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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


Luo ZhouZhou returned home under Chu Feng’s watchful eye, one step at a time. As soon as he entered the front door, he saw Luo Pei in the living room, whom he had not seen for several days.

“Where have you been? Look at the time, it’s almost eight o’clock.” Luo Pei sat down on the sofa, looking at the mahogany clock in the corner, “As long as I’m not home, you’re getting more and more unruly.”

Luo ZhouZhou stood there without making a sound.

Luo Pei took one look at him and couldn’t help but ask, “What’s that in your arms, new shoes again?” 

“No, it’s Big Crow and Little Crow,” Luo ZhouZhou explained. 

Luo Pei looked confused, “What kind of crow?”

Luo ZhouZhou said, “It’s just two turtles, called Big and Little Crow.”

Luo Pei opened his mouth, but held back in the end and just waved his hand disinterestedly.

Luo ZhouZhou thought that it was a gesture that he could leave, but then Luo Pei said, “There is a banquet tomorrow night, the whole family is going. See if you need anything to prepare.”

“A party? Am I going?” Luo ZhouZhou asked.

“It’s a banquet hosted by President Calgar at the Sita Estate on the outskirts of town.” Linda came down from upstairs, “Our whole family is invited.”

She walked up to Luo ZhouZhou, scanned him from head to toe, then happily concluded, “Many sons and daughters will be there tomorrow, but my Zhou Zhou will be the best looking.”

Luo Pei sneered on the sofa while holding a magazine, “Look at him, how old is he? And he’s carrying a shoe box with turtles in it. Which noble son or daughter acts like this?”

When Linda saw that Luo ZhouZhou was silent, she thought he was upset, so she leaned close and whispered, “Baby, mommy has gotten you a new outfit. You can wear it tomorrow, it’s guaranteed to be more eye-catching than others’.”

“I don’t know how many outfits he already has, but you’re still making him new ones. Many of them in his closet haven’t even been worn once,” Luo Pei, who picked up what she said with his excellent hearing, grumbled. 

Linda gave Luo ZhouZhou a glance, gesturing for him to go upstairs first.

Luo ZhouZhou hurried up the stairs, relieved, and as soon as he stepped on the stairs, he heard Luo Pei asking Linda, “Is his new tux the one you picked up this afternoon? I think it should go with this accessory set.” He said, while pointing to the magazine, “TW just came out with this new model, and no other kids should have it. Even if they did, they wouldn’t look as nice as Zhou Zhou when wearing it.”

When Linda heard this, she hurriedly came forward and the two started to have a lively discussion about the jewelry.

Luo ZhouZhou took the opportunity to sneak back to his room with the turtles in his arms. He put the turtles in the deep, large bathtub and washed himself under the shower head.

When he walked out of the room with his hair still wet, he found a glass of milk on the small round table in the middle of the bedroom, and he touched it with his hand. It was still warm. It must’ve been left here by Luo Pei or Linda while he was taking a shower just now.

Luo ZhouZhou picked up the milk, sat down on the small sofa beside the table, and drank it in small sips.

The milk smelled good and was just the right temperature.

Pouring the last drop into his mouth, he said to the other Luo ZhouZhou in his heart, “Although I have taken your parents, you have also taken my patriarch, so we are even. Let’s make a deal: I will treat the General and his wife well, and you will take care of the chief.”


Aleisha, in a fancy apartment.

Chen SiHan, wearing a bathrobe and wiping water off his head with a towel, had just stepped out of the bathroom when he heard his terminal ring.

“Hello, Chu Feng, what is it this late?” He connected and glanced at the time, ten o’clock sharp. After listening to a few sentences, he smiled again and said, “Why didn’t you ask me for a drink earlier? I just got home and took a shower to get ready for bed.”

At the next sentence, his hand stopped wiping his hair and replied, “Wait, I’m going out now.”

