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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Did they need to use weapons? They were now faced with these people who had regained their ‘life’ because of the imitation Zerg sound waves. Apart from the stiffness of their limbs and the alarming blood stains on their bodies, they seemed to be no different from normal people. No one spoke for a while in the communicator, everyone was waiting for an order, or rather, a summary of the properties of these creatures in front of them.

They were now in a situation that couldn’t be returned to normal.

He YunTing looked at the scene in front of him.

In a sergeant’s day-to-day training, there wasn’t only a need to constantly improve their physical functions and proficiency in mecha driving, in addition, understanding and mastering the restraint Zerg physiological characteristics was also very critical.

There were thousands of different kinds of Zerg, but in general terms, they could still outline their basic habits. Born xenophobic, they had absolute hostility to non-identical creatures and were brutal and vicious. They were very territorial, for the sake of similarity they would fight with the enemy to the death before giving up.

But their sense of unity was very strong, and compared to humans, they had a much simpler relationship between their kind. If there was no enemy, they were very friendly to their own kind, almost called selfless. And now no one knew the attributes of these humans.

“Turn off the sound waves.” He YunTing said, “Change to human frequency. If there is intense hostility, or a high desire for destruction—” he paused violently, seemingly in some discomfort, “then just shoot.”

There wasn’t even the most basic peacekeeping mecha here on V Proton, so it must’ve been abandoned. Since there was no guarantee whether they would still pose a threat to the rest of the surviving humans, the only option was to remove them for insurance purposes.

Lu AnHe took a breath, repeated the order, and said, “Okay.”

The Aegis was incredibly defensive, and was in the front row of the formation. He did as he was told and turned off the imitation Zerg sound waves. The people who were otherwise unaggressive shook and seemed to freeze in confusion. But after Lu AnHe released the frequencies belonging to humans, the situation changed dramatically.

The vertical pupils belonging to them tightened, and the people first reacted for a moment, and soon realized the presence of hostility — the human frequency was the object of their attack, and they began to look for the source of sound. Their stiff necks strained, and from their throats they issued sounds that could no longer be understood by humans.

They seemed to have a collective nature, and didn’t blindly run up one by one, but communicated in an unintelligible voice. Those who had been scattered under the trees, creeping in the public aircraft berth began to assemble, they unconsciously stretch their limbs, until dozens were gathered into a small group, and began to follow the sound waves sent to the place before changing into a violent sprint—

Their speed was unusually agile, and they weren’t as stiff as they had been earlier, charging at Lu AnHe’s mecha in a higher-than-usual run, using all their limbs as weapons, running all the way to the mecha and attacking it in unison against the cold, hard metal.

The defensive value of the Aegis Shield was high, and Lu AnHe had opened the advanced shield in advance, so what was presented before the eyes of these Imperial pilots who had arrived was such a bizarre scene.

The people came in a steady stream, their limbs were weapons, they used their own hands as legs, viciously swinging and attacking at the steel. Since they were still human limbs, even if they made a frightening crashing sound, even if it made their own limbs become bloody and even no longer intact, it didn’t stop them from continuing their vicious actions.

Soon, the vicinity of Lu AnHe’s mecha was piled up with bloody severed limbs, but they felt no pain and continued to hiss and crash without a care in the world.

“Fire.” Soon, the order came from the command room. He YunTing sounded as if he was having a hard time, and fortunately only Lu AnHe picked it up. “Don’t use weapons with too much intensity, the magnetic rail gun is enough, aim at these…” He YunTing hesitated for a moment before saying, “Unknown creatures.”


“Wait a minute!” When Lu AnHe was about to follow orders, Xu Zhiheng on his mecha finally couldn’t help but speak out, “They may still be saved, even if they can’t recover, maybe they’ll get better, isn’t that what I came here for, why do we have to drive them to extinction as soon as we come—”

Lu AnHe didn’t stop the movement of energy storage, just pursed his lips, “Professor Xu, this is an order.”

