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Translated by zellyfish of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Chen Boqiao took a shower in Zhang Jue’s bathroom.

Zhang Jue was curled up on the sofa, absent-mindedly watching the TV, and had almost fallen asleep.

When Chen Boqiao came out wearing a bathrobe, he saw Zhang Jue nodding off. He told him to go to bed if he was tired, and Zhang Jue finally realized that Chen Boqiao would be staying over in his room.

Chen Boqiao got closer to Zhang Jue and made eye contact with him on the sofa. He stared at Zhang Jue’s peaceful face quietly before touching his face. He looked at his watch, “You’d have been asleep two hours ago if it were at home.” 

Zhang Jue poked at the back of Chen Boqiao’s hand and he let go immediately.

Chen Boqiao sat down near him and watched the North American news with him. Zhang Jue could not tell if Chen Boqiao wanted him closer, so he leaned against the side and turned the volume up.

After a few moments, Chen Boqiao suddenly spoke, and Zhang Jue turned to look at him. Chen Boqiao motioned, “Come over.”

The sofa was not too spacious. Zhang Jue scooted over, and Chen Boqiao put a hand on Zhang Jue’s waist and got him to sit on his lap.

The ceiling light in the room was switched off, and the room was dimly lit. Chen Boqiao’s hand felt warm on the back of Zhang Jue’s hand. The two of them watched the North American elections for five minutes, and somehow ended up making out intermittently in the dim room.

Chen Boqiao undid the bathrobe Zhang Jue had tied around himself, letting it rest on Zhang Jue’s elbows, folded at the waist. Zhang Jue’s underwear had gone forgotten on the sofa.

This was the first time Zhang Jue was getting intimate since he had removed the alpha glands, and it felt different. He was enveloped by his alpha’s pheromones, limbs turning into jelly. Before long, Zhang Jue was completely wet, the clear viscous fluid running along his thighs and staining Chen Boqiao’s bathrobe.

Before he could think of a way to hide it, Chen Boqiao had noticed it.

He put his hand on Zhang Jue’s thigh, fingers running up to his ass, finding Zhang Jue’s slick entrance. He pecked at Zhang Jue’s chin and collar bone while he slid his index and middle finger into Zhang Jue, slowly going in and out, creating a bigger mess than before.

Zhang Jue leaned on Chen Boqiao and reached out his hand to touch Chen Boqiao’s dick. However, Chen Boqiao caught his wrist and did not let him.

Zhang Jue was startled and asked Chen Boqiao, “What’s wrong?”

Chen Boqiao kissed Zhang Jue’s lips, and vaguely growled, “You just had surgery, you wouldn’t be able to take rigorous movements.”

Zhang Jue immediately stopped, but after a while, he felt even more flushed, and he asked again, “If it isn’t rigorous, it’s okay, right?”

Chen Boqiao slid his fingers out. Zhang Jue had soaked them, and he could see a thin string of fluid between them. He asked Zhang Jue, “You’re sure?”


Chen Boqiao took Zhang Jue’s hand and placed it on himself. Chen Boqiao was hard, his dick felt hot to the touch. Zhang Jue gently pulled down Chen Boqiao’s underwear and knelt down on him, his arms resting on Chen Boqiao’s shoulder as he sat down, swallowing the member until he bottomed out.

After a month apart, Zhang Jue had a hard time adjusting to Chen Boqiao’s girth. He had to wait for a few moments, before he started to move his body.

Chen Boqiao placed his hands on Zhang Jue’s waist to caress him and kiss him intermittently.

Suddenly, Zhang Jue felt like something was off. Chen Boqiao’s tip was held against the opening of his birth cavity, and it was softening. When Zhang Jue moved, the length inside him almost could enter into the warm embrace, oozing with fluid and begging to be marked.

His birth cavity was opening naturally this time, so there was no pain, just an electric feeling of soreness and numbness. Chen Boqiao soon noticed it too, and he held Zhang Jue in place as he pushed upwards. Zhang Jue’s birth cavity responded with more fluids.

“Zhang Jue,” Chen Boqiao said, as he supported Zhang Jue’s ass with his hands and helped him to get up, “let me come out.”

Zhang Jue was confused, “What’s wrong?”

“I’ll put on a condom.”

He supported Zhang Jue as they separated slowly. The birth cavity did not get what it wanted and tried to keep Chen Boqiao inside. He tried to ignore the pleasurable warmth and got Zhang Jue to sit up.

Chen Boqiao was not in too deep yet, and before long he was out, bringing copious amounts of bodily fluids out with him.

He carried Zhang Jue to the bed and got a complimentary condom from the bedside cabinet. He rolled it on himself and asked Zhang Jue if he was okay with entering from the back.

