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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin returned to the lounge, sat down on the sofa, took out a level eight beast core from the terminal space, and put it in his palm. He closed his eyes and used his ability to absorb the energy from the core. The surging energy poured into his spiritual sea, and his spiritual power rose rapidly, reaching its full state in no time.

He continued to absorb energy, his blue spiritual silk getting brighter and brighter. Such was the substance of the spiritual swelling pain that it made a layer of sweat rise from his forehead, and his beautiful eyebrows could not help wrinkling. Suddenly, he felt Norman push the door and enter the room. He suspended absorption and opened his eyes to look at the door.

Norman’s face changed slightly, and he walked up to him quickly and rubbed his forehead. “Not feeling well?”

An Jin shook his head. “No, I’m going to upgrade.” He reminded Norman, “If I show a hard expression later, don’t worry, it’s normal, the same as when you upgraded to level seven.”

Norman’s expression was slightly relieved, and he sat down beside him. An Jin urged him to wash up, but he didn’t agree, as if he didn’t feel comfortable not keeping watch.

An Jin smiled at him, closed his eyes again, and concentrated on absorbing the energy. The spiritual sea became brighter and brighter, almost turning blue-white. An Jin had a feeling of too much spiritual power being held up, a very unpleasant feeling, more intense than the previous upgrades.

An hour later, his body’s energy finally reached the extreme value, and his ability broke through to the eighth level, while the spiritual sea also expanded. An Jin continued to absorb a little bit of energy to keep the spiritual force in a healthy state. He opened his eyes and looked to his left. His eyes curling up, he shouted, “It worked!”

Norman was attracted by his eyes, the blue eyes were slightly different from the usual, as if there was a dark light flowing in the depths, looking deep and fascinating. Norman raised his hand and touched the end of his eyes, his thumb brushed against the radiant scales at the end of his eyes, then moved away for a moment and took a piece of paper from the small table to wipe the sweat on his forehead.

An Jin felt Norman gradually approaching, his eyelashes fluttered quickly, and his heartbeat accelerated uncontrollably.

The moment Norman touched the soft lips of his little mate, his self-control suddenly disintegrated, and he reached out and put his hand on the back of the sofa, trapping the person in his arms completely.

An Jin closed his eyes and kissed him. His hand subconsciously raised to his shoulder, only to raise it, and he heard a thump. The beast core that was originally placed in his palm, fell to the floor.

An Jin subconsciously mewled and pushed Norman’s shoulder to pick up the beast nucleus, but his voice was soft and dark because of emotion, very inviting. Norman didn’t let go, but instead held the person tighter, and the kiss flowed from his lips to his chin, gradually going down.

An Jin’s breathing thickened and he turned his head with difficulty, and when he swept his gaze across the floor, he saw the beast’s core fall to the foot of the table, the original brilliant color was now dull, and a layer of cracks appeared on the surface.

The earlobe was nibbled, and Norman’s dark, dissatisfied voice came. “Not concentrating.”

An Jin reached out to stop his neck as Norman’s body pressed down. “The doctor said it could be done now.”

“Mn, ngh…” An Jin’s head was only half nodded when he couldn’t hold back a muffled grunt and his eyebrows knitted, covering his leg. “What is that!? It’s so hard!”

Norman’s body stiffened, reason returned, the scene and timing was not suitable. He secretly breathed, his upper body moved back, and, one knee sitting on the sofa, took out the military pocket and handed An Jin something. It was a bright red beast core, not very big, but the color was very bright. An Jin could feel the abundant energy inside just by looking at it.

His eyes were full of surprise, and he reached close to touch it. “A ninth-grade beast core?”

Norman nodded. “Black rock beast’s beast core. You didn’t get a level nine beast core last time? Take it.”

An Jin hesitated. “This is a precious resource, don’t you need to hand it over to the military?”

Norman explained, “All soldiers in the war will get a share of the resources obtained in the war, and the resources obtained from killing high level star beasts are even more, which you deserve.”

He knew better than anyone how much An Jin had contributed by killing two SSS star beasts.

An Jin happily accepted it and prepared to use it for his next upgrade. He looked at Norman, thought of the previous scene, and couldn’t help but smile. 

