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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Norman thought of the little mermaid’s timid character and couldn’t help but guess. Did he scare the little mermaid with all the commotion caused by his dive? He did not venture close to the little mermaid, and his tone was gentle as he called, “An An, come here.”

An Jin swam farther with a wag of his tail.

Norman was speechless.

He wrinkled his eyebrows and surveyed the little mermaid.

Eventually, his eyes fell on the little mermaid’s ears, which were originally white and had now turned pink, extraordinarily obvious.

He was slightly stunned: shy?

The mermaids he had seen were all fierce and bold, and never had he seen a mermaid shy.

An Jin felt the gaze behind him and touched his ears awkwardly. It was a man, was his reaction too much? No, in Norman’s eyes, he was not even a man, just a pet. Is there a pet that was shy and ran away when it saw its owner without clothes on? No! Normal pets don’t behave like him!

An Jin squeezed his fingers hard and turned around with a calm face.

Norman’s strong chest was exposed in the water, while the rest of him was submerged in the water. Blue ghostly light was sprinkled on the clear water, and everything underwater became hazy.

An Jin’s expression was slightly relieved, but he didn’t dare to look away, looking Norman straight in the eyes. Norman saw the situation and suspected a mistake in his judgment, were he shy, he would not look at him like this.

Ears red, probably scared, angry, and red.

He tentatively moved closer towards the little mermaid, observing the little mermaid’s reaction.

An Jin’s breath hitched and all sorts of suspicions flashed through his head and he couldn’t help but make a questioning sound, “Huh?”

What is this?

Norman saw that the little mermaid had stayed put and didn’t seem to be angry anymore. He then proceeded with his original plan and moved closer, stopping a meter in front of the little mermaid. He raised his left hand, palm up and palm facing the little mermaid. 

“An An, attack my palm,” he said, while demonstrating, his right hand hammered a punch into the palm of his left hand.

An Jin was confused: he’s looking for a fight?

Norman saw that the little mermaid did not move, held the little mermaid’s right hand up, and then put the palm squarely on the tip of the little mermaid’s nails.

An Jin subconsciously curled up his fingers, but Norman squeezed them. “Harder.”

Norman doesn’t expect the little mermaid to understand, and used his actions to make him understand. He reached forward with his left hand and squeezed the little mermaid’s fingers at the same time, attacking the palm of his hand.

An Jin saw Norman looked serious and earnest, so he complied with Norman’s intention and pushed a little harder.

He clearly felt a change in the touch of the nail tips. When he looked down, he saw that the skin on Norman’s palm had become darker and harder.

It dawned on him that he understood Norman’s purpose: to strengthen his body with the help of his spiritual force training!

He surveyed Norman’s spiritual sea. The spiritual sea still had black spiritual silk around, but the color was much lighter, blackish-gray.

The middle of the original large area of gray spiritual silk had become white, and his spiritual sea condition was very good. He then put his mind at ease and slightly increased his energy to attack Norman’s palm.

Norman saw the little mermaid understand his meaning, let go of the little mermaid’s finger. “Continue to attack.”

An Jin’s five fingers formed into claws, swinging at Norman’s palm. The palm of his hand became as hard as iron the moment his nails touched it.

“Increase the force.”

He demonstrated with his right hand, pushing his elbow back and then attacking forward. With the thrust of the elbow, the force would increase much more. When An Jin saw how easy he was blocking, he stopped worrying and followed his stance, attacking harder.

Norman again easily deflected. “Come again.”

“…” An Jin began to doubt himself.

Was he too useless to put a little pressure on his master? The master had completely missed the point of the exercise! He pursed his lips and took a deep breath, his delicate little face full of seriousness as he pushed back on his elbows and then quickly launched his attack. “Ah!”

He shouted a pep talk to himself, but it was only affected by the vocal line, completely without the imaginary momentum. The milk was fierce and hard.

Norman thought his appearance was so cute that a smile flashed in his eyes. He finally understood why there was a pet slave existence. He was willing to spoil a pet as sweet and cute as a little mermaid.

An Jin almost used his full strength to attack, but still did not cause a trace of pressure to Norman. His eyes moved from Norman’s palm to Norman’s face, quietly sizing it up.

