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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


After eating the flat fish, Little Silver squinted his eyes contentedly, his silvery fish tail swinging in the water, and his eyes shining brightly at An Jin. “You’re so smart!” He ate to his heart’s content, then turned his attention to other positions, and circled around An Jin, disgusted. “This layer of skin is not good, not as good as your skin.”

“…” An Jin reacted for a second before realizing that Little Silver was talking about his clothes.

An Jin subconsciously looked at Little Silver, the upper body of the white skin wet, slightly flooded with light, white shaking eyes. He looked away and explained, “These are clothes, not only to look good, but also for shelter and protection.”

The next moment, he stretched out a finger, ran sharp nails from An Jin’s shoulder, and suddenly broke open a large tear in the clothes.

An Jin hurriedly grabbed his hand. “Eh, what are you doing?”

Silver despised it. “You were fooled by the two-legged beast. This kind of thing, how can it play a protective role!”

Little Silver finished, glared at Norman. This two-legged beast, cheating a mermaid, he was bad!

An Jin silently sighed. He and the mermaid’s way of thinking were not the same. Norman was expressionless and stared at Little Silver. In his opinion, Little Silver’s stare was unintentionally taking advantage of his little mermaid. He looked at the little mermaid’s torn clothes, frowned, and shouted, “An An, come here.”

An Jin turned his head to look at him, and although he didn’t know what Norman was calling him for, he wagged his tail and swam that way.

“Don’t go over there!” He had only swum less than two meters when Little Silver scurried to his side, grabbed his hand, and bared his teeth viciously at Norman.

“What’s wrong?” An Jin wondered.

Hadn’t Little Silver forgotten about his beef with Norman? Why is he still being mean to Norman?

Little Silver pointed to the holographic helmet not far from Norman and said angrily, “He wants to harm you, I have been attacked twice by the damn two-legged beast, but I’m lucky that I’m good enough not to let him succeed! I taught him a good lesson before he became honest.”

An Jin looked at his helmet and froze, understanding what Little Silver meant. He subconsciously looked at Norman, and then at Mu Chen. He turned his head and asked Little Silver, “Did your master…two-legged beast give you a helmet?”


An Jin pointed to the shore, and Little Silver understood. He said angrily, “Yes, while I was not paying attention he put it on my head, trying to make me invisible, take the opportunity to attack me!” Little Silver coldly snorted. “He was afraid that I would become suspicious, and he also took the helmet himself and tried to confuse me, but ended up putting it on his own head and was beaten up by me.” Little Silver concluded, rather disgusted. “My family’s two-legged beast, how stupid!”

The corners of An Jin’s mouth twitched, thinking that it was a good thing Norman’s friend didn’t understand. He analyzed Little Silver’s words silently, and soon figured out the truth.

Mu Chen wanted to take Little Silver with him to the holographic world, and was mistakenly beaten by Little Silver for a sneak attack. As for why he had this idea, it probably had something to do with Norman. He pursed his lips a little nervously, Norman was still suspicious of his performance in the holographic world, right?

Soon, he relaxed again, Norman did not find someone to study him, but just asked his friend to observe another mermaid’s reaction in the holographic world, probably just curious. However, An Jin frowned and asked Silver to make sure, “He and you were wearing helmets?”

Silver nodded and raised his chin in triumph. “I reacted much faster than he did and quickly broke the helmet to restore his vision. He was still dumbfounded, and I taught him a hard lesson.”

An Jin wondered, how could this be?

If all put on the helmet, Mu Chen could turn on the switch in an instant, and Little Silver would immediately enter the holographic world,his consciousness would not remain in reality. If Mu Chen did not react the first time, the second time he should not miss.

An Jin suddenly thought, the holographic helmet…was based on what to get the user information? His appearance in the holographic world came to his mind, and it had a few similarities to his old body!

Little Silver did not enter the holographic world, so was it because Little Silver was a mermaid, and he could because his consciousness or brain waves were human? He thought about it and decided to verify it himself. He tapped Silver’s wrist. “You do not have to worry, the helmet is not used to attack us, you first let go of me.”

“How do you know?”

“I played with it. Look, is there water on the helmet? That was specially made for me by my master…my two-legged beast.”

