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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Norman stood at the edge of the pool, thinking that the little mermaid would stay in the mermaid room and would not come out. Just as he was about to go to the mermaid room, he saw the little mermaid like a blue light, swimming out of the passage.

An Jin swam to the middle of the pool, floated up, and broke the water. He plucked the hair out of the corner of his eyes and looked at Norman.

Norman momentarily swayed. He was never concerned about appearance, but he suddenly found that the little mermaid was very beautiful. The wet hair stuck to the side of the white neck, the aqua blue pupils glittering, the little mermaid was enveloped in a dark blue light. It was the beauty of a dream, like a fantasy. It was not until the ethereal singing sounded that Norman returned to his senses and was entranced by the song.

The light and pleasant music, with a touch of playfulness, made him feel lighter. Norman felt that along with the song, abundant spiritual power was pouring into his spiritual sea.

When An Jin finished singing, he saw Norman’s face with appreciation and his eyes curved.

It’s true that he didn’t have a filter on himself; he was singing really well now! 

Norman looked at the little mermaid with a hidden amazement in his eyes. He had an accurate judgment of spiritual power, and when the little mermaid sang during the day, one song could restore ten percent spiritual power. But what he just sang, restored twenty percent of his spiritual power.

His eyes fell on the little mermaid’s smiling face and couldn’t help but guess that it was related to his mood?

The guard outside the door returned from the song and found that there was no increase in spiritual power at all. He was disappointed and then couldn’t help but be surprised.

What Starnet said could very well be true! The little mermaid had transferred one hundred percent of the spiritual power to His Majesty! All of a sudden, the four of them became lemon spirits at the same time.

Norman went to the edge of the pool and squatted down, beckoning to the little mermaid, “Come here.”

An Jin swam over, put his hand on the bank of the pool, and tilted his little head.

The next moment, he felt a soft touch on the top of his head. He looked up and met Norman’s gentle gaze.

“Thanks An An, that was nice to hear.”

In one day, the little mermaid had sung to him three times. If word got out, there would be an absolute uproar. There were countless posts on Starnet about “how to coax mermaid to sing”, and even if the Siao people who had the best relationship with their mermaid could only hear a song twice a week, they would be envied by countless people.

Norman was very clear that the little mermaid’s singing was not from him coaxing him.

The first time the little mermaid sang, it was because he was worried about him, and the next two times, it was all about gratitude. He just bought a little toy and built a pool. He found that after the little mermaid sang a song, whenever he did something for the little mermaid, the little mermaid would sing to him.

He was so nice and understanding that he really liked it.

An Jin was not good at dealing with being thanked and praised, so he tilted his head a little shyly. He thought about it, then rubbed Norman’s hand, and gave a soft ahh. You don’t have to thank him, he just wants to return the favor as much as he can.

The voice was soft and gentle, and fell in Norman’s ears, as if being pampered. Norman then continued to rub the little mermaid’s hair and observe his demeanor.

After making sure that little mermaid was not uncomfortable with singing and transmitting spiritual power to him, Norman was relieved.

That night, An Jin slept directly in the outdoor pool, with the transparent water glowing blue under the light of the moons, and he sank to the bottom of the pool and quickly fell asleep.

He slept extremely well, and when he woke up in the morning, the Flare Star had only been out for a short time, and the temperature of the Flare Light was mild. He lay on his back for a while to enjoy the morning view and swam back to his room to fix his personal hygiene.

It didn’t take long for Norman himself to come into the mermaid room with his breakfast.

An Jin looked at the variety of breakfast and thought: I’m glad I’m a mermaid now, the taste has changed a bit, otherwise I would be bored with it even if it’s good.

Norman still introduced himself with a serious face, “An An, I am your master Norman.”

An Jin smiled at Norman, allowing Norman to know that the little mermaid still remembered him. Norman didn’t stay long, and after showing his face in front of the little mermaid, he left the villa for the military headquarters.

