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Gendai Irozato Tsuya Kobanashi
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Gendai Irozato Tsuya Kobanashi

Certain regions of Japan were labeled “red-light” where it was officially recognized for prostitution. These areas disappeared with the transition of the era. One day, Yano, a writer who makes living by traveling around the few remaining local brothels, loves finding stories about these experiences. He finds the only existing shop in the old red light district of the countryside. When entering the shop for experiences intending it to become a story for his article, he is suddenly called out by the high school boy who lives in that store.”I will do it.” Suddenly invited by a curious youth while surprising himself by saying, Why don’t you try it?”You, you really … There is talent needed to deceive a man.”Dream broken writer × sheltered boy raised in a lonely town.. Crossing the two worlds in such a nostalgic space, the secret desires are colored red. ★ 

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