Norman reached out and touched his left leg. “Does it hurt?”

An Jin shook his head. At this time, the border area suddenly sounded an alarm; at the same time Norman received a message: [Your Majesty, star beast raid.]

Norman shook An Jin’s hand. “You rest well.” Then he turned around and left the lounge with a big stride.

An Jin’s face was serious, as he took out the low-level beast core to absorb energy, and his spiritual force close to full, he drank an Agent A to replenish nutrition, got up, and walked out.

The guards at the door hurriedly saluted, “King/Empress.”

An Jin looked around and inquired, “Where is Joseph?”

The guard responded, “In the monitoring room.”

In a short while, Joseph came to the front of the lounge, and at An Jin’s request, piloted the mecha, once again bringing An Jin to the edge of the battlefield. An Jin released his senses, which spread out quickly in all directions as if a large net, lashing out with a fast speed and wide range, very different from the feeling he had when he was at level seven of ability.

He locked onto an S-ranked star beast that was lunging at the mecha soldiers and shot a water arrow into the beast’s eye, which stalled the attack and then it howled in pain. An Jin regrouped the water arrows, and at the same time mobilized the blood of the star beast, and the water and blood arrows attacked the heart of the star beast at the same time.

The star beast’s howling stopped abruptly, blood spilled from its mouth, and its huge body swooped in mid-air and landed with a thud. The attacked mecha soldier froze, and the silver-gray mecha stayed in place for two seconds before coming back to his senses.

“Captain! An S class star beast just died suddenly in front of me before I had time to attack! God, is my intentional attack so powerful?”

“Wake up, you have the ability to kill another one?”

“Probably got blasted in the vitals by someone.”

An Jin looked at the dead star beast and surprise flashed in his eyes, after the ability upgrade, it had become easy for him to kill S-ranked star beasts, similar to killing mid-ranked star beasts at level seven. And his previous feeling was not wrong: using the ability in realistic battles, control of the ability was mastered faster.

He began to actively kill star beasts, giving priority to high level star beasts to test the attack power. He soon tested out that against SS, as well as SSS, star beasts, he was not yet able to kill them in seconds, but he was able to inflict damage on them. Unlike before, when he was unable to breach the epidermis against cloud-horned beasts and black rock beasts.

On the battlefield, the mecha soldier was fighting with the SS star beast. Seeing the sharp claws swinging towards him, the soldier looked aghast and was thinking of how to minimize the damage to avoid it, when he saw two water arrows flying from afar, one penetrating the star beast’s front claws and one into the star beast’s neck.

Bright red hot blood splashed, the mecha’s transparent shield was immediately stained with blood, and quickly cleaned by the cleaning system. More than one soldier experienced a similar scene.

More gasps and murmurs rang through the mecha channels as they fought and wondered in confusion, “What’s going on?”

After An Jin tested the combat power and had a general idea of the combat power, he started to clear the closer low to mid-level star beasts.

After a few trials, he was able to consistently target ten low to mid-level star beasts at the same time and kill them all at the same time within twenty seconds. He noticed that whenever a star beast suddenly died, the star beast next to it reacted with panic. He moved in his heart and stopped killing the star beasts from the inside out, but spread out to kill the star beasts in the group.

So there was this scene on the battlefield, where the star beasts were charging forward and attacking together, and suddenly a few of them inexplicably fell down and died. This situation happened one after another, and in the star beast’s view, the silent death of their companions, the unknown made them feel afraid. The star beast group was suddenly in chaos.

A SSS star beast flew overhead and looked down, its huge vertical pupils rotating 270 degrees, as if trying to find the cause of the star beast’s death, but nothing was found. At that moment, a particle cannon hit its left wing, and it roared at the black mecha not far away, raised its head and let out a long whistle, turned, and flew away. The star beasts below turned around at the same time and quickly withdrew from the battlefield, and the northwest defense zone was once again calm.

The viewers in the live broadcast room were excited and kept brushing their pop-ups.

[His Majesty is too powerful, ssss star beast is super bad-tempered, hit by His Majesty actually did not return fire, but directly fled.]

[Disgusting star beast roll away from them!]

[Run away again! Don’t run if you can.]

[Why do I feel that not by His Majesty’s hit and run, but by the star beast’s silent death scared away?]

