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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin read Little Silver’s message and asked: [Rabe opened a civilian interstellar route so soon?]

Little Silver: [It’s not a civilian route, it’s a military route. I applied to be a volunteer and will go to Siao with the military.]

An Jin was looking at Little Silver’s message when the message came back from his terminal. He finished reading Little Silver’s message and clicked on the new message.

The new message came from Jorens: [King, after the grand elder received information that the crisis in Siao was lifted, he immediately negotiated with Siao’s cabinet in the name of the Rabe Star Presidium. Tomorrow, two admirals and I will lead the army and civilian volunteers to Siao to help Siao soldiers through the post-war spiritual disorder, and Siao will pay with a large number of beast cores.]

Norman saw that the little mate’s attention was all on the terminal, so he moved the juice to the little mate’s right hand side, and reminded him in a warm voice, “Concentrate on breakfast.” 

An Jin turned the information into sharing mode, picked up the juice, and took a sip. The sweet and sour taste exploded in his mouth, and his eyes narrowed unconsciously, showing a look of enjoyment. This kind of juice was a specialty of Siao, which An Jin had not seen before. It was tasty and nutritious, and was a regular breakfast drink for An Jin recently.

Norman read the message and nodded. “I just got the message too. It’s of mutual benefit for both sides.”

An Jin agreed, nodding in agreement and speaking with anticipation, “With so many beast cores, the sacred tree should be able to recover soon!”

After the meal, An Jin and Norman went out for a walk; the usual roar of beasts, and the sound of artillery fire in the northwest defense zone, had been restored to peace. The Star Alliance network, on the other hand, was extremely busy at this time.

All the stars were under the crisis of the star beast wave, and the people of every country, like the Siao people, were trying their best to stay at home for the sake of safety. This has led to the highest number of people online every year. The people of each planet stayed at home to watch the live broadcast and learn about the situation of the star beast wave in real time, and the people of each country were more concerned about the situation in their own country.

When the news of Siao lifting the crisis and the end of the Siao Planet beast tide appeared, the first thought of the people of the remaining stars was that it couldn’t be!

After all, their country’s star beast tide not only did not end, but also had a trend of getting worse.

Some people with curiosity, and others with doubt, clicked into the relevant topic to check the specifics and then were shocked by the scenes of star beasts dying silently and the beasts running away in fear. Almost everyone who saw the video immediately had a guess: Siao had researched a special weapon or potion against the star beasts.

But this guess was soon proved wrong.

After reading the relevant analysis posts, it dawned on them that it was all because of the mermaid king!

Many people exclaimed: [The mermaid king’s power is too strong!]

Others felt that Siao’s Emperor and the people of Siao were too lucky and voiced their hopes: [Is it too late to join the marriage?]

Siao netizens replied: [No, don’t dream about it!]

The mermaid king became the most talked about term on the internet.

The people of Rabe felt proud as they browsed the internet, saying: [Yes, that’s right, our mermaid King is the strongest!]

At ten o’clock the next morning, An Jin and Norman received a message at the same time that the Rabe support team had arrived. An Jin was shocked when he saw the number of people reported by Jorens, which was more than two legions.

Three or four Rabe Star corps were full of supporters, and some non-army volunteers. It should be noted that the number of Rabe Star mermaids was much less than Siao’s people, and that there were only four large legions in the military department, of which the second legion had supported the sixth district for the beast core before.

This was equivalent to Rabe Star only leaving a star corps for defense.

Star beasts were in the interstellar chaos, but that was only a part of the star beasts, there were still many star beasts still attacking intelligent creatures. Except for Siao Planet, the rest of the star crisis had not been lifted.

The star beasts on the periphery of Rabe Star left because they could not find the mermaids for a long time. This time, the mermaids opened the magnetic storm channel, and if a star beast sensed it, he was afraid it would turn around and attack.

He expressed his concern.

Jorens said reassuringly, “Don’t worry, King, Rabe is very safe. After we left, the grand elder ordered the passage to be closed, so that the beasts would not be able to take advantage of it.”

An Jin breathed a sigh of relief and thought to himself, “The elders have really thought of everything.

Jorens expressed his gratitude for An Jin’s concern and reported to An Jin the distribution of the legion’s divisions around the world, with a mixture of military personnel and volunteers arranged to be in charge of one legion in Siao.

Jorens arranged things in a clear manner and did exactly what he said before. “I won’t let Wang worry about it.

An Jin understood the situation from Jorens’ report and contacted Little Silver.

Little Silver quickly picked up the communication and whispered, “An An, I’ll see you later.” His voice louder and his breath stronger, he said, “I’ll definitely come to see you.”

An Jin smiled and asked, “Did you get to Siao?”

Little Silver’s voice dropped again. “Yes, I’ve applied to the Three Legions,” he said, raising his voice to add, “I’m not forgetting my friends when I see them! I just…haven’t seen him for a long time. I’ll take a look and go to you!”

An Jin instantly understood who Little Silver was referring to as “he” and hurriedly said, “No need to rush, I’ll be back in Siao City in a while and we’ll meet again then.”

