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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


[? Solid color mermaid!]

[It’s beautiful! I can’t believe it’s wearing clothes.]

[Is it from His Majesty’s family? It seems to have a high IQ!]

[So gentle, looks so soft, want!]

[His Majesty, is the mermaid for sale? Tell me the price! I really want it.]

[I remember correctly, His Majesty was blacklisted last year for hurting a mermaid, right?]

After this pop-up, many people questioned it, while others felt it was justified.

[His Majesty has made a great contribution to Siao, so the pure color mermaid should be dedicated to His Majesty.]

[Agree, only His Majesty is eligible to have a solid color mermaid. Those who only know how to enjoy, no social contribution of the noble tycoon forget it.]

[Agree plus one.]

[Don’t forget that His Majesty himself promised not to apply for a mermaid from the military!]

[When His Majesty applied for mermaid on the basis of military merit, how did he reply to those who said he wanted to use his power for personal gain? What said never to participate in the application, now you understand it? Of course he does not need to apply, only with internal transactions!]

[I seriously doubt that you are an enemy spy.]

[I really admire you guys, I appreciate mermaid and don’t have enough eyes, you can still argue in the pop-up.]

[I admire you guys for closing the pop-ups when you see the mermaid, but I accidentally pressed the switch, which scared me and blocked my view.]

[You guys keep arguing, I’ll continue watching the mermaid.]

An Jin felt a strong sense of being watched, and he wagged his tail uneasily.

Seeing Norman approaching, he opened his mouth and closed it in a hurry, releasing the little boy.

But Ian did not want to let go of him. He clutched his lapel tightly and turned his head to look at Norman, his eyes full of expectation, his voice childish. “Uncle, is this your mermaid? Give it to me, okay? I like him so much.”

An Jin froze, pursed his lips, raised his hand to take the little boy’s hand away, but was worried that his long nails would scratch the little boy.

Norman said in a deep voice, “No.”

He wrenched the boy’s hand away, and the boy tried to resist, but couldn’t. The little boy’s face scrunched up in displeasure and his eyes were glued to An Jin.

An Jin took advantage of the boy’s hand being wrenched away and stepped back. He looked up and saw a metal ball where the strong sense of gaze was coming from.

[Aaaahhh! The little mermaid is looking over, such pure blue eyes, so beautiful!]

[As expected of a mermaid, so sensitive to the sight.]

[The eyelashes are really long and curved, but look at the trembling look, why does it look like he’s scared?]

An Jin thought of Norman being live and guessed that the metal ball was a live tool in this world and was a bit uneasy. He glanced at Norman and met Norman’s reassuring gaze, then he forced a smile and turned to swim back indoors.

Norman was still on the blacklist, and by rule could not auction a mermaid, so what would happen if his presence was revealed? He couldn’t help but worry.

Ian saw the mermaid leave, and subconsciously wanted to give chase, but was pulled by Nogi.

Nogi grabbed Ian’s two small arms, and Ian moved a little further away from the waterfront. “Stand still.”

Ian’s eyes reluctantly moved away from the passage and he stood upright.

Nogi scolded coldly, “Apologize to your royal uncle. Who taught you to visit elders sneakily and rampantly?”

Ian’s baby cheeks puffed up and he said defiantly, “I wanted to come with you, but you wouldn’t let me.”

Nogi said seriously, “Today is kindergarten graduation day. You should go to kindergarten and say goodbye to the children.”

“I don’t want to, I want to see royal uncle’s mecha.”

Nogi had a headache and turned his head to Norman to express his apologies.

Norman understood what was going on and shook his head to say it was okay. “Take Ian to change first so he doesn’t catch a cold.”

Nogi leaned down, removed the flight wings from Ian’s body and handed them to the guard, picked up Ian, and said in a cold voice, “No flight wings for a month, how dare you mess around without practicing!”

