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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


As he walked to the bedroom, Norman asked, “What’s the situation in Sector 5?”

The adjutant responded, “Two days at the most.”

Norman changed into his uniform and ordered, “Put the First Corps and the Second Corps in a state of combat readiness, and summon the officers of the First and Second Corps, major generals and above, to a meeting in ten minutes.”

“Roger.” The adjutant answered and immediately conveyed Norman’s order.

Norman hung up the adjutant’s communication and contacted Mu Chen. “I will lead the team to support the fifth district. The third, fourth, and fifth corps will stay in Siao, and you will be in charge of the military department.”

“Can your spiritual sea condition support them? Or should I go to support?” Mu Chen asked with some concern.

Norman replied, “I have no problem.”

He had wariness in his eyes. Restricted by the spiritual condition, he hadn’t fought well for a long time. He was looking forward to it.

Mu Chen smiled and said seriously, “Follow the instructions.”

All Star Alliance people know that Siao’s Emperor was a fighting demon; as long as the situation allowed, he would personally go to the front line. Especially when the enemy was a star beast.

Mu Chen should finish the business. His tone of voice relaxed a little, he asked, “Do you want to send An An to me?”

“No need, the housekeeper will take care of him, Hornád is also here.”

Mu Chen expressed his understanding of his refusal.

After all, a mermaid’s intelligence was not high, and if the owner was not around for a few days, they were likely to forget their owner. When someone would often appear in front of a mermaid, the mermaid may mistake them for their owner.

This was a situation that any mermaid owners would not like to see.

After contacting Mu Chen, Norman made another series of arrangements. He looked at the time, instructed the robot to buy an intelligent communicator online, and then went into the study. He opened the terminal and logged into his military account, and the message from the adjutant immediately came through: [Your Majesty, the participants have arrived.]

Norman entered the military conference room and turned on the holographic mode, and the virtual images of all of the officers who attended the meeting instantly appeared in the study.

Norman gestured to the adjutant. “Contact the commander of the resident army in the fifth district.”

Soon, a tall figure appeared in the middle of the circular meeting room, with dark circles under his eyes, looking tired, but with a loud voice.

“Marshal.” The man gave a military salute. “The resident officer of the fifth defense zone, Major General Jim reports to you.”

As he spoke, a star map appeared in front of everyone. Everyone in the room, or rather all of Siao’s senior officers, was familiar with this star map. Seeing the star map, some people subconsciously looked at Norman, their eyes full of admiration.

In the middle of the star map was Siao Planet, and the area around Siao Planet was divided into eight zones, of which zones one to five were blue zones, and zones six to eight were white.

The white color representing the defense zone was not yet completed.

Lieutenant General Jim clicked in the fifth zone, which fully expanded, showing ten precincts with many red dots on them. He pointed to the area with the densest red dots in the middle. “The star beasts are mainly concentrated in sectors E and F. Sector 5A is connected to the fourth defense sector, and sector 4 has already sent teams to support them.”

Norman swept his gaze over the battle map, thought for a moment, and made his deployment. “I will lead the escort to the E zone, and the First Legion to the F zone, clearing the battlefield from the edge of the zone towards the middle. The Second Legion will take care of the scattered small groups of star beasts.” He looked at the Second Legion leader. “Any problem?”


Norman nodded and looked at Jim. “It’s the summer season, why would a large number of star beasts suddenly appear in Sector 5?”

Usually, the beast wave would only appear in the spring.

Jim jerked his hair angrily. “Too damn unlucky, a second-class haru beast ate a sand beast worm egg, was chased by the sand beast beast swarm, and ran to the fifth district range and jumped away. That group of subsand beasts have a tendency to want to cross five zones to continue to chase. How can I let them cross the five zone defense line?! The result is that after solving a small group, another large group came.”

A legion leader couldn’t help but ask, “You wouldn’t have killed the mother beast, would you?”

Jim stared at him, his face red. “So what if the females did? The basic rule of the defense zone: within the defense line, not a single star beast can appear.”

Norman frowned. “Jim, you should apply to go back to the main star to recuperate.”

“Marshal!” Jim was anxious. “I don’t need to, I can still…”

Norman raised his hand and stopped his words. “The spiritual sea is unstable, and officers on the edge of the spiritual riots are strictly forbidden to be stationed in the defense zone.” Norman warned in a hushed voice, “You’re getting impatient.”

Irritability is the most common harbinger of spiritual riots, as well as its outward manifestation.

Jim’s cheeks tightened. “I request to solve this crisis before retreating from the front line.”

The defense area is the most dangerous place, but also the fastest place to accumulate military merit. He was just a little bit short of applying for a mermaid from the War Department. With his assets, he couldn’t get a shot at a mermaid, and accumulating military credit was the only way.

Norman watched him. “After the haru beasts crossed the defense line, you didn’t report to the main star. Yesterday, a haru beast suddenly appeared in the palace and was killed by me. There can’t be a star beast inside the defense line, relatively speaking, but whenever a star beast crosses the defense line, it must also be reported to the main star. You should be clear about what happens when a civilian encounters a star beast?” Norman’s voice was slightly cold. “This time, if you had informed and handed over the corpse of the haru beast to the Asha Beast, this beast wave might not have happened.”

Jim breathed heavily, his attention was on the Asha Beast, not on following the news from the main planet. He had also saved up the fortune that only one haru beast crossed the line anyway, and since the haru beast had the ability to leap, it probably ran to another location and might not go to Siao.

“You are in bad shape, go back to the main star first and stand by.” Norman made a direct decision, and appointed the deputy army commander of the fifth district as the temporary commander. After the arrangements were made, he asked about the army assembly.

