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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Things seemed less difficult to solve when they were in perspective.

V Proton Star was, after all, too far behind in technology, and even though Chang Lin had reopened an entire brand new production plant in Central City for Xu Zhiheng, and had equipped a group of experts who were already pillars of the V Proton Star as helpers, it was ultimately much worse than the Empire’s productivity.

But then the biggest problem was the lack of materials needed.

They calculated that even if they used all the materials available now and produced around the clock, at most they could only supply half of the city with genetically infected people. But according to Xu Zhiheng, this antigen was special in nature and needed to be used on the infected alien on the day it was made. It wouldn’t deteriorate when exposed to air, but it would with time. What was more, if they excluded his student Xi Yuan, this kind of research in the entire Empire was only Xu Zhiheng’s doing, so even if V Proton Star had the intention to ask for help from the Empire again, the other couldn’t give more support.

After all, the largest support had been sent over, and the Empire helped this small planet under the jurisdiction of the performance of importance.

Xu Zhiheng’s words began to be verified one by one, after the water supply was cut off, as long as the people who had been in contact with the water before the blockade were excluded, the subsequent inhabitants didn’t show any signs of infection.

The planet seemed to have finally come to life, and the people couldn’t hold back their gratitude and waited daily at the places where mecha might appear, just to express their gratitude.

Xu Zhiheng was responsible for saving the infected aliens, then the formation must fundamentally solve the problem of the gene no longer being proliferated. The source of the original gene has never been found, but the whole water circulation system outside the central city was completely cleaned.

So the sergeants, who had always been used to using mecha as a combat weapon, used the incredibly advanced equipment for the first time to do something else, such as work as a tinkerer — to rebuild the entire V Proton water system.

M2742 used his lightsaber, along with high-intensity energy, to decapitate the source of the water supply that had been working for many years. Lu AnHe’s Aegis, with its high defensive power, was responsible for resisting the impact generated by the violent breakage, etc. Due to the limitations of the cosmic junk, the rest of the mecha were responsible for the rest of the aftermath, completely destroying the original system. Then raising the source of the entire system to reverse the cycle. After the construction was completed, the new water source was brought back into the cycle, after Xu Zhiheng had checked and confirmed that it was clean. The cities that were once in danger of being abandoned were finally given a new lease on life.

The work was undoubtedly new to the pilots, and some joked that with their mental strength and pheromone which were many times better than normal people before they were screened into the Imperial mecha base, they didn’t expect to be able to experience a different kind of professional experience on their missions after graduating from military school.

Of course, jokes aside, the sergeants were all very serious about it — after all, it was much easier to do this kind of thing than to grit your teeth and follow orders to ‘slaughter.’

But Xu Zhiheng’s prepared materials were still not enough.

On the third day, when the formation had rebuilt the new system, Xu Zhiheng was waiting there.

About the incident that day, Xu Zhiheng still seemed to keep it in mind.

These days he actually mentioned the teenager in Licorro City to He YunTing more than once, saying that since he had proven himself, and it meant that the teenager was still saved, and he hoped that a mecha could be sent to pick up the other party.

Unfortunately, He YunTing didn’t agree.

He YunTing wouldn’t even give a reason when he refused, and Xu Zhiheng finally gave up after trying several times.

He YunTing was too cautious to take the last survivor of that city on the mecha, and now that the days have passed, how was the other party getting along, how will they feel when they recover and see the scene in front of them, or whether they need psychological guidance — of course, inside that one dead city, it was impossible to respond to such questions. 

Xu Zhiheng sighed, after understanding that this matter was impossible to justify, so he organized his mood, reopened to He YunTing, and told him the problem of material shortage.

He YunTing’s expression was cold, but he still answered Xu Zhiheng, “If Professor Xu has a solution, then the formation can be at your command.”

Xu Zhiheng thought about it and said, “If we follow the direct injection method, the workload would be too big, but the key thing is that too few people can be saved.”

He YunTing was silent.

He paused for a moment and said, “It may still be necessary to borrow the mecha of the sergeants.”

Xu Zhiheng was at the forefront of his field, and it wasn’t that this idea hadn’t been considered by the experts at V Proton, but they eventually gave up because it was too difficult to practice.

They considered whether the antigen could be diluted and distributed in doses to each desired city. After all, although there was a turnaround now, those aliens who hadn’t yet been treated were still destroying V Proton, and as long as the problem of the aliens wasn’t finally solved, their reconstruction and recovery would be delayed again and again.