“I’m just in a hurry, I don’t want to be chased,” Ian retorted in a whisper. Seeing Nogi was going to leave, he hastily pulled Nogi, raised his hand and pointed to the pool. “I want to go there.”

Nogi frowned. “And you want to go bubble in the water?”

“I saw a shiny thing and wanted to get a better look before I fell in the water!” He struggled and tried to get Nogi to let go of him. “I’m going to pick it up.”

Nogi carried him to the edge of the pool. In the middle of the pool, at the bottom of the clear water, were pieces of blue scales. The light shining through the water lit them up, and they shone brightly. Ian’s eyes suddenly lit up. “It’s a scale, father. I want it!”

Nogi looked to Norman, who was talking to his personal doctor Hornád.

After An Jin’s appearance, the number of people on the live stream skyrocketed, and after he returned to the chamber and disappeared from the live stream interface, people watching the stream were calling out to the little mermaid on the pop-up screen to come back soon.

Seeing the little mermaid never return, the audience was only free to join the army of pop-ups, and the live streaming platform almost went down. At the same time, the topic about “palace pure color mermaid” on Starnet quickly exploded.

In addition to the netizens who praised the mermaid and those who sent out their wants, there were many who joined the debate on “How can His Majesty have a mermaid” and “Should there be a mermaid”.

With smooth words, countless netizens left messages asking for the truth of the matter from the Research Institute, the Ministry of the Military, and the official interactive platform of the palace. The vice minister of live broadcast was secretly happy before he started the broadcast. His Majesty was so cooperative, this live broadcast task was really easy.

However, he hadn’t expected to encounter an unexpected situation, and then the pure color mermaid entered the picture!

He kept an eye on the pop-ups, and when he saw the unfavorable comments about His Majesty, he was sweating profusely. He kept looking at Norman, waiting for His Majesty’s instructions. However, His Majesty looked natural, as if nothing had happened.

Norman’s terminal sounded with message beep after message beep, as the Research Institute and the minister of information asked the situation.

The minister informed him that the internet was down and intercepted the comments on the internet that suspected him of having a private deal with the Research Institute, and prepared a response plan and press release for him in the shortest possible time.

Norman didn’t follow the minister’s scenario. He sent a message, then watched Nogi lecture Ian, saw the two move to the pool, and headed that way as well.

[His Majesty doesn’t explain? I can’t believe you cared about the subject of the live broadcast?]

[No, I don’t want to see His Majesty daily, I want to see pure color mermaid]

“Your Majesty.” Norman had not yet reached the pool, when Hornád, wearing a white coat, came out of the villa. He was surprised to see Norman, then nervous. “Your Majesty, are you here to see me? Are you not feeling well?”

Norman shook his head. “I’m fine, please check on Ian.”

Hornád walked up to Ian and was stunned to see Ian dripping wet. “What’s wrong?”

Nogi looked at the pool. “Fell in the water.”

Hornád checked Ian. “He’s healthy. It’s hot, don’t worry.”

As he was talking, the terminal rang. He connected, and within the virtual screen, a plain face appeared. Hornád greeted familiarly, “Rin.”

‘Tang Rin’ said, “I just watched His Majesty live, and An An seems to be frightened, please calm him down.”

Hornád looked at Norman. “Your Majesty, the mermaid that you’re fostering for Tang Rin is hurt?”

Norman nodded and looked at the virtual screen. “Sorry, Mr. Tang, for the little accident that brought your mermaid into the public eye.”

‘Tang Rin’s’ voice was calm. “It was just an accident, please don’t mind. But An An is timid and afraid of life, so I have to trouble His Majesty to take care of it.”

“No need to be polite, I am thankful that he saved Ian.”

Before ‘Tang Rin’ hung up the communication, he once again offered to have Hornád take care of pacifying mermaid.

“No problem.” Hornád hung up the communication, and the pop-up screen already had people picking up Tang Rin’s identity.

[Tang Rin, the president of Tang Mining, super rich, spent twenty-five billion dollars on the June mermaid auction to auction off the solid color mermaid.]