Little Silver asked, “Will An An be angry with me? I said I would visit you today, but I didn’t.”

An Jin laughed. “Of course not.”

Little Silver immediately cheered up. “An An is the best!”

An Jin heard an unfamiliar voice coming from his side, seemingly urging him on. Soon he heard Little Silver say, “I have to go to work, I’ll call you later.”

An Jin hung up and sat down on the couch to make his Agent A. He didn’t need to reserve his spiritual power to deal with the star beasts, so all his spiritual power was used to make Agent A. He estimated that he could make almost twenty-five hundred of them every day.

This amount was quite a lot, but for billions of soldiers, the amount was far from enough. Luckily, with the Rabe Star support, the demand for Agent A plummeted, and it was only needed to save in the case of emergency and to treat the soldiers suffering spiritual force riots.

After the mermaid soldiers and volunteers were assigned to each corps, the armies’ vitality, which was greatly injured during the star beast wave, quickly recovered, and the war power of the military units was even higher than before the star beast wave.

When it came to the scheduled return period, the heads of the legions stayed. Considering that Rabe was temporarily free, the Rabe Star elder’s house left behind the four legions and volunteers, and signed another cooperation agreement.

When the Siao Military Department quickly recovered, the rest of the stars were still suffering from the star beast tide attack; it was half a month later before the star beast tide of the whole star alliance completely ended. Although the remaining star beast tide lasted longer than Siao’s, the time was shorter compared to the past.

After the battle report of each star came out, the people of the entire Star Alliance knew that this year’s star beast tide was the fastest to end and with the least casualties ever. Less than an hour after the battle report came out, an analysis emperor immediately appeared to analyze the reasons for such a result.

It was soon concluded that there were two main reasons: first, pure plants were planted in each star and the battlefield was supported by Agent A. Second, the star beasts in the star field near Siao were scared away and fought with the star beasts in the rest of the star field, the battlefield spread across the star systems and the infighting consumed the fighting power of the star beasts.

Analysis of the posting was endorsed by many netizens:

[Don’t ask, the mermaid king is the most powerful!]

[The mermaid king is the most powerful!] The top post was copied infinitely.

An Jin knew nothing about this, he had returned to the palace by now, and was soaking in the pool of the mermaid room, leaning against a big crab with a thoughtful face. Norman’s birthday was in less than ten days, but he hadn’t figured out what to get him for his birthday!

He thought about it and tried to find inspiration from Norman’s past birthday videos. Yet it turned out that Norman had never had a birthday party. He frowned. Norman was the Siao Emperor, and this situation was obviously abnormal. He looked up Norman’s information and pieced together a rough answer from just a few words from the internet, and his eyes couldn’t help but rise with heartache.

Norman had been living in the villa, using only robotic housekeepers, and he hadn’t seen any of the royal family except for Nogi and Ian. In fact, these signs had indicated a lot of things. An Jin worried about touching Norman’s sadness, but also, he had not mentioned it. All the more, he wanted to send a gift that Norman would like.

He thought about it for a long time and suddenly had a flash of light, subconsciously tilted his head, and looked to the second floor. Norman had a room dedicated to starships and mecha models, and Norman’s preference was so obvious! He didn’t want Norman to know about it in advance, so he contacted Jorens.

Rabe was a very good mecha maker, so I guess a model would work too, right?

When he got a positive answer from Jorens, An Jin immediately became happy and talked to the maker Jorens introduced him to about the details.

At the same time, in the military marshal’s office, the head of the royal protocol department looked at Norman nervously and asked, “His Majesty, your birthday is coming up, should we start preparing for the birthday party?”

Norman did not let him be apprehensive for long, and nodded after a moment of silence. “Prepare it.”

The minister froze, his eyes surprised. For the first few years, he had asked His Majesty every year if he was holding a birthday party, and every year he had received a negative answer.

Although many of those years were because the star beast wave had not yet ended at the time of his birthday, there were also years when the star beast wave ended before his birthday, but no matter what the situation was, His Majesty just did not hold a birthday party. Today, he was also just fulfilling the customary inquiry of duty, and hearing a different answer from the past, could not help but freeze.

Soon, he reacted, This year was different from previous years, His Majesty has an empress! And soon there will be a royal son or princess! He hastily responded, “His Majesty is assured that arrangements will be made!”

The news of Norman’s birthday party spread quickly, and the people of Siao expressed their congratulations. An Jin accompanied Norman throughout the party and welcomed all kinds of congratulations.

In the evening, Norman came out of the bathroom after taking a bath, but found that the bright daylight in the bedroom was dimmed to a warm yellow hue, and his little mate, who had already taken a bath, was nowhere to be found.

In the blink of an eye, a blue mecha flew from the balcony to him. “Norman, happy birthday! I hope you have a happy birthday every year.”

Norman’s eyes flashed with surprise. The mecha, except for its color, looked exactly the same as Skywolf from the outside, and the voice was exactly the same as his little mate’s!


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