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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin’s eyes followed Norman, and when Norman was out of the door, he looked thoughtful. After the man drank the liquid, An Jin watched his spiritual sea, and saw a small part of the gray spiritual silk turn black. That was, those black particles in the liquid, like the impurities in the fish, consumed spiritual power. But compared to the changes in the spiritual filaments after the doctor ate the fish filet, the impurities in the liquid the man drank were obviously much less than the fish.

He understood why the man did not eat the fish.

People here were aware of the presence of impurities!

So why give it to a mermaid to eat?

It was not like they did not care about mermaids either. He could feel the humans’ love for him, and the men feeding him acted naturally and looked unworried. Thinking about how the spiritual force recovered after a good night’s sleep, he guessed: could it be that mermaids’ spiritual recovery was very strong and they were not afraid of impurities?

He thought for a while and stopped thinking about it. With the language barrier, many could only guess how the truth had no impact on him.

He did not eat all afternoon and was really hungry.

He grabbed the fish and ran the water ability to purify both fish of all impurities. He sliced a piece and put it into his mouth to chew. There were no impurities, and the fish filet had a juicy taste. Super delicious!

The spiritual power he used to remove the impurities was actually restored after eating the fish!

An Jin’s eyes glowed, this was a wonderful cycle, and he never had to worry about the fish being difficult to eat again. He ate both fish with great pleasure and floated on the water with satisfaction. He wiggled his tail slowly and circled the pool after eating his meal, training his control of the fish’s tail.

Click— An Jin had reached his third turn when the door to the room was pushed open and his eyes opened abruptly, looking towards the door.

The ‘master’ and a middle-aged man walked in. The middle-aged man had gentle features and looked at him as soon as he entered the door. An Jin’s tail flicked and changed from floating horizontally to floating vertically, facing the two men.

Hornád observed for a moment and was surprised. “He’s so quiet!”

Norman looked away from the tray of fish bones. “Mn, you check him out.”

Hornád explained, “We have to get him to the pool, I can’t restrain him in the water.”

Norman hesitated for a moment and beckoned to the young mermaid. “Come here.”

“Your Majesty, I have said many times that you should know more about the mermaid. How can you expect a mermaid to listen to…” Hornád looked at the little mermaid swimming obediently to the edge of the pool and silently swallowed the rest of his words. Then he said in an excited tone, “He’s, he’s so good!”

He couldn’t help but look at Norman with suspicion. “Your Majesty, you’re not using violence to bully him into submission, are you?”

In a light voice, Norman reminded him, “Mr. Hornád, do you think mermaids would be scared of being beaten?”

Hornád’s wisdom returned, and remembering the mermaid with a broken hand still fighting to attack, drily coughed out, “I’m only reminding you that you can not use violence against the mermaid. They have poor memories, but are super vindictive.”

Norman thought back to the way the little mermaid had continued to share food after he had injured him and thought: not necessarily.

An Jin tilted his head and quietly listened to the two men, paying attention to the shape of their mouths as they spoke and silently learning the pronunciation. He found that his ability to learn languages had become much stronger, and he could remember most of the words humans said. He just didn’t understand the meaning.

Hornád looked into his warm aquamarine eyes and loved them. “Oh my God, I finally know why mermaids are the most popular pet among Siao people! It makes my heart melt when he looks at me like that.”

Norman corrected him, “It’s because their songs heal the spiritual force.”

Hornád looked at his serious face. “Your Majesty, you make me understand why you are still single at thirty-five.”

He finished crouching down, smiled at An Jin, and took a round metal piece from his right pocket. An Jin was really familiar with this metal piece; this was the third time he had seen it.

It was just strange to him. Why were they checking his body too often, right? He meekly cooperated with Hornád’s movements and quietly glanced at Norman. He was so well behaved the ‘master’ would like it, right? At least he wouldn’t get bored, right?

Hornád noticed his gaze and gave Norman a surprised look. “He seems to like you. What have you done?”