[Agreed! Exactly the same disappointing way as before, with even more killing power.]

[This has never happened before, and both times the Empress was there!]

[I wonder if anyone remembers that the Empress used a similar method against the sea beasts, and I’m almost certain that these star beast deaths are definitely related to the Empress.]

An Jin did not know that the audience was discussing him, his attention remained on the battlefield.

All the living star beasts on the battlefield left, leaving a trail of star beast corpses.

“Empress, should we go back to rest?” Joseph asked. He hesitated and hesitated, but finally did not hold back and asked the doubts in his heart. “Has your strength increased?”

Not long ago, when the Empress attacked the SS star beast, except for attacking the eyes, he could not create much effect, but just now the killing power had increased a lot. His heart was full of shock, after all, only an hour or so had passed!

An Jin did not hide it and nodded. “Mn,” he pointed outside the shield, “I want to go there.”

Joseph had a new appreciation for his abilities, not to mention the fact that there was no danger at all outside right now, so he decisively piloted the mecha.

There were many mecha on the battlefield and the soldiers were clearing the battlefield. No one was paying attention to them, except Norman.

Joseph looked at the approaching black mecha and paused halfway. “Empress, His Majesty is coming.”

An Jin’s eyes moved away from the star beast, saw the familiar black mecha, and unconsciously smiled. “I’m going down.”

Joseph took control of the mecha and got down on one knee. The mecha’s palm was placed flat on the outside of the passenger hatch and then the hatch was opened.

An Jin stood on the mecha’s palm and was soon sent to the ground. Surrounded by the corpses of star beasts the size of houses and mecha soldiers cleaning up the battlefield, he felt as if he had shrunk by one.

At the same time, the rich smell of blood mixed with the smell of artillery fire into his nose; he felt revulsion, turning his head to dry vomit. He froze, how did he become so petulant?! This smell was much better than the rotten stench of zombies!

Norman jumped off the mecha and came to An Jin’s side, grabbed him, and asked anxiously, “You don’t feel well? I’ll take you to the doctor.”

An Jin covered his nose. “I’m not uncomfortable, I’m just not used to the smell.”

“The doctor said that there might be morning sickness, and the environment here is too bad.”

An Jin looked down at his abdomen. Recently he did not feel pregnant, as he was born a male human and was just uncomfortable, and was not thinking it was morning sickness. He looked at the star beasts, not quite wanting to leave.

Norman noticed his line of sight and asked, “Want a beast core? The logistician will take care of it, and when it’s done, I’ll bring it to you.”

An Jin shook his head. “I want to practice my ability to control.” 

Since realistic exercise was more effective, of course he had to step up his exercise. After all, every time he went up a level, his strength increased very obviously. At a high level, not only was the self-protection ability strengthened, but the daily production of Agent A can also be more and more.

Clearing the battlefield and exercising ability: two birds with one stone.

Norman looked at the blood splattered everywhere, and then looked at the white and clean little mate. “Then exercise on the mecha.”

An Jin immediately nodded his head. He originally thought that close distance could save spiritual force, not expecting his body to not be able to stand it.

Norman leaned down and picked him up horizontally.

An Jin’s eyes opened slightly. He patted Norman’s shoulder and looked at the mecha next to him with embarrassment. “Put me down.”

Norman heard his embarrassment and looked slightly relieved, his hostility from the fight dissipated. “All Siao people know that we are mates, and they want us to love each other, so don’t be shy.”

An Jin’s forehead rested on his shoulder, and he avoided the straightforward line of sight, waiting to sit in the mecha passenger seat. The hatch closed, and he exhaled lightly.

Norman lifted his hand and rubbed the top of his hair. “How do you want to work out?”

An Jin looked out the window. “You get the mecha close to the brain of the star beast.”

Norman took control of mecha and stood next to an S class star beast.

An Jin ran the water power, and a large water arrow appeared steeply in the distance, then quickly shot at the star beast’s brain, the water arrow rotating at high speed as it moved.

The star beast’s brain blossomed silently, and blood splashed everywhere, revealing the white beast core inside.

An Jin wrapped the nucleus with a water ball, separated the nucleus, and changed to clean water to spin and wash it. After making sure the nucleus was clean, he asked Norman, “Should I give the nucleus to the logistician?”

