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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Norman heard a voice and turned around, and his eyes flashed with surprise.

An Jin found that the man’s body was very material, with strong muscles in various places, and sighed in his heart that his ‘master’ was in good shape. He swept past the various exercise equipment and his eyes fell on the small room to his left.

Without thinking about the man’s reaction, he quickly climbed to the small room, pushed open the door, and his eyes instantly lit up.

It was the bathroom!

He crawled inside and suddenly, a tug came from his tail fin and he turned around.

The man was bent over, his right hand grasping his tail fin, looking at him expressionlessly.

An Jin, aware of his strong aura, gulped nervously and his tail fin cocked with a slight force. “Let go of me.”

The man didn’t understand, but he sensed the supplication in the little mermaid’s soft voice.

He thought for a moment and let go of his hand.

There was nothing precious in the bathroom, what did the little mermaid want to do?

An Jin hurriedly crawled into the bathroom and looked back at Norman at the door. His tail slapped the door, bang closed the door. After some thought, still not sure, he turned around and crawled to the door and used some effort to lock it.

He exhaled lightly and quickly observed the bathroom equipment: toilet and toilet paper. Perfect!

With a flutter, he finally sat on the toilet with his buttocks and used exactly the same posture, only the tail was up, occupying everything in his line of sight.

Maintaining this posture was quite labor-intensive, and his hand had to be propped up all the time. His fish scales were slippery and he slid directly forward. An Jin thought: if only there were handrails on both sides.

After the solution, the toilet was pumping automatically and the air purifier was running. An Jin reached for the paper with his right hand and braced himself with his left hand, trembling.

Suddenly, his buttocks were cold. He was shocked. His body shook, and he hurriedly braced himself.

After the intelligent cleaning system stopped spraying water, An Jin was still not quite sure, taking toilet paper to wipe, but only touched the fish scales. He curiously twisted around to look at the fish scales there. Recalling the previous sensation, he used a slight force, and a few fish scales slipped away, revealing a pink hole inside.

An Jin blushed. Although it was his own body he was looking at, he was still inexplicably ashamed and hastily closed the fish scales. He turned around and stayed for a moment, silently looking down at his abdomen.

He hadn’t been drinking anything and had no idea if he had a penis.

But! It was not easy to come to the bathroom once.

Gotta go!

He still did not know exactly what it was like there, and thinking for a moment, decided it was better to get up first.

Using his hands to support the upper body, hands and tail slowly moved forward and moved to the floor. His hands worked hard, and at this point, were very tired and sore. He rested for a moment, looking at his tail to think for a while.

Crawling all the way over, he found that his tail was very strong. He bent the underside of his tail and tensed it to try and see if he could get it to assist his hands in supporting his body.

With both hands on the edge of the toilet, he slowly straightened up, and his tail was about to push, when the sound of a door slamming came from behind him. He turned around in a hurry and saw his ‘master’ standing in the doorway, staring at him.

Norman heard the sound of the door locking and became even more certain that the pure-colored mermaid had a high IQ.

However, a good while had passed, and the mermaid still had not come out. He could not help but suspect that the mermaid somehow came out. So he opened the door directly with the permission of the house owner.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw the little mermaid holding the edge of the toilet, with his upper body raised and his chin just over the edge.

Seeing the little mermaid’s posture, he frowned, then walked up to the mermaid and said seriously, “You can’t drink the water in here!”

An Jin scowled. He couldn’t understand the man’s words, but with the man’s serious tone, he guessed the man was lecturing him.

Norman ordered the robot at the door, “Pour a glass of water.”

He leaned down and put his arms around An Jin.

An Jin hurriedly grabbed the edge of the toilet, and Norman’s movement to get up was blocked.

Norman wrinkled his eyebrows. “Is this what they teach you at the research institute?”

An Jin blinked innocently. He was afraid that after this time, the man would not let him out. He quickly thought about how to get the man to install a bathroom in his room.

The robot brought the water over and Norman took it in his right hand and brought it to An Jin’s mouth. “Drink.”

