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Chapter 176: What teachings?

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Since the return of Old Qi Haosheng, humans have seen this as a direct threat to their existence, comparable to the dark period by human beings. However, this had come to an end with just a few slaps from the old man.

The founder of the war was put into Star Prison. It was said that the man nearly collapsed because of the huge gap. He howled and sneered in the prison every day to show that he was heir to the emperor. Just wait until the day he gets out to kill those stupid humans and beasts.

For this reason, prison inmates and other felons that were tossed in by Fei Yusheng were unable to bear it for several months. Additionally, a certain hero of Anjie gave some advice to replace the felons with the patients in some Spiritual Star Rest Center. Afterwards, life in the prison became extremely harmonious.

Of course, everything above isn’t actually the focus of this chapter. That’s the focus of another chapter (Great Fog).

The focus of this chapter is Old Qi’s heart, a man that could almost match Fei Yusheng’s evilness.

The Ten Families’ Qi Clan’s Qi Yunxiao, Qi Tiancong and his mother, Yuan Jingya.

Since the Old man’s return, the Qi Clan wasn’t controlled by Qi Yunxiao any longer. It also wasn’t something Yuan Jingya could use to her advantage. It was no longer Qi Tiancong’s support system as well. In fact, since Old Qi’s return the three had suffered bitterly. They never thought they would suffer so bitterly (there is something bitter about it) and that life could be so miserable.

6 in the morning……

A certain fish held his hybrid son and his qilin husband’s arm. Next to the Qi Clan’s old house, inside a responsibility-lacking household, an alarm clock range.


CRASH! The alarm clock was smashed.

The AI alarm clock was like it was never smashed. It could fly!


As soon as the clear sound of bells changed, it became a loud crashing noise.

At the moment, the Qi Er’shao who smashed the alarm clock, finally sat up from the bed with bloodshot eyes. He still didn’t want to get out of bed. When he slept, he didn’t want anyone to make noise!

The AI alarm clock was so annoying that he hadn’t gotten out of bed yet. In the next moment, it smashed into countless pieces of metal. It also flew towards Qi Er’shao. Fucking old thing can not only fly, but also attack him!

Finally, Qi Er’shao went to his grandfather and slapped his face.

After ten minutes, the panting Qi Er’shao saw his father with a similar blue and purple face. The latter was standing in front of his grandson with his head dipped towards the old man reciting the family rules……ah, he just memorized one of them incorrectly!

Qi Er’shao’s body trembled. At the same time he saw a certain fish and his scary father who both fanned his face, the force of it held lots of strength. Ah, his father just smashed into the wall.

“Pah, you’re this old and you still haven’t memorized the family rules. I was too soft on you when you were young, now look at you!”

This was something Old Qi said every day. After a month, Qi Tiancong really didn’t understand how his father didn’t go senile. Every morning when he recited the family rules he still couldn’t recite them properly?!”

“What are you shaking your head for! Grandson get over here too and recite them! After that I’ll take a photo and beat you up!”

So Qi Er’shao didn’t want to throw up at his grandfather’s cruel words. Grandson…, I seriously urgh……

He started reciting the family rules.

Actually, with old Qi’s genetics and with his almost perfect older brother, besides the fact that Qi Er’shao was fucking beaten down after experiencing the finer riches in life, his IQ was still okay. At least he was smarter than his father; he didn’t lower the average IQ of the Qi clan.

So, reciting the family rules was just a rote thing. After being tested for over ten days, Qi Er’shao had been able to fluently recite the family rules for almost twenty minutes. Of course, this was only the case if nothing unexpected happened……


A short-legged hybrid came running in with an unsteady gait. That howling voice carried such animosity, the second junior was attacked so he faltered while reciting.


So Qi Er’shao experienced the same fate his father did; he was sent flying into the wall. Looking at the godawful hybrid made him want to kill himself! He grit his teeth, this dumbass kept attacking himself around this time over the past few days. He can’t even fucking sleep because he keeps getting beaten.

He hates everything about that mutt!!

“Ow ow ow! This isn’t my well-behaved grandson! Are you here have breakfast with me? Hahahaha, you’re so filial~ Better than your two dads!”

Old Qi’s eyes crinkled as he laughed, he scooped up the small hybrid. The hybrid qilin grandson ate with Old Qi. He was very happy eating breakfast, especially with his uncle and grandfather. He then let Da Bai bring him to the bathroom, he was exhausted.

Qi Er’shao watched as the breakfast in front of him was ruined. He couldn’t help but twist his head and stare. When did the dumbass eat like this!! Turning his head, he accidentally glanced at his father. His father’s face was also blue, this was good, it wasn’t just him suffering.

Just wait until the day he finally killed that scoundrel. The scoundrel was pulled back by Da Bai and continued to sleep. Old Qi faced his grandson and son and said in an icy tone, “Come eat!”

After he finished eating the fucking ruined breakfast, Qi Er’shao and his father were finally shown out by he old housekeeper after who knows how long. It was said that the old master retired but he was so excitable he forgot about his children’s filial piety and came running back to become a housekeeper. When the housekeeper listened to Old Qi tell him about his son and grandson’s wickedness, he was even more indignant and said that he had to educate the young master for the sake of the youngest master.

So, after he finished breakfast, Qi Yunxiao and his son went to wander on the main road. 

Don’t ever underestimate those wandering on the main road. When Qi Er’shao and Old Qi no longer have followers and are no longer recognized by everyone, the safety of these two when wandering the streets decreased drastically. In addition, this wandering around was purposeful; its purpose was to help when trouble arose!!

Thus, Old Qi and the old housekeeper expressed their appreciation to this generation.

So Qi Er’shao looked at his dear father, and on the inside he prayed hate wouldn’t encounter any importunate circumstances.

