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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


Half an hour later, Mu CangZhou turned his head and looked coldly at Suther. The swirls in his eyes were obscure, and the air around him was cold and bone chilling. He asked Suther in a shuddering tone, “Have you thought it over?”

The latter cowered for a moment, shook his head, twisted his hands, and turned his head towards Jing Man’s bedroom.

Mu CangZhou narrowed his eyes and guessed his thoughts, his heart tightened. He hurriedly reached out to grab his arm, but it came up empty.

Suther jumped out of the couch at lightning speed, over the children, and ran upstairs in a few giant strides, knocking frantically on Jing Man’s door. He thought, even if he had to leave, he had to say goodbye to Brother Man! See Brother Man once! “Brother Man, open the door! Help me! Brother Zhou wants to kick me out! Brother Man, open the door, don’t sleep!”

Hearing the stormy knocking on the door and Suther’s desperate shouting, Jing Man sat up from the bed, his forehead pounding. He yanked open the door and dragged Suther inside.

Once inside, Jing Man sat down on the edge of the bed, the dragon emotions still fresh in his mind. He had the illusion that he was powerful and strong. Hands in fists, chin up, “What did he do to you?”

He didn’t notice the difference in Brother Man’s attitude before and after he slept.

Suther stood there, indignant, “Brother Zhou wants to kick me out! He says I’m a stowaway, and he’s going to deal with me after my vacation!”

How could Mu CangZhou be so cruel when the embroidered dragon could not come here easily?

Jing Man frowned slightly, and looked out the door.

After going through the picture book in his dream, he was influenced by the dragon and completely regained his love and protection for Suther in his heart. He listed him in his list of children to protect.

At the same time, he had a lot of complaints about the Golden Dragon’s way of doing things.

As a result, Mu CangZhou again was here bullying the embroidered thread dragon child in front of him, he is the Golden Dragon Stone Hammer!1

Jing Man pulled up the corners of his mouth and patted the place beside him, “Come, sit here, Brother will cover you.”

Seeing that the call for help was effective, Suther was overjoyed. He sat down and grabbed Jing Man’s arm, trying to move towards him. He was very satisfied to stay next to Brother Man.

As a result, Jing Man waved an eye at him and tore him off, teaching the silver-haired kid the same way he taught his own children. He said in a serious way, “You’re so old, and you’re still getting close to me, it’s not right.”

Suther gave a cry, put on my good face, and smiled cautiously.

A little more settled, he guessed he could stay.

Jing Man stood up and walked to the door, admonishing in a childlike tone, “You stay here and be good.”

He walked out of the room and met Mu CangZhou, who had just come upstairs.

Mu CangZhou thought for a moment and decided not to mention why Suther came up and knocked on the door like a fugitive. He just asked, “ManMan, I heard you suddenly got sleepy just now, what happened?”

However, Jing Man wasn’t going to let it go, he said in an indifferent tone, “I went back to sleep when I got sleepy, Brother Mu, I feel like I’m in tune with this kid.”

Mu CangZhou held his breath and looked at Jing Man, especially wanting to ask him what he knew.

However, he was afraid that if Jing Man didn’t figure out the logic of it, he would have figured it out once he mentioned it. It was quite a dilemma in his mind.

Seeing that Mu CangZhou still did not honestly explain, Jing Man gave a laugh in his heart.

His brain circuitry with the light cream-colored dragon weirdly match up. He felt Mu CangZhou had always been on the opposite side, coaxing him like a fool.

Thinking of Suther in the house, he slightly lowered his eyes and fell into thought.

Finally, he decided to conceal his dream and just said, “Suther is a poor little boy I picked up at Long’s and seems to have mistaken me for someone else. I decided to let him stay at my house for a while, do you have a problem with that?”

Hearing him say that, Mu CangZhou just assumed that Jing Man didn’t believe what Suther said. His heart was happy. Jing Man made a statement that he wanted to keep Suther, and he could not refuse.

Mu CangZhou nodded his head and said, “Sure, I have to take ZhiZhi back to Tianhu District on the 29th, so I can let him keep you company.”

The words turned out to be tasteless to Jing Man’s ears.

What? Not only to drive away the embroidered dragon, but also to take away the second child? You’re a real bully.

Jing Man hid his dislike and said suspiciously, “Why do you want to take ZhiZhi away?”

Mu CangZhou was stunned, and then smiled, “… They’ll cry if they can’t see me.”

Oh… That’s true.

Jing Man’s gaze traced Mu CangZhou’s features for a moment, and to his surprise, the human face hid a fiendish nature. His brow furrowed tightly as he asked, “How long will you stay there?”

Mu CangZhou calculated, “Five days to leap back and forth, three days for the meeting, almost eight. Nine days…”

Jing Man thought seriously for a long time and decided, “Then I’ll go with you and bring the kids, Suther and Big Bear.”

