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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin looked at Little Silver’s spiritual sea. After eating the fish filet, a small cluster of his spiritual silk turned from gray to pure white. The same reaction as when he ate unadulterated food; the spiritual power increased.

Little Silver saw that he did not react, and snatched the fish from his hand. Little Silver stared at the fish, wrinkled his nose, and bared his teeth unhappily. “Why is it stinky, I want it to smell good!” He glared at An Jin. “The one just now was clearly fragrant!”

An Jin was surprised, could he even smell it?

The unadulterated food was not affected by impurities and restored the original aroma of the food, but the fish he sliced was very thin and the aroma was particularly light.

An Jin could not help but be nervous and quietly looked at the two people on the shore, their expressions were calm.

An Jin breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed that the two did not smell it.

It was also true that from such a distance and with such a faint fragrance, it would be too much to smell it. He raised his hand and pointed to the back of the fish to reassure Silver. “This is the fish, look, the fish meat missing here is what you just ate.”

Little Silver surveyed the back of the fish, after a moment of hesitation, grabbed the fish and took a painful bite, swallowed, and stared at the fish with bitterness. “Not this taste!”

He turned the fish over and over, scratched off a piece with his nails, ate it, and then threw it into the water with a huff.

An Jin said, reached out to catch the fish, but did not catch it, looking at the fish gradually sinking into the water, a helpless face.

He had to change the water before going to bed.

He wagged his tail, ready to pick up the fish, but was restrained by Little Silver.

Silver circled around him and lifted his long hair to check. “Where did you hide the goodies?”

Although the other was a mermaid, he was too much like a human, with a bare upper body and no clothes. He was so close, and An Jin was very uncomfortable.

He swam to avoid Little Silver, but he also had a tail, was very flexible in the water, and kept sticking to him.

On the shore, Norman frowned, worried that the little mermaid was not happy about being bullied. But he didn’t know much about mermaids and was not sure if the two were playing around.

He turned his head and asked Mu Chen, “What’s Little Silver doing?”

Mu Chen was also very confused, why was little silver so sticky to An An? There was still some time left before his rut! He guessed, “Probably because he likes An An and expresses his closeness.”

Norman carefully observed the little mermaid’s expression, to make sure that the little mermaid did not have a happy look, said, “Call Little Silver over.”

Mu Chen shouted towards the water, “Little Silver, come here.”

Little Silver pretended not to hear and pestered An Jin. “Give me something good to eat!”

An Jin could not help his rogue appearance, it was like seeing a child who wanted to eat candy.

He thought about it and said, “I only have a little bit. I’ll share it with you, but you can’t make a fuss after you eat it, and you can’t tell anyone else.”

Little Silver asked, “Who are the others?”

“…I mean, you can’t tell two-legged beasts and mermaids.”

Silver snorted. “I’m not going to tell Two Legs! They are so dumb, they only know how to understand what they say.”

An Jin thought to himself: I’m afraid that’s how humans see the mermaids.

He was a little disappointed, but it seems that in this world, mermaids and humans could not communicate with language.

An Jin reminded Silver, “Telling other mermaids is a no too.”

Silver agreed in a hurry.

“Get out of the way.”

After Silver moved out of the way, he swam to the bottom of the pool and picked up the fish, quietly cutting off two-finger-long pieces and floating them to the surface of the water furthest from the two people above.

Silver immediately wagged his tail and swam next to him.

An Jin turned his back to the two people on the shore and let Silver and him face each other side by side before removing the impurities from the fish and handing it to Silver. “Don’t turn around until you finish eating.”

Little Silver was so full of food that he agreed to whatever An Jin said. He took the fish and couldn’t bear to eat it in one bite, so he followed An Jin’s example and sliced it into thin pieces and ate it slowly. He was so happy to eat that his tail wagged in the water. “You’re amazing! I can’t believe you can make a flat fish so delicious!”

An Jin smiled, and his eyes fell on the top of little silver’s head.

In Little Silver’s spiritual sea, the gray spiritual silk quickly turned white, and the spiritual sea was about to be in a state of fullness.

“I’m so happy. It’s my first time eating something so delicious!” Little Silver sounded excited.

An Jin noticed that the speed at which Little Silver’s spiritual power recovered was even faster.

He thought: the recovery speed of a mermaid’s spiritual power really was related to mood.

After eating the last piece of fish, all of Little Silver’s spiritual filaments turned pure white, and his spiritual power reached its upper limit. His tail swing increased, and he instantly swam to the middle of the pool. The water floated a beautiful splash. He was so happy, with both hands raised, and the fish tail swayed lightly during the whole in the water rotation, while silver gray hair flew, bringing out a string of crystal water droplets.

An Jin clearly felt the pleasure of Little Silver emotions, this emotion seemed to have infectious power. His whole body relaxed, and his eyes unconsciously curved.

Mu Chen was chatting with Norman and seeing the situation with a surprised face. “How, how?”

Little Silver’s lips opened, and the pleasant ethereal song flowed in the room.

The moment the song started, An Jin saw that many white energy particles appeared in Little Silver’s spiritual sea.

As the song continued, most of those energy grains flew toward his and Mu Chen’s spiritual sea. A small part scattered everywhere and disappeared, but only a few grains flew to Norman’s spiritual sea.

After the energy grains left, Little Silver’s spiritual sea of spiritual silk gradually became dull.

In Mu Chen’s spiritual sea, the outer cluster of black spiritual filaments turned gray, and the inner gray spiritual filaments turned white.

