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Bai Yun

 by A Blue Whale (一隻藍鯨)

Chinese Information:白雲 


Year: 2022

Genre: BL, smut, yaoi, mature, non human, old lovers reunite, demon king, dragons, reincarnation, unreliable author, m-preg

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 10 chapters (complete)

Translator: Addis

QC: Rara

Editor: Karatechopmonkey

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[1v1 end] Bai Yun (lecherous shou X strong sexual desire dragon gong) author: a blue whale

Original / BL / fiction / high H / Drama / strong gong x strong shou / Beauty shou

Part of a series, there are only two protagonists, gong is a dragon with two pp.

Bai Yun(lecherous shou) x Nan Yibei ( strong sexual desire gong)

(I stayed up all night yesterday and wrote it all at one go. 9 out of 10 chapters are NSFW. The plot will not match the main storyline.)


Chapter 1: Seduction (NSFW)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: The long missing Ra but actually I’m being held captive by Add——————–


A virgin who has just begun to have sex was incapable of stopping after having their first taste. Bai Yun watched that man with a straight face all day, often teasing him when he had nothing to do. As the young patriarch of the main sect, wouldn’t harassing his younger martial brothers of other sects be a problem?

Of course not!

A tea cup was pushed in front of Nan Yibei, while the man in front of the table smiled with ill intention. His long ink-like hair dropped down to his waist, and his white robe hung loosely on his shoulders.

“What can I do for you, sir?” Nan Yibei frowned at the man who just landed beside him. He couldn’t see his cultivation, but the aura surrounding him couldn’t be ignored. Although his actions weren’t hostile, every step was like the debauchery of that of a brothel woman. His thin white fingers gently touched him, and the places touched by his fingers seemed to be burning.

Bai Yun smiled with wicked intentions. His long black hair was wrapped in his hands. He approached Nan Yibei and drew a circle on his chest with his hand, “Hey little one, want to do something fun?”

Bai Yun took his hand and led him to probe into his robe. Nan Yibei’s fingers touched the soft, white skin, feeling wonderful against his fingers. An unknown fire moved in his belly. He tried to withdraw his hand, but Bai Yun held it tighter.

There was a barrier outside the inn. It was impossible to break one imposed by Nan YiBei, unless one’s cultivation reached the level of Bai Yun.

He has been an immortal for hundreds of years, but now he was still an old virgin. Some of the herbs in the cultivation world needed the urine of a young boy as nourishment for fertilizer. Whenever Bai Yun passed by those places, there were always several people who would consciously or unconsciously mention how vigorous their “family jewel” was and would leave them so euphoric that they couldn’t even go farming, and then they would mock him that a thousand year old virgin like him couldn’t feel that feeling.

Bai Yun was furious. He scolded those people for being shameless. After staying with those guys for a long time, he gradually learned some methods to seduce people. He learned that this person had a thing which could make a man fall head over heels and secrete their love fluid. So he immediately tried the new secret method he just learned. As a result, a crack was directly torn between his legs. If there was nothing to block it, it would flow like a river every day. What was more, it would emit bursts of fragrance, and it was hard to extricate himself.

Bai Yun strangled the other man’s neck and asked him what could be done to solve the problem. The other man also directly told him to find a person and insert his penis in directly!

Bai Yun kicked them away with one foot and went straight down to find someone to deflower him. It was only after a long time before he saw Nan Yibei, a man with the aura of a lonely swordsman.

The man dressed in black tightly held the sword in his hand, and then suddenly, a barrier had been erected in the sky.

Bai Yun, dressed in white, appeared beside him. His white shoulders were exposed, and his body gave off an inexplicable dry and hot smell, which made him feel uncontrollable.

Bai Yun circled his fingers in his black hair, “Brother, can I borrow your thing?”

Nan YiBei, “?”

“Little fellow, you’re a descendant of the dragon family. It is said that dragons are sexually active, and without sex, they will get sick. Although you just reached adulthood, I believe you might want to try a bit?” Bai Yun drilled into Nan Yibei and sat with his legs around his waist. He untied the cloth below, and the already unstoppable obscene liquid trickled out from his inside, wetting Nan Yibei’s robe. He reached into his clothes to tease him and licked his chin with his tongue. He clumsily used the methods taught by his bad friends in the heavenly realm.



Young boy’s urine: It was an old practice in Chinese medicine which believes that the urine of young boys under the age of 10 can have a powerful healing effect, promoting one’s health, etc. There’s even a dish called Virgin boy egg (tongzidan – 童子蛋) that call for egg boiled in boy’s urine. YUCKY! 


MonkeyNote: Heck ye, a dragon is an excellent choice for a first time. Until they whip out both~~


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Oh boy! Nothing like taking the direct approach! Thanks for the chapter!

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