Chu Feng was half leaning against the sofa in the corner of the bar, twirling a glass of wine in his hand. He had taken off his trench coat and was wearing only a dark gray shirt with the cuffs pulled up loosely, revealing the smooth line of his firm little arms.

From the moment he walked in the door, several Betas and Omegas had already accosted him, all of them scared away by his icy stare. Anyone could see that this handsome Alpha was in a bit of a bad mood and temper, so it was better not to mess with him.

Chen SiHan came in and was led to this seat by the waiter, and the first thing he saw was several empty wine bottles in front of Chu Feng. He sat down across from him, exhaled, and said, “Isn’t it still early? Why did you go to see them today?”

“I went to investigate Lin WenCai today and passed by, so I went to keep them company for a while.” Chu Feng, still looking at the wine glass in his hand, said indifferently.

Chen SiHan thought about it, then poured wine into the empty glass in front of him, “We have to get drunk once a year. Okay, let’s get drunk twice this year.”

Chu Feng, however, sat up and reached out to cover his glass with his hand.

“What’s wrong?” Chen SiHan held up a bottle of wine and asked in confusion.

Chu Feng didn’t reply, but took the two badges out of his shirt pocket and dropped them on the table in front of him.

Chen SiHan picked them up suspiciously, but when he looked at them closely, his face suddenly changed.

He put the badges down, took out his wallet, opened it, pulled out something and placed it next to the other two.

Three identical badges lay on the table in unison, shining with a metallic sheen in the light.

“Whose is this?” His face was full of shock.

Chu Feng leaned back on the sofa and replied, “It was found in a place you would never expect, in the Omega murder case’s last victim, Lin WenCai’s apartment. Someone went to his house to get it, but was discovered by Zhou Zhou. He ran away so fast that I didn’t see him personally, but Zhou Zhou gave me a partial description of his appearance.”

“What did he look like?”

Chu Feng leaned over slightly, pointed to the left corner of his mouth, and responded, “He said he had a big mole right here.”

“You mean—” Chen SiHan’s pupils narrowed slightly in shock.

Chu Feng nodded and said, “You guessed it correctly, I think it’s the same person from that year.”

Chen SiHan was stunned for a moment, then picked up the three badges, comparing them carefully. “Is this real or an imitation?”

“I’ve checked, and all the access codes of the embedded magnet chip are genuine, including the ability to swipe open the doors of the military armory.” Chu Feng crossed his chest with one arm and tapped his forehead with the other. “But the owner’s information has been deleted, and we don’t know who the original owner was.”

Chen SiHan mumbled, “That’s indeed true. The badges were issued to us by President Calgar, and no one knew what else was hidden in them, nor could they be forged.”

They both fell silent as they stared at the three badges. After a long time, Chu Feng reached out to retrieve two of them, and Chen SiHan put the remaining one back into the pocket of his wallet.

Chen SiHan pushed up his glasses on the bridge of his nose and asked, “Didn’t you say that everyone’s belongings, including the badges, were taken back by the military?” 

Chu Feng replied, “Yes, except for the usual clothes that were given to relatives, all other items were retrieved by the military.”

“That’s very strange, when we left the Special Forces, all the data inside the badge was destroyed and could only remain as a souvenir, but this badge, except for personal information, everything else was well preserved.”

Chen SiHan looked at Chu Feng with a puzzled look on his face.

“Tomorrow I’ll go to the military headquarters and start with the person in charge of collecting the belongings.” Chu Feng raised his glass of wine and drank it all down.

“Okay, I’m free tomorrow, I’ll go with you.” Chen SiHan said, beckoning for the waiter.

The white, clean-shaven waiter walked over with a smile.

“You’re called George, right?” Chen SiHan asked mildly.

The waiter nodded his head and said, “Sir, you have a good memory. I am George, who served you two last time.”

Chen SiHan pulled out his wallet, took out two bills and handed them to him, saying, “Just like last time, when we get drunk, go across the street to the hotel and get a room. Also get some people to help us get there.”

