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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: *Burn the sacrificial lamb…*


Bai Yun yawned. He led a group of people to pass in front of them lazily. He wore a red robe, and his long dark hair was half tied and half draped on his shoulders. The once-in-a-century sect competition was about to start, and the ten main sects would send their strongest brothers to participate.

Bai Yun, as the young patriarch of Tianxuan Sect for the longest period of time, one of the ten major sects with the longest history, so naturally they would come to participate.

Remembering that he was forcibly dragged out of the room this morning, he was full of anger.

“Get up, how long are you going to sleep? Look at what time it is. The competition is starting soon. You’re still fucking asleep!” His father slapped Bai Yun on the face while he was still sleeping.

Bai Yun lifted the quilt and covered himself, “I don’t want to go. Why don’t you find someone else!”

“You’re our sect’s young patriarch. Who will go if you don’t go?” His father grabbed him by the ear and dragged him out of the bed. Although his son was a fool, he was really strong and talented. He often didn’t do his job and was always wandering or goofing around.

What a waste of his drop-dead gorgeous appearance.

“Tsk.” Bai Yun stretched himself, picked up a robe beside him and put it on.

The huge square has long been overcrowded. This year’s crowd was innumerable times larger than that in previous years. Everywhere you went, you could hear gossip about the Shitian ancient dragon. Despite this, he wasn’t particularly curious.

“What does he look like? What does the ancient dragon’s lover look like? Stop baiting me.”

Bai Yun pricked up his ears. When it was around the best part, the other person suddenly stopped his speech.

The man stared at Bai Yun, but he didn’t respond to the pushing. He pointed at his back, and was more and more shocked. He murmured to himself, “My God, how can they look so alike?”

Bai Yun felt the stare behind him. He turned his head and saw that the man seemed to be fascinated by him. He stared at him as if his soul had been forced out.

Bai Yun blinked and blew a kiss to the group of other disciples behind him, then walked away.

“That man is so beautiful.”

“Which sect is he from?”

“He just blew a kiss to me, he, he…” Several disciples blushed, “He’s such a nympho!”

“By the way, what did you just say about the lover of the ancient dragon?”

The disciple came back to his mind, and the words were brewing in his mouth, “That person who just passed us, they look exactly alike. When he walked by me, I thought the man himself stepped out from the book. Long flowing black hair, red robes, snow-like skin, a smile as bright as sky, everything seems pale compared to him…”

When the sect’s big competition was held, there was a sea of people and a crowd of people. But when those sects appeared, many people would take the initiative to make way.

Bai Yun seldom appeared in front of people. Although he was the young patriarch, he never cared about leading anything. But today, he didn’t know what his father was thinking and asked him to go.

“I heard that the young master of Tianxuan Sect is gorgeous, with bright eyes and teeth, and eyebrows like butterflies. Compared with the most beautiful beauty in the heaven realm, they would appear to be lesser than him. This is my first time seeing him, and he really lives up to the legend.”

Bai Yun glanced sideways at the man. He hated to be compared to a beautiful woman. His sword rose in his hand, and a massive aura burst out in an instant. In the twinkling of an eye, it was placed on the man’s neck. This set of flowing movements only took place in an instant.

Before the man could react, the sharp sword was already on his neck. Just a step forward and there might be a new corpse soon.

In the heaven realm where strong people are everywhere like clouds, people with striking appearance but with no strength for defense were soon disposed of.

As the young patriarch of Tianxuan Sect, Bai Yun not only had a deep background, his strength was no less than exceptional.

“Have you ever heard how roses have thorns?”

“Be careful, if you touch it, you will get pricked.” Bai Yun raised his eyebrows and looked at the man’s hand that was supposed to touch his waist. His bright eyes flashed a murderous intention that couldn’t be hidden.

This scene was seen by many people, at first, those with indecent thoughts about Bai Yun’s stunning appearance felt a bit unable to let it go, but all roses came with danger, the feeling of conquering the fire gave them a mental boost.

But what they didn’t know was that Bai Yun was that type of person to judge one’s look. If he liked someone, he would leave all the care behind and let the fun talk first.

He preferred to take the initiative, but he didn’t like others to take the initiative.

Unless that person was the one he liked.

The warm breeze came from the sky, and countless birds hovered in the distance. The crowd became silent at that moment. A huge dragon crossed the sky, followed by a group of powerful demon clans.