Because Xu Zhiheng’s presence wasn’t revealed for the time being, he wasn’t able to speak directly with He YunTing, but he still sweated anxiously, “Where are they not human?! They are obviously still breathing, still have a heartbeat, still can…” He paused, “Lieutenant Colonel Lu, you told me to talk to the General, no, you can’t be this hasty!”

He YunTing seemed to notice Aegis’s somewhat sluggish movements, quickly guessed that it was Xu Zhiheng, so he reopened the communicator, “No matter what, clear this batch first, V Proton Star can’t be the only batch either. As for the rest, we will discuss it later.”


Lu AnHe received the order, turned off the communication with M2742, nodded apologetically to Xu Zhiheng, not looking at the other party’s trembling lips again, just closed his eyes, and slowly aimed the magneto-orbital cannon, which had already finished charging, at the ‘humans’ who were still desperately attacking.

Boom…! A loud sound echoed out.

Xu Zhiheng was shaken by this sound, his lips turned white, his body was cold, his eyes were full of incomprehension, “Don’t…”

But Lu AnHe only listened to He YunTing’s orders, and drove the mecha to kill the ten or so people who hadn’t yet had time to converge, one by one, according to the condition of the life forms present.

Lu AnHe aimed at their brains, so not only the pile that was blown up and turned into ashes was completely disfigured, but also the ‘people’ that were killed by a single point were no longer intact and looked desolate and horrible.

Five minutes later, a five-kilometer radius of the street was completely cleaned up, human frequency sound waves were still ringing, but those things no longer pounced out.

“March directly to the V Protonian government.” He YunTing’s voice sounded without rise and fall, as if the almost murderous order just now didn’t come from his mouth. “Figure out what’s really going on.”

But getting to the main government city wasn’t that easy, much less that close. They landed early, but they didn’t expect to encounter such a situation. Now the city hall couldn’t be contacted, and with the situation unknown, they could only communicate with the other head first.

Xu Zhiheng couldn’t help but dry heave for a long time after eliminating the group of ‘humans,’ his face couldn’t recover for half a day. He was an Omega, although not as weak as Lin Han, who couldn’t live without nutrients, he was propped up against the hatch, silent for a long time.

The team hadn’t yet arrived, so even though Xu Zhiheng was filled with anger, he still couldn’t directly face He YunTing yet.

Although the V Proton Star wasn’t developed, the land was vast, and there was a long stretch of rainforest terrain in the middle, so arriving in a day was a bit difficult. Unlike the last time, there was a battleship as a carrier, and although mecha had adapted to different climates, there was always a time to adjust and repair after a long march.

What was more, he originally wanted to speed up, but before he reached the halfway point, Lu AnHe finally became acutely aware of the difference in his constant communication with He YunTing.

Without hesitation, he immediately switched to the private channel to speak to He YunTing, “Boss, are you…”

The only thing that answered him was a suppressed gasp, proving his suspicion.

Lu AnHe immediately silenced his voice, only to sigh worriedly over the comm.

He YunTing and Lu AnHe had an agreement that during the course of the mission, if He YunTing himself had an unexpected situation, Lu AnHe could make a decision for him based on the circumstances he was in, such as whether he needed to pause for half a day, or go full speed ahead.

The susceptible period was almost every Alpha’s inescapable nightmare. If it was Lu AnHe himself, He YunTing would let him rest immediately and generously give him two days off. But when it came to his own situation, it was unlikely.

“How far is it?” He YunTing asked.

“Because V Proton’s the rainforest terrain and the approaching night time, we can get there around the morning of the second day or noon.” Lu AnHe hesitated for a moment and said, “You…”

“There’s nothing wrong with me.” He YunTing replied dryly, “Give me some time.”

Lu AnHe couldn’t remember how many times He YunTing had gone through a period of susceptibility. If it was a time when he wasn’t on a mission, he could get through it slowly, but if he was on a mission, he would almost use his mental power to force himself to last through this period of time that would normally take an Alpha a day or two to get through.

“How long?” Lu AnHe’s voice was a bit astringent, “This side confirmed no life or Zerg activity traces, plus the mecha need to rest and resupply for a while. I can give you half a day…”

“No need for half a day.” He YunTing interrupted, “A few hours, that’s all.”