Xu Zhiheng, whose research on genetics and life sciences completely surpassed the level that V Proton Star experts could imagine, came up with another innovative way to solve this problem.

The antagonist was re-molecularized and turned into an aerosol with a special device that would first bring together as many of these partially infected city aliens as possible, and then charge this aerosol into the mecha’s molecular energizing system to be dropped in mid-air instead of being injected.

And some molecular weight of the special aerosol can penetrate through the skin of these aliens, achieving the effect in another way.

This would solve the problem of there not being enough material and would eliminate the tedious method and risk of injecting all the aliens one by one.

As long as it was a beneficial initiative, He YunTing would cooperate as if he were experimenting for the first time, even if he had many grievances against this person, Xu Zhiheng. Therefore the formation mecha following the switch to be repairmen had a new direction of operation.

The people of V Proton had only had a glimpse of this kind of mecha on the Internet or on satellite television, but they never expected to come into close contact with it in this way.

Many residents, even if they weren’t infected, waited for the mecha to drop their aerosols and were excited to see what these big guys would look like. Even though V Proton was still a bit far from the Empire and interplanetary communications were rare, there were always reports that celebrated the Empire’s support and turned it into a good story.

The Empire’s best scholars used incredible methods to develop antigens that could suppress the gene, the aliens stopped hurting people and started to get better, and the Imperial General cooperated all the way, the two sides working closely together to solve the big problem on Proton — that was basically the message when it reached the Empire.

Due to the time difference and Lin Han’s recent workload, every time Qi Jiamu sent him back it was already late, and He YunTing was mostly on a mission at that time, so the two had no contact for several days.

Today, another group of students from the Imperial Army University program came to the Institute for apprenticeship. As usual, Lin Han would take them to get familiar with the basic process and then have a lesson to summarize it.

The students came in the afternoon, so Lin Han scheduled all the important work in the morning, and Qi Jiamu sent him in an hour earlier so as not to delay his work. Lin Han visited his brother with him again in the past two days and he seemed to have recovered a lot more of his previous stiffness.

Qi JiaZe’s glands still needed continuous care. He could now recognize who was looking for him, and although he still couldn’t make a sound, he would struggle to open his mouth when he saw Qi Jiamu and try to call out the other person’s title with difficulty.

Thinking about this, Lin Han remembered the news of the past few days, and everything seemed to be good, except for a hint of anxiety in his heart that he didn’t know the source of. As he thought about this, he counted the time and got up to go to the lounge to get his supplements.

His routine was much more regular than it had been before he met He YunTing, except that sometimes he still couldn’t resist working overtime, and most of the time, Qi Jiamu would pick him up at the entrance of the Institute in his flying machine on time.

The colleagues had already started to see this flying machine these days, many of them were guessing in their hearts that Lin Han must have found a powerful big man this time, who was either rich or noble. After all, the core takes every inch of land, so a private flying machine must come with its own mooring. Those who had a flying machine mooring, almost all of them were the upper class in the upper class.

The lounge had a large terrace, Lin Han took a nutritional supplement and sat down at the side. He unscrewed the package of nutrients and subconsciously tried to frown when he smelled the odor he hated, but finally drank it down in one go without changing his expression.

He was about to throw away the discarded package when two colleagues came in to get coffee and met Lin Han with a smile and a hello. One of them had seen the scene before He YunTing’s departure, when He YunTing was too late to go back and had to drive the mecha directly to the front door of the Institute to find Lin Han.

It so happened that this colleague was also a gossip, but he usually wasn’t in the same department as Lin Han and couldn’t hear the news. These days he was checking the flying machine that picked up Lin Han, and he finally couldn’t contain his curiosity and gossipy nature, so he called out to Lin Han.

Lin Han recently started wearing gloves again, so when his colleague touched him, he was only very lightly repulsed, but ultimately didn’t shake him off.

The other first feigned care towards Lin Han a few times, such as asking him to work less overtime, and also advised him that there were students coming to the apprenticeship this afternoon, so he could relax a little and fix it without having to be so tense.

Lin Han accidentally read the minds of many colleagues when he first learned that he had the ability to read minds, and everyone actually had no bad intentions.