Little Silver let go of his hand; An Jin swam to the shore and tilted his head to look at Norman, the tilted head shouted “what happened?” at him.

Norman squatted down and rubbed the top of his head with his palm. “Tell me when you’re being bullied,” he said, his eyes dropping slightly. “Do you want to change your clothes?”

An Jin froze, understood that he had misunderstood, felt cared for and was in a good mood. His eyes curved and he shook his head. He thought about it and gave a thumbs up to Little Silver, indicating that he was very nice and didn’t bully him.

Norman saw his arched eyebrows and withdrew his hand. “Go play.”

An Jin smiled at him, picked up his helmet, and swam to the middle of the pool.

Mu Chen looked at Norman in surprise. “Why do I feel that An An can understand what you say?”

“He is very smart.”

Mu Chen’s face was full of envy, ready to express the mood of envy, saw the pool, An Jin put a helmet on Little Silver’s head, and quickly said, “Quickly stop An An, Little Silver will be furious, he will hit him like a hammer…”

Norman did not have time to speak, the helmet was put on Silver. Little Silver’s head swayed, not like rage, but with curiosity.

Mu Chen choked. “I just found out, Little Silver turned out to be a double standard fish.”

An Jin turned on the switch and asked Silver, “Can you hear me?”

“Yes,” his head shaking left and right, Little Silver was facing An Jin, puzzled. “What’s so fun about this? There’s only one two-legged beast ah-ooh-ing and talking. Oh, he didn’t say it anymore.” After a while, Little Silver said, “He said it again…and repeated it again.”

An Jin guessed that it was the system beep. So it seemed that Little Silver really couldn’t get into the holographic world. He turned off the switch and took his helmet off.

He looked at the helmet, a little sad, and told Little Silver that it was fun. Little Silver only cheerfully put on the helmet.

Silver crossed his arms and pointed at the helmet with one hand. “Is this it? This is what you call fun? Your two-legged beast is too much! You’re so pathetic when they don’t let you do fun things.”

He swept his gaze over An Jin’s face and shook his head. “It’s true, you can’t tame a two-legged beast by beauty alone. You learn from me, I’ll teach you how to tame it by force,” he said, grinning, revealing his sharp canine teeth.

An Jin looked at this familiar scene, refused to learn, and said in a serious tone, “Thank you, my…two-legged beast has been very good to me.” He shook his helmet. “I like helmets, you don’t like them because we have different hobbies. Just like you like to eat squishy fish, I prefer shrimp.” His eyes curved into crescents. “He bought what I like.”

Little Silver blinked with thought in his eyes, after a while collected his canines and looked at An Jin. “You’re so strange, you’re different from any mermaid I know.”

Mu Chen and Little Silver have the same feeling. “An An is too special, you just saw it, right? He can turn on the helmet switch.”

“He likes to play with helmets,” Norman said.

Mu Chen surveyed Norman. “I think you are too calm. An An acted so smart, but you do not seem to be surprised.”

“I told you, he’s smart.”

Mu Chen felt that he had to re-understand the “smart” used for An An. An Jin hugged his helmet, twisted his little head to look at Norman, bit his lip, and swam over.

Norman must have known that he was different from other mermaids, but did not show it at all, why? He wanted to know the answer. He handed Norman the helmet, pointed to Little Silver shaking his head, and dropped his eyes on the helmet again, eyes wet—the helmet was broken!

Norman immediately understood the meaning of the little mermaid and said soothingly, “The helmet is not broken. Little Silver can not use it but you can.”

An Jin cocked his head and expressed confusion.

Norman explained, “You are a solid color mermaid, not the same.”

An Jin was surprised, twisted his head to look at Little Silver, and then looked down at himself. Pure color means the color of his hair scales are the same?

He drifted off. No wonder Norman was not abnormal, he already had a reasonable explanation in mind. He was relieved that he was not treated as an alien. He smiled at Norman and went back to the water to chat with Little Silver. He wanted to learn more about mermaids.

It was almost nine o’clock when Mu Chen took Little Silver to leave.

Norman rubbed the little mermaid’s hair. “An An, good night.”

