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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Norman pushed the little mermaid into the merchandise section, where the shelves were lined with all kinds of decorations and toys that mermaids liked. An Jin returned from his thoughts and looked at Norman’s terrible spiritual sea, looking relaxed.

When his spiritual power was restored, let his master appreciate how useful he was! He rested his hand on the edge of the mobility scooter and looked around curiously.

Different sizes and colors of leather balls, shiny hairpieces, hair bands in dazzling colors, and all kinds of small fish models… His eyes swept over the zeroes on the price point and sighed at how expensive it was to have a pet. Luckily, he was a mature pet at heart and didn’t need toys and accessories!

His tail fin tilted upward in pleasure. He was such a carefree guy, his owner would like him, right? If he was useful and his owner liked him, he wouldn’t let him do anything he didn’t like!

Norman looked at the little mermaid as he walked, and when the little mermaid’s eyes lingered, he clicked on the purchase button next to the shelf.

An Jin was pushed ahead and didn’t pay attention to his movements.

When he returned to the hover car, he froze when he saw that the car was full of toys and accessories.

Norman gave the intelligent system a return command and pointed to the things he had just bought. “All your favorites.”

An Jin took a quick look and knew that these were all the most expensive items of their kind. He couldn’t help but look at them several times because he was surprised, especially by the white pearl hair chain at the top, and he carefully counted the number of zeros at the end.

Thinking about the total price of these goods, he couldn’t help but feel anxious: he wanted to be a frugal pet, not a costly one! He pointed to the merchandise and then to the care center: return it!

Norman didn’t understand and guessed, “Is there anything else you want?”

An Jin’s eyes opened slightly, as if he saw the word “tycoon” above his head. He wrinkled his eyebrows and thought about the merchandise. “Bah…” He turned his head, pointing to the care center.

Looking out the window, even at the shadow of the nursing center building, he froze.

The speed of the hover car was too fast.

Norman wrinkled his brow. “You don’t like it?”

These things, didn’t the little mermaid stare at them because he liked them?

He got up, picked up a blue translucent ball, and squeezed it hard in front of An Jin.

Kiri— the bulging blue ball suddenly deflated with a crisp sound. He released his hand and the ball bulged back up again. After demonstrating how to play once, he handed the ball to the little mermaid. “Try it and throw it away if you don’t like it.”

Are all the items here not returnable?

An Jin took the ball and was a little surprised; the surface of the ball was soft and cool, and very comfortable to the touch. He squeezed hard, and the ball made a shhhh sound and flattened down. He thought of a toy that his neighbor’s sister used to play with and let go and squeezed down quickly, and then let go and squeezed down again.

Kiri, kiri— a series of cries rang out, as if from a small chicken boy.

An Jin’s eyes couldn’t help but bend.

At that time, when he saw his neighbor’s sister playing, he also wanted the toy, but his parents did not allow it, saying it was too noisy.

Norman saw the little mermaid laughing and felt displeased with the research institute.

This little mermaid’s reaction clearly showed that he had never played with the screaming ball, before expressing dislike since he didn’t know how to play. He took another toy from the merchandise that resembled a whistle, but was bigger than a whistle, and he put the flat beak to the little mermaid’s mouth.

An Jin looked at the “whistle” with curious eyes, then looked up at Norman with a confused look.

Norman pondered for a moment, opened the terminal, pulled out the video related to whistling, and showed it to the little mermaid. An Jin watched it, and his eyes lit up. With his mouth slightly open, holding the flat mouth, his cheeks slightly puffed, and blew a breath with a little force.

The front of the whistle suddenly popped out a shiny ribbon, the top of which exploded like a fish tail, forming a small transparent fan.

An Jin loosened his flat mouth with delight in his eyes and curiously touched the shaped ribbon and the small fan. He surveyed the ribbon’s exit, put the blue ball into the water and floated, trying to tuck the ribbon back in.

Norman saw this, took the whistle, pressed it on the side, and the ribbon shrank back into the whistle with a whoosh.

Norman handed the whistle to the little mermaid.

An Jin looked at the whistle, and then looked at the crystal core in his hand and the blue ball floating in his hand. He could only hold two.

Norman then hoisted the whistle with a string and hung it around An Jin’s neck. An Jin looked down at the whistle, a little happy, but also a little embarrassed. He wanted to spend less of Norman’s money, but he had spent a lot.

Although Norman bought the toy on his own initiative, it was for him to play with, and he liked it quite a bit. He must have to do something for the master in return!

He looked at his spiritual sea, and his spiritual power had been restored to full. He slightly lowered his eyes, his mind thinking about Norman’s actions of giving him shelter, giving him food, and buying him gifts, and his heart was full of gratitude to Norman.

A warm tune came to mind, and An Jin smiled up at Norman with his little head, then opened his mouth. The soft and gentle song rang out in the hover car, and watery blue energy particles rose up from An Jin’s spiritual sea and floated towards Norman.

Norman was slightly stunned, but quickly returned to his senses and raised his hand to cover the little mermaid’s mouth.

An Jin’s eyes were slightly open, and his watery blue eyes were full of surprise.

What’s wrong? His eyes blinked and a possibility suddenly occurred to him. Is it possible that the school song he sang last time scared Norman so much that he didn’t dare to listen to him sing?

He was slightly embarrassed, and a little anxious. Singing was the only thing he could do for Norman right now. He reached for Norman’s hand, his eyes blinking, “Trust me, I can sing very well, it was an accident last time!”

Norman didn’t let go, but instead pushed harder, and the cold, soft touch of his palm stalled his movements slightly. He quickly came back to his senses, and his attitude was very firm when he said seriously, “You can’t sing, go back and sing again.” His eyes swept alertly out the window and he ordered, “Scan for suspicious vehicles nearby.”

