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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Hello, I’m a new Ra, called Rara 2.0. I will be your new QC


“Get, get off…” Nan Yibei clenched his teeth. His eyes were full of unbearable lust. As a descendant of the Shitian dragon clan, he matured faster than the other dragon clans. When they mated with someone for the first time, they couldn’t control themselves and would turn into a dragon. The shape of that thing was so big it could cover the sky and could easily fuck their sexual partner to death.

It wasn’t that their things were too terrifying, but that the time would be infinitely prolonged when they had sex. They could manage the size, but they couldn’t control the time.

The man in his arms recklessly teased his precarious sanity. When Bai Yun opened his clothes to release his desire, his hot, huge object rubbed the moist and soft entrance that was pitifully leaking out love fluid continuously, which directly defeated Nan Yibei’s broken reason.

“Are you sure you won’t come in… You’re so hard… And it’s so hot… It’s itching below. I need your big cock to come in and have a look.” Bai Yun sat on Nan Yibei without a fear for his life. He didn’t bother looking at the shape of his manhood, he was merely remembering the bad teaching of his friends, that if he continued urging the man with dirty talk, the more he could stimulate a man’s desire to prove himself, and the more a man would directly stab it in. It would feel so pleasurable that he wished he would have done it earlier.

Nan Yibei stood up vigorously and pressed Bai Yun on the table without hesitation. He poked his hand under the other man and was surprised to find that this person was a hermaphrodite.

Bai Yun licked the corners of his mouth and took the initiative to spread his thighs. His eyes seemed to be clouded with sexual desire, “Come on in, young one.”

When the fiery cock entered his body, Bai Yun arched his back and moaned. He knew that dragons had two sexual organs and his other wet hole was poked by the other one. After all, both of them were practitioners, and their physical qualities were exceptionally good.

When the front one was halfway in, Nan Yibei couldn’t hold himself back any longer and started to move vigorously, directly knocking Bai Yun dizzy. He frowned and found that the feeling was not as wonderful as those people described. He hissed with pain, “Stop, stop, it hurts a little… The one stabbing my ass hurts really much. Why don’t you put the two together and do it again?”

Bai Yun didn’t know that the intense pain actually came from the pressure of the front hole, and unconsciously thought that there was still one that had not been swallowed.

Nan Yibei wasn’t being shy either. He inserted his two fingers into Bai Yun’s asshole, and found that the back was even more tight than the front. The front hole was already gripping him so tight, and he couldn’t fully penetrate. How could this unscrupulous guy dare to seduce him?

However, if he dared to do this, he must pay the price.

The feeling of tearing came from the back and Bai Yun grunted, before pushing Nan Yibei’s strong chest with both hands. 

Why is it so painful? It hurts so much. I’m going to burst.

“Mmn…” the two stabbed into the back and the front together. Nan Yibei directly used seventy percent of his strength to push forward regardless of how tight they were. Bai Yun was so dizzy he thought he saw stars. The pain of his body tearing made him wonder about life, “What’s the matter?… It hurts… Mmn… Why, why does it hurt so much?… You, you, be gentle… Ah, no, you, get out… It hurts!”

Bai Yun was scared as he tried to climb away from Nan Yibei. However, the physical strength of the other man was stronger than him. The tone of indifference wasn’t mixed with any emotion. Nan Yibei forcefully imprisoned the person in his arms, “Weren’t you pleased when you seduced me just now? And now you want to just leave?”

Rara 2.0: He reaps what he sows

MonkeyNote: literally RIP asshole…


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August 14, 2022 5:49 pm

Interesting concept about managing the size for the dragon, the Shou at least can accommodate the Gong! 😎

August 15, 2022 7:51 pm

I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting death by dragon s** to be a result of length of time as opposed to size. 🤣

August 17, 2022 4:37 am


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