An Jin turned on the video and studied the language while eating breakfast, and two hours later, he went to the back garden. The sun was shining brightly and uncomfortably on his skin, so he chose a corner with shade to stay in. He lay by the pool, changing his tail, admiring the leaves and flowers, and soothing his eyes.

There was silence around him and his senses became more sensitive. Suddenly, he looked in the direction of the backyard wall. He sensed that there were four men standing there, supposedly the guards of the villa, that he had seen when the haru beast appeared.

But before that, he hadn’t noticed the presence of the guards, and after the ability upgrade, he could feel it. Noticing that those people did not move, he put his attention back to the flowers and trees.

After looking for a while, when he withdrew his eyes, he saw a black seed not far from the pool bank. He looked closely at the trees and flowers in the garden and finally dropped his eyes to the tree with leaves like the palm of his hand. He reached out, picked the seed up, guessing that it had been touched off when the pool was built to transplant the tree.

Looking at the impurities in the seed, his face pondered.

Water had no impurities, but the tree had impurities, because at the beginning of growth, the seeds had impurities? He thought about it and ran the ability to remove the impurities from the seeds. He looked around and chose two open spaces between the flowers, and wanted to plant the seed there.

He braced his hands on the pool bank to climb up, thought of something, and returned to the water. He hadn’t practiced yet after his ability upgrade.

After the ability upgrade, he had to train the control of the ability. After the control reaches the point where you can do whatever you want, you can upgrade as long as you have the crystal core.

An Jin concentrated and controlled the water in the pool. A water dragon flew in front of him, then changed into a water arrow as he imagined. An Jin reached out and touched the arrow, and his hand went straight through the arrow formed by the water, without pain.

He pursed his lips, not quite satisfied.

After serious thought, he focused attention on the water arrow, which began to rotate, faster and faster, until it could not be seen.

An Jin looked to the chosen open space, and the water arrow whooshed into the ground. With the arrow as the center, the ground formed a bowl-sized pit and mud splashed. The next moment, the water arrow turned into water, wetting the dirt.

An Jin propped himself up and looked over there, the pit was not big, but quite deep.

He usd his ability again, and a hollow ball of water was formed around the dirt, and the dirt was encased in the ball. An Jin controlled the ball of water to fall into the pit and filled it shallowly. He repeated this several times, and when the pit was at the right depth, he wrapped the seed in the water ball, moved it to the pit, and then controlled the dampened dirt and buried the seed.

After a moment of reflection, he used his ability again to remove some of the water from the pit, fearing that the seed would drown in the water.

Successfully planting the seed, An Jin was in a good mood when he thought of the previous scenes of planting flowers with his grandpa, the gardener. He swung his tail and practiced his water ability attack.

One water arrow, to two water arrows, stabilized, and then added one more. He tried several times; if he wanted the water arrows to have attack power, it was necessary to run at high speed, and in this case, he could only control three water arrows at most. He was satisfied with this result, since the junior water ability people in the previous base could not do this to his extent.

He concentrated on practicing until he could control the water arrows as he wished, and then he stopped. It was then that he felt tired; the spiritual sea was dull, and his spiritual power was almost depleted. He relaxed and floated on the water, closed his eyes and felt nature, and his mood calmed down. The spiritual power recovery speed became faster.

An Jin was very satisfied, and when he was happy, his spiritual power recovered even faster.

In the afternoon, An Jin continued to study for two hours before going to the garden to play and practice his ability. During the break, he floated on the water and looked at the sky, suddenly thinking of the scene of Norman’s spiritual riots.

Following that, he thought of the song he sang when the situation was urgent.

He realized that there was not always time to brew feelings. One must practice a song for unexpected situations! His delicate little face got serious and all the songs he would sing flashed through his mind. He eliminated the unfamiliar, incomplete, too difficult, and the wrong feelings, and finally hesitated for a long time before choosing childhood.

