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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


“The car we called is here, bye bye.” Saying goodbye to Jing Man and his group, Lin Zhuzi and her husband Li Chi continued their journey.

After walking some distance, Lin Zhuzi said in a worried tone, “Honey, I feel in my heart that we should tell Dr. Mu about the baby’s current state and ask him if there is a solution.”

Li Chi gave a sigh, and put his hand on her shoulder to soothe, “Zhuzi, one matter does not bother two masters.1 Shen Chengzi will soon finish a course of treatment, the baby absorbed the medicine very well, she will certainly get better.”

Seeing Lin Zhuzi was still very uneasy, he persisted, “Think about it, so many children whose health is worse than our baby are back to health, soon she will be fine.”

Thinking of the various information and medicine sent by the baby care master, Lin Zhuzi nodded slightly. Stiffly, she gave herself a piece of mind. Her gaze fell on the aquatic baby stroller, the water inside was an imperceptible blue color. It had been ‘purified’ with the medicine given by the master.

The little mussel closed her shell tightly, and the situation was indeed getting better and better.

But Lin Zhuzi frowned slightly, her heart was still looking forward to it. If the baby could open her shell more often and play with them, it would be better.

Only, this child’s personality was unreasonably quiet since birth…


This time, Jing Man took the kids again to stay in the nursery suite of Five Seasons Hotel. They waited in the lobby for a while before the room with four microclimate rooms was ready.

The AI said it had never received such an order before, and other families only had three racial babies max. It was the first time in a hundred years that a medusa child had stayed at a five-season hotel, and it was not easy to prepare a microclimate room.

When they entered the suite, Jing Man checked it out. The dragon child and the treant needed a microclimate room that was not very different from the last one. In addition to some differences in the placement of items, the basic configuration was the same.

Back to the room with gems inlaid on the walls and floor, Xiao Jin’s eyes lit up. He had not had a decent nest of gems until now, and Jing Man had only bought him some gem toys.

Xiao Jin raised his eyes to Jing Man, his eyes shining brightly. His little paws excitedly patted the stroller and said with anticipation, “Daddy! Can I go in and play?”

Jing Man looked at Mu CangZhou helplessly and smiled, “Go ahead, it’s all yours. Remember not to be too greedy. While storing energy, remember to absorb it, do not grow metal wings again.”

At the word, Xiao Jin’s muscles on his back became slightly strained, and spread his fleshy wings. He turned his head to look at them and thought his wings were beautiful, the wings with metallic feathers were as good as the light golden membrane wings. But he was a good boy and would listen to Daddy. Xiao Jin nodded seriously and decided to take it easy this time and absorb the gems and metals.

Although the metal wings looked like feathers, appearing soft and light, it was really too heavy!

When walking around with them on his back, he almost stumbled a few times. He didn’t want to make a joke of himself in front of his siblings.

After settling Xiao Jin, Jing Man smiled and asked the little treant, “ZhiZhi, are you going to stay in your microclimate room now?”

ZhiZhi’s eyes moved, as if they were thinking. After a moment, they asked in a soft voice, “Can Big Bear stay with me?”

“Sure, as long as he wants to.”

Jing Man squatted down, looked at Big Bear, and said in a serious tone, “Big Bear, would you like to stay with ZhiZhi in their room? There is mud and running water inside, if you go in there, your fur will definitely get dirty and you will have to take more baths.”

Big Bear sat crouching and gazed at ZhiZhi. Finally, he gave a woof in his expectant gaze, and his tail flicked happily behind him.

Jing Man smiled, “Then you can go in and play.”

He pursed his lips and proceeded to push open the third door labeled with the word [microclimate].

He guessed whether it was for white tiger cubs or medusa babies. He didn’t know how the hotel did it, but this room looked big and wide, like a deep forest without borders. The thick vines climbing up the old trees grew beautiful swaying flowers. In the damp place under the tree was a lot of small gray and white mushrooms and bright green moss.

The wind wandered through the gaps and the green leaves at the top of the tree were blown around. There were birds singing on the branches, and grasshoppers, whether projected or real, were jumping on the grass leaves, causing them to tremble slightly.

Suddenly, a white figure leapt out of the forest, moving so fast that it left a blur.

This thing appeared unexpectedly, Jing Man was scared enough to take a step back. After collecting himself, he raised his hand on his brow and squeezed his eyes to see what it was.

FanFan, the tiger cub, saw it clearly and he shouted excitedly, “I want to eat rabbit!”