Mu CangZhou’s heart felt a little bit unbearable that the whole family had to be caught in the running because of himself.

There was nothing strange about what Jing Man said, except that his attitude was a bit cold. He asked softly, “Aren’t you starting school soon?”

Jing Man decided not to let Mu CangZhou have the opportunity to run away with ZhiZhi. He immediately replied, “Teaching will be online, don’t worry.”

Mu CangZhou had to nod, “The meeting is boring, you’d better think about it.”

Look at his stammering attitude, there was definitely something suspicious!

Tianhu District, he was going to go for sure! Jing Man raised his eyebrows, tilted his head and said, “It’s okay, just take the opportunity to go out for a few days to renovate the home. By the way, do you know any microclimate designers?”

Mu CangZhou, “Tian Yuan can, he is very good at this.”

Nodding, Jing Man remembered something and continued to ask, “I want to take the backyard of your house and make it into a huge pool, is that okay?”

Seeing that he had no intention of splitting the family, Mu CangZhou snorted a laugh. He said, “Yes, but remember to leave some soil, when ZhiZhi is bigger, they’ll need to be in contact with natural soil.”

And so, Suther was left.

That day, Jing Man looked as usual, but at night, he went back to his bedroom and slept.

Mu CangZhou came knocking at the door in the middle of the night, and he answered in an icy voice, “Suther is here, and it is not good to see us sleeping together.”


On August 28th, Xiao Jin unknowingly became a month old baby dragon.

This month, he grew up fast. From a palm-sized western dragon with softly stepping scales, he grew into a fat, hard-scaled dragon the size of an A4 book.2

Jing Man made up enough live stream time, and contacted June Snow platform to cancel his contract. So, he bought a new camera sphere that would not open the live stream with one click, recording the whole day.

The pale golden dragon was given the opportunity to match his own outfit today. He got together with Suther and went through the closet and chose a golden king outfit to put on.

These clothes did not really match Jing Man’s aesthetics, but he purely wanted to empty his June Snow platform’s remaining popularity value and added things to the shopping cart at random.

And this set of clothes was too big, the top alone could cover the little dragon’s knees, the pants were pinned up and he could barely wear them.

But Xiao Jin and Suther agreed, it was golden! It looked good!

Seeing Xiao Jin take two steps, he would step on the corner of his pants, causing the tragedy of falling flat on the ground. Suther stepped forward and volunteered to take on the task of carrying and moving Xiao Jin today.

Jing Man was pleased to see that these two dragons were getting along and becoming good friends who could appreciate each other.

But he had analyzed it secretly, in the eyes of his children, Suther’s identity was subtle…

The children called Big Bear their brother, but called Suther by his first name.

The children would be very happy to play hide and seek with Big Bear on a team, but when on a team with Suther, a touch of disappointment would appear on their faces.

The children usually like to lie on Big Bear and ride Big Bear to show off, but they didn’t easily ask Suther to hold them, as if they were afraid of tiring him out.

Perhaps it was because on the first day they met, Suther hugged him and cried. This image shocked the children, thinking of him as a crybaby…

After seeing his dragon form, they felt that he was very powerful …

So, they did not dare to provoke him, and did not feel comfortable to include him as their brother.

Xiao Shui saw Xiao Jin stuck with Suther all the time, and would try to stare at the suspicious character and petrify him. Although it never worked…

“May Xiao Jin grow up healthy! Become a strong and gorgeous dragon!”

The day soon came to an end with laughter.

In the evening, Jing Man was videoing with Tian Yuan, discussing with him how to decorate his house.

Mu CangZhou came over to him and asked, “We’re leaving tomorrow, have you packed your bags?”

Jing Man nodded slightly, and then turned around. He continued to talk to Tian Yuan and did not focus on him.

Only then did Mu CangZhou realize that Jing Man’s perversity in the past few days showed that he was displeased with him. He was a little helpless, but he did not know what he did wrong. He could only follow Jing Man quietly, trying to wait for his time to free up so that he could lock eyes with himself.

Jing Man sensed the figure following him but he had mixed feelings and didn’t know how to face Brother Mu.

As time passed, the disdainful feeling of the giant dragon to the golden dragon in the picture book gradually detached from his mind. He also realized that he was angry at Brother Mu with something that had not happened so far and whose authenticity was not testable. This was very childish and irresponsible behavior, but his heart could not pass this hurdle, so he escaped.

Until Tian Yuan on the other side said, “Detected Mu CangZhou is looking for Jing Man for something, so Tian Yuan decided to hang up the terminal. Goodbye.”

Jing Man awkwardly put away the terminal and pretended to realize, “Brother Mu, want to see me?”

Mu CangZhou’s eyes were so deep that they seemed to suck him in, and he asked directly, “ManMan, are you avoiding me these days? Why?”