Lu AnHe couldn’t help but worry, “But Boss…”

It had to be shortened to such a small amount of time, how could he last?

Who could stand it?

“Don’t tell Mr. Lin.” This was what He YunTing said when he finally cut the communication.


But just because Lu AnHe didn’t say it, it didn’t mean Lin Han didn’t notice.

On the day he left, he sensed something was wrong. The hug at the time of departure, the pheromone that he almost ignored, and the fact that He YunTing hadn’t reached out to him after so long… 

Lin Han was smart, so he figured it out.

When Qi Jiamu came over on time to ask him how he was doing, Lin Han told him the truth and let the other leave with peace of mind, he immediately began to count days since He YunTing’s last susceptible period.

That time, the other relied on their hugs and pheromone to get through, but now… 

Lin Han was unable to hold back and switched to He YunTing’s private communication after a long time. The first thing he did was to ask Lu AnHe, but the other party was reluctant to say anything, telling him that the team was still recuperating and that He YunTing might be sleeping. But he still didn’t give up, and after a hasty response, he couldn’t resist choosing to try and call him again.

However, as if to avoid it, the signal of successful contact lasted for a long time before He YunTing picked up.

He felt as if He YunTing was resisting something, not wanting to reject his communication, but at the same time not willing to connect immediately because of those wavering things. It was as if he was waiting for his patience to run out first, so that he could face those difficult hardships alone.

What was the susceptible period for an Alpha? It was the biological instinct that couldn’t be restrained, the desire to completely destroy, or completely possess. It was the unspeakable, intense dryness, the desire to clutch the terrible thoughts firmly and not to frighten the other person in the slightest, but those things still leaked out along with the voice.

V Proton’s communication system wasn’t as well made as the Empire’s, so He YunTing’s voice sounded somewhat distorted across the distant radio waves.

“Mr. Lin.” Even now He YunTing was still used to calling this name, Lin Han didn’t want to correct it, whatever was fine.

Once upon a time it was restraint, then now it was tenderness with restraint. But no matter how distorted, mixed with the interference of electromagnetic waves, Lin Han still heard the other’s efforts to suppress it seemed low and hoarse.

The moment he heard the other’s voice, Lin Han suddenly seemed to have lost his, and only after a few seconds did he move his lips with some trembling to call his name.

“Mn.” He YunTing answered very briefly, and Lin Han seemed to feel that the other wanted to say something else, but after a low, muffled and hidden gasp, he went quiet again.

He YunTing might’ve wanted to ask “are you okay”, or he might want to report his situation.

In the end, nothing was said.

Lin Han didn’t let go of that low gasp, and his heart seized a little.

It must’ve been very difficult for him.

“I had a decent intake of nutrients,” Lin Han volunteered since He YunTing wouldn’t speak, “on time and in the right amount.”

“Mn.” The response to him was still a short syllable.

“I didn’t work overtime or sleep at the Institute. I told Qi Jiamu everything that happened, and it’s all safe. I didn’t go looking for Xi Yuan, and I slept well last night.”

Lin Han said and laughed at himself. He couldn’t imagine that he was poking He YunTing’s nose for being nosy a few days ago, but now he had become the one who talked a lot. But across the distance of light-years away, the so-called thoughts were just worthless smoke and dust in the universe. It could dissolve itself into the Milky Way, scatter in an endless sea of stars, and fall back into the gravel of time.

Then the starry sky, when you look up, the air when you breathe, I’m thinking of you.

Even the electromagnetic waves of communication at this moment, also carried the temperature of my embrace for you.

So there was nothing to be ashamed of.

“I miss you so much.” He said.

But this time He YunTing didn’t respond immediately. He seemed to be trying to restrain something, but the habit he had developed over the years, the thing of patience he had done too many times, was almost the best he could do. After only a second, he reverted to a cold and calm voice, “Mn.”

“So, He YunTing…” Lin Han didn’t want to wait, and picked up immediately after his voice, “Where are you?”