An Jin waved his hand. “Ah!”

In the morning, Norman walked into the mermaid room with his breakfast and introduced himself as usual, “An An, I’m your master Norman.”

An Jin put his hand on the bank, his tail wagged, and he looked at Norman and sang a song.

Norman just thought the little mermaid was too well behaved and his voice was gentle. “That’s very nice. Thanks, An An.”

He didn’t stay much longer; he had to go to the military base for inspection this morning.

When he returned from the base, it was not yet eleven o’clock, and when he checked his schedule, he only had to attend the Imperial University mecha league awards ceremony at seven-thirty p.m.. He looked through the files, and there was nothing major to take care of, so he leaned back in his chair, put on his helmet, and entered the holographic world. He looked at the panel first, and the little mermaid was not online.

He contacted Inch. “Eddie, I’m free now.”

Eddie immediately replied, “The boss said he’ll find all the men right away. See you by the forest.”

“Okay.” Norman replied.

On the way into the forest, Eddie and the hunting team members kept talking about the high-priced kebabs they bought yesterday, and each one became more and more greedy.

Norman listened in silence and decided to buy some for the little mermaid after the hunt.

An Jin took the tray to the robot at eleven o’clock as usual, and got his lunch without any problems, cooked, and ate. As he ate, he thought, if only there was seasoning, he could make a seafood fondue!

After eating, he went to the garden and slowly swam two laps. Thinking about the last star beast attack, he went back indoors, floated comfortably in the water, and put on his helmet to enter the holographic world.

When he arrived at Duran’s rented hut, Duran was putting the pre-marinated meat skewers on the cart and smiled when he saw him.

An Jin froze. “Boss, I’m not late, am I?” He came early on purpose.

Duran waved his hand. “No, I’m just angry remembering yesterday.”

An Jin stepped forward to help and asked in confusion, “What happened?”

“The person who bought our kebabs yesterday sold them at a high price.” Duran was getting more and more angry. “Damn, we worked for half a day, but we made less than a fraction of what he sold them for.”

An Jin was surprised. “One hundred bunches? That’s too expensive.”

“The holographic world, except for the exercising hunters and those of us who make money, people are here for the food, shedding money.” He sighed. “I was wrong to think, I didn’t expect you to be so good at your craft, the price we talked about yesterday, it’s still too low.”

An Jin originally thought that the profit was good enough according to the cost, and when he heard that even a hundred people were buying, he also thought it was too cheap. He asked, “How much do you think is appropriate?” 

“Twenty bunches for five hundred, limited to forty bunches. What do you think?”

“…Boss, how many skewers did you buy today?”

“Fifteen hundred skewers. You were quite busy yesterday when you grilled fourteen, so I went with yesterday’s and took the whole number,” Duran said. “If you feel tired, sell less tomorrow.”

“Just right,” An Jin said, then did a quick mental calculation. If he sold them all at Duran’s price, they would sell for 37,500 star coins, and after twenty percent of the cost, he would get forty percent of the net profit, or 12,000!

An Jin’s eyes suddenly lit up, his salary was enough to buy a second-class beast core.

He looked right. “I think your price is very appropriate, though,” his voice lowered, “if it doesn’t sell, then lower the price a bit.”

“Let’s do it.” Duran clapped his hands.

An Jin looked at the time. “Boss, I want to buy some food and put it in the house, can I borrow the grill for the night?”

Duran laughed. “You want to cook for yourself?”

An Jin shook his head, eyes very bright. “I want to treat someone. He invited me to dinner before.”

Duran originally thought of rubbing some food, after all, his guy’s cooking is fantastic, but heard this and gave up. “You go buy it. I’ll give you entry privileges. The oven is always ready to use.”

He knew very well that An Jin was the main reason for his money, so he was very generous.

An Jin thanked him and happily went out to do some shopping. He bought all kinds of meat, especially the star animal meat that Norman ordered at the last dinner, and bought a lot of vegetables. The vegetables were well roasted and tasted no worse than the meat. He thought about it and went to buy disposable dishes. When he bought them, he saw cups and was moved to buy cups, and went to buy fresh strawberries and milk.

He put his purchases in the hut, helped Duran push the cart, and headed to the location where he set up his stall yesterday.