George glanced at the bills, looked at Chu Feng and smiled, “It took me a lot of effort to help this gentleman last time. Even though you were drunk, you beat up the people who helped you, and I also had to add a lot of medical bills on it.”

After George finished, he smiled and stood still.

Chen SiHan took two more bills out of his wallet and handed them up together.

George smiled even more sweetly, “Don’t worry gentlemen, it will be done.”

With the post-drunkenness arrangements in place, Chen SiHan completely put his mind at ease and ordered a few more bottles of wine.

With the sound of the bar singer’s lingering song in the background, he asked Chu Feng, who was facing him with his eyes half closed, “How are you and Little Tail doing?” 

Chu Feng, who seemed to be a little drunk, repeated the words to himself, “Little Tail…”

Chen SiHan laughed, shook his head and said, “What can be done about Luo Pei?”

Chu Feng stopped talking, closed his eyes and thought for a while, then suddenly exclaimed, “I really want to go to space, ah.”

“What?” Chen SiHan asked blankly.

Chu Feng opened his eyes, laughed, and said, “There is no General Luo Pei in space.” 1

“Wh… what?” Chen SiHan looked at him with a foggy expression.

Chu Feng continued to laugh, and replied after a while, “You don’t understand.”


The next morning, Luo ZhouZhou got up early. After saying good morning to Precious and feeding the turtles, he grabbed two slices of bread, put on his backpack with the suppressants in it, and left the house.

He was going to Bayard today to find Xiao Yu’s brother and bring him Xiao Yu’s letter. There was a bus stop right outside the villa, so Luo ZhouZhou got on a bus and soon arrived at the checkpoint.

After safely crossing the checkpoint, he hailed another taxi and showed the driver the address Xiao Yu had given him. The driver skilfully took a shortcut and quickly dropped him off at his destination.

Luo ZhouZhou got out of the taxi, stood in front of a small, dilapidated building, and carefully identified the house sign above the doorway. The sign was so old that the writing on it had been washed away by the wind and rain and could not be read clearly.

“Da… Da… and what’s the number written on it?” Luo ZhouZhou walked up to it, getting closer and closer, but he still couldn’t read it.

There was a young woman in a short skirt leaning against a nearby telephone pole, scanning him from top to bottom, from his trim little dark green suit to the leather shoes on his feet, while eating melon seeds.

Noticing her sight, Luo ZhouZhou stepped forward to ask for help, “Hello, is this number 53, DaShui Lane, where a man named Li ChengYang lives?”

Instead of answering his question, the woman asked rhetorically, “Who are you?”

“I’m Luo ZhouZhou.”

The woman rolled her eyes, “I’m asking who you are and what is your relationship to Li ChengYang?”

Luo ZhouZhou hesitated and said, “I am not a bad person. I am here to deliver a letter to Li ChengYang for a friend.”

The woman looked at him skeptically before replying, “This is No. 53, but Li Chengyang is not at home, he has gone to work.”

Luo ZhouZhou looked at the closed door and said, “Then I’ll wait for him here.”

“Then you’ll have to wait a few days.” The woman continued, “He’ll be there for a few days before he comes back.”

Luo ZhouZhou asked, “Then can you tell me where he has gone to work? I’ll go look for him.”

The woman didn’t reply, but spread her right hand out to him and moved her fingers, “I will charge you for the information I give.”

Luo ZhouZhou first froze, then took out his wallet and asked, “How much?”

The woman peered in, pulled out two banknotes, and tucked them into her bulging breasts.

“The underground trading floor.” Then the woman asked, “Do you know that place?”

Luo ZhouZhou shook his head, “I don’t know.”

The woman looked around and beckoned, “Come here.”

