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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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On the misty mountain spring, the waterfall fell down from a high place, splashing tens of meters high waves. A man in a white robe stood on the high mountain. The place where he looked was the sleeping place of the ancient dragon.

Tens of thousands of years ago, in that ancient war, the man in red fell into the pool with blood all over his body, his soul almost broken by the void under the huge pressure. He secretly placed the soul that was about to dissipate in the soul nourishing stone and nourished it with spirit veins.

On that day, the sky was broken, and all the forces were broken. Only his sect was safe. The God was bitten by the giant Shitian ancient dragon and it was said that both sides were hurt. It was better to say that the Shitian ancient dragon fought against God with his life. The Shitian ancient dragon almost destroyed the sky and the earth under the anger, and the ancient breath crushed the void.

The sky was torn in two, and the boundary between heaven and the human world was forcibly opened, and the huge spiritual energy was crazily tilted from this world.

God was defeated, and the ancient dragon went into deep sleep. Perhaps it was because he tried to protect his lover’s soul that he was befallen with torment.

The giant ancient dragon turned into a huge border and separated the world. During this period, his unknown sect was promoted from the humble third rate sect to the first in an instant.

The huge mountain range was guarded by the sleeping body of the Shitian ancient dragon, who protected the mountain range with his body. Many people in the world said that luck was on Tianxuan Sect’s side as they unexpectedly obtained his protection.

In fact, he knew that the dragon wasn’t protecting Tianxuan Sect, but protecting the remaining soul of Bai Yun that he accidentally picked up.

Time flew by like a weaving shuttle, the seascape had turned into land, relics of the present had become the past.

Things remained the same, as humans had changed. When that wisp of soul gradually took shape, a milky white baby crawled out of the spirit vein, grabbed the thigh of the patriarch of Tianxuan sect, called out “Daddy” a few times and pointed to his mouth to eat.

Tianxuan patriarch: “?”

He didn’t know how to name him, so he named him after the faraway unreachable cloud that no one could see.

After the gradual development of Bai Yun, his strength has increased by leaps and bounds. Although he was a “fist before word” type of arrogant man, he never pushed someone’s bottom line. The patriarch raised him til adulthood, he would scold him if he made a mistake, or beat him if he overstepped the boundary. He was like a real father teaching his own child.

Bai Yun gradually grew up into a frivolous teenager. 

“Ah fuck, Dad, the kid I met in human world before has come!” The master of Tianxuan Sect, who was immersed in the memories, had not yet had time to sigh that he couldn’t grasp the moment, but he was stirred up by the noisy voice, and the vein on his head was popping.

“Shut up and get out of here!”

“Fuck, why are you so angry? Fine, I will go!” Bai Yun hugged his chest with both hands, “I’m leaving!”

“I’m really leaving!”

“I say it for the last time, I really have to go!”

Tianxuan patriarch, “…”

That kid is going to anger me to death.

“Something happened, old Bai. Your son was abducted by the ancient dragon!” Several elders hurried in from the outside. Seeing that Bai Xuan was still drinking tea leisurely, they were scared to silence before half of the sentence came out. They saw that Bai Yun and Nan Yibei were standing next to them.

“What are you talking about?” Bai Xuan frowned, “The wind is a little strong. Please pick out the important things to say.”

“Ah… Ha… Ha, I mean, this place is OK. It’s windy and cool. Ha ha!”

Bai Yun chewed cookies, “this is Nan Yibei, a friend of mine from the human world.”

Several people were too stiff to speak. Seeing the cold eyes of Nan Yibei, they smiled and greeted, “Hello, hello.”

Then several people found an excuse and dragged Bai Xuan out.

“Do you think that ancient dragon is crazy and found the wrong person?”

“The faithful love between a dead one and a crazy one. What should we do if he finds out that his lover has long been gone?”

“Didn’t his soul already scatter into pieces ten thousand years ago?” Several people chattered, and their words were full of eagerness.

Bai Xuan was unmoved and took a sip of tea lightly, “He is not dead. Bai Yun was the dragon’s bride ten thousand years ago. I saved him from a fateful destiny and now that ancient dragon is looking for him.”

“It’s over! Even you have gone crazy.”

Bai Xuan’s eyes flashed a murderous thought.

Bai Yun didn’t know what those people were doing again, so he was tightly imprisoned by a pair of big hands, and the memories sealed in his mind swept back into his brain.

“Immortal Master, why did you leave without saying goodbye on that day…” Nan Yibei took the man to his arms, moved his big hand on Bai Yun, and touched his most sensitive place inch by inch.

When he woke up that day, he found no shadow of that person in the world. They only slept with each other a few times, but he was unable to forget. He thought, fretted and uneasy, thinking that he was actually in love with that person. He risked his life to train harder, trying to break the balance of this world and fly to the heaven realm. However, the path was too far, he couldn’t reach the sky where Bai Yun was.

The sealed memories woke up in his mind, and memories took root in his heart.

The person in the memory gave birth to his heir, his two holes were filled with his two members. Deep within the dragon cave was a passionate night between lovers, at first he thought the other person would break and die in this endless desire, but he endured it again and again. At that time, the other person would cover his eyes to prevent him from seeing his broken body and his messy lower body.

“Shixiong… I feel terrible…”

“It’s all right, you, you come in… It’s all right to use all of your strength, you don’t have to care about anything, that place can accept all of you…”

Three huge dragon cocks entered his body. He stubbornly clenched his teeth and let his body be bound with the dragon’s. His body was torn. He swallowed the pill one by one, and his body was filled up. He was overwhelmed by the extreme pleasure, “Use your strength… Little shidi… It’s ok… Just release it and give it to me…”

His mouth was full of blood, he was soaked in the milky white spring, his legs were wide open, and the two small holes were filled with six sexual organs.

Ra: I’m still trying to count how many dicks he has. But maybe I failed math.

At that time, Nan Yibei’s mind was unclear. He was washed away by the desire, and his body was instantly split into nine three meter long black dragons, leaving only his head to linger on feebly.

The continuous spiritual power nourished his head and preserved his consciousness. He thought that he was the only one suffering at that time, but he didn’t know that Bai Yun was being manipulated by nine of his separate bodies while nourishing his head with spiritual power.

The thick rods penetrated Bai Yun’s body and tore his inner wall. Blood and lewd juice mixed together. He clenched his teeth tightly without making a sound, and forcibly retained his consciousness to deliver spiritual power to Nan Yibei, just so he could live.

That one passionate while lasted nearly several years. Bai Yun gave birth to countless dragon eggs in that time. However, because he was still sleeping and his body was gradually combined, Bai Yun was almost broken and turned crazy by his own body. But in the end, he endured it.

The milky white spring nourished his body and made his appearance turn even more seductive. Perhaps it was because he had been fully developed, each and every smile of his could always capture Nan Yibei’s sexual desire, and he couldn’t help but sink into the sea of lust and crazily make love.


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