An Jin also clearly felt that his spiritual power increased.

However, he noticed that in Norman’s spiritual sea, there was no improvement. Those few energy grains, as if stones, sank into the sea.

Silver’s song lasted for three minutes, and his spiritual power was almost depleted, but recovered at a rapid rate. His consumed spiritual force almost all passed to An Jin and Mu Chen.

Only a small portion dissipated and some went to Norman.

Little Silver looked at An Jin. “I sang to a mermaid for the first time. If you still want to hear it, give me good food! Hum, cheap two-legged beast.” Little Silver said looking at Mu Chen, “Two-legged beast, the song just now, is my reward for you, be grateful!”

Mu Chen was simply moved to tears. “Why is he suddenly so happy? So easy to sing? I’ve been feeding him a lot these days, but he didn’t sing!” Mu Chen said, and he couldn’t help but be happy. “My spiritual force has recovered a lot, it seems he likes An An very much.”

Norman’s face expressionlessly looked at the pool, this was not the same as he thought!

The little mermaid was not happy and asked for a friend so he gave the little mermaid a little partner. The result was that the little mermaid was not yet happy enough to sing, but the little partner actually sang?

Mu Chen’s expression could not hide his happiness. Tonight was definitely an unexpected pleasure, or a big surprise. He looked at Norman seriously. “I will help you to make An An happy. If I do not make An An happy, my conscience will hurt! Don’t worry, I will often bring Little Silver over to keep An An company.”

Norman glanced at him lightly. “Admiral Mu Chen, it is not necessary, An An does not seem to like Little Silver.”

“Why not?! They are having so much fun!”

Norman said in a deep voice, “Only Little Silver is happy.”

He looked at his little mermaid in silence, just as his little mermaid also looked towards him. An Jin was a little worried about Norman.

Little Silver’s spiritual power, which had only been passed on to Norman a little, hadn’t worked yet.

These days Norman’s spiritual sea of black spiritual silk was more and more, the edge of the black deeper and deeper, as if at any time it would spontaneously combust. He looked at Norman worriedly. Norman was a good master, responding to his requests, and providing him with a place of peace. He also wanted to do something for Norman.

He asked Silver, “Do all of the mermaid’s songs transmit spiritual power?”

“What’s spiritual power?” Silver cocked his head.

Didn’t mermaids have the concept of spiritual power?

An Jin thought for a moment and asked, “Do people…two-legged beasts like mermaid’s singing?”

“Of course!” Little Silver was proud. “Our songs will make them better and more comfortable.”

“Do all mermaid songs make two-legged beasts better?”

“Yes, but for some two-legged beasts, the song is only a little useful.” Little Silver raised his chin slightly, “My song is the most useful!” He pointed to Mu Chen. “Look at my two-legged beast, how obedient it is, all because of my singing.”

“Uh,” An Jin asked without understanding, “what do you mean by obedient?”

Little Silver stared at him. “Don’t you feel it? He’s a good boy! Your two-legged beast is not well behaved, his breath is restless and uncomfortable, and he makes all mermaids want to hit him at any time.”

An Jin understood. Little Silver’s “obedient” was referring to the spiritual sea being calm.

Little Silver’s master’s spiritual silk was calm and Little Silver liked that.

But the condition of the two spiritual seas was very different. Little Silver’s master only had the outer side spiritual silk turn black, the rest were gray and white, and his spiritual sea was very calm.

And his master, a large part of the outer spiritual silk were black, or the kind of extreme black, and looked like it would spontaneously combust at any time. His spiritual sea was very unstable.

Mermaids seemed to be very sensitive to spiritual seas, and since two people’s spiritual seas were different, mermaid’s senses seemed to also be completely different.

Mu Chen was calm, and Norman was filled with pressure, and accompanied by a dull restlessness, like a volcano about to erupt, so mermaids vaguely became uneasy, and seemed to be threatened.

I wonder if my singing voice is of much use to master.

The thought of singing for someone else made An Jin bite his lower lip, a little nervous; he used to be pentatonic and not good at singing. After being laughed at in elementary school, he hadn’t sung in front of outsiders since then.

“Can you teach me how to sing?” He looked at Little Silver expectantly.

“How can you teach singing? Aren’t you born to sing?” Little Silver was confused.

An Jin was very sad that he was not really a mermaid and was not born with the ability to sing. However, he had become a mermaid, so I wonder if my singing would be better?

Seeing that An Jin seemed to have no common sense, Little Silver seriously reminded him, “You can’t just sing, you can only sing when you’re happy, otherwise you’ll be very tired after singing and have no spiritual power at all. That is very dangerous, two-legged beasts will take advantage of our weakness to bully us!”

An Jin felt that mermaids seemed to have some kind of misunderstanding about humans.

The humans he met were all very friendly to the mermaids.

Before he was confused why they were so friendly, but now he understood that it was for the spiritual force. Looking at his master’s spiritual sea, An Jin clenched his fist to cheer himself up. He had listened to so many songs before, he could definitely practice one!

So thinking, he looked at Norman again, his heart a little happy.

Finally, he could do something for his master! He immediately made a plan in his mind to start practicing singing tomorrow.


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Little Silver is very useful. Might be arrogant and a little dumb but is a very good example! GJ Little Silver, showing An Jin how to sing and what it meant for humans if a mermaid sings to them! Go An Jin, go and try it on Norman!

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I think an an will be the first mermaid to sing the human song, since he can imitate the language

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