On the way, someone saw them and hurriedly followed them, saying that they wanted two hundred bunches and immediately wanted to pay.

Duran stopped. “Dude, take it easy, we were on a trial run yesterday, to make a name for ourselves. Today’s our official opening and we can no longer sell at a loss. Our original price is restored today: twenty bunches for five hundred, and each person is limited to forty bunches.”

“Boss, have you spent time in the town? Who are you fooling? The meat is one star coin a pound, how can you lose money? Your price is too expensive, right?”

Duran had a little bit of weakness. Hearing him say this, he felt some hesitation.

An Jin was thinking about the second level beast core, and he seriously retorted, “Brother, go buy a pound of meat and grill it yourself, then you will know the reason why we are expensive.”

Someone else on the sidelines yelled, “Boss, I want forty skewers. I’ll pay first. I am the first, you can not let people cut in line.”

“Me, me, me, me, I want forty skewers too!”

The one who thought it was too expensive gritted his teeth. “I’ll take it too.”

An Jin breathed a sigh of relief, and his eyes curled with happiness.

He knew very well that the meat he grilled was unique, so he had the confidence, but the profit was too big. He was afraid that some people would think it was too expensive, but it was good that these people were willing to spend money.

Before they reached the place where the stall was set up, there were already a dozen people paying.

When they arrived, there was a fragrance in the air, the spicy smell was very heavy, just the impurities of the bitter stench was not completely covered.

Duran’s face changed slightly. “Shit, someone is stealing business.”

Only when he got closer did he find that it was two middle-aged men, and there was already a long line in front of the stall. The bald man in front of the stall shouted, “Two dollars a skewer, only a thousand skewers left, hurry up if you want to eat.”

When he heard the movement, the bald man looked back, raised his eyebrows proudly, and continued to shout.

Duran and An Jin set up the grill, and when the people in line next door saw them, they heard that they were the ones who caused a stir yesterday and were ready to move.

Hearing Duran shout out the price, some people hesitated, while others still went over to the line.

Many of them had only heard of An Jin’s kebabs, but had never eaten them before, so they sarcastically said, “Are you crazy about money? Why don’t you go rob them?”

The bald man looked at Duran with the look of a kind-hearted uncle. “Young man, be generous, I saw with my own eyes that you bought more than seventy pounds of meat this morning and did not even spend a hundred star coins.”

When the people around heard this, the gazes toward Duran and An Jin changed immediately.

“This is treating us as ingrates!”

“Treacherous businessman, such a big profit, I want to complain!”

His face black, Duran said, “You get what you pay for. Our stuff is worth it, just don’t buy it.” He estimated the number of people and said to the queue, “The limit is eighty bunches, do you want to add more?”

“I want it!” The strong man who was the first to buy yesterday was a little slower today and was third in line. He patted the person in front of him. “Buddy, you give me the remaining quota, you also buy eighty bunches, I’ll buy the extra forty.”

The man was still hesitant, but upon hearing this, he quickly said, “I’ll buy it too.”

The rest of the people added more, and now Duran smiled smugly at the bald man.

An Jin turned on the grill and put the skewers on. He took one look at the strong man and smiled when he looked down, thinking that if he didn’t know it was a coincidence, he’d think Duran had hired a trustee. He brushed the oil and removed impurities, moving more sharply than yesterday.

Twelve people, each buying eighty, sold most of them at once, and he did not worry about not selling, and focused on grilling meat. Not long after, the pure aroma emitted, and the people in front of the line silently gulped, staring at the skewer, eyes glowing.

The customers on the bald side unconsciously looked over, and some couldn’t help themselves and walked from the end of the line to Duran’s side. Soon, the first customer got the skewer. He could not wait a second and did not let Duran bag. Skewer in hand, he stood next to the stall and shoved it into his mouth.

He gobbled it up and ate it with a lot of grease, because he wanted it to be extra spicy. Tears came out of his eyes, but he couldn’t stop. Seeing his appearance, the original hesitant people immediately ran behind the line.

In front of the bald head’s stall, it was immediately cold and clear. Only three people were still waiting, and they had already paid for it, and it would be ready immediately.

