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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“What are you doing?!” Lu RanKong asked, squeezing the shoulder of the man with gold-rimmed glasses.

The man tried to struggle, but Lu RanKong’s hands were so firm that he crouched to the ground with a yelp of pain and was lifted up in the air by the back of his neck by his collar.

Lan Yu’s eyes went back and forth between him and Mrs. Fang several times before asking, “Do you want to kill her?”

“Who said I wanted to kill her? We just had a few arguments! Don’t believe me?  Just ask her.” The man with glasses started to struggle again, but Lu RanKong’s hand was like an iron clamp, so he couldn’t struggle. “Let go of me, I really don’t want to kill anyone, let go…”

Lan Yu turned his head to Mrs. Fang, saw her leaning against the tree and coughing, and asked, “Mrs. Fang, are you all right?”

Mrs. Fang was surprised that he knew her, but seemed to recall that she had met her in the nursery and said with a pale face, “Thank you, I’m fine.”

“Do you need me to call a doctor?” Lan Yu asked.

Mrs. Fang said dully, “No, it’s nothing serious.”

“Then do you want to go back to rest?”

Mrs. Fang looked at the man with glasses, and said, “Then he…”

Lu RanKong said coldly, “If he wants to kill someone, you must call the police.”

“I really didn’t want to kill anyone, ask her, ask her if I wanted to kill someone.” Seeing that Lu RanKong was unmoved and still holding on to him, the man with glasses turned to Mrs. Fang, “Tell them about it.”

“Don’t call the police…” Mrs. Fang hurriedly stopped them, “We just argued a few words, and he didn’t mean to hurt me, so let him go.”

Lu RanKong and Lan Yu looked at each other and Mrs. Fang added, “It’s really okay, thank you.”

After Lu RanKong let go of his hand, the man with glasses straightened his clothes, glared at Mrs. Fang with hatred and walked straight to the restaurant.

Mrs. Fang thanked the two men again and also turned around to go back to the treatment building.

Lan Yu took Lu RanKong’s hand, “Come on, let’s go to eat too.”

“This man is so patient with his niece, but I didn’t expect to deal with his own sister without mercy.” Lu RanKong shook his head as he walked, “He should thank his sister who kept excusing him, otherwise I really would’ve beat him up.”

The man with glasses was walking not far ahead of them and turned around to see the two following, turning his head and quickening his pace.

A woman in a wide shirt stood at the end of the path and called out to the man with glasses, “Ah’Yong, where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you at the restaurant for a long time.”

Yong said vaguely, “I just went to the bathroom.”

“You’ve just been to the toilet, do you have an upset stomach? Do you want to take some medicine?” The woman asked.

“It’s okay sis, it’s a small problem. Come on, let’s go eat.” Yong reached out and took the woman by the shoulders and together they walked to the restaurant.

Lan Yu said in shock, “So this is his sister. Then what is his relationship with Mrs. Fang?”

“Who cares, it’s none of our business even if it’s his mother.” Lu RanKong said.

Lan Yu took two steps with his head down and said, “No, I have to ask later. I think there’s something strange here.”

The two went into the restaurant and chose a table next to Yong and his sister to eat, paying attention to what was being said at that table, making sure that the two were siblings and that Yong’s niece was in the nursery.

When Yong saw Lan Yu and Lu RanKong sitting next to him, he was a little wary, but seeing that they were only serious about eating, he didn’t say anything.

The children were to be sent back to their parents in the afternoon, so Yong’s sister finished her meal quickly and told Yong, “I’ll go back first, the caregiver is going to send the children back, so take your time and don’t rush.”

“Okay…” Yong answered.

When his sister left, Yong sped up his eating and hurriedly finished his meal and headed out, Lan Yu and Lu RanKong immediately followed him.

Yong still took the same path, and when he passed by the woods just now, he looked over there, and before he could withdraw his gaze, he was grabbed by the back of his collar again.

“What are you doing? What the hell are you doing?” He turned his head and saw that it was Lu RanKong and Lan Yu, and his face turned red with anger.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a few small questions, you’ll be let go afterwards.” Lu RanKong took out the hand tool knife from his coat pocket and held it in his hand so brightly, Lan Yu also took out the needle and twirled it nimbly between a few fingers.

Yong tensed up and said, “Don’t do anything! You mustn’t do anything.”

Unknown what came to his mind, his face turned pale, “Are you… are you sent by Mr. Fang?”

“Mr. Fang?” Lan Yu frowned.

Seeing his expression, Yong stopped panicking and breathed a sigh of relief, “I see, it was Chen Yan who sent you.” He sneered, “No wonder you guys started to help her.”

“Chen Yan… Oh, Mrs. Fang,” Lan Yu narrowed his eyes.