Zhang Jue did not prefer that kind of position, but agreed anyway. He got on all fours with his back facing Chen Boqiao, and in the next second, Chen Boqiao had re-entered him with a harsh grip on his pelvic bones.

Compared to the experiences on the cruise, Chen Boqiao was much more restrained, only fucking him quickly without using too much force.

Soon enough, the birth cavity had opened up again, swallowing the length that was capable of breeding it within.

It was tough to have his birth canal entered; not painful per se, but sore and tingly. His walls were pushing inwards, like a small but fully matured nest, sentient and violently wanting semen, wanting a marking.

The length moving in and out of the birth cavity felt like a group of butterflies that were filling Zhang Jue’s abdomen up, flapping their wings to scrape at his insides. They flew from between his quivering thighs to his throat that was suppressing his moans, to his teary eyes, his clouded brain, deceiving his body through a thin layer of rubber.

Zhang Jue could not help but turn to look at Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao saw him turn and leaned down, pressing his humid and toned chest against Zhang Jue’s back, and kissed Zhang Jue’s face.

“Does it hurt?” asked Chen Boqiao, as he slowed down, before kissing Zhang Jue’s misty eyes.

Zhang Jue opened his mouth to breathe, and quietly told him that it did not. 

“Mh-hmm.” Chen Boqiao swept Zhang Jue’s hair aside and revealed the gauze on his neck. 

“What about the surgery?” He pressed his lips on Zhang Jue’s gland through a layer of gauze, slowly moving to the side and kissing Zhang Jue on his neck and shoulder with his eyes lowered. “Did the surgery hurt?”

Zhang Jue’s denial did not make it out of his mouth. He saw the way Chen Boqiao kissed him, like he was something precious, or at least something that he did not dislike, and felt sheepish. He wanted to keep this moment, and did not dare to speak to disrupt it.

Chen Boqiao was attractive, intelligent, and gentle. Zhang Jue headily felt Chen Boqiao’s movements in him, the tides in his body rising more and more, over his head and dizzying him, making him let out his moans.

He heard himself say Chen Boqiao’s name. He said it intermittently, laden with his hidden desires, while Chen Boqiao kissed his back and held his waist, making intense but controlled love to him.

Back then, Chen Boqiao could never hear Zhang Jue calling his name. He said it when he caught up to Chen Boqiao during canoeing training, when he was practicing his love confession to the mirror, and quietly murmured it whenever he heard the news broadcaster say it.

But Chen Boqiao reacted the same way to anyone who calls him by his name. Chen Boqiao liked them and treated them well, but never loved them.

Chen Boqiao filled him up, deep into his birth cavity, and was pushing in with more strength now.

“Stop saying my name like that,” Chen Boqiao said right into Zhang Jue’s ear, “I can’t mark you today.”

Zhang Jue bit his lips obediently, and Chen Boqiao laughed again. He pressed a finger on Zhang Jue’s lips and stopped him from biting himself. Zhang Jue whimpered, his elbows unable to support him, and fell into the bed and buried his face into the bedding.

Eventually, Chen Boqiao turned Zhang Jue over and fucked him from the top, his right hand supporting the back of Zhang Jue’s neck, making some space between Zhang Jue’s wound and the bedding so they didn’t touch.

Zhang Jue finally saw Chen Boqiao’s face, his bare and scarred torso.

With his every movement, Chen Boqiao’s body shifted in the light. He had a gentleman’s face; prideful but kind. There was a light sheen of sweat on his abdomen. He made eye contact with Zhang Jue, got lost in his thoughts, and then leaned down to kiss Zhang Jue’s eyes.

Zhang Jue closed his eyes. Chen Boqiao’s lips brushed against his lashes and the tingling sensation made Zhang Jue open them again. Chen Boqiao’s forehead was against his, and there was a smile in his eyes.

That night, when Chen Boqiao was cumming in Zhang Jue’s birth cavity under the condom, his knot filling the space where they connected and doing the deeds of beasts, Zhang Jue still felt like Chen Boqiao was like the high-hung moon in a navy night sky, and he was the tides of the seas.

Zhang Jue was rising and falling because of him, on a planet hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. In the darkest of nights, pulled by the gravity of a celestial body. Perhaps lapping onto black rocky shores, or past an undiscovered island, waiting until a night when the moon was visible, to dissolve it in every inch of water in him.

Zhang Jue was willing to be the tides, willing to be wherever Chen Boqiao was, as long as Chen Boqiao was also willing to be one of several billions of ordinary people together with him.

A normal person who lives and dies, not an immaculate suit of armor. No matter if their happiness was real or a mirage. They could wait for it until eternal rest took them.


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Audry Gazali
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My favorite chapter so far.

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What a sweet love, I hope they will be together soon,ZJ deserves it. I like this chapter very much. Thankyou for translating so accurate this chapter ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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