The Second corps commander responded, “The logistics department is loading supplies, ready in about a quarter of an hour.”

Norman nodded. “Departure in fifteen minutes. Meeting adjourned.”

Norman exited the conference room and walked out of the study.

The butler handed over the courier he had received a while ago. “Master, the communicator.”

Norman took it. “Is An An in the mermaid room or the garden?”

“The mermaid room.”

Norman walked into the mermaid room and waved at the little mermaid. “Come here.”

An Jin immediately noticed that he had changed his clothes and couldn’t help but worry. He had suddenly changed into a military uniform. What’s wrong? He swam to the edge of the pool and tilted his head to check Norman’s expression.

Serious, but not panicked; very calm. An Jin put his heart down, it seems it was not a big problem.

Norman squatted down, holding the little mermaid’s left hand, the children’s bracelet on the little mermaid’s hand. The black bracelet was one finger wide and had a square button in the middle. Norman opened the terminal and dialed communication.

An Jin’s bracelet immediately rang and the button flashed green.

Norman pressed the button, and a virtual screen appeared in front of An Jin, which showed Norman’s appearance at that moment.

An Jin’s eyes lit up. It’s a video communicator!

“I’m going out for a few days, but I’ll contact you every day. Press here to connect.” 

Norman patiently taught him several times to make sure An Jin learned before leaving. He instructed the robot to take care of the little mermaid, explained the situation to Hornád again, and walked out of the villa. The royal escort had already finished dressing up and the warships were neatly lined up over the palace.

Norman walked up to the battleship, confirmed with the captain of the escort that the palace was well guarded, and nodded slightly. It was not long before the Royal Escort landed at the military airport and met up with the 1st and 2nd Corps to support them.

The next morning, An Jin was eating the breakfast brought by the robot when the communicator rang. He hurriedly hid the cooked crab behind his back, making sure it was completely blocked by him, before picking up the communication.

Norman’s handsome face appeared on the virtual screen. He was dressed in a straight military uniform, with a silver metallic wall behind him.

Norman introduced himself earnestly, “An An, I am your master Norman.”

An Jin heard this phrase every day. I didn’t expect Norman to go out and still use the communication link to say this. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up. Norman really had a sense of ritual!

He smiled and said hello, “Ah~”

Norman expressed satisfaction that the little mermaid had not forgotten him. Seeing the little mermaid’s mental state was good, he put down his heart. He looked at the little mermaid and did not know what to say, so a moment of silence fell. He was already less talkative, not to mention the other party was still a mermaid who can not speak.

After a few moments of silence, and thinking that mermaids like shiny things, he got up and walked to the window. “Space is beautiful, you might like it.”

The screen view shifted, Norman’s figure disappeared, and the magnificence of space took over the screen. The various planets seemed to be close at hand, and the colorful river of stars was dazzling.

An Jin was stunned. His eyes slightly open, he froze for half a second to regain consciousness.

So this is an interstellar world! He felt incredible and could not help but yearn. Could he also go to space in the future? To personally enjoy the view of space.

“Thank you,” He said this seriously, in Mandarin.

Norman didn’t understand, but he saw that the little mermaid’s voice was soft and smiling, and he was obviously in a good mood.

He thought a little and said, “I’ll take you out with me on future operations with a high safety margin.”

If the danger was low, it was perfectly feasible for the little mermaid to stay behind the army.

An Jin understood, and his eyes lit up. He was so looking forward to it! Norman was definitely the best master in the world! He was actually willing to take him to space!

Norman was so happy to see the little mermaid, and for a moment it seemed that he could understand what he was saying. He knew that some pets could understand their masters’ commands, but they were only short commands.

“An An,” Norman called out.

An Jin subconsciously looked at Norman.

Norman pointed out the window into space. “Do you like it?”

An Jin’s eyes blinked and his little head nodded. Ah! Suddenly realizing that his reaction was too human, he waved his hand again. “Ahhhhhhh.”

It was like a sound to express the excitement of seeing the beautiful scenery.

Norman thought: Surely he was thinking too much…

He let the little mermaid continue to enjoy the view until the adjutant had something for him, then hung up the communication.

An Jin looked at the bracelet in contemplation. Norman had asked him, and it was too natural for him to tell if Norman was asking casually or testing him. Norman would usually ask him questions in passing, but just now he called him by name first, which seemed a little different from usual.

He opened his mouth and pronounced Norman’s name in interstellar.

The pronunciation was a little rusty, but still clear. What would Norman’s reaction be if he knew he could speak?

An Jin pondered that in this world, his ability to talk was the equivalent of modern dogs and cats talking in Norman’s eyes. When he thought about it, he didn’t dare to think about it any further. He always felt that he would be sent to the lab immediately.

Although Norman had been kind to him, he didn’t dare risk it. He was happy with his current life for now!

His thoughts turned to space, and the more he thought about it, the happier he became at the thought that he might be able to go there in person later. He finished the rest of his breakfast, disposed of the various shells and bones, washed his hands, and returned to the pool to watch the video and study. He was a strong language learner and could already understand cartoons, so he could have fun learning.

Today’s cartoon protagonist, Joey, was on vacation. Once Joey got home, he couldn’t wait to get back to his room and put on a helmet. Instantly, Joey came to another world.

An Jin froze. Was he watching a cartoon fantasy film?


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Oh… MG Jim made a mistake due to unstable spiritual sea… I hope it’s recoverable… good soldiers are always needed.

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Thank you for the chapter!!!

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