The colleague saw that Lin Han didn’t show obvious disgust, so his heart eased a point, and he couldn’t help but ask further, “By the way, recently you’re not waiting for public flights, we see that you have a private flight to pick up.”

Lin Han had expected to be asked, and answered frankly, “Mn.”

The colleague’s eyes lit up a bit, “That’s good. It’s best for an Omega to have protection.”

He changed his mind and asked tentatively, “And the Institute actually takes care of Omega, are you… What’s the situation?”

The colleague knew how to be polite and immediately added, “Of course if I’m prying too much or you don’t want to tell, you can just ignore me.”

Lin Han wasn’t averse to this kind of gossip without malice, not to mention that he actually did not deliberately conceal his relationship with He YunTing, only that He YunTing was too careful, afraid that if their relationship was exposed, it would do Lin Han harm, so he obediently responded.

Therefore, when he heard such an inquiry, he just said, “Sort of.”

When the other saw that Lin Han didn’t deny it, he hurriedly said several congratulations, “After all, it’s not easy for an Omega to find a partner, and we sincerely wish you the best.”

Lin Han nodded distantly, “Thank you.”

He stopped at that point, not wanting to talk about anything else, and was about to push open the door of the lounge and go out.

“Wait!” The colleague called out to him with the thought of ‘I might as well gossip more.’

Lin Han used to be a restrained and polite person at the Institute, and the only thing he was interested in was always mecha. They didn’t think Lin Han would really find an Alpha one day — but the Alpha that an Omega like Lin Han would be interested in wasn’t necessarily someone like them.

A colleague half-enviously asked, “What kind of person is he?”

Maybe it was a big shot in the industry, or an heir to a wealthy family.

Lin Han stopped in his tracks when he heard this question.

The colleague was a bit nervous, not knowing what kind of answer Lin Han would give. Could his Alpha perhaps be related to the royal bloodline…?

While the other party was still guessing wildly, Lin Han stood in the doorway with a stoic expression. He thought very seriously for a moment, looked down at the package of nutrients he had thrown away, and couldn’t help but hook the corners of his mouth, his voice tinged with a bit of laughter. “He’s a… very common and ordinary person.”


Some people said that Lin Han’s expression at that time didn’t look like a lie, so maybe the other party was really not a big shot, but perhaps just a businessman who had made some money. But others were skeptical, thinking that it was probably a mysterious person whose name they had never even heard of.

But Lin Han didn’t care about that, and by the afternoon, as arranged, he greeted a new group of apprentice students who had arrived from the Imperial Army University. Lin Han was very liberal in his lectures and didn’t have any attitude, so it was easy to get along with them.

After the tour of the Institute, he customarily gave the students some break time, and he himself continued to sit on the lab bench to research, and if the students had questions, they could come up and ask at any time.

Some of the kids would take this time to chat, and halfway through the day, Lin Han overheard what they were talking about. In the past, he wouldn’t have cared, but when he heard a certain name, he couldn’t help but feel his heart tighten.

It was an incident related to V Proton Star.

Someone mentioned Xu Zhiheng, and naturally, someone mentioned He YunTing.

The students were all young and vigorous, so when it came to this kind of topic, they would express their thoughts as much as they could, and with Lin Han being approachable, their voices got louder and louder.

“I heard that General and the others are coming back soon, right?”

“Yes, there has been news in the past few days, haven’t you seen it? It seems that V Proton Star is now especially grateful to the Empire, and said that they want to build a statue for this special formation.”

“Yes, yes, our school’s Professor Xu has researched antigens, right? I’ve been to his lecture before.” A female student interjected.

“I heard about it, it seems that Professor Xu is quite powerful, but I haven’t been to his lectures.” Another Omega student held her face, her eyes shining with longing, “When I watch the news, I still prefer General.”

“He’s so awesome! If anyone could fall in love with him…” The student himself was amused by his own brainstorming, “Forget it, ignore me, I’m just saying.”

“Who wants to fall in love with the General?” One of the students asked but suddenly lowered his voice, “Maybe they’ll learn how to die without even realizing.”

His appearance looked open and domineering, a look at the core area residents who grew up in a privileged family.

“My father is in charge of docking V Proton Star communications.” The teenager’s tone was braggadocious, as if he had been asked not to say anything, but still couldn’t hide the secret indignantly, “I’ve heard all about it… the General is clearly an indiscriminate murderer.”


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