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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTaimat


On the day of dinner at the Jiang’s house, Xiang Wuzhu and his four person study group gathered at the station. They were extremely excited about going to President Jiang’s house. Everyone knew the status of the Jiang family, and it was hard to believe that it wasn’t a dream that they got a personal invitation.

Li Chen was waiting at the station early in the morning, and was smiling and waving. “Get in. Shi Yu and the president are waiting for you.”

Lian Jing and He Huan looked at each other and smiled. “I see.”

When they got into the car, Lian Jing pretended to be innocent and asked, “Eh, why is Shi Yu already there? Did the President pick him up himself?”

Li Chen wanted to say, ‘No, the president didn’t. They live together.’ But according to his understanding of the Omega Class, Shi Yu would be annoyed and he would lose two layers of skin if this matter was exposed.

Xia ZhiNing was excited to be in the car. “Shit. A senior’s car feels different when you sit in it.”

Xiang Wuzhu pushed his glasses up and restrained his own passionate surge. “Let’s be quiet. Don’t cause trouble.”

Li Chen, who was sitting in the passenger side, narrowed his eyes and smiled. “The four of you sitting back there are crowded, right?”

The four omegas immediately settled down, and quickly shook their heads. “Not crowded, not crowded.”

He Huan then received Lian Jing’s testy words in the small group of four.

[Lian’s Big Trump Card]: If I say we are squished, can I sit on gege’s lap and watch the scenery?

[Five Sheep]: …

[Xia ZhiNing]: Your brain is not normal. You’re a chicken and will roast to death. 

[Lotus]: While women are made of water, Lian Jing is made of chicken.

[Lotus]: Have you ever eaten a dish called hand-roasted chicken?

[Lian’s Big Trump Card]: Hee hee hee hee hee hee.

The five of them arrived in a noisy mess at the Jiang family villa. When Li Chen got out of the car, he clearly saw the four omega’s vivid performance of what ‘dumbfounded’ meant.

Xiang Wuzhu, “…This piece of land is the most expensive in South City as far as I know. The Jiang family has such a big villa here? And four floors?”

Xia ZhiNing, “This koi pond is bigger than my room…”

Lian Jing gritted his teeth. “I have to find a way to marry into the Jiang family.”

He Huan, “Brother, I advise you to wake up. Do you think you can beat Shi Yu or compete with Shi Yu?”

Lian Jing, “…Excuse me.”

Li Chen smiled, said nothing, and thought about how this was Jiang ChengLi’s place, where he lived alone. The Jiang family compound wasn’t here.

When they entered the door, five pairs of slippers were neatly arranged in the entrance. The housekeeper greeted everyone with a smile and the five people changed their shoes. Just as they came in, they saw President Jiang was descending from upstairs. He was dressed in light colored home clothes and the aura from the school was gone. The five people who were already a bit restrained were more nervous after they saw the President, and were afraid that their steps were not right and would stain the territory of others.

“Good morning President, excuse us.” Li Chen sat down on the sofa and picked grapes from the fruit bowl. “Where’s your little white cat? It’s been a long time since I’ve played with a cat and I’m itching.”

He Huan curiously turned her head to look around. One moment she was imagining what kind of cat it was, the next moment she saw Shi Yu as he walked in from the backyard with the cat in his arms. The little white cat in his arms was squinting very affectionately, and hadn’t reacted too much to the sight of strangers, just meowed symbolically, apparently well pacified.

He Huan froze in place, then reached out and rubbed her eyes.

She admitted that she had a CP brain, and sometimes she could make up many images. But just now…Shi Yu stood there, quite naturally, with a ‘Jiang family lady’ temperament. Her brain couldn’t process it!

Shi Yu behaved as if this wasn’t a new place at all!

It wasn’t until Lian Jing called out her name that He Huan woke up from the dream and followed everyone in.

Li Chen proposed going upstairs to play in the game room. He Huan walked at the end and stared at Jiang ChengLi and Shi Yu in the front with blank eyes. They were walking back and forth, but somehow they seemed to be separated from the others, as if they were supposed to be a pair.

While she was lost in thought, she noticed that the cell phone in President Jiang’s right hand lit up. It was probably a message. It flashed and then went dark, but He Huan clearly saw that his wallpaper was Shi Yu. A Shi Yu with his hands pinned to the couch!

In the game room, Lian Jing had the courage to put in a horror game, and three minutes into the game there were omega screams in the room. Li Chen was a bit resistant, but the four omega’s were begging and the expectation made him swell, so he sat in the middle and screamed with everyone.

Lian Jing was watching as the game characters and bosses moved around a pillar when his cell phone vibrated in his jacket pocket. He looked down and found that it was a message from He Huan.

[Lotus]: Brain system crash, brain system crash.

[Lotus]: Brain first attempt to reboot, brain second attempt to reboot…

[Lotus]: Screw the reboot, ahhhhh, Lian Jing’er, we got the real deaaaaaaal, ahhhhh!

Lian Jing just wanted to ask what this person was doing in the middle of the day, when he glanced over at Shi Yu who was sitting on the small sofa. He was holding the cat and watching a movie on the next projection. It was a Russian romance with a dragon flying across the large screen.

Even in such a noisy environment, he was unblinking, concentrated.

Jiang ChengLi came up from downstairs with fruit and looked where the teenager sat on the sofa. His eyes sank three points, and he reached out to cover Shi Yu’s eyes from behind.

Lian Jing hadn’t heard what the two said, but from the movement of President Jiang’s lips, he said something like, “Don’t look.”