Would the master be disappointed in him and find him useless? But he saw the corners of Norman’s mouth lift slightly and he smiled.

An Jin’s cheeks puffed out: he thinks I’m ridiculously weak!

An Jin tilted his head not to look at Norman anymore, both hands behind his back, clearly indicating that he’s not cooperating.

The smile in Norman’s eyes deepened. He raised his hand and rubbed the little mermaid’s hair. “Don’t be angry, you’re already very good, just practice your speed. Your power is in the tail.”

Because of this action, the distance between them was very close. Norman’s presence was already strong, and this distance made An Jin’s heart beat uncontrollably faster.

An Jin kept saying “I am a pet I am a pet” in his head, barely restraining the urge to wander away. But unexpectedly, his tail was suddenly touched by Norman’s foot. He jolted, and the fish tail reflexively slapped at Norman.

Norman originally wanted to show the little mermaid to try the power of the fish tail, but did not expect the little mermaid fish tail to be so sensitive. He reacted extremely fast, and before the fish tail slapped him, his skin from chest to legs was instantly strengthened.

“Wow…” With the violent sound of water, Norman was slapped backward and slid far away, cutting a white line on the water surface.

An Jin, dumbfounded, looked down at the pretty tail, and then hurriedly looked at Norman.

He swam toward Norman and asked anxiously, “Are you okay?” In a hurry, he spoke Mandarin, his voice soft and sticky and slurred. 

Norman couldn’t understand it, but it didn’t stop him from understanding the worry in the little mermaid’s tone. He dove into the water, and a second later, broke out in front of the little mermaid. His black hair was pressed close to his forehead by the water, drops of water fell into his eyes, and he blinked and backhanded his hair upwards. His hard features were fully exposed; his sword eyebrows were stern, his brown eyes were deep, and at this point, they were amazingly bright from being soaked in water.

An Jin looked stunned. Norman was definitely the most handsome man he had ever seen.

“I’m fine.” Norman’s voice was low. He was the standard bass, very majestic when serious, mild when…

An Jin rubbed his ears, thinking that the description his sister next door had used was apt—to get one’s ears pregnant.

Norman pointed to his tail. “The strength of the tail is very good. Strength does not need to be exercised, just need to train sensitivity.”

An Jin followed his hand to the tail, thinking of the scene just now, a little happy, and his tail fin swung up and down. He’s still good! Inevitably, when he retracted his eyes, he saw Norman’s body not in the water.

There was a bulge below, which was very obvious and fit Norman’s tough guy image.

An Jin’s face reddened, and his gaze moved upward and he tilted his head. Norman saw at once the little mermaid’s reddened ears and neck. His shyness was obvious. He suddenly realized that when he went into the water, the little mermaid avoided the action, probably because of shyness. He remembered the scene when the little mermaid went into the bathroom and avoided him. At first he thought it was shame, but now it seems that maybe it was also shyness.

Norman was a little surprised that the little mermaid would be shy because of human dress and high IQ. If not for the mermaid’s appearance, he would think the other was an innocent teenager.

Norman noticed that the little mermaid’s ears got even redder under his gaze. He thought for a moment, went ashore, picked up his shirt and pants, and headed indoors.

An Jin heard the movement and turned his head to look over. He saw the ghostly light spilling over the back of Norman’s nearly naked body and the wet skin glistening faintly. He glanced at it and then hastily withdrew his head. He sank underwater and used water to cool his face and ears.

Was this the end of the training? It was sooner than he thought. He wondered if the tail had just hit Norman too hard. Should he be comforted?

As he thought about it, he heard Norman’s footsteps from far and near.

He surfaced and looked over.

Norman was dressed in a dark green sweatshirt, holding a ball in each hand: a screaming ball that could twitter and a leather ball that could hang under the fishing rod.

Norman walked to the edge of the pool and called out, “An An.”

An Jin looked at him.

Successfully attracting the little mermaid’s attention, Norman raised his hand and threw the screaming ball in his hand. The screaming ball landed perfectly, sliding against the wall of the pool and into the water. An Jin somehow thought the scene looked familiar, like a dog owner throwing a Frisbee. He looked at the little blue ball floating in the water, and then at Norman.

It couldn’t be his, could it?