“Boss,” one of them shouted to Duran, “I want twenty skewers, I’ll buy them here and go to the queue.”

Duran counted the number. “No, they’re sold out.”

“What?” The man was shocked. 

Duran looked at the man. “Didn’t you just think it was too expensive? Do not buy it to save money.”

The bald man silently did a mental calculation, shocked at Duran’s income and couldn’t help but be jealous. He walked up to the stall with a sigh of relief. “You’re really good at this,” he said, walking to An Jin’s right and suddenly reaching for the spice bottle. “Where did you buy the spices? I’ll try it next time.”

An Jin didn’t have time to pay attention to him, and Duran got angry. “Don’t be in the way, you’re interfering with work.”

“That’s right, that’s right,” said the anxious man in line, “you stay away from the guy.”

The bald man’s face looked angry for a moment, then he smiled again and walked away. “Excuse me.”

An Jin grilled another batch. He picked up the chili bottle, sprinkled a little on the meat, and then his movement slightly paused.

It was not his spicy chili. He had removed all the impurities from the spices before he started baking, and this bottle of chili powder clearly had impurities. He immediately guessed that the bald head did the trick, this world has a space backpack, it was very easy to change things.

He thought for a moment, if this moment he said something, he could not explain it and it would also delay his work. So he pretended not to notice, removed impurities from the pepper and continued to roast.

Not long after, the rich spicy smell next door came through, much more fragrant than before.

The bald man shouted, “Everyone, I just went over to learn now! Only two star coins a string, cheap and delicious!” People who didn’t get in line immediately flocked over and bought five skewers each to try out the taste and gave a thumbs up. “Delicious!”

He had never eaten An Jin’s barbecue, and now he only felt that Bald Head’s barbecue was the best he had ever eaten, and kept praising it. “A hundred more skewers.”

The bald man happily responded, and his mate hurriedly started grilling, whispering, “I told you it must be the ingredients, I bought the meat from the same place as that guy.”

Duran looked at the next stall and stared at An Jin’s movements for a while, wondering, “How did he learn to do that? I’ve seen you grill so many times and I haven’t learned.”

An Jin smiled and didn’t say anything, but his consciousness was focused on the next stall. When the skewers next door were grilled and sprinkled with chili powder, he ran his ability to remove all the moisture from the bald family skewers.

“Boom…” the barbecue stall next door suddenly caught fire, and the grilled meat suddenly became black charcoal.

The barbecue guy’s bald head was not hurt, but his face was covered with black smoke.

An Jin turned his head to look at him, silently laughed, and bent his eyes.

The bald man yelled, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t know what’s going on, I’ve always grilled like this.”

The bald head immediately looked at the chili powder, suspecting that there was a problem with the chili powder, but could not say it, only grinding his teeth in frustration.

“Boss, you can’t grill at this stall anymore, right? Return the money to me.”

The bald man stiflingly returned the money and cleaned up the stall, looking at Duran and An Jin indignantly.

Both An Jin and Duran ignored him, and Duran happily whispered, “Serves him right.”

By the time An Jin reached the last hundred skewers, it was almost three o’clock. The last customer had something to do and went offline in the middle of the day. Duran took note of the person and gave him an approximate time to come back online later to get it.

An Jin’s face was full of joy as he thought about the end of the day and the money he had made. While no one was around, he thought about it and asked, “Boss, do you know about mermaids?”

Duran rolled his eyes. “Do I look like a primitive? Who doesn’t know about mermaids in Siao?”

“And do you like mermaids?”

“What’s the use of liking them when I can’t afford one even if I work for the rest of my life,” asked Duran.

An Jin guessed that a mermaid was not cheap, but had no concrete idea, and hearing him say so, he was inexplicably a little nervous. “Are they expensive?”

“Of course! Not long ago, the only solid-color mermaid fetched a sky-high price of twenty-five billion.”

“…Twenty-five billion?” Wasn’t that him?!

Duran suddenly approached. “An An, you tell me honestly.”

An Jin’s heart jerked up, did he reveal himself?

Duran tapped him on the shoulder. “How old are you? And, what remote area is your home in? How come you haven’t even heard of the news that even kindergarten children know?”