When Luo ZhouZhou approached, she lowered her voice and said in a whisper, “When you go out from here, go to the right, cross two streets and you will see a white warehouse, there will be guards at the entrance who won’t let you in, but just say Daisy Rose sent you.”

“Oh.” Luo ZhouZhou put away his wallet and turned around.

“A little lamb like you, don’t get eaten in there.” When Luo ZhouZhou walked a few steps, he heard her laughing behind him.

Following the directions provided by Daisy, he quickly found the warehouse and was stopped by a couple of men in black suits at the door.

“Daisy Rose sent me here,” Luo ZhouZhou said.

One man sized him up from head to toe and meaningfully said, “Go inside.”

Luo ZhouZhou entered the warehouse, but turned back after walking a bit, and the men were still looking at him. One of them smiled strangely, waved his hand, and said, “I’ll see you after my shift.”

Several other men followed suit and laughed.

The warehouse was the size of a square, with all kinds of small stores pulled up in tents. From afar, the colorful tents looked like mushrooms crowded together. In some places, there were stalls with a variety of goods on display.

Luo ZhouZhou grabbed the straps of his backpack with both hands and curiously surveyed the sides, following the narrow passages formed between the stalls.

Various daggers with blood grooves, long and short, including various types of protective gear were laid out in the stalls in a grand manner. He carefully walked through them, taking care not to touch anything on either side.

The stall owners, who were seated, and the people who came up to him, looked at him unobtrusively, checking him from head to toe.

“Want to buy some excitement, handsome boy? I have the purest E54 here,” Said a thin, dry man sitting behind the booth, pointing mysteriously in Luo ZhouZhou’s direction.

Luo ZhouZhou looked around to make sure he was talking to him, and shook his head, “I’m not here to buy anything, I’m here to find someone.”

“Looking for someone?” The dry, thin man stroked his chin, “Came for your Alpha?”

“Not my Alpha, I don’t know him.” 

The skinny man stood up, and before Luo ZhouZhou could stop him, he shouted excitedly to the surroundings, “There’s a beautiful unmarked Omega here, looking for an Alpha he doesn’t know. All of you come over, let him have a look at who the lucky guy is!”

As soon as the man finished speaking, a number of people came out of several tents, looking their way. When they saw Luo ZhouZhou, their eyes lit up and they all headed towards him.

“Look at me, am I the guy you’re looking for?”

“Oh, he really is unmarked and clean as a whistle.”

“Little handsome, the Alpha you’re looking for is definitely me.”

A group of people gathered around Luo ZhouZhou, getting closer and closer, and some even lifted up their sleeves to show him the muscles on their arms.

“I don’t know if you are, but the person I’m looking for is called Li ChengYang.” Luo ZhouZhou was wrapped up in the middle of them, explaining over and over again, “His name is Li ChengYang, which one of you is Li ChengYang?”

“What do you want with Li ChengYang, is this brother not enough? You’ll know what it’s like when you have a taste. I’m guaranteed to be better than him.”

Someone had already started to pull the straps of the backpack off of Luo ZhouZhou’s shoulders. Luo ZhouZhou, sensing their bad intentions, held the backpack tightly and loudly exclaimed, “None of you are the people I am looking for. Go away! Stay away from me!”

“Not necessarily, my name is Li ChengYang.”

“Hahahahahaha, my name is Li ChengYang too.”


“All of you, get out of here.”

As Luo ZhouZhou was going to break the hand that was pulling on his backpack, he heard a cold, stern snapping snarl from not far away. Then everyone stopped laughing and looked over, and the man who had grabbed Luo ZhouZhou’s backpack strap instantly withdrew his hand.

Luo ZhouZhou quickly put his backpack back on, and then followed the direction of the voice with his eyes. There was a tall, thin young man standing outside the crowd, looking gloomily in this direction. He had a long scar on his face, running from his forehead to his chin.

He looked like someone not to be messed with.

“Blue Shark.” Someone was smiling cautiously. 

“Get lost.”


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