[I get it! Pure color mermaid is Tang’s, not His Majesty’s]

At this time, the Scientific Research Institute topped with the identity of the yellow label sent a pop-up: [Siao only has one solid-colored mermaid, by Mr. Tang Rin auction. His Majesty has always kept his promise, never used power for personal gain.]

The questioning voices disappeared instantly, leaving only a few scattered, and were drowned out by the pop-ups that followed before they could be seen clearly.

The netizens of @His Majesty selling or not selling the mermaid, turned to @Tang Rin.

The vice minister looked at the calm pop-up screen, secretly relieved, and thought that it was fortunately not His Majesty’s mermaid, otherwise this matter must have damaged His Majesty’s prestige. When His Majesty proposed the military merit application mermaid policy, because mermaids were scarce and the quantity was limited, to be able to auction a mermaid was even less likely for part of the military department.

This move touched the interests of many of the noble, rich, and powerful, and met with strong opposition. The noble rich invited countless water armies and proclaimed that because His Majesty had the most military merit, he had proposed this rule simply to use power for personal gain. However, His Majesty directly opened a conference with a hegemonic response: Norman Leysin never applied to the Ministry of War for a mermaid.

Those black remarks against His Majesty were no longer believed, since then the military merit application mermaid policy was officially implemented. The military had another way to get mermaids, the continued decline in the enlistment rate began to rebound, and the Ministry of the Military forces quickly strengthened.

The under secretary’s terminal twitched with a timed reminder he had set. He gestured to Norman that the live broadcast was down to the last ten minutes, the time for interacting with the public. Norman nodded his head and looked at the live ball.

The vice minister said, “Time for interaction. Please send in the questions you want to ask, and the system will randomly select the questions.”

“Your Majesty, may I ask if Mr. Tang has transferred the mermaid to you?”

Norman looked slightly moved. As soon as he heard it, he knew it was deliberately looking for trouble. He was blacklisted, and not eligible to accept the transfer. He answered the first question in a quiet voice, “No, Mr. Tang was on a business trip, and he put the mermaid in foster care at Mr. Hornád’s residence.” His face was serious, and his eyes were sharp. “According to the mermaid protection law, it is against the law to auction the mermaid and foster the mermaid during the blacklist period.”

The mermaid protection law had long had regulations in place to avoid blacklisted people from exploiting loopholes by paying someone to auction a mermaid and then owning the mermaid in the name of foster care. It was an act that was considered to be a violation of replacement foster care. He did violate the blacklisting rules by disguising his identity to auction off the mermaid, however, his joining the blacklist in the first place was a misunderstanding.

He had the opportunity to clear his name, only he was about to go out on patrol and did not cooperate with the investigation and was eventually blacklisted.

It took him and Mu Chen teaming up to make a flawless fake identity, which was simply impossible for the rest of the people, and he was not afraid that someone would suspect him and subsequently learn from him.

Soon, the system extracted the second question: “Your Majesty, is the pure-colored mermaid more intelligent? He just saved Prince Ian and comforted him.”

Norman answered, “This is a question that Mr. Hornád knows better than I do.”

Hornád replied, “Only this morning, Rin asked me to look after a mermaid. I don’t spend much time with mermaids, and I feel that he is indeed very smart.”

“Your Majesty, is a pure color mermaid good to get along with, it feels like he is very gentle?”

“I’m not familiar with the mermaid, can’t answer that question,” said Norman.

Norman answered both of the next two questions, both related to the mermaid.

An Jin floated on the surface of the water to watch the live broadcast. The original worried mood had been gone, and looking at Norman’s serious face, thought Norman really can deceive people. But when he thought about Norman’s arrangement, he thought Norman was really smart.

He was different from others: he knew Norman and Tang Rin were the same person, and from when Hornád appeared, it was clearly deliberately arranged by Norman.