He struggled to get out of the stroller, licking the corners of his mouth happily.

Mu CangZhou laughed softly at this and took the little white tiger down to the ground, patted his bottom and let him start rushing forth.

It turned out that this was a microclimate room for tiger cubs to exercise their hunting ability.

Jing Man was happy to see that the child’s physique could be exercised.

Only, the child would not really have to drink blood and fur, right? Jing Man shuddered at the thought of such a cute fluffy family member gnawing on bloody raw rabbit meat.

He cast a moody glance at Mu CangZhou. The latter raised his eyebrows, not reading his meaning, “What’s wrong, ManMan?”

Jing Man scratched his head helplessly and gestured to the room, “Can he really catch rabbits? What if FanFan wants to eat them? We can’t let him eat wild food.”

In order not to reveal too much information and discourage FanFan from hunting, Mu CangZhou came closer and whispered in his ear in a soft magnetic voice, “That is an AI prey with 99% realism, and when he catches it, the AI will reward him with a rabbit snack.”

He looked down and saw Xiao Shui looking at them suspiciously, as if asking Daddy and his father what they were doing so close to each other. Jing Man shrank his neck, his cheeks slightly red, nodded his head to show that he knew and was no longer worried.

The three babies were settled, and now the medusa was left. Jing Man left the stroller behind, picked up Xiao Shui and walked to the next room. Just as he pushed the door open, he heard the sound of raging waves, and the place was set up like it was on the beach.

Under the golden sand and gravel, there were all kinds of wet coastal animals, including crabs, sea snails, and shells. There were several coconut trees planted on the shore, and Mu CangZhou said the coconuts on them were edible. The sea was so deep, blue and endless that one look at it seemed to suck people in.

“Daddy, do I have to stay here?” Xiao Shui tilted his head to look at Jing Man with a worried tone.

The dark blue hair also followed its owner’s mood and wrapped itself around Jing Man’s wrist, gradually tightening it.


Obviously the other children are very fond of the microclimate room, but Xiao Shui was actually resistant.

Jing Man was slightly stunned.

After reacting, he raised his hand and caressed the child’s back, softly saying, “If you don’t like it, then you can be with Daddy and Father, it’s okay.”

Xiao Shui bit his lower lip, and took a fond look at the blue sea and blue sky. He was about to ask Daddy to close the door and hide the place that attracted him, so that he could stay with the two dads for a few days.


“Hello medusa, I’ve finally waited for you.” A mysterious and treacherous, smoky female voice with a story just from hearing the voice line appeared in everyone’s ears.

This was so unusual, is there someone else in the suite I paid for? Jing Man took a few steps back, hugging the child warily. He asked in a loud voice, “Who are you?”

“My name is Risa.” The calm surface of the sea slowly scattered a seaweed-like dark green hair. The hair was windless and looked as alive as Xiao Shui’s hair.

Not alarmed, Mu CangZhou’s eyes crossed over this hair one by one. Finally finding the key point, he was relieved. He put his hand on Jing Man’s shoulder and squeezed it, whispering, “Don’t be afraid, ManMan, it’s AI.”

AI? This voice sounds exactly like the tone of human speech, without a trace of AI’s mechanical stiffness and haphazard pauses! You said she was an AI?

Jing Man, with a face of disbelief, asked in a sideways whisper, “How can you tell?”

Mu CangZhou pointed out to him, “That place, see, the hair is detached. And parts of the hair have been playing repeatedly, the sound should be recorded in advance.”

Jing Man looked over and found the tiny bug in the projection. He relaxed and asked the good baby in his arms, “Xiao Shui, so are you going to live here?”

Xiao Shui buried his head into Daddy’s chest and shook his head. In fact, he wanted to meet his fellow seniors in his heart, but… It was so easy for his brothers to have their own affairs, and he could be alone with his father and daddy, he wanted to cherish this opportunity even more.

There Risa continued in a smoky voice, “I will teach you how to become a qualified medusa, come to me in the sea.”

Hearing these words, Mu CangZhou’s heart moved slightly. Xiao Shui had not yet mastered the ability to turn off the Petrifying Eye by self-consciousness, so he didn’t know when he would have to wait until ManMan regained his memory. He wanted Xiao Shui to try…

So, Mu CangZhou suggested, “Xiao Shui, why don’t you stay here for a while and we’ll stay with you on the beach.”