As a result, his prayers were fulfilled. Both he and his father didn’t know, but he actually bumped into a loyal follower who was flirting with passerbys.

Thinking of the danger his demonic grandfather posed, and how he was very unhappy to watch the scene unfold, Qi Er’shao hesitated a bit before drawing his sword to help! Now, this wasn’t the first time he rashly ran ou shouting, “Let go! You’re too arrogant!”

Acting like this, he was beaten by the arrogant boy and confined to his bed for three days. It made him so angry that his entire body trembled. He wanted to murder the other guy in those three days. However, Old Qi had told him, “Without the Qi Clan, the fact you didn’t die is quite fortunate.”

At that moment, the gap between the heavens and the earth nearly drove Qi Er’shao insane. However, he wiped his face, showing just how adaptable he was.

“I’m asking you why you’re still here! The customers have been waiting a long time! Even though you’re sick people don’t care, so stop fussing so much! Hurry up and come with me!”

After finishing speaking, Qi Er’shao looked at the two people in front of him with tons of satisfaction. Then, the flirtatious person cursed him then left. At the moment the person being flirted with (a male) smiled coldly. Qi Er’shao didn’t even respond before waving a fist.

“I’m fucking helping you guys!” Qi Er’shao was furious. If his followers were here, he definitely would have beaten him to death.

That beautiful person’s face didn’t change. “Did I ask for your help? If you aren’t going to help me, then here’s a punch from this person.”

So Qi Er’shao wanted to turn around without any tears in his eyes. He fucking missed the good days, why did he care about the Qi Clan anyway! He’d go and fight his fucking dumb big brother!! As a second generation wealthy kid his life was so good!! There wasn’t any broken breakfast in the morning, no reciting family rules, no “having to help when there’s trouble”!! Sob. Grandfather, he really regretted it. He wanted to go back to being a second generation wealthy kid, eating until he was stuffed to death. He would never dare hit people out of snobbery or just because he was in a bad mood anymore!!

Now he finally knew that those overwhelmed by another person’s powers were all idiots. He was truly a dumbass since the beginning……

Crouching in the corner of the Qi Clan’s shadow watching the remorseful expression of the second young master, a relieved shadow was prepared to return and report to his master. The distance between him and the second young master was less than the distance from the Qi Clan.

At noon, after the morning’s rough road, Qi Er’shao and Old Qi had basically lost all their reputation.

It wasn’t easy to get lunch. These past few days the JinYu family had been waiting for them when they returned home.

At the same time they didn’t see their mother or wife. At this time, Yuan Jingya’s face was still elegant although her trembling body showed how humiliated and angry she was. However, there was no discomfort for those people who regarded their misery as their next meal and mistakes to not repeat.

“Son, you must remember, if you can’t be a good person then you’ll be just like your uncle.”


“Son, you must also remember, if you aren’t powerful enough then you’ll be like your uncle– beaten up until there are bruises all over your face.”

“Woof woof~”

“Son, lastly you must remember, when you marry you must marry a quiet and virtuous woman. Never marry an immoral person!”

“Woof woof woof!”

Boom! In the next moment Yuan Jingya was stunned. Qi Er’shao stared at the pair in shock. Fuck, you aren’t quiet or virtuous at all!

Actually after so much experience, it was enough to make Qi Er’shao realize how absurd he had been. So, his previous attitude of abusive shouting, not being filial, and being disobedient, weren’t something he could accept any longer.

He wasn’t dumb, he just couldn’t see it before or couldn’t care enough to see it. Now, his heart had lots of complicated feelings but at least he knew not to be so absurd in the future.

It was just that Qi Er’shao was already remorseful but old Qi’s punishment still hadn’t ended. It was quite obvious that his old man and the old housekeeper thought that Qi Er’shao and his father still needed to fucking suffer every day.

The afternoon was full of arduous training because Old Qi thought that his son and grandson’s strength were lacking. These two had no power! As part of the Qi family, they were too weak!

It was good that the qilin family’s blood could resist being beaten. Even if they were beaten until they couldn’t stand back up, as long as they slept a night, the second day they could continue to be beaten. In the morning they had spiritual reflection, in the afternoon it was strength reflection. In fact, Qi Er’shao expressed how this was just mental torture and physical torture……he would be better off as a criminal!!

Finally, after a dejecting dinner, at night Qi Er’shao was ordered by the old man to write a three thousand essay on self-reflection. Every day he had to reflect on his shortcomings of the days……if he didn’t write enough words he couldn’t sleep. If his words weren’t touching enough then he also couldn’t sleep!!

After skillfully writing a touching and profound three thousand word essay on introspection, Qi Er’shao painfully handed over the manuscript to the new AI alarm clock. When the alarm clock went to hand in the paper, he took out a rare paper notebook from under the bed and bitterly wrote——

After being trained for twenty-four days, the weather outside is fine but the weather in my heart is like a snowstorm

Today, I was beaten up by an ungrateful son of a bitch! I realized how stupid I was before!! Also the three thousand word essay can’t be the same every night, I’m going to be fucking ruined!!

So far, baby and his father’s day of reformation was over. Tomorrow, it would continue.

Oh, you guys want to know about second junior’s mother? She’s nothing. Really the old man just found a dozen vixens and a dozen noblewomen to “profoundly” show her how stupid her behavior was before. Don’t abuse people, seriously.

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February 12, 2020 10:22 pm

It’s a fitting punishment for those idiots. Now they know how those they’ve mistreated must have felt. So satisfying.

Thank you for the chapter!

October 20, 2021 6:22 am

Qi Er’shao? Is that Qi Shaolin whose name was changed to TianCong? Qi Qinglin’s younger brother? Why a different name again I wonder. Is there a reason.

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