An Jin looked up at the man’s serious face and dutifully drank.

After drinking a small cup he shook his head and said he didn’t want to drink any more.

Norman once again had a perception of the high IQ of the little mermaid. He handed the glass to the robot and pointed to the toilet. “The water here, you can’t drink it!”

An Jin followed his finger and blinked blankly. Norman’s jaw tightened, then quickly unclenched. Bear with me, this isn’t his soldier, it’s a mermaid! He was silent for a moment, took the glass of water from the robot’s hand, took a sip, and then, less naturally, gave An Jin a smile.

An Jin’s eyes widened. What does this mean? Was he happy to drink the water he had drunk? He looked at Norman’s expressionless face again and fell into deep thought.

Immediately after, he saw Norman press the button to drain the toilet, and then reached the glass over to receive a glass of water.

Norman put the glass of water to his mouth and pretended to take a sip, then his eyebrows knitted together and his head balked with a look of disgust. He looked at An Jin seriously. “Got it?”

An Jin really got it and was slightly embarrassed. He did not think about drinking toilet water! He looked at the man’s handsome face and his eyes couldn’t help but curl. Although he looked serious and unapproachable, he was a responsible master!

He tilted his head, pooh-poohed the toilet bowl a few times, and then watched Norman’s expression.

Norman was satisfied and gave the robot the order to sterilize the glass and got up with the little mermaid in his arms.

An Jin saw that the man was not surprised by his mimicry and guessed that the mermaid here might also have intelligence, after all, they were so much like humans. He was relieved, and he pulled Norman’s arm, pointed to the toilet, and pointed to his stomach.

Norman immediately understood what he meant. “This is not for you.”

Norman carried the little mermaid all the way back to the mermaid room and put the little mermaid in the little tank.

Then, in front of An Jin, he opened the terminal, skillfully found the file Hornád had sent him, and clicked on one of the small videos.

An Jin thought the man hadn’t understood him and was thinking about how to express it clearly with actions. Seeing the man’s movements, his attention was distracted and his eyes glowed as he looked at the virtual screen.

On the screen was a room, the same as his room, with two large and small pools, and with a dark green tail mermaid in the middle of the large pool. The mermaid climbed up the slope of the large pool, jumped into the small pool and solved the physical needs. Then he climbed up the slope of the small pool and went back to the big pool, looking comfortable floating in the water.

The small pool formed a whirlpool in the water after he went ashore, the water in the pool quickly decreased to be gone, and the mechanical arm was cleaned and refilled with clean water.

“…” Now An Jin knew what the small pool was for.

It was a mermaid’s bathroom!

An Jin stared at the tank for a couple of seconds, climbed up the bank decisively, and crawled back towards the door.

The bathroom was clean, but An Jin thought of his tail soaking in the pool when he had to use it, and even though he quickly climbed ashore, he still didn’t think it would work. It was better to have a human bathroom.

Norman frowned and put his hand on An Jin’s shoulder. “Don’t you have to go to the bathroom?”

An Jin did not understand. His finger pointed to the direction of the bathroom and drew a circle, simply describing the shape of the toilet, to express his thoughts.

Norman stared at him for two seconds, manipulated his finger in the terminal a few times, and then showed him the screen. Two pictures: a human toilet on the left and a mermaid sanitary pool on the right.

An Jin immediately pointed his finger at the left side, thought about it, and to make it clearer, he turned back and made a face at the small tank. Then he tilted his little head and looked at Norman expectantly.

Norman was a little surprised that the mermaid’s IQ was higher than he had thought. He then did not see the little mermaid as a general pet, and said with a serious face, “Are you sure you choose this? Once you make a choice, you can’t regret it.”

He switched the order of the two photos.

The position of An Jin’s fingers changed, and he firmly chose the human bathroom.

“Okay.” said Norman. 

He leaned down, picked up the little mermaid, went back to the bathroom in the training room, and set the little mermaid down.