Jing Man’s eyes rolled up and he opened his mouth to give Suther the blame, but Mu CangZhou was the kind of person who found problems and solved them. The first two days he was slow to listen to Jing Man’s made-up nonsense. Now, realizing that he was avoiding himself, he had to ask for clarification. So, he walked up and clutched Jing Man’s wrist, pulled him to the guest room, pressed him to the bed, looked at him condescendingly, and asked again.

Because of a dream that affects the relationship of the present world. How could Jing Man say such a fatal thing?

He still held his original view, and put his face to the side, “Suther is here, letting the minor see us behave affectionately is a bad influence. I was busy working with Tian Yuan on how to create a microclimate and didn’t have time to take care of you, sorry.”

“Lies.” Mu CangZhou pressed down and nibbled on his earlobe, his hot, wet breath spraying on Jing Man’s swan-like neck.

Feeling a tingling tickle, Jing Man rubbed his neck and tried hard to push Mu CangZhou away. He said in annoyance, “Really, believe it or not.”

Mu CangZhou frowned, he didn’t want Jing Man to focus on the story Suther had brought, but it was not a good idea to continue getting the ‘cold shoulder.’ He said, “I don’t know what Suther told you, but if someone finds out he’s here, he’ll be punished and his future will be buried in his own hands. Send him away before it’s too late, will you?”

That serious? He hadn’t considered it… Jing Man’s eyes narrowed slightly as he considered if this statement was a lie to him.

Mu CangZhou sensed his doubt and bumped his forehead on his head, “Really, I wouldn’t joke with you about such things.”

Jing Man looked into his eyes, very deep and heavy, but the emotions flowing out were very real, and finally nodded with difficulty, “Mn, I’ll talk to him.”

Poor Suther, who happily packed up his things, ready to follow the large group tomorrow to take the leap point to Tianhu District and snack happily for food, was called over.

The children were already asleep, covered with small blankets.

Brother Man was sitting on the bed and Brother Zhou was standing at the side.

The cool breeze sent in through the window, and Suther looked at them with a serious expression on his face and shivered a little.

Jing Man’s brow was furrowed, and he spoke the lines he had agreed to with Mu CangZhou. His tone was as gentle as possible, “Suther, it’s too much time to leap back and forth, why don’t you go home first?”

“Brother Man, even you want to kick me out?” Suther’s shoulders shook and he whimpered.

“No.” Jing Man said with a stiff upper lip, continuing with the words Mu CangZhou had made up for him, “Wait two years later, brother will go to look for you, okay? I’ll definitely spend more time with you then.”

Suther didn’t answer, but stared up at Mu CangZhou, as if he knew it was his idea. He talked to the system in his head and said with a flash of light, “Stay with me for a year then, I’ll leave right away.”

Mu CangZhou came over and spoke coldly, “Three months.”

Suther was still scared, but this was the only chance he had left, he kept yelling with his neck strained, “One year, one year, one year!”

“Two months.” The terms Mu CangZhou offered became less and less.

Suther’s nose was sore and the corners of his eyes were red, “One year… Stay with me for a year, please…”

Seeing the two of them argue back and forth, like bargaining in a vegetable market, Jing Man looked stifled, his tone serious decision, “six months, then we stay with you for six months. If you can

Seeing the two of them vegetable market bargaining back and forth, Jing Man looked stifled, making a serious decision, “Six months, then we will stay with you for six months. If you can, listen to me, if not, you two do not stay in my house to quarrel.”

Mu CangZhou and Suther did not obey anyone, but they listened to Jing Man’s words. They gave each other a look and a grunt of agreement, and Suther was evicted from Sky Blue Star that night.


Once again in the Tianhu District, slowly walking down the leap point was a familiar family of eight.

Jing Man was in the lounge watching the children, waiting for Mu CangZhou to go to the pet leap point area to get Big Bear. Then, he heard a female voice from behind him, “Hey, hey, hey! Honey, look, is that Dr. Mu’s friend?!”

Jing Man turned his head at the sound of the voice, his eyes narrowed, and it was indeed an acquaintance. His lips curled into a smile and he raised his hand in greeting.

He laughed straight in his heart, the number of times Mu CangZhou showed up publicly was really too little, and he wasn’t the only one who was kept in the dark. Most people in this world couldn’t guess that he was the famous Chief Mu.

The visitor was the mussel woman they rescued in Tianhu District earlier, Mr. and Mrs. Lin Zhuzi. At this moment, they were pushing an aquatic baby stroller slowly, looking like a large walking fish tank, which in addition to the small mussel, they also added aquatic plants, gravel and red coral.

When they approached, Jing Man asked in a friendly manner, “Are you also going to the egg breeding base?”

Lin Zhuzi froze for a moment and shook her head.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Stone Hammer might be related to 实锤, which means to defeat someone with conclusive evidence.
  2. 297mm x 210mm; ~11 17⁄24 x 8 ¼ in.


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