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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


“Like it?” Norman inquired as he met the little mermaid’s expectant eyes.

An Jin understood and wanted to nod, but stopped, thinking that he was now a mermaid and shouldn’t understand human language. So he controlled the impulse to nod and slowly put his hand out to the chief escort.

At the same time, he looked at Norman’s expression, only to wait for Norman to show displeasure or disapproval, then retracted his hand.

Norman gestured to the head guard. “Give it to him.”

The chief guard gently placed the nucleus in the little mermaid’s hand, and as he approached, his body tensed slightly in case the mermaid swung a claw at him.

However, the little mermaid was obediently allowing His Majesty to hold him, and when he put the nucleus on his palm, the little mermaid gave him a smile. The chief guard immediately froze, his iron man’s heart thumping straight.

His Majesty’s little mermaid was too well-behaved, right?! And so good-looking!

Norman’s eyebrows were knitted. Did the little mermaid think the crystal core was a gift from the chief guard? So he smiled at the chief guard?

He looked at the chief guard. “Stand down.”

The chief guard looked at the little mermaid and left the villa with great reluctance.

An Jin quietly ran the water ability probe and immediately felt the energy contained in the beast core. It was exactly the same feeling that the zombie crystal core gave him. He held the beast nucleus with curved eyes, and could not wait to use the beast nucleus to upgrade his ability.

But not right now. The crystal nucleus energy would be absorbed, and there would be a significant change, so he would have to wait for a time alone to upgrade. He was so happy that his tail fin unconsciously swung up and down.

This was a level two core, enough to get his water ability up to level one, and with extra energy he’d be awesome!

Hornád saw how happy the little mermaid was and couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. “Your Majesty, you are so irresponsible. You must not have bought jewelry for An An, just the beast core makes him so happy! I told you, mermaids like shiny things! Beast cores aren’t shiny enough.”

Norman corrected, “He doesn’t like jewelry.”

“Your Majesty, you must not make excuses for your carelessness! You don’t have a pet at all, just a ‘bio-soother’.”

Norman looked at the little mermaid and got a smile. His expression softened. He was a protective and well-behaved pet; he liked him. He gently put the little mermaid into the mermaid walker and pushed him onto the hover car.

Hornád stood at the door. “The care center has mermaid merchandise. You must buy more things for the little mermaid, why don’t I come with you?”

Norman reminded, “Mr. Hornád, all of Siao knows that you are my personal doctor.”

Hornád had to give up the idea and saw the hover car leave. An Jin looked at the hover car and was a little confused. He thought Norman had carried him out of the room to wash his hair, but now he was obviously going out. He looked at Norman, who was sitting across from the mobility scooter.

Norman made a reservation for a private room in the care center and flicked his finger on the terminal. A capsule appeared in his hand out of thin air, then with a squeeze of two fingers, the capsule popped open and became a thin sheet, like a mask.

Norman skillfully put the capsule over his face and soon changed his face.

When An Jin first saw Norman, Norman had this ordinary appearance. He was surprised to look at Norman’s face, and could not see that it had been done at all. This world’s mask is awesome!

Norman noticed his gaze. “Don’t recognize me?”

An Jin blinked, thinking to himself that if it was a mermaid, he wouldn’t recognize it easily? He stretched out his finger, pointed at Norman’s face, and let out a soft cry of surprise. His voice was soft and a bit cute.

Norman met his slightly open eyes, thought for a moment, and touched his hand to the side of his cheek. After the light touch of his finger, the mask popped up and shrank back into a capsule, revealing his original appearance.

“I am your master Norman.”

He finished and put the mask back on.

An Jin then withdrew his hand, his eyes curved, and gave Norman a smile.

Norman was satisfied to see him recognize him. After a moment of silence, he imitated the tone of a pet owner he had met and complimented, “You’re so smart.”

An Jin looked at Norman’s serious handsome face, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. If he hadn’t been able to understand, he wouldn’t have been able to tell that the man was complimenting him.

The master was really a serious man, he thought.

It didn’t take long for the hover car to land in front of a building. The waiter bowed at the door to greet him, and when he saw An Jin, a shocked look appeared in his eyes, and he quickly withdrew his gaze. “Sir, the room for you is number seven, please follow me.”

Norman pushed the trolley inside.

An Jin tilted his head and looked at the tall building, above which hung a colorful signboard, very conspicuous: Pet Care Center.

An Jin: “…”

Well, he really was a pet now.

An Jin was sent to a blue-colored room, half of which was occupied by a pool with a water bed and two attendants standing next to it. The two attendants froze at first when they saw An Jin, and then their eyes burst into an extremely bright light.

“First, sir, do you need to give him a relaxant?”

“No need.” Norman picked up the little mermaid and put him straight to the waterbed.

An Jin looked confused, what was this for?

Norman put his hand on his shoulder and pushed back slightly.

An Jin blinked and lay down with his force. After lying down, his neck happened to be stuck on the soft neck pad and his hair was gently held up by the attendant. An Jin instantly had the illusion of being in a barbershop.

When the attendant saw him lying down, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “Oh my God, he’s so good.”

Norman moved out of the way. “Clean and condition, make sure it’s smooth and don’t break it.”

“Yes sir,” said the attendant, “next door is the master’s lounge, you can wait there.”

Norman nodded and prepared to go to the lounge to deal with the aftermath of the haru beast incident. An Jin saw him heading out and subconsciously got up, tail cocked upward. After feeling the pull of his hair, he hurriedly fell back again, his tail falling in the water.