Norman said, “You keep it.”

An Jin immediately thought of what Norman had said before, he participated in the battle, so indeed, he could share the resources. He asked, “Don’t you need to register?” 

“You don’t have to, your kills are well counted.”

An Jin then put the beast cores into the terminal space. His eyes swept over Norman’s terminal and revealed a dazed look. “No wonder you’re rich! You have so much military power!”

An Jin had bought beast cores, and knew that they were not cheap, especially the high level ones. Norman often went to the battlefield and killed countless high-class star beasts, which was equivalent to a large amount of money.

Norman shook his head. “The main thing is that I inherited a very rich family fortune.”

An Jin couldn’t help but smile, a veritable second generation of wealth. He chatted with Norman, asking him about the types of star beasts and handling the cores from time to time.

Soldiers around them cast surprised glances at them from time to time. The water arrows appeared suddenly, and they didn’t know who moved them, but His Majesty and the empress were the closest, and the empress was present when the star beasts died suddenly both times.

Everyone had the realization that it wasn’t an epidemic that killed the Star Beast! It was the empress!

The pop-ups in the live broadcast went crazy:

[The Empress is really worthy of being the mermaid king, he is also too powerful!]

[His Majesty and the Empress are a perfect match, they are both so strong!]

[He’s so beautiful and so strong! Boing, low self-esteem.]

[The old post, this owner’s face pain? And also said that the Empress is not worthy of His Majesty, that what the princess is worthy, I give you a big yuck!]

[This person has a brain problem, right, so long and actually has not deleted the post, not much to say, reported.]

[Come late, what post?]

[Already deleted the post.]

An Jin’s spiritual force was still at a quarter by the time he stopped using the ability. He and Norman went back to the lounge together and washed up before getting some rest.

Two hours later, the alarm sounded again and Norman quickly went to support the battlefield. An Jin looked at the closed door, very heartbroken that Norman had to go, and his beautiful blue eyes rose up in anger.

These star beasts, what a nuisance!

An Jin quickly got up, changed into his workout clothes, and headed out. He opened the door to see Joseph standing in the doorway, his eyes looking at him extremely brightly. An Jin laughed, got into Joseph’s mecha, and killed the star beasts again remotely—more fiercely than he had done twice before.

Half an hour later, the star beast escaped.

Five hours later, the star beast attacked again, and was then scared away again by the massive death of its kind.

An Jin looked at the fleeing star beasts, his eyebrows knitted, and he said to Norman, “The impurities in their bodies are getting bigger and bigger.”

Norman was not surprised. His eyes were deep, when he said, “Few soldiers were sacrificed this time, and they have no food. According to the scouts who tracked and poked around, they left for the closer garbage planet, where the flora and fauna are heavily contaminated and have excessive levels of impurities.” He paused, adding, “After you made pure food, the military department realized why the star beasts insisted on attacking humans, who were pure food to them.”

If the spiritual riots completely routed the people who had blackened, there were no impurities in the human body; they were all removed by the spiritual force. An Jin took a deep breath, suddenly thought of checking the star beast tide news, saw the video of star beasts eating people, and could not help but feel his scalp tingling.

Norman saw his tense face and rubbed the top of his hair. “The magnetic field between the galaxies will change after the spring star beasts’ breeding instincts drive them to return to their home planet to reproduce; every year only during the spring beast wave period would large-scale star beasts appear.”

An Jin frowned. “The planet where the beasts live is also contaminated?”

Norman nodded and touched his brow to An Jin’s brow. “I’ll send you back to rest.”

When An Jin woke up again, he was surprised to see Norman still in the room.

Norman kissed him on the forehead and shared the good news, “The star beast has left.”

An Jin was delighted, but when he asked him more about it, he found out that the star beast had given up the attack on Siao and went to a more distant planet, but met with the rest of the star beasts, and there was a star beast fight in the interstellar.

The #SiaoCrisisRelieved has quickly become a hot topic on the internet.

While An Jin was eating breakfast, he received a message from Jorens: [King, the leap point is built!]

Not long after, An Jin received another message from Little Silver: [An An, I’ll come back to Siao to see you tomorrow!]


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