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Joukyou Mazoku no Da to Shikata
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Joukyuu Mazoku no Otoshikata

Humans and demons have been at war for countless eons. But suddenly, a hundred years ago, the stalemate began to change with the emergence of Demon Breakers. 

The Majesty has ordered one of these Demon Breakers, Dia, to  subjugate a captured senior demon, Bahamut which other trainers could not handle. Bahamut, is captured with a chain, but has to deal with the erotic tornado called Dia.

When he thinks about it, Bahamut was devoted to Dia ‘s perverted appearance. Bahamut’ s reason disappeared.  Has Bahamut ‘s (erotic) counterattack with the slutty Dia started?

Beast type senior demon x dusky colored bitch trainer: ecstasy counterattacked with ecstasy! ★ 

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