An Jin smiled awkwardly and reluctantly found an excuse. “My family is poor, so I don’t know many words.”

Duran was silent for a moment. “In the future, we will split half of the profits.”

“…” An Jin really was not selling himself short and asking for a pay rise.

“No, you bought everything, you marinated the skewers, I only grill meat. Forty percent is enough.”

“With today’s salary, you can open a barbecue stand by yourself. It’s all because of you that business is good.”

An Jin shook his head. “No, you did all the prep work. It wasn’t easy to marinate so many skewers. I only grilled the meat and didn’t have to worry about anything. I’m very satisfied with the salary you gave me.”

If it wasn’t for Duran, he probably wouldn’t even be able to find a job.

Duran smiled. “Okay, I’ll give you a bonus at the end of the month.”

An Jin didn’t push back any further and turned to the topic he started. “Does Siao only have one solid-colored mermaid? What does it look like?”

“I only know it’s blue, but only the research institute and the people involved in the auction know exactly what it looks like.”

An Jin immediately affirmed that he was the only solid-colored mermaid.

Thinking that Norman had spent so much money on him, he was suddenly a little stressed out. He couldn’t help but say, “Is the mermaid important to humans? Is it worth spending so much money?”

“Of course, no spiritual force can not resist food impurities. The body will be contaminated, get blackening disease, and die. Ordinary people are okay: there are few impurities in the nutrients, spiritual force is slowly consumed, and generally can live to seventy or eighty years old. Frequent use of spiritual power by those like the military generals or elites of certain industries, only with their own spiritual power is not enough. A mermaid will provide spiritual power and extend their lives. More money is worth it.” Duran sighed. “If I were a rich man, I would get one too.”

An Jin’s eyes shone brightly as he listened. He was more useful than he thought he was! He didn’t have to worry about being abandoned at all, and his relationship with Norman was very solid. He used to just feel self-conscious, but now he believed, both rationally and emotionally, that Norman would not hurt him.

In that case, it didn’t matter if he spoke in reality!

He couldn’t help but feel excited in his heart, being able to communicate would normally be much easier, and he would be able to do more.

At this time, in a private room in the tavern, three strong men were sitting around the sofa, in the middle of the small table full of roast meat and wine, one lamented, “Too good, if only I could eat like this after every hunt.”

“This barbecue is so good, how can it be so good!”

Another person did not say anything and silently kept eating the roast meat.

After a short while, this person suddenly stopped moving and looked at the two people clinking glasses. “You guys, do you feel anything?”

“What?” The two men wondered. One of them was impatient. “Barry, you have something to say.”

Barry stared at the messy signatures on the table and said with suppressed excitement, “My spiritual power is back.”

The two men looked at each other, gazing and feeling, and one wondered, “Is it?”

When in the holographic world, they would not pay special attention to the spiritual sea state, after all, the system would alert them of the danger, then make them go directly offline, and after a period of time, their spiritual sea would go back to as before.

One person’s eyes widened. “It’s true! Old San, think about it, how much wine did we drink? The impurities in the wine can be quite a lot, but the spiritual force almost did not drop.”

“Yes, that’s right!” It dawned on Old San and he slapped the table violently.

Barry said, “I did not drink. Before coming to the tavern, my spiritual power remained not much, now up almost ten percent, halfway through I only ate roast meat.” He narrowed his eyes, “Guys, here comes the opportunity to make money!”

“How?” The two men immediately brightened their eyes and stared at him.

“Two possibilities: one, the people at the barbecue stand have some way of making the food have the effect of restoring spiritual power; two, they’ve done some kind of trick or there’s a bug in the holographic company. If it’s the first, they realistically likely have this ability as well. If it’s the second, collect the evidence and claim the prize from the holographic company.” Sitting up straight with a serious face, Barry said, “Now, investigate the real identity of those two people at the barbecue stall. Do not alarm the snake. I think the first is very likely. If they are used for us, we will have endless wealth.”

At the same time, in the conference room of the military department, the participants were all calm on the surface, but their eyes were filled with undisguised excitement.