Soon the intelligent system replied, “There are two hover cars following behind, and there is a communication request message from the owner.”

“Lose them.”

The hover car accelerated, turned at the fork in the road ahead, overtook the car, and changed track. Ten minutes later, the system announced, “Successfully lost.”

Norman ordered, “Back to the palace.”

The two hover cars that were dumped stopped at a fork in the road, and the two owners looked at each other and asked at the same time, “Did you hear that?”

The two nodded again at the same time, one looked hotly at the track above. “It’s the first time I’ve heard such a good mermaid song, the healing effect must be particularly good.”

The other said, “My energy detector was on all the time, and when the song came on, there was no fluctuation at all.”

The two men’s eyes were full of envy. This meant that the spiritual force in the song did not spill over and was completely transmitted to the mermaid’s master. According to the current data released by the Scientific Research Institute, the highest mermaid song energy transfer was only eighty-two percent.

There had never been a hundred percent energy transfer: there would always be part of the energy wasted.

The two men were silent for a moment and thought of a possibility. “Pure color mermaid!”

Hearing the intelligent system report, Norman reminded the little mermaid, “Do not sing outside.”

Thinking that the little mermaid couldn’t understand, he slowly removed his hand while keeping a close eye on the little mermaid in case the little mermaid’s singing could not be stopped in time. 

An Jin couldn’t help but think back: was the school song he sang really that hard to listen to? Was it so bad that the owner was afraid that he would sing outside and cause trouble for others? Why did he feel that it was actually quite light and pleasant to the ear?

He couldn’t help but suspect that he had a 10,000 meter filter on his singing voice. Gotta break the master’s inherent impression! He was even more impatient to prove to Norman that he could sing a good song.

As a result, his mouth opened and was covered again.

This time, it was not released until he was back at the villa.

An Jin rubbed his stiff lips, pouted and turned his head to face Norman with the back of his head.

Norman was a little helpless. Of course he was happy that the little mermaid was singing, but the venue was just not suitable.

He contacted the special mecha division, and the mecha division listened with surprise. “Install an energy isolation system?”

This was too strange. When in battle, the spiritual outreach generated by the pressure, often to the opponent’s heart pressure, the isolation wasn’t to reduce combat power?

Norman, in a tone of voice affirmation, said, “Yes, as soon as possible.”

Norman removed the mask and pushed An Jin off the hover car, then pressed the control button. The hover car regained its mecha image and was retrieved by him in the mecha button. He pushed the mobility scooter into the villa and handed the mecha button to the robot butler. “How soon can the pool be repaired?”

“It’s a lot of work. I don’t expect it to be finished until seven o’clock tonight.”

An Jin blinked, confused, wasn’t the pool fine? Why does it need to be repaired?

Norman ordered the robot, “Bring An An’s lunch to my bedroom.”

The robot responded and went back to the kitchen to get the food. Norman picked up the little mermaid and went up to the second floor and into his bedroom. An Jin came to the second floor for the first time and surveyed it with some curiosity. The room was large, but very simple, with black, white, and gray colors. Not like a home, but like a hotel.

Norman carried the little mermaid directly to the bathroom, put him in the bathtub, and filled it with water. An Jin looked up at him and then lowered his eyes. This treatment was much better than showering in the bathroom, was his master apologizing?

If the master knows he was wrong… He immediately sat up, put his hand on the edge of the tub, turned sideways to look at Norman, and then blushed.

Norman, with his back to him, was casually taking off his dark green shirt, with the hem lifted from his suit pants, revealing his strong, lean wheat colored waist. The next moment, the clothes were taken off quickly, and his entire back was exposed.

The next moment, Norman’s hand moved to the belt. The buckle popped open, he moved sharply, and his pants fell down. An Jin hurriedly closed his eyes and turned his head, sinking into the bathtub, his cheeks and ears red.

How, how can you take off your clothes in front of me! It’s so indecent!

His eyelashes fluttered, and he thought of what he had heard before, that the cat would stick when the owner went to the toilet, and calmed down a little. Yes, in Norman’s eyes, he was just a pet, and it made no difference to Norman whether he was here or not.

The sound of the shower rang out, and An Jin’s mind was uncontrollably floating with Norman’s shower. An Jin took a deep breath and let it out again.

A series of bubbles emerged from his mouth, rising to the surface and disappearing. An Jin’s attention shifted, and the feeling of the bubbles arising with a slight trembling of the skin of his mouth tickled interestingly. He played with it consciously, trying to cover the sound of the shower.

He soon discovered the joy of spitting bubbles, which were like crystals, and the crisp gurgling sound, as if coming from inside his ears, felt special. Norman changed into a clean shirt and army pants and walked over to the tub to see little mermaid spitting bubbles with arched eyebrows.

The little mermaid’s crimson mouth was puffed up, and his cheeks were slightly puffed out, looking soft and cute. Norman took a look at the little mermaid’s tail wagging, and was relieved that he didn’t seem to be angry.

An Jin met Norman’s eyes and his expression was a little embarrassed for a moment, but he quickly reacted. He was a pet, he did not have to be embarrassed!


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An Jin is really cute! Thanks for the translation!

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Looks like people are starting to notice things. I don’t know whether it’s good or bad, we ‘ll see. An Jin just can’t find the right moment to sing. And what it this? Are they suddenly conscious of each other…? Do we have so shyly budding feelings?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 11, 2022 5:01 am

Adorable! I totally love AJ! So considerate of Norman! But Norman is spending money regardless lol love their interaction!

Xiao Ying
November 6, 2022 12:54 am

An an was so adorable 🥰

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They’re so cute. Just waiting for An An to reveal he actually can communicate 😀

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