The dragon at the front blocked the sky and the sun. As if there was an air of mystery surrounding it. It was just spinning in the sky at will, almost covering it.

“That’s the Shitian ancient dragon!” The crowd shouted. The pressure from the ancient times fell from the sky, and no one dared to breathe out.

Bai Yun looked at the huge black dragon in the crowd, and his shock was hard to hide.

Why, why did he feel sad when he saw this dragon?

It felt so weird, his heart was beating and aching, as if something was crying inside.

He pressed his chest hard, and his eyes followed the dragon turned into a handsome man in black and blended into the crowd. The man was holding a long sword, and the black robe was floating without wind.

Bai Yun’s pupils shrink sharply and a name blurts out in his heart!

Nan Yibei!

How come it was him?!

Wasn’t he still in the human world?

Countless doubts gathered in his mind like the sea, and countless people were pushed back by the aura of Nan Yibei.

“It’s our sect competition today. What can I do for you?” One person respectfully cups his hand and salutes. He heard that it was a rumor that the Shitian ancient dragon had woken up, but today, the sky was almost occupied by the demon clan. It was like dark clouds, making people breathless.

“I just came to find my lover today.” His voice was deep and carried the sentiment of lost time and years. His words were so calm, but they set off a storm in the hearts of the people.


The people who knew about the Thousand Years Old War were silent with cold sweat. During the War, on that day, the world was almost destroyed and the lives were ruined. The legendary Dragon Bride only appeared in a few words, and no one could prove it wasn’t a fake portrait.

Bai Yun’s heart beat fast. He squeezed out the crowd and ran in the direction where Nan Yibei left.

That lover of his had soon dispersed ten thousands years ago, he was no longer to be found in this world. But how could they explain this to him?

The ancient dragon’s aura had been enveloped through years and years. The pure cold aura of his made people unable to withstand it, the man was standing still and said nothing, and yet people could feel war approaching soon, the world would once again turn into hell scape.

“Nan Yibei! Why are you here?!” A voice of surprise rang out in the quiet square. Bai Yun pushed aside the crowd and rushed directly into the arms of the man in black under the shocked eyes of the people. He threw himself into his arms!

“This man is…!”

The people saw a man suddenly running out, dressed in a red robe and with a beautiful appearance. They wanted to remind him that he was bumping into the ancient dragon’s chest.

It was quiet all around.

Nan Yibei saw the person he wanted to see and held him in his arms, “Immortal Master, you haven’t seen me for hundreds of years. Do you still remember me?” 

What hundreds of years? In fact, it may have been a few reincarnations, for a human world it was a very long time ago.

“How can I not remember? I said I was waiting for you here. Besides, how can you be as big as the ancient dragon? I was almost scared to death. I thought that an ancient dragon came. They said that the guy has slept for tens of thousands of years!” Bai Yun covered his heart beating wildly. Seeing the silence around him, Bai Yun raised his eyebrows, “What are you doing here?”

Nan Yibei, “I don’t know. Maybe because I just came to the heaven realm and they got curious.”

People, “Liar…”

Bai Yun tried to part the crowd away, but it was more like people automatically made way for him.

“They, they just go?…”

“Didn’t the dragon say he was looking for his Dragon Bride?”

“Could it be reincarnation?”

“Didn’t you say his soul was torn into pieces?”

“Wait, isn’t that the young patriarch of Tianxuan Sect?”

“That’s Bai Yun!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“Hurry to Tianxuan Sect! Something is going to happen!”

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Translator Notes:

  1. t/n: Previously when he talks with Bai Yun, he usually use 我 (“I” but more on the same level and informal) to refer to himself, then change to 在下 (“this lower one”, which is more respectful to the elder and people above him), but here, he use 孤, it’s still a pronoun to refer one self, but is reserved to those with power like emperor and royalty, but in a more modest way. Basically he is showing off his superiority.


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August 16, 2022 8:31 pm

The time and scene shift was a little confusing

I didn’t think mc would be a young patriarch in the heavenly realm with parents 😅 and there’d be a lot of mob characters – it felt like an upper realm instead of immortal/heavenly realm

Wowww so much time has passed, and am happy for the two to reunite again. They’re still brought together considering their past 🥺💕

Xiao Ying
November 9, 2022 11:22 am

Why did you suddenly burn the lamb? Not roasted it? 🤣

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