Norman replied, “…Sent two fish.”

Hornád said as he checked the results, “Is he a foodie? He’s in good health, only the back of his head has not healed yet. It’s a small problem.” He couldn’t help but exclaim, “You’re very lucky, this mermaid seems to be extraordinarily well-tolerated.”

Norman said honestly, “It’s not luck, it’s money.”

“…” Hornád seemed unable to retort. He changed the subject and took a more serious tone. “Your spiritual condition is terrible. The sooner we can cheer him up the better. We don’t know anything about the effect of his songs yet.”

If this mermaid didn’t work, they must keep buying mermaids.

Hornád did not say anything demoralizing and smiled. “Just in time, while the wound on the back of his head is still fresh, you can apply the medicine to him yourself.”

Hornád didn’t have the medicine on him, so he ordered it online and a quarter of an hour later, the butler bot delivered the ointment to the room.

Norman looked at the little mermaid. “Mermaids have a strong recovery, and without the ointment, he will recover by the day after tomorrow at the latest.”

Hornád handed him the ointment. “This is a great opportunity to gain goodwill. The more he likes you, the better the song will be for your healing.”

Norman thought for a moment, took the ointment, and crouched down in front of An Jin. He tentatively placed his hand on An Jin’s shoulder, and when he saw that An Jin did not resist, he pushed a little harder.

An Jin took a look at the ointment and turned around cooperatively, with the back of his head facing Norman.

Hornád was surprised. “His Majesty, do you find him very clever?”

“What do you know about pure colored mermaids?” Norman ruffled An Jin’s hair and quickly applied the medicine.

Hornád replied, “Beautiful, the song cures spiritual riots the best of all mermaids.”

Norman stared at the well-behaved, head-down little mermaid. “No record of a higher IQ?”

“No,” Hornád sounded excited, “that’s fantastic! Maybe it’s the change in IQ that comes with adulthood, and it’s a good thing it wasn’t discovered or taken by anyone else!” He paused for a moment and couldn’t help but worry. “It might be harder to keep him happy if he’s smarter.” He opened the terminal and forwarded a file to Norman. “Your Majesty, this is the complete mermaid raising strategy, the video version. You must watch more when you have time.”

Norman received the file. Hornád looked relieved to see this.

“By the way,” Hornád suddenly remembered something before he went home, “Your Majesty, did you give the mermaid a name?”

Norman, “Don’t bother, just call it mermaid.”

“How can that be?!” Hornád disapproved. “You are too irresponsible as the master.”

Norman frowned, “Then call it minnow.”

Hornád said, “Your Majesty, that’s too perfunctory.”

Norman didn’t think the name of a mermaid was worth the brain power; in his eyes, a mermaid was just a tool to cure spiritual riots. But he had always been reluctant to argue with Hornád over trivial matters, and he did not want to endure more nagging.

“Mr. Hornád, I’ll leave the naming rights to you.”

Hornád didn’t push back either; he knew His Majesty too well for a good name at all. He pondered for half a second and his eyes lit up, “There! He is so quiet, let’s call him Little An, no, An An1, is more intimate.”

Norman nodded his head in agreement.

Before Hornád left, he was uneasy and reminded in a more serious tone, “A mermaid has a poor memory, you must meet him every day, talk to him and call him by his name, otherwise he will forget you.”


Early the next morning, An Jin woke up early, and when he did, he floated on the surface of the water and looked out the window. The soft white light shone on the leaves of the trees, which were so green and vibrant that they looked alive. An Jin admired the view, and for a moment he was in a trance, as if he had gone back to the days before the end of the world, when he lived in his parents’ villa.

He was really like him then and now. He dropped the corner of his mouth back down, and soon raised it again. Compared to the apocalypse, while he was not free, but stable, life had been very good. He kept his good mood for a while, until his stomach hurt slightly and his good mood turned into panic.

There was no toilet in this room!