The Tang Rin that appeared during the live broadcast, he guessed, was one of Norman’s men disguised by wearing a mask. Obviously, Hornád’s appearance, as well as the communication with Tang Rin, were all deliberately arranged by Norman.

Plain and simple, Norman did not auction off the mermaid during the blacklist, nor did he help look after the mermaid; he was always “disciplined”. The netizens realized that the mermaid was only fostered by Tang Rin to Hornád’s residence and that His Majesty did not know anything about the mermaid, so they stopped asking questions about the mermaid.

“Your Majesty, after the appearance of Type A soothing agent, I heard that your spiritual sea state has improved. Do you plan to start building a defense six area?”

Norman said seriously, “The defense zone plan is always in progress, and the current site selection phase is the indispensable and most important phase of establishing the defense zone.”

Soon, ten minutes passed.

At twelve-thirty, the live ball was closed on time, and the live screen once again showed the video of the palace. The screen finally settled on the palace square, with three flags flying in the wind and the royal family crest glittering further away.

An Jin looked at the four big words of thanks for watching and scrolled through the pop-ups again, a little embarrassed to see all sorts of complimentary words about him. He took a quick look and saw no unfavorable remarks about Norman, breathed a sigh of relief, and closed the terminal. His tail flicked and he happily sank into the water and spat bubbles.

Ah, how nice that the worry was resolved so quickly.

The live broadcast ended, and the vice minister left the palace with his staff. Nogi held Ian, because he was not okay with picking up the scale privately and without Norman’s permission. He wanted to take Ian to change first, but Ian was reluctant and fussed with the look of a rascal.

Nogi did not want to hit the child live, and although he and Norman were not together, the live ball is in full view. If he hit Ian, it would certainly also be seen by the audience.

Today the temperature was high and he was not worried about Ian freezing, so he stood by the pool with Ian in his arms and did not speak until the end of the broadcast. He looked at Norman and helplessly said, “Ian wants the scales in the pool.”

Ian’s round eyes immediately looked at Norman. “I also want the mermaid!”

Before Norman could say anything, Ian was knocked on the head by Nogi. “The mermaid is someone else’s, not your royal uncle’s.”

Norman looked at the blue scales in the pool and frowned slightly. He could not help but be concerned.

The little mermaid dropped scales?

He was thinking about taking the little mermaid to the hospital when he received a communication from Yuna, the director of the Scientific Research Institute and also the director of the Mermaid Research Institute.

Norman had already expected to receive his communication, did not directly connect, but looked to Nogi. “Mermaid’s scales are very precious. Without his permission, I can not privately give to others.”

Nogi also did not force the issue. “Okay, I’m really sorry. Today, I’ll take Ian back.”

Ian was unhappy and looked at Norman expectantly. “Uncle Royal, can I stay? I’ll do as I’m told, I want to see your mecha model and the mermaid.”

Norman said seriously, “You’ve made trouble today; you have to be punished, not rewarded. When your punishment is over, you’ll be welcome at the palace.”

Ian’s chubby fingers tangled. “And how long will I be punished for?”

“Ask your father.”

Ian hastily looked at Nogi, who said, “A month.”

Ian was distressed. “That long?”

Ignoring his complaints, Nogi apologized to Norman again and carried Ian away. Norman told the robot to pick up the scales, and he took them and walked into the villa.

Dean Yuna’s third communication came through and he picked up. “Dean Yuna.”

“Your Majesty, in ten minutes, I will be visiting the palace and would like permission to pass.”

“For the mermaid?” asked Norman.

“Yes, he doesn’t seem to be taking good care of the pure-colored mermaid, who will only drop scales when he is very weak.”

Norman was already worried about the little mermaid, and after hearing his words, his worry was even greater. “You are going to have the mermaid examined at the palace?”

“Yes, the palace for the initial examination, and if the situation is not right, then we have to go to the mermaid hospital.”

Norman said, “I will give you permission to pass.”

Hornád asked, “Dean Yuna is coming over?”

