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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin heard the roar and immediately realized that it was the little buddy his master had found for him and that they sounded the same. He was flabbergasted for a moment, and then he was happy. He could communicate with other mermaids!

He looked expectantly towards the door as the sound of the mermaid’s roar and the sound of harsh words came closer and closer.

There was a strange man’s voice in the middle. “Little Silver, calm down. Don’t be angry.”

An Jin was a little nervous. His little friend didn’t seem to have a good temper.

Three minutes later, Norman walked into the mermaid room with guests. The guests were a clean-cut man and a silver-tailed mermaid. The silver mermaid was sitting in a mobility scooter, which resembled a scooter, except that the footrests were in rectangular transparent containers that contained water.

Little Silver fiercely glared at Norman, and his tail kept slapping the bottom of the container, like he wanted to jump out, but was held down by Mu Chen.

Little Silver saw the enemy, and wanted to teach him a good lesson, but did not even touch the other side and could not help but be angry. He bared his teeth at Mu Chen, who stopped him. “Bastard two-legged beast, how dare you stop me!”

He swung a claw towards the side of Mu Chen’s face.

An Jin’s pupils suddenly shrank and he cried out in alarm, “No.”

He knew very well the sharpness of the mermaid nails, and if he hit him like this, the man’s face would be ruined. However, the blood flowing all over his face that he imagined did not happen.

The moment mermaid nails touched the man’s face, the skin color of half of the man’s face abruptly turned darker, and the nails did not make any cuts on the face.

“Ah…” Mu Chen’s head exaggeratedly tilted to the side, and his body seemed to have been hit with too much force. Along with the force, he turned half a circle, and then with one foot on the ground, covered his face and cried out in pain.

Little Silver coldly snorted, looking at him askance. “Stupid two-legged beast, you know my power now! See if you still dare to stop me.”

An Jin stared at a cluster of spiritual silk that abruptly turned gray in Mu Chen’s spiritual sea, guessing that the change in his skin just now was due to the depletion of spiritual power.

As he was thinking this, he heard the mermaid words, and was shocked. He raised his eyes to look at the mermaid. The mermaid’s pupils and tail were silver-white, but his hair was a silver gray. His features were playful and beautiful, at this time with raised eyebrows, looking smug.

This man used an exaggerated performance, but did the mermaid not see it? Even really thought that it was himself who beat the man to his knees?

Norman looked at Mu Chen speechlessly. “You should go to the literature department to play a drama.”

Mu Chen covered his face and stood up, his tone helpless, he explained, “It’s not for you, you also let him fight a little, pretend to lose, he will be happy.”

Norman refused. “No.”

“It’s just a means to coax mermaid.” Mu Chen looked at Norman suspiciously. “Haven’t you ever coaxed An An like this?”


Mu Chen was surprised. “What do you do when An An attacks you?”

“He hasn’t attacked me.” Norman said, looking at the pool.

Little Silver finished training his own two-legged beast and turned his head to look at An Jin, and the eyes of the two met. An Jin gave a friendly smile.

“Did you just try to stop me?” Little Silver raised his chin slightly, sizing up An Jin.

An Jin blinked and said honestly, “I was afraid you’d hurt yourself.”

Little Silver bared his teeth. “He’s a two-legged beast I tamed, why do you care about him? Are you in love with him? He has been tamed by me, don’t think about it!”

“Huh?” An Jin was bewildered, suddenly feeling that he was too happy too soon.

Even though he could communicate with mermaids, there seemed to be a big generation gap between them.

Norman stared at Little Silver’s exposed canines and asked Mu Chen, “Will Little Silver bully the mermaid?”

Mu Chen replied, “Other mermaids don’t mess with him, he’s too lazy to care. Don’t worry, your An An is a pure color mermaid, even if they fight, the worried one should be me, right?”

Norman’s expression was serious, he had never seen the little mermaid fight, and the little mermaid was very timid. He watched Silver warily, in case Silver struck out at his little mermaid.

A mermaid’s senses were particularly strong, and he paid attention to Norman’s line of sight. Little silver immediately glared at Norman. “Ah! I almost forgot to seek revenge on you. How dare you look at me, are you provoking me!”

He showed his canine teeth, his tail slapped downward, his body rose up, and his hand reached out in Norman’s direction.

Mu Chen quickly rushed over and hugged Little Silver. “Don’t get angry. Be careful of breaking your hand again.”

Little Silver was again stopped, but was too angry to hit Mu Chen. Mu Chen quickly put him into the pool.

Mu Chen skillfully removed three workbook-sized lunch boxes from his ring, opened the lid, and placed them in front of Little Silver. “Eat something to take the edge off.”

Little Silver’s attention was really attracted by the food, giving a light hum. “Two-legged beast, you finally know something.”

Mu Chen saw that he did not bare his teeth and did not wave his claws, knowing that he had coaxed him to play by himself.

“Your Majesty, stay away from the pool, or he will definitely try to attack you,” Mu Chen said as he stood next to Norman.

Norman glanced at his own little mermaid who was tentatively approaching Little Silver and stepped back in silence.

“An An is so beautiful,” Mu Chen praised as he surveyed An Jin. After a while, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. “An An is also too quiet! He’s not sick, is he?”

“No, he’s not sick, he’s very quiet and well behaved.” Norman replied. 

Mu Chen’s eyes widened incredulously. Quiet? Good? Are those words to describe a mermaid?