A major general said, “I have tasted it myself, and I am sure that the roasted meat can restore spiritual power. If they can be used for us, the soldiers will never have to worry about spiritual riots again.”

Mu Chen nodded. At this time his terminal rang, and he shared the information directly. He tried to keep his voice calm. “The results of the holographic company’s investigation came out: the program is working normally, there are no bugs, and the ability to make roast meat with spiritual force recovery effect means one thing.”

He swept his eyes over all the participants. “The person who made the roast had the effect, and ability in reality.”

At once, the room resounded with a neat huff.

“Admiral, I move that the stall owner and the fellow be investigated immediately and recruited to the military headquarters regardless of the cost.”

“Seconded.” Several echoing voices rang out simultaneously.

Mu Chen nodded and asked the adjutant, “Where is His Majesty?”

“His Majesty is in the holographic world and has instructed not to be disturbed without business.”

Mu Chen pondered. “Exactly, I will go to the holographic world later and contact those two people, then I will report to His Majesty personally.” He looked to the head of the Information Department. “Find out the real identities of the two as soon as possible.” He then looked to a lieutenant general. “Send the strongest scouts to get anything related to the two.” Finally, he looked to the head of the Research Department. “Organize manpower to set up a research team in the holographic world to study everything related to the restoration of spiritual power.”

Several people received the order and immediately set about making arrangements.

Soon, the head of the information department reported his findings. “The stall owner is a sophomore at Imperial University, Duran. From a bad family, his mother was hospitalized a while ago, his address is…”

“Part-time fellow, twenty years old.” The person in charge reported while looking at it, and paused here. “Nothing else.”

“Name, family situation, address?”

The person in charge also had a strange face. “None of them. Can not trace the address.”

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows. “If I remember correctly, the Ministry of the military can not track the address of two situations: involving the secrecy of large bases and important people’s homes?”

The person in charge nodded. “Yes,” he received additional information, “the owner called him An An.”

The name of An An was actually the same as the mermaid of His Majesty’s family. He had a thought in his head. Although he found it unbelievable, he still could not help asking, “They are a person, right?”

Everyone looked at him with a strange face, and the person in charge said seriously, “Of course.”

Mu Chen coughed lightly. “Wearing a skirt?”

The person in charge looked at him oddly. “Admiral Mu Chen, the fellow is a man, wearing pants.”

Mu Chen mentally said: oh, pants, with two legs.

There are many people with the surname An An, many named An An, the same name is normal. He shook off the unreliable idea and mused, “So it seems likely that this fellow is related. I will go and talk to Duran, maybe I can get some useful information. If that doesn’t work, I’ll propose to His Majesty to call a meeting and get top tracking rights before looking.”

The chief nodded.

The adjutant handed the holographic helmet to Mu Chen, who put it on.

An Jin and Duran, who knew nothing at this point, handed the kebab to the last guest and both smiled easily.

An Jin moved his wrist and Duran cleaned up the stall.

Roar— Suddenly, a roar that resonated through the world came from the forest.

An Jin jumped, his heart beating wildly, and raised his hands to cover his ears.


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May 22, 2022 10:33 pm

Oh uh, trouble coming and fast and I don’t mean the beast or whatever it is… I hope Norman can protect his little mermaid from the profiteering bunch and won’t let the military guys hurt him either.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 23, 2022 7:01 am

I wonder if one of the holographic beasts caught wind of the skewers or An An’s abilities.

And yikes at him already being a target for the military and a group of mercenaries.

May 23, 2022 3:29 pm

I had a feeling this would happen.
Hope Norm will be able to hide An An’s identity, once he realises it’s him. Otherwise, there’ll be challenging times ahead.
Could they take An An away from Norm, regardless of his being Royalty? 😬
Thanks for translating and editing.

May 23, 2022 4:16 pm

Norman is going to have his work cut out for him with how An Jin’s abilities are becoming more and more desirable! He was worried about his oddities being discovered and now is already being investigated.

Thank you for the update! Looking forward to more!

May 24, 2022 8:03 pm

Yes ! An an will speak soon! A beast!? His food could restore spiritual energy! Thank you for the translation’

August 3, 2022 3:22 am

An An can now fully understand his boss and could speak in perfect/solid sentences???

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