Norman nodded and he looked to Hornád. “You go and receive Dean Yuna.”

Hornád nodded and walked to the living room. Norman walked into the mermaid room and saw the little mermaid with both hands on the bank nearest the door, facing the door, and as soon as he entered, he met the little mermaid’s eyes.

An Jin felt that no one was nearby, so he was relieved and asked, “Are you going to pick me up under the identity of Tang Rin?”

Norman squatted in front of him. “No, you continue to live here. No one will know, and even if they do, it will be with Tang Rin.”

An Jin nodded, his eyes shining. “You’re so smart!”

Norman’s eyes flashed with laughter, but soon his face became serious and he said in a warm voice, “A doctor will examine you later, so don’t be afraid.”

An Jin was stunned. “Why do you need a body check? I’m fine.”

Norman hesitated for a moment and reached out his hand, and in his palm was an aquamarine, slightly shiny scale. “I found this in the pool.”

An Jin immediately recognized it as his scale, and judging by the size, it was from his tail.

With a swing of his tail, he retreated to the middle of the pool, tail cocked forward, and peered in, examining it carefully and finding the scales neatly arranged with no gaps.

His tail dropped and he floated face down in the water, then with his tail back, he folded back at the waist and inspected the back sideways, and there was a small but obvious light blue-white scalloped area in an aquamarine scale. That was about twenty centimeters from the tail fin. He measured for two seconds, reached out, and touched it with his fingertips, which felt smooth and slightly cool to the touch, and a little itchy.

He gently pressed it, and then pressed the scales next to it, which felt softer to the touch, but were also scales. He put down his tail, his delicate little face flashed with thought, Changing scales?

Or, because of the standing position, this place was bent, and the scales were squeezed out? But it wasn’t like that. If it was squeezed off, it should hurt, and he didn’t feel it.

Norman kept watching the little mermaid, and when he saw that the little mermaid had finished examining his tail, he asked, “Do you feel uncomfortable?”

“A little itchy, but I don’t feel it without paying attention.” He swam to the shore and stated his judgment, “I seem to be changing my scales.”

Norman’s expression was serious; he had never heard of a mermaid changing scales before. He was worried about scaring the little mermaid and didn’t tell him, but said, “We’ll know what’s going on when the doctor examines you later.”

An Jin nodded his head. He decided to listen to Norman’s arrangement. He was a novice mermaid; he didn’t know much about mermaids, and the scale change was just his guess. An examination was a good idea, in case it was a skin disease similar to humans or hair loss in cats and dogs.

Even if he was a mermaid, he was very health conscious and valued his life.

Yuna soon arrived with two Professors, one of whom, An Jin remembered, was Professor Jin. He wanted to smile at Professor Jin to say hello, remembered what Little Silver had said about the mermaid’s bad memory, and held back.

Hornád played the role of helping Tang Rin to look after the mermaid and took the initiative to introduce him to Yuna. “His name is An An. He’s different from the normal mermaid, very quiet and a bit afraid of others.”

An Jin knew all about Norman’s arrangement, so he was very cooperative and swam to the closest position to Hornád. When he saw the two strangers and Yuna, he subconsciously looked at Hornád, showing his closeness to Hornád.

Hornád clasped his hands together, forcibly suppressing the excitement in his heart, and kept thinking in his head: the little mermaid is too smart, right? When he met the little mermaid’s eyes, he felt the urge to rub the little mermaid’s head.

His Majesty’s mood was not so good.

Usually the little mermaid would look at him when something was wrong, and this time he was looking at others. He always felt a little uncomfortable and his face became more and more serious.

After greeting each other, Yuna looked at the little mermaid. “Can he receive a direct examination? Or does he have to be given a relaxant?”

“No.” Hornád waved to the little mermaid. “An An, come here.”

An Jin cooperated and swam over to him, dutifully allowing Yuna to examine him.