“The cockpit.” The other seemed to take a sip of water, suppressing an increasingly fervent longing.

“You’re in your susceptible period, right?” Lin Han said.

He YunTing was silent and didn’t deny it.

“Same as before, smothered inside alone to get through it? No one will say anything, and you don’t want to bother anyone. Whether it’s restraint with mental strength or hard pressure, you’re all going through it, right?” Lin Han’s tone wasn’t complaining, and could even be called calm, just stating this fact in a soft voice.

The key was that the susceptibility period was often linked to desire, and He YunTing seemed to be naturally repulsed by this kind of thing, he loathed himself when he was bound by nature and couldn’t get rid of it. He could only shrink up alone, in a place where no one knew, fighting with instincts to the point of bloodshed and refusing to admit defeat. Even though Lin Han had told him that sex and love didn’t have to be separate, that he didn’t have to become stiff and cold in order not to give in to his desires.

“I’m not.” Even at this moment, He YunTing remained in control of his voice, unwilling to give the other man any extra worry, “It will soon pass.”

“He YunTing,” Lin Han called his name, but suddenly changed the subject, “Then let me ask you, what do you think the glory you’re guarding is? The glory itself, is it real?”

The other seemed not to expect him to ask this question, and after taking a calming breath quickly replied, “Of course.”

“But glory can’t be seen or felt, sometimes you can’t even perceive it, and yet you can fight for it all your life.” Lin Han spoke slowly and gently.

As if giving the other man an example, step by step, hand by hand, coaxing him to break free from his own once unashamedly physical urges.

“But it does exist.” He YunTing didn’t mean to argue with Lin Han, “It’s not a concept fabricated by humans, it truly exists as a carrier of justice, bravery, and the ability to sacrifice and devote oneself to it.”

“Yes, a vehicle.” Lin Han said, “There’s a vehicle for glory. So the question is simple.” Lin Han slowed down his voice and transmitted it to He YunTing’s ears through the electromagnetic waves of the moment, “The reason why humans aspire to glory is because it carries the justice and bravery you speak of. But… You don’t have to think so seriously.” Lin Han smiled as he remembered the words He YunTing had reassured him when he first entered space.

“You see, food that is salty needs water, and water is the carrier of thirst, and I have a poor physique that needs nutrients, and nutrients are the carrier of the so-called ‘physique standard’. The feeling of ‘thirst’ that cannot be clearly grasped, and the artificially identified ‘physique’ can then both be expressed. And what is desire?” Lin Han said, “It’s the instinct that you have been abandoning as if it had no object, and it will have a bearer. You love me.”

Even though He YunTing had said it many times during the confession, Lin Han’s voice became soft when he mentioned these three words again, “You don’t tell me anything because of your aversion to instinct, but nature itself, is love and dissatisfaction. So, He YunTing, you see me clearly.” Lin Han said. “—I am the vehicle of your desire.”

He YunTing didn’t speak for a long time.

The distance between them spanned a long distance, with electromagnetic waves as a carrier, rustling in the silence between light years.

But Lin Han’s words seemed to have an effect, and He YunTing finally didn’t forcefully suppress his unbearable lust. Instead, he tried to let them loose for the first time, gently trembling, which crossed through the communicator to Lin Han’s side.

Lin Han waited for a long time before a dry “I’m fine.” came from the other side.

He understood that even with the wavering, He YunTing was still rejecting his innate desire.

But he was patient.

“But,” He YunTing finally said, “even if I acknowledge it, still—”

He didn’t go on.

What was he trying to say? That Lin Han wasn’t around? Or was it that he still couldn’t face his desires openly? Lin Han’s heart was beating fast, and he bit his lip hard. He thought of a way, and because it was the first time he tried it himself, he was inevitably nervous. But he wanted to do something about it rather than let He YunTing go through it alone, as he always did.

“He YunTing,” Lin Han spoke slowly and steadily, “you can always be honest with me. Desire and love, there’s no need to hide it from me, I understand it all. Turn the video message on and look at me.”


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