He looked chagrined. Before he had only thought about whether it was safe, he hadn’t thought at all about whether the room’s infrastructure was complete!

This situation was just too embarrassing. He thought for an instant and decisively climbed up the slope from the upper left corner.

Such a big villa, there must be a bathroom!

He had to go out and find the bathroom!

However, he soon encountered difficulties: as a budding mermaid, moving on land was a big challenge for him.

Although his hands were strong, his tail was not lightly weighted, and he was breathing much harder by the time he crawled to the door. He braced himself on the ground with his left hand to support his upper body, and with his right hand he touched the doorknob with great effort… almost!

He relaxed and rested for a while, changed his position, and with palms propped up against the door, tensed his tail, arched his hips up, and moved his hand up a little. After reaching a certain height, he quickly reached out and pulled down the handrail.

Click— the door lock opened, he hurriedly rolled backwards in case he touched the door and slammed it shut.

It was a good thing the tragedy of the door closing again didn’t happen, and An Jin’s eyes curled as he looked at the open door. He reached out and pulled the door fully open when a dark figure suddenly appeared in front of him. He was startled and looked up in a hurry. He met up with a pair of emotionless silver eyes.

An Jin sighed in relief that it was a robot.

He waved his hand at the robot and crawled out. This time he crawled much easier; he could use his hands and hips at the same time to force movement. His posture was not very good, and he could not think so much for the moment. He climbed to the door and patted the robot’s calf. “Move over.”

The robot did not move away. His intelligent system had already judged the current situation and developed an excellent response.

The robot went to An Jin’s side and squatted down, holding out its hands, trying to return the little mermaid to the mermaid room.

Seeing this, An Jin hurriedly pushed the robot’s hands away and, with a strong hand and hip, crawled through the doorway and out of it in one go. He had a hard time getting out, and before he found the bathroom, he absolutely could not be sent back!

The thought of being forced to helplessly solve his personal hygiene in the tank made his face green. He looked back at the robot who was already standing up, looked around, gave up on the right side leading to the back garden, and decisively crawled to the left.

He crawled all the way, his tail making snapping noises on the ground the whole way.

The robot tried to pick him up several times in the middle, all of which he dodged. A mermaid and a robot were chasing each other around the villa. An Jin was not in a relaxed mood even though he had dodged the robot. He had passed two rooms and still hadn’t seen a bathroom.

He pushed open the door to the third room and froze.

In front of the right-hand floor-to-ceiling window, the ‘master’ was wearing a black tank top and gym shorts, running fast on a treadmill.


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Translator Notes:

  1. (安安) (Internet slang) Greetings! (used when it’s unknown what time the reader will see one’s post, or just to be cute)


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Actually I am also curious how a mermaid need to use bathroom🤔🤔🤔

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Thank you author, I’m not weird for thinking about then toilet problem as soon as he ate the first fish in the auction house

May 1, 2022 9:09 pm

LOL, he got out and went to find a bathroom XD

May 2, 2022 12:29 am

A first for everyone.
I like Hornád and what he said about Norm’s marital status… made me chuckle.
Poor An Jin (although I like the name An An 😊). Maybe I’m odd, but I did wonder about ‘that’ too.
What now, with a lack of communication, how will he explain? I bet Norman (oh that name 🤦‍♀️… apologies to any Normans,who might be reading), will jump to the conclusion he’s trying to escape or something.
Can’t wait for the next chapter 😁
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Usually, novels ommit this aspect… I’m wondering how the bathroom quest will end.
Thank you for the chapter!!

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Totally loving it! I’m curious as to how he would find the bathroom and how would he use it!??

June 16, 2022 11:13 pm

From where he is supposed to pee BTW?

April 30, 2023 11:31 am

That’s almost as absurd as the story with the person who turned into a cat and tried to urinate in the toilet while standing on his hind legs. I don’t imagine a mermaid would even have physical control over the function. Neither fish nor most birds do.

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