Xiao Shui buried his head deeper, his father’s offer was really tempting to him…

He could meet with senior medusa, and at the same time enjoy the pampering and company of his father and daddy all to himself. His little brain was trying to work, weighing which answer he wanted the most.

If the child didn’t want to, then they didn’t need to rush. Jing Man was distressed to see that Xiao Shui’s hair was getting tangled up again. He knitted his eyebrows and said, “Brother Mu, it’s fine, we’ll just take Xiao Shui with us. If it’s too much trouble for you, I’ll take him myself.”

“It will be good for him.” Mu CangZhou did not want to lose this opportunity for the child to learn to control the Petrifying Eye, and with a flourish said, “He will learn how to control the Petrifying Eye by following the adult medusa, that’s how you used to learn…”

His voice stopped abruptly, his expression turned solemn, his eyebrows lowered.

Hmm? I used to learn this way? Hello? What are you talking about, Brother Mu? The expression you have now isn’t clear, you have to be honest with me. You suddenly mention something and I do not know how to respond!

Jing Man was surprised as he looked at Mu CangZhou, eyes with a smirking emotion, “Oh, really? I’m sorry I forgot, I used to be a medusa.”

The perception of anger in this statement was very, very low, more teasing and curious.

Mu CangZhou was surprised for a moment, and great joy rose up in his heart.

Suther’s presence may have really changed Jing Man! Now may be the best time to confess!

The corners of his lips were slightly hooked, and he deliberately put on an expression of ‘I am very much in possession of the truth and made up a lie’, “You heard wrong, what I said was what Tian Yuan said to me. In the past, when medusa were not as rare as it is now, this is how everyone learned to master the technique of controlling the Petrifying Eye.”

Jing Man’s peach blossom eyes evoked spring, “So, that’s how I learned to do it too. Was I really a medusa before? So powerful!”

He couldn’t understand what Father and Daddy were talking about. Xiao Shui was now full of thoughts: I can learn to control the petrifying eyes! I can play with Auntie Long now! I don’t have to pretend to sleep in front of the guests anymore! He was so happy that he couldn’t untangle his hair fast enough. He let go of Daddy’s arm and pounced on the sea without looking back, with his short, fleshy legs.

Mu CangZhou’s intuitive qi and blood rushed to his head, and his eyes were fixed on Jing Man.

Now Jing Man was hiding a belly of bad things, and the way he kept asking him questions actually made him react…

This was really nonsense.

Jing Man sensed the other party’s uneasy emotions and found it interesting, so he deliberately moved closer to Brother Mu.

He had his hands on the beach, his fingers in the fine and soft gravel, and his eyes were wet looking at Mu CangZhou. Jing Man said, “Brother Mu, tell me.”

Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me everything you know. It’s better to do it now than choosing another day. If he keeps it in any longer, he’s going to go crazy.

Mu CangZhou teeth tightened and took a deep breath. With dark and heavy eyes, he looked at Jing Man and decided to put up a fight today and tell Jing Man everything.

But before that… He had a fierce look in his eyes, closed his eyes and went over to him, twisting and grinding on his lips and asking for more.

When he opened his eyes again, Jing Man’s eyes became even more moist.

It had been a while since they had kissed, and the suddenness of it made him breathless and his eyes slightly red at the corners. He gasped, his cheeks burned and his fingers twisted together. He said angrily, “Xiao Shui is still here, and you just… I ask you something and you don’t answer, you keep not telling me, I’m really going to get angry!”

The corners of his lips hooked up, Mu CangZhou picked him up across the room and walked towards the master bedroom. As he walked, he said, “Xiao Shui is studying with medusa, I will tell you everything you want to know.”

Jing Man struggled and jumped off the floor, throwing a sharp glare at him, “Put Little Five and Little Six in place before you do! You’re an irresponsible father.”

“Yeah.” Mu CangZhou nodded his head, but as soon as he could, he grabbed Jing Man back again. He pressed Jing Man into the bed in the master bedroom, pressed and kissed him, and whispered in his ear, “Be good and wait for me.”

Then, with a sullen face, he went out to arrange for the remaining two eggs.

Jing Man lay on the bed, his heart beating fast. He noticed one thing, Brother Mu was very aggressive and anxious every time he kissed him, spilling his hormones mercilessly, just like a wolf that hungered for a long time…

The thought of that blank picture book in the dream to be filled, the missing part of his heart, as if it was finally going to be filled.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Related to the saying, ‘one guest does not both two hosts’ (一客不烦二主). It means one person is responsible for one thing, so it’s not necessary to get help from others.


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