An Jin’s eyelashes trembled slightly, his breathing was slightly sharper, and he was a little nervous.

In the beginning, he was ridiculed for singing this song. He sang very seriously, but to others, it sounded like there were no ups and downs at all, like he was reading the words instead of singing. Later, he went home and quietly recorded it, and was sad for a long time when he found out the truth about what his classmates said.

When Grandpa Gardener found out about it, he sang it to him and hardly got the tune right. Then he learned the song with Grandpa Gardener, and he still remembered Grandpa Gardener touching his head and saying he hoped Xiao Jin would have a carefree childhood.

Thinking of this, An Jin breathed for a moment, then raised a smile and sang. The music flowed lightly, and a grain of watery blue energy rose up and flew around. The vast majority of the energy grains flew towards the spiritual sea of the four guards standing guard in the backyard.

Four people almost simultaneously widened their eyes, their expressions excited.

One of them immediately sent a message to the captain.

Second team captain jumped up from his seat in front of the monitor. “Check the energy isolation shield.”

“Report captain, the isolation shield is working normally.”

“Keep an eye on the alert, especially the overhead area,” instructed Iroh.


Iroh turned around and walked out. His footsteps, which were always calm and steady, were much faster than usual.

One of the people on duty in the surveillance room hastily shouted, “Captain, I want to take a leave of absence!”

He heard it! The little mermaid is singing! He wanted to go!

“Not approved.” Iroh did not hesitate to refuse, quickly went out, and came to the back door.

There he saw that in addition to the four guards standing guard, Dr. Hornád, and the other two free captains were all there.

Each of them had their ears pressed against the wall, looking fascinated and excited.

Iroh frowned. “Stand up straight!”

All the escorts stood up straight.

Hornád did not move. His ear to the wall, he whispered, “Why are you nervous? In the palace, except this villa and the villa where the escorts live, they are empty, so I am not afraid of being seen.”

Seeing that Iroh was still ready to say something, Hornad glared. “Be quiet.”

Iroh was silent for a moment and stood silently against the wall. The rest of the people took a look and hurriedly resumed their original posture. Only four guards were left standing, each maintaining a straight posture.

An Jin sang and sang, his voice getting lower and lower, and looked in the direction of the back door with embarrassment. He sensed that there were more and more people there.

They couldn’t have heard him singing, could they?

He immediately stopped.

Thinking of the old days when singing was hard to hear without realizing it, his eyes showed thought. He did not have a tape recorder, and to know if it was good or not, it was most direct to see the reaction of the listeners.

The people in the backyard, he could test it with them!

If they were curious to hear the song, then listened for a little longer and found it hard to hear, they would certainly leave! Only if it sounded good would they stay. The more An Jin thought about it, the more it made sense. Thinking that they didn’t know each other, he wasn’t shy anymore and sang again.

Before he finished one song, he felt more people gather in the backyard, and when he sang a second time, there were more people. He was suddenly full of confidence, it seemed he sang well!

In the evening, Norman came back and as soon as he entered the mermaid room, he was pulled by the little mermaid’s hand again and listened to the song.

Norman rubbed the little mermaid’s hair. “That’s good, thanks An An.”

His spiritual sea had not been so calm for years, and there was plenty of spiritual power.

An Jin made sure he liked it and wagged his tail happily. No longer did he have to worry about singing.

Norman saw his happy look and thought to himself, The little mermaid really likes him already. He thought for a moment that the plan was ready to be implemented. He leaned down, picked up the little mermaid, went to the backyard pool, and put the little mermaid down.

An Jin swam around in the water, looked at Norman, and blushed.

Norman took off his shirt and pants, leaving only a pair of swimming trunks, and his perfect body was revealed. He jumped into the pool and swam next to the little mermaid.

But the little mermaid, as if frightened, swam away and faced him with the back of his head.

Norman pondered, did he just upset the little mermaid?


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