Norman raised his hand and pointed to the screaming ball. “An An, pick it up.”

That’s what happened!

An Jin’s eyes were round. He was just a little mermaid! Why do you need to practice picking up the ball? Seeing Norman’s serious expression, An Jin decided to be a good boy and obey. He wagged his tail, swam quickly to the opposite side, picked up the ball, and swam to Norman again. He held up the ball and handed it to Norman.

Norman took it, squeezed it, and the ball made a twittering sound.

Norman saw the little mermaid’s eyes fall to his hand with the sound, raised his hand again, and threw the ball across the room with force.

“Go on, pick it up.”

“…” An Jin thought: wasn’t the screaming ball meant to coax him?

This isn’t what he had in mind, he just wanted to squeeze the ball and gibber!

An Jin looked up at Norman, who pointed his finger across the room and said again, “Pick it up.”

Well, the food and lodging provider was the biggest. An Jin turned around and swam across the room and retrieved the ball.

However, it wasn’t over yet.

Five round trips later, An Jin was so tired and panting that he grabbed the ball and threw it to the ground by the pool, making faces at it.


He didn’t like screaming balls anymore. He lifted his head and grunted twice at Norman. He’s an athletic scumbag and has no interest in sports!

Norman squatted down and squeezed his arm, from wrist to arm, feeling his muscles tremble and frowning. “Too little stamina!”

An Jin blinked innocently and pouted, “Ah~”

What does he need stamina for? Even if he fights, a mermaid’s natural strength, plus his water ability, was enough. He wasn’t going to swim competitively.

The soft pampered voice couldn’t help but make Norman’s thoughts waver for a moment. To become a war pet, he must have to suffer. The little mermaid was so delicate, could he stand it?

He looked at the ball in his hand, which he used to train the little mermaid’s speed and agility. More training?

An Jin noticed his line of sight. His eyes rounded, and he looked at Norman incredulously. He had long suffered from the leather ball, and after that, never wanted to head it again.

Not to mention, he’s so tired now! He’s just a little mermaid! This is not something a little mermaid should have to endure!

He hurriedly grabbed the ball and threw it away, barked at it, and put the back of his head against it, with his mouth puckered up in protest.

Norman’s eyes were tinged with laughter when he saw this look. The good little mermaid was having a little temper tantrum, and he really didn’t like it. Compared with a loud growling mermaid waving his paws to express his dissatisfaction, the little mermaid was really too cute.

Norman pondered for a moment that if training his little mermaid as a war pet would make the little mermaid angry and not want to sing, it would not be worth the loss. He picked up the ball. “If you don’t like it, don’t practice.”

An Jin’s eyes lit up and he sank below the surface of the water, gurgled and spat a series of bubbles, then popped his head out of the water and smiled at Norman.

Norman was rubbing the little mermaid’s hair when the terminal on his wrist rang. He looked to the comm display, it was from his adjutant.

[Your Majesty, a large number of star beasts have appeared in Sector 5, requesting backup.]

Hearing only one sentence, Norman’s face steeped in severity. He got up, pointed to the small mermaid room, and entered the villa with big strides.


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~

What happened between the implementation of the plan and its abandonment?

Norman: pampering


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May 13, 2022 5:33 pm

Too sweet 🤗 Loved the very mild temper tantrum.
An Jin likes Norm’s appearance it seems 😏
Does this mean Norm has given up on using An Jin in war? I hope so.
Thanks for translating and editing.

May 13, 2022 10:03 pm

Yes Norman… don’t even think of training him to be a war pet… that is if you want to heart him sing again. Oh… star beasts… does taht mean more crystal cores?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 14, 2022 2:54 am

An An is very cute and Norman is very charismatic with the Little Mermaid! Thanks for the chapter!

May 14, 2022 11:49 am

Totally adorable! Seems that our An an is not indifferent to Norman! I’m glad to see that their communication is getting better! Norman is so thoughtful! I’m worried that these star beasts are just popping up! Hopefully Norman’s spiritual sea doesn’t become too affected!

Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
November 6, 2022 1:10 am

What happened between the implementation of the plan and its abandonment?

Norman: pampering

me: ara ara~🤣

January 12, 2023 8:54 pm

Playing catch with your (not) pet mermaid so cute!

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