When the test results came back, the three of them and Hornád all had slightly knitted brows. The four of them discussed the results for a while, but did not find out the cause of the dropped scales, all the data showed that the little mermaid was very healthy!

Yuna thought about it, found the pure color mermaid file kept by the Research Institute, and pulled out the last test data before An An’s auction.

Yuna compared the previous data with the current data, and pointed to one of the elevated data. “The data of a normal mermaid does not continue to grow after it reaches adulthood, but An An’s data is still rising, most likely,” he paused, “the pure color mermaid does not have the same maturity as the normal mermaid, he is not yet an adult.” He looked at Hornád. “I think it would be best to send him to the mermaid hospital for a full examination, where the most comprehensive equipment is available.”

The mermaid hospital was a hospital under the mermaid institute, a specialized mermaid hospital.

Hornád thought about it and said, “Tang will be back in Síao today, and I will propose it to him then.”

Yuna said squarely, “The mermaid master has to be responsible for the health of the mermaid. The mermaid’s body is in an unknown abnormal state and must be secured as soon as possible. I hope you can let Tang consider it carefully.” He paused before adding, “Otherwise, I’m afraid the mermaid protection society will question whether Tang cares enough about the mermaid.”

“I will remind Mr. Tang of that.”

Once again, An Jin felt deeply that the Siao people valued the mermaids. His tail wagged and he began to feel worried about his earlier plans.

With the Siao valuing mermaids so much, would they disapprove of him living alone?

Yuna watched the little mermaid and saw that the little mermaid An An was quiet and wondered, “Is his voice hurt?” He frowned. “I remember him being very lively when he was in the research institute.”

“He’s always been quiet and his voice is healthy.” Hornád craned his head and ahhhed at the little mermaid.

An Jin understood what he meant and followed suit. The voice was ethereal and soft, very nice. Yuna was relieved, but was curious about the change in the little mermaid’s personality.

Professor Jin said, “He’s been so quiet since the auction, very pleasant,” he guessed, “maybe because he’s an adult.”

“That would contradict the reasons for the scale drop we just discussed.”

He reminded Hornád once more that Tang Rin must take the young mermaid to the hospital for a medical examination. Hornád agreed, and the three with Yuna left.

Norman said to the little mermaid, “I’ll take you to the mermaid hospital this afternoon.”

An Jin listened to all of their words and nodded his head seriously knowing that he now had an unknown problem. He had only been a newborn for a short time, he must not be seriously ill! His lips twitched and he looked at Hornád and then at Norman.

Norman said to Hornád, “Mr. Hornád, there is one thing I didn’t tell you in time, I hope you won’t be angry.”

Hornád was surprised. “What is it?”

Norman said seriously, “First you promise to keep it a secret and never to tell anyone, including your teacher Hans.”

He had great trust in Hornád, and also in Hans, yet Hans was a research maniac, and if he knew what was special about the little mermaid, he absolutely would not be able to resist coming to the palace immediately to find the little mermaid.

It would scare the little mermaid.

Hornád was even more curious and immediately promised never to spread the word.

Norman looked at the little mermaid, and then Hornád heard a clear, soft voice. “Mr. Hornád, hello.”

Hornád stood still and looked at the little mermaid in shock, followed by his eyes bursting with extreme brightness. His voice was surprised, yet he exclaimed in a breathy voice as if he had been discovered, “Oh my.”

An Jin was a little nervous, Hornád was a human he was more familiar with. If even Hornád had trouble accepting that he could talk, I’m afraid it would be even harder for others.

He squeezed his fingers nervously. “Sorry, did I scare you, I…”

“No,” Hornád said quickly, “I wasn’t frightened, I was just so surprised.” His eyes burned. “You’re a miracle.”

An Jin smiled shyly. “It’s good you don’t think I’m weird.”

“Geez, how did you get that idea?” He looked at Norman. “Your Majesty, did you make An An misunderstand?”