He choked for a moment, turned around, and realized he seemed to be able to connect with He Huan’s mind.

The pair was definitely the real deal.

Shi Yu watched Jiang ChengLi’s as expressionless face changed as he switched to a new movie. He slightly pursed his lips before lowering his head to pet the cat. Jiang ChengLi hadn’t said anything, his eyes were down and he was tapping his phone.

[That dragon is not good looking.]

Shi Yu looked at the message, turned off his phone without returning the message, and found a random mini-game on the phone’s main screen and began to play.

[You’re angry because you’re not allowed to look at other dragons?]

[I haven’t settled anything with you for recording that video last night.]

[… If you really want to see a dragon, I’ll change back.]

Jiang ChengLi waited quietly for a while, and his phone never vibrated.

How could President Jiang have the nerve to mention last night’s video?

The video was forty-eight seconds long and Jiang ChengLi only took up the first seven seconds, the rest of the footage was all his. The second half of the video made Shi Yu wonder whether he was really drunk or not, because whenever he tried to grab the phone from Jiang ChengLi, he’d been held back by that big tail.

Shi Yu’s weakness was Jiang ChengLi’s dragon tail. As long as it was close to his hand, he hadn’t even dared to use his strength. Finally, he was humiliated by the drunken dragon, used as a human pillow and slept on until early in the morning.

After he woke up this morning, Shi Yu told Jiang ChengLi about last night’s events in detail so the dragon would understand the mistakes he made, then seriously correct them. He hadn’t expected it when Jiang ChengLi gave a lazy ‘hmph’ and watched the video on his phone eight times.

Finally, he screenshot a picture and said, “This is the best look.”

And also set it as his wallpaper.

Whether sober or drunk, this man was unreasonable.

Shi Yu had given up negotiating with him, and contemplated how he could find a chance to steal the phone. Anyway, Jiang ChengLi didn’t set a password.

Jiang ChengLi was still waiting for his reply to the sentence. Unexpectedly, Shi Yu put the white cat aside, then very coldly and ruthlessly walked to the pile of omegas and watched the horror game with them.

President Jiang laughed quietly and put the phone into his pocket.

Li Chen learned through that experience what it was like to go crazy over sweet omega pheromones. He was chased by the boss in the game and had an adrenaline rush. Next to him, Lian Jing and He Huan kept making sounds, whispers and giggles. It was more frightening than the game’s sound effects.

If not for the fact that Xiang Wuzhu and Xia ZhiNing remained normal, Li Chen might have wondered if the two omegas were possessed by something evil.

After more than an hour, the game was basically finished, and the serious trio breathed a sigh of relief.

Xiang Wuzhu thoughtfully gave Li Chen a squeeze on his shoulder. “You made a good move there, directly tricking the boss into a trap.”

The soft praise was very nice for an alpha. Li Chen smiled. “Well, I’ve seen the game live before and know how to trap the boss.”

“That’s also very impressive.” Xiang Wuzhu really felt sincere. “If it were me, even if I had seen it, I wouldn’t dare to try and trap it out of fear.”

Li Chen held his chin with one hand, his eyes slightly narrowed. “Oh, so cute?”

Xiang Wuzhu, “…” He blushed.

Xia ZhiNing silently witnessed the whole thing from the side. He, he, he, he.

The play went from a single computer game to a board game. Shi Yu’s hunger was sharp. It was already seven o’clock at night.

The people at the table were playing werewolf, and intensely involved in killing. Shi Yu was knifed out of the game early. He Huan and Lian Jing were in a heated debate over the voting results, one with a sharp tongue and the other with a fragrant mouth.

In the end, Li Chen and Xia ZhiNing changed their votes and sent Lian Jing out of the game because they couldn’t stand his mouth. As a result, Lian Jing was indeed the last surviving wolf.

“Game over!” He Huan, who won the game, clapped her hands in triumph. “Evil is not overpowering the good!”

Xia ZhiNing, the teammate next to her, pretended to nod sorrowfully and wipe her tears. “How could we have imagined that one President Jiang, and one Shi Yu, two legendary academics on our team, were carrying the good guy card and only talking about evil?”

The first thing Shi Yu said when his turn came up was, “How can I kill people with this identity?”

Jiang ChengLi added, “I should be in the same camp as him.”

It sounded like a bad thing, so they were both sent out of the game.

Lian Jing lay discouraged on the ground. He reached out and touched the white cat as it passed by. “So hungry. Why are you so hungry after just playing a game?!”

Jiang ChengLi looked at the time. “… I’ll have someone prepare dinner.”

Li Chen suddenly raised his hand. “Eh, it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten hot pot. Do you guys want to eat hot pot?”

At the mention of this, the prone omegas brightened up. “Eat hot pot!”

“We can go buy the ingredients now, then come back to make it and eat it.” Li Chen looked at Jiang ChengLi. “President, we are a group of children. How can we eat a main meal so late once we go home?”

Jiang ChengLi thought about it and turned back to Shi Yu. “Do you want to eat hot pot?”


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These two are as bad as each other!
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Sue R
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The naughty and sweetly president is adorable. Shi yu is very lucky.

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Is Shi Yu a tsundere or is he trying the denial approach? His attitude is a bit wierd but I guess it’ll change soon. And that scene of him entering from outside with the cat… imagine a slow motion with romantic lighting and a light wind. Powerful!

Thank you for the chapter!

December 24, 2022 9:42 pm

He Huan I too am like you with CP Brain lol ☆:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:☆

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