Mu Chen said enviously, “You are also very lucky!” Thinking of the most important point, he asked, “Is the healing effect of his song really good?”

Norman’s face was expressionless. “I do not know yet.”

“It’s only been a few days, and you have no experience in raising mermaids. If you can not make him happy, it’s normal.” Mu Chen smiled and asked, “Do you want me to teach you about my experience?”

“No.” Norman thought to himself that the experience of other families did not apply to his little mermaid.

In the pool, An Jin listened to the two talk while watching Silver eat.

The mermaid grabbed a flat fish, took a big bite like it was a pancake, and then chewed quickly.

The fish was finished in less than ten seconds. An Jin was stunned by this wild way of eating, and his heart tightened and he quietly glanced at Norman.

Would the master feel strange when he saw him eating?

“Hey,” Silver shouted at him, “you want to eat?”

An Jin waved his hand. “No, you can eat.”

He was not interested in unprocessed food.

Little Silver surveyed him, sweeping his long, unadorned, insufficiently silky hair, and suddenly threw down the fish in his hand. Or smashing was more appropriate, the rice bowl was smashed and slid forward.

Little Silver sounded very angry. “Have you not yet tamed your two-legged beast? He did not give you food? Did not take you to enjoy the service? I knew he was a bad two-legged beast! You’re out of luck!” Little Silver glared at Norman on the shore.

An Jin was taken aback by his reaction and was confused.

Silver swam up to him, slapped his right hand on his left shoulder, and grinned, showing his sharp canines. “Learn from me.”

“…” An Jin didn’t really want to learn.

The hand that landed on his shoulder moved to the back of his neck, nails pressed against the skin on the back of his neck. Silver said fiercely, “Learn!”

On the shore, Norman saw the body move. Mu Chen said, “Do not worry.”

An Jin’s back tingled. He was not familiar with mermaids, not sure of a mermaid’s temper, and did not know whether this was a real threat or a false threat. He silently pulled his mouth open to reveal his standard eight teeth, he dropped his eyes and couldn’t help but reach out and touch his canine teeth.

His canine teeth seemed shorter than Silver’s.

Little Silver stared at him, not quite satisfied. “You are too unintimidating, no wonder you have not tamed your two-legged beast! He is so fierce, you can’t scare him like this! Haven’t you noticed that your two-legged beast is always staring at you? He must be ready to attack you, you have to make him afraid!”

An Jin replied, “No, he shouldn’t have that in mind.”

“You are too naive,” Little Silver sounded serious, “you must have been fooled by the two-legged beast, he just seems to be very cunning.”

An Jin looked at the righteous Norman, who thought the mermaid might not know the meaning of cunning.

“You misunderstand. He’s been good to me, look,” he pointed to the wall. “I can watch the video anytime I want.” He thought for a moment and swam his tail to the farthest shore and grabbed the large crab that he was making his midnight snack. “This is the food he gave me. I didn’t finish it and was going to eat it late at night.”

Little Silver’s eyes moved from the crab to An Jin’s face, his eyes swept up and down, and said in a deep voice, “I see.” He scratched his silver gray hair. “Sure enough, force is no good, but beauty can also tame two-legged beasts. I did not tame him at first, just because I was not good-looking enough!”

An Jin thought: You don’t get it!

He rationalized the mermaid’s way of thinking. In the mermaid’s mind, humans offer them food either because they were beaten and subdued or they were attracted by beauty. He couldn’t help but ask, “What are we to humans?”

“Of course it is the mermaid’s master ah!” Little Silver finished, swam back and grabbed a fish with one hand, and returned to An Jin. “Let’s have a match, you lose and give me the food.”

An Jin handed him the crab. “No need to compete, I’ll give it to you.”

Little Silver stared at him. “Are you asking to mate with me?”

“Cough cough…” An Jin was stunned and waved his hands. “No, don’t get me wrong.”

Little Silver looked at him with a red face. “You’re so strange.”

An Jin was confused. “What’s wrong?”

Silver said, “We mermaids only give food to our young. We give food to adult mermaids for courtship.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know that,” said An Jin.

“You’re so weird. Isn’t that something you’re born knowing? It’s not like it’s forgotten with memory.”

An Jin looked embarrassed and thought to himself that it was a good thing humans couldn’t understand them or he would have been exposed.

“Thank you for telling me. Is it okay if we exchange food?”

Little Silver agreed to the exchange.

An Jin adjusted his position, turning his back to the two on the shore, and cut a piece of fish off its back to remove impurities before putting it in his mouth. He had become so skilled at removing impurities that, in fact, even if he was facing a person, others would not necessarily notice that the fish piece had been purified the moment it was in his mouth.

An Jin ate the same food for several days in a row and was satisfied with the new food, which was juicy, but firm and tasty. As he ate the third slice, a hand suddenly reached out before the fish was put in his mouth.

His wrist was grabbed and then his fish filet was snatched away from him and his wrist was instantly released.

“Eh!” He was startled and his tail bounced in the water.

Little Silver squinted his eyes, swallowed the fish filet with an intoxicated face, and looked at An Jin with a gleaming gaze. “It’s so delicious! I want more.”


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Looks like mermaids are simple creatures, read brats who have to have their way, regardless of it being really their way or their owners indulgence. An Jin is learning, and that’s good.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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What a troublesome friend AJ have😂😂😂

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