An Jin hurriedly said, “No, Norman is very nice.” His eyes curled. He looked at Hornád and explained, “Norman accepted it very quickly and helped me buy a terminal and downloaded literacy videos for me.”

Hornád was looked at by the little mermaid’s moon like water blue eyes, and his heart couldn’t help but be soft, more soft than seeing his own cub. “What do you want? I’ll buy it for you!”

“Mr. Hornád, it is not your concern,” Norman said. He asked the little mermaid, “Have you eaten your Chinese food?”

An Jin shook his head and Norman added, “Order your food, take a break after Chinese food and I’ll take you to the hospital.”

An Jin nodded, opened the terminal, thought of something, and turned his head to look at Hornád, who was surprised by his operation of the terminal. “Would Mr. Hornád like to join us for lunch?”

Hornád’s eyes were glued to the very attractive picture of the finished dish and shook his head. “Humans can’t eat food directly, I’ll just drink nutrients.”

An Jin once again felt pity for the Siao, and he looked at Norman hesitantly. Even if he could reveal to Hornád that he could speak, should he be able to remove impurities? Although he thought so, he did not reveal it easily.

The impurity removal involved Type A soothing agent. Norman had told him about the process of applying for Type A soothing agent in the military department, and he also knew that Type A soothing agent had an important meaning in the military department.

Marx said that when the profit reaches one hundred percent, they dare to trample on all the laws of the earth; and when the profit reaches three hundred percent, they are not afraid, even to the gallows.

That’s why Norman agreed more and more with his decision not to reveal his identity. Norman did not hide it from Hornád, who had been his personal doctor for many years and was one of the very few people he could trust. He reminded Hornád of his confidentiality and then said, “Order whatever you want, An An will remove the impurities.”

Hornád took a deep breath and immediately thought of something. “An…Mr. A?”

“It seems Mr. Hans told you.”

Hornád froze for half a second and drifted off. “No wonder you said Mr. A was reluctant to reveal his identity. I wondered how there could be such a person who did not seek fame and fortune!”

Hornád’s gaze at An Jin grew even hotter.

At lunch, Hornád completely abandoned his svelte appearance and ate super fast. After he finished eating, he leaned back and habitually swiped the star network. When he saw something, his body sat up straight. “An An, you have a fan support group!”

“Wow! That’s a great screenshot,” Hornád said excitedly like a young lad, “I’ll join the group right away and make sure I become your number one fan!”

Hornád thought to himself that he was the only one who could claim to be the number one fan.

Those netizens only knew that the little mermaid was good-looking, but they didn’t know that the little mermaid had a high IQ, could talk, and could remove impurities!

Hornád registered his nickname. In the upper left corner, hung a blue mermaid logo, and he looked at the fan group and the photo of the little mermaid with a deep sense of superiority.

Norman sulked, opened the terminal, saw the photo of the little mermaid smiling gently, and saved it silently. An Jin also opened the terminal and looked at the various compliments, blushing slightly.

[You look like a little beauty in your clothes, I want to marry him.]

[Want to marry a mermaid, does your family have a mine?]


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support mua ~ see a lot of cuties let me explain the holographic world, briefly, this is [set]! Like the holographic text, equivalent to another world, but can control the npc, jj there are many such holographic survival or break-in text, which can also hunt and eat meat, the cuties can go see (*^▽^*) as to why impurities are not cleared, because the holographic has the purpose of exercise, if the impurities are gone, it is equivalent to an infinite spiritual force, and the reality of the ability is subject to spiritual force limit, as for the careful explanation _(:з”∠)_ if I can explain clearly, the cuties see me most likely not in JJ, but in the science magazine or Nobel Prize site!

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November 6, 2022 4:48 pm

Falling scales? Is he gonna have two legs later?!!!!! 😍😍😍

January 14, 2023 9:00 am

I wonder how that works, Norman keeping watch over ‘Tang’s’ mermaid. Looks like he didn’t get any pushback so that’s good!

Thank you for the chapter!

Official LMW release!

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