“Eh…” the attendant called out nervously.

Norman turned around at the sound of movement and met the little mermaid’s nervous gaze.

What a coward. Norman thought to himself, but was inexplicably happy to see the little Mermaid’s dependent look. He said to the attendant, “I’ll wait here.”

The attendant immediately brought him a cushioned chair and placed it near the waterbed, saying enviously, “You and your mermaid are so close.”

Norman sat down and mumbled lightly.

The attendant returned to the waterbed and looked at the little mermaid lying there, full of love. With two attendants, his main job was to make sure that the mermaid didn’t move around so that his colleagues could clean it. This little mermaid, however, did not need him at all.

An Jin’s hair was gently massaged and he felt very comfortable, yet the gaze of the attendant at his side made him squirm. He was lying like this, with his upper body completely exposed without his hair covering it, and the attendant kept looking at him.

He grabbed the beast’s core and silently hugged his chest with both hands, but after two seconds of hugging, he felt the empty area near his belly button.

He awkwardly pursed his lips, kept silently reciting “I am a pet”, and his eyes unconsciously looked at Norman expectantly.

Norman looked at the virtual screen with a serious face, and his fingers operated a few times now and then. He browsed the Internet about the haru beast, as well as his spiritual riot, and gave orders to the Ministry of Information to control the speech, forbidding people to fish in the water to cause panic, and announced that he was fine.

Then he replied to all the messages asking about his spiritual condition. After the reply, he raised his eyes to look at the little mermaid, and met the little mermaid’s beautiful blue eyes.

He didn’t know how long the little mermaid had been looking at him.

He was taking the little mermaid out for the first time, and suddenly he noticed that the little mermaid seemed a bit clingy.

An Jin met Norman’s eyes and his eyes lit up and he gave a soft ah.

Although it was a meaningless pronunciation, his voice was soft and sweet, so when he shouted so softly, it made his heart soften.

The attendant’s gaze on An Jin became even more enthusiastic.

An Jin knew that in the eyes of others, he was just a pet, and they looked at him this way because they loved him. However, he was really hairy, and even if it was a bit rude, he could not resist glaring at the attendant. Then he looked at Norman and reached out to him.

Norman looked at the attendant indifferently. “Don’t keep looking at him.”

The attendant hurriedly averted his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

Norman approached, gently squeezed the little mermaid’s wrist, and put his wrist back in place. “Relax, he didn’t mean to attack you.”

An Jin: “…”

It was a misunderstanding, but it got the attendant to look away, and it served its purpose.

After most of an hour, An Jin’s hair treatment was finished.

Norman picked him up horizontally and he immediately lifted his hair in front of his body and ran his fingers through it, it was so soft and smooth that his eyes couldn’t help but curl. Norman put him back into the mobility scooter and pushed him out.

When he passed by room number three, a young blond man came out of the room. When the young man saw An Jin, his eyes lit up, sweeping his eyes through the tail of An Jin’s hair and pupils, and then looked at Norman. “Mr. Tang?”

The Scientific Research Institute had issued an announcement at the end of the auction: the pure-colored mermaid was auctioned off to Tang Rin for a sky-high price of twenty-five billion.

Until now, the news was still high in the Starnet fever, and many people posted the comment “Papa Tang, let’s take a look at the pure color mermaid” on Starnet everyday.

Of course, they never got a reply, and Tang Rin disappeared with the mermaid after.

Norman’s face was expressionless and he gave a sound. Tang Rin was the fake identity corresponding to his face at this time in order to be able to continue the auction of mermaid during the blacklisting by the Scientific Research Institute.

“It’s great to meet you.” The young man was very happy, pointing at An Jin. “I have an intermediate mermaid, so I want to offer ten billion for the mating rights of your mermaid. The mermaid babies they’d breed, if they are high grade, I’ll give you another ten billion and the right to auction the pups goes to me. If it’s intermediate, we sell them and split them equally, how about that?”

Mermaid pups were carefully protected and Siao law stated that all mermaid pups must be given to the Scientific Research Institute to be raised. After the pups reached adulthood, the owners of both parents of the pups had the right to auction off the pups at a premium, i.e. they could buy them at the lowest auction price.

Of course, before the auction, the original mermaid must be handed over to the research institute and pacified for a period of time before the auction. All Siao people could only own one mermaid at most.

Norman refused in a cold voice, “No.”

He pushed the small mermaid forward, and the young man hastened to stop him. “Do you think the price is too low? You can say the psychological price.”

Norman’s face was expressionless. “I’m not short of money.”

The young man was frozen. Norman walked around the young man and pushed the little mermaid to the merchandise section. An Jin sat dumbfounded in his mobility scooter, he understood most of the words the young man was saying, and he was sure the man had said the word “mating” when he pointed at him.

He suddenly had a very bad feeling that his master would not ask him to mate, right? He knew Norman had just refused, could he after? He took a deep breath to calm down a little, yet the more he thought about it, the more he thought it was possible.

Mermaids in this world would be auctioned, and humans were extraordinarily good to mermaids, so it was clear that mermaids were very precious. Since they were precious, the more the better. As for how to have more, what else could they do but to be born?

An Jin felt very bad, he didn’t want to be forced to mate with a strange fish, much less be forced to be a father. He grabbed the beast core: he had to quickly improve his strength, so in case he was forced, he could still resist. He tilted his little head and looked at Norman.

Still have to make his master realize that he’s useful!

Much more useful than mating!


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