhang Jue’s body.

This was the second time Zhang Jue was having sex with Chen Boqiao, and like the last time, it was slow. He felt that perhaps it was because Chen Boqiao did not want to open his womb, the movement was not very large, but the duration was long. On the bed, Chen Boqiao changed their positions a few times, and then held Zhang Jue up against the wall.

Zhang Jue’s legs wrapped around Chen Boqiao’s waist and hips, and his fluids dripped down his hips. No one was listening to the live broadcast of the Asian League anymore.

Chen Boqiao pecked and kissed Zhang Jue occasionally, but when Zhang Jue slightly tilted his face to deepen the kiss, Chen Boqiao turned his face unkindly, and then looked at Zhang Jue’s stunned face. He was like a very ruthless owner looking at the least favorite pet in the family. After a few seconds, when Zhang Jue finally reacted, Chen Boqiao clasped Zhang Jue’s chin and kissed him deeply as he started to feel upset.

Before ejaculating, Chen Boqiao withdrew himself.

Zhang Jue knelt and leaned over, but Chen Boqiao rejected Zhang Jue’s offer to help him perform oral sex again. He just touched Zhang Jue’s lips with the tip that was stained with Zhang Jue and his own body fluids and grasped Zhang Jue’s hand. After a few pumps, he came onto Zhang Jue’s face. Zhang Jue closed his eyes reflexively.

Chen Boqiao did not form a knot, but he came a lot. The warm semen with the strong smell of pheromone belonging to Chen Boqiao slid along Zhang Jue’s face to the corner of his mouth, and then to his chin, dripping. It landed on his knees and thighs, which were kneeling, and then trickled down the sides of his legs.

Chen Boqiao wiped out some of the semen under Zhang Jue’s eyes with his fingers, and said, “Open your eyes.”

Zhang Jue opened his eyes. Chen Boqiao looked at him, pulled him up a little, kissed Zhang Jue’s lips like it was a reward, and said, “You made progress today, you didn’t cry.”

Zhang Jue felt that his face was burning, so he said that he wanted to take a bath. Chen Boqiao let him go.

The bathroom was very small, there was no shower room, only a shower head and a thin shower curtain. Zhang Jue washed his body and with wobbly legs turned off the water. Then he heard the sound of the door being opened behind him. Zhang Jue did not look back as the shower curtain was pulled aside and a hand pressed onto his waist.


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January 11, 2022 11:14 am

Oh my! This book makes me feel complicated feelings. My dear ZJ you are making my heart hurt! CB – I am trying to not dislike you but damn are you making it hard😳

January 11, 2022 11:18 am

And to top it off this book is listed as HE!! How much humiliation must ZJ experience for this HE?

January 12, 2022 8:22 am

I still can’t work out CB’s feelings, although I think he does care about ZJ, even if only to the extent that regardless of how he personally chooses to treat ZJ, someone like PS is not allowed to bad-mouth ZJ.
I get that ZJ has loved CB for a long time, but I wish he wouldn’t pander to him quite so much. Although I guess he gets as much satisfaction out of their sex as CB does.
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 26, 2022 4:24 am

Omg this chapter is so hot

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Can we switch Chen Boqiao out for someone else, please? At this point, anyone would be kinder to Zhang Jue.

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