An Jin, elated, looked at the man standing still in difficulty as he crawled to the door, held it open, looked at Norman, and then looked out the door.

Norman read the idea that the little mermaid wanted him to go out, and thought of the little mermaid’s previous action of closing the door. He thought to himself that the pure-colored mermaid not only had a high IQ, but also seemed to have a sense of shame.

He thought for a moment and walked out. The door immediately closed behind him, and this time it didn’t lock.

An Jin propped his hand on the toilet in an awkward position and got his penis to come out. He took this opportunity to look at his new body and learn to control the fish scales that protected his key parts himself. Blushing slightly, he averted his gaze from the fish tail and crawled to the door to open it.

Norman picked him up and headed inside.

“Eh…” An Jin froze, he had already solved ah.

The ‘master’ didn’t think he liked the bathroom!

Norman put the little mermaid in the shower and turned on the shower switch.

An Jin was immediately drenched in water. He did not feel uncomfortable, but felt comfortable instead. He liked the water. Norman asked the robot to watch the little mermaid and left the bathroom.

An Jin lamented that he would have to live in the bathroom from now on! No sink, no soaking, just water showers for the rest of his life? That’s no good!

He tried to climb out, but the shower door was narrow and the robot stood in the doorway blocking it tightly, so he couldn’t get out.

An Jin tried several times and failed to break through the robot’s defenses, so he gave up for now. He leaned against the wall, his tail flat on the underwater side, his posture like a very idle fish.

He looked at the light outside the window and thought to himself that when the ‘master’ delivers breakfast, he must find a way to explain that he doesn’t want to live in the bathroom!

He also had to speed up the speed of learning the language; the language barrier was too easy to misunderstand.

About an hour later, Norman reappeared and An Jin’s eyes immediately lit up. His head pressed against the glass to look at him.

Norman met his bright gaze.

So clingy?

Norman was a little surprised that the mermaid he usually saw was fierce and high strung.

The robot moved out of the way of the doorway and Norman entered the shower, turned off the water, and picked up the little mermaid.

An Jin looked at his wet clothes, a little embarrassed and happy to be out of the bathroom. When he returned to the mermaid room, he was even happier. The original small tank was gone and the bathroom was built in its place, in human form!

The entrance to the bathroom was connected to the large tank, and the connection was still sloped, but not masonry. Perhaps due to time constraints, a metal plate with raised horizontal bars was used.

An Jin was overjoyed that not only was he not sent to live in the bathroom, but he didn’t have to struggle with his physical needs. He raised a big smile at Norman. “Thank you.”

Although he couldn’t speak the language, Norman was able to understand the little Mermaid’s emotions from the look on his face and the softness of his voice. He stared at the little mermaid with a pensive face.

If he was happy, why won’t he sing?


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~

Norman *sigh*: I don’t know what to do!


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May 2, 2022 4:08 pm

They’re doing pretty well, communicating.
‘Business’ sorted, thankfully.
Norm, you could try singing and pointing at An Jin to do the same.
Thanks for translating and editing.

May 2, 2022 9:06 pm

Hahaha….guess AJ doesn’t know that he need to sing if he in happy mood🤣🤣🤣🤣

May 2, 2022 10:01 pm

Lesson on mermaid physiology no. 1: male mermaids do have an a**s and a p***s, just hidden behind scales.

Lesson on An Jin no. 1: he isn’t a hybrid his tail won’t change into legs when dry. Lesson on An Jin no. 2: he prefers a proper bathroom.

So right now the problem is that An Jin doesn’t know what being a mermaid intails, AND there is still a language barrier here!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 3, 2022 12:42 pm

Love it! Norman is slowly understanding AJ! He got his human bathroom! So underneath the scales are his private parts? So interesting!!! ❤️❤️

Xiao Ying
November 5, 2022 8:46 pm

Lmao he just doesn’t know he can’t sing 🤣😂🤣

May 31, 2023 6:49 pm

The secondhand embarrassment is strong LOL but I’m enjoying these little details.

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