Yong tsked and said, “Don’t be fooled by her, what Mrs. Fang? What giving birth to a daughter to the Fang family? That Fang Qigang is rich and powerful, so what? But I’m still a cuckold and a turtle. She hired you guys to scare me, right? I can give you more than what she pays.”

Lu RanKong and Lan Yu looked at each other and didn’t make a sound.

Yong spoke to himself, “When Chen Yan went to Fang Qigang with my seed in her pocket, she said she was pregnant with his child and married into a rich family. She then lied to me and said that in a few years they would divorce and bring our daughter to reunite with me.”

Lu RanKong loosened his grip on the back of his neck and waved his head impatiently at Lan Yu, and the two men bowed their heads and each put away their utility knives and needles, ready to leave.

Yong was still rambling, “I sent in my sister and niece who had just given birth so I could see the mother and my daughter. Do you know how much a day costs here? It’s expensive as hell. But it’s worth it to hold my daughter.” Seeing Lan Yu walking forward, he actually went after and continued, “She wants to kick me out and be Mrs. Fang, and her daughter is just a tool for her to hold on to Fang Qigang.”

Lu RanKong took Lan Yu’s hand and quickened his pace, and Yong trotted up after him, “She talks a good game, but she pretended she didn’t know me after only two days of living here. Yesterday, when Fang Qigang wasn’t here, I went to her room, and this woman was lying on her bed sleeping by herself, and her daughter was left crying in the living room, her voice was hoarse from crying—”

Lan Yu suddenly stopped walking, turned his head and asked, “She pretended not to know you?”

“Yes, she pretended like she did, and greeted me politely, as if she really was a nodding acquaintance here.” Yong said indignantly.

Lu RanKong heard this and also turned his head.

“So how did she come to the grove with you today? Or did you intercept her halfway here?” Lan Yu asked.

Yong pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose and said, “That’s because she’s afraid I’ll tell Fang Qigang about it.”


“I told her that if she didn’t want me to reveal her secret, she should go to the grove tomorrow at noon. She was so scared and weak that she came when I arrived at the grove.” Yong said disdainfully.

See Lan Yu two listened carefully, Yong said more vigorously, “But I really did not start it, I just wanted to ask her for a result, but she listened and didn’t say anything, and just left. How could I let her? I reached out to pull her, and she turned around and pushed me against a tree.”

“Really, I’m not lying! She really moved first, but when she heard your footsteps, her hand loosened a little, making it seem only I was choking her.” Yong thought about it, “It was purely in self-defense.” He turned around and lifted up his shirt to reveal his back, “My back is burning hot and painful now, do you see if it’s bruised?”

Lan Yu saw that his back was indeed a large area of black and blue, should’ve been just bruised recently

“I’ll hire you guys now, too, for double her money, how about that?” Yong asked.

Lan Yu ignored him and said to Lu RanKong, “Let’s go find her.”

Lu RanKong didn’t ask any more questions, and the two of them turned around and walked towards the convalescent building.

Yong stayed where he was and shouted, “I haven’t even told you the price of hiring you!”

The two walked out of the woods and jogged up in the direction of the convalescent building.

A group of people in front of them were pulling a banner with a welcome message, and Sister Liu was directing the crowd. She obviously dressed up today, wearing a set of ironing suit dress, saw the two people and shouted from afar, “Still running blindly what? Your guests will be here later. The new uniforms are ready in your dormitory, so go change and get ready to welcome the guests.”

Lu RanKong kept his footing and asked, “Where are they now? How much longer until they get here?”

Sister Liu looked at the terminal, “They should’ve left to visit the mental hospital now, and would come when they’re done there.” She then commanded the people in front of him, “Higher! Higher, next to the two dotted balloons.”

“No hurry, we’ll go change our uniforms later.” Lu RanKong said as he and Lan Yu ran into the convalescent building.

Hurrying into the elevator, Lan Yu asked, “Do you think she will be it?”

“I don’t know, but in a situation like this, if someone is suspicious, we have to check it out.”

Mrs. Fang lived in room 05 on the fourth floor. The two of them knocked on the door and Mrs. Fang’s voice came from inside, “Who is it?”

“Checking the plumbing…” Lan Yu said in a loud voice.

“Just a moment…”

Lu RanKong looked at the door panel with a smile on his face.

“What are you smiling at?” Lan Yu asked.

“I remembered that in the past when you encountered this kind of situation, you always shouted ‘Empire stationed in Tower Planet 3rd Force mecha battalion Colonel K ordered you to open the door for inspection’. Why don’t you shout that today?” 

Lan Yu paused and said, “In case she isn’t it, what if the Lontan person in another room heard?”

Lu RanKong looked at him with a smile and didn’t say anything.

“Hey, actually it’s just too long and too roundabout, not as simple and convenient as this.” Lan Yu said.

The door creaked open and Mrs. Fang stood in the doorway.

“You guys…” She looked at Lan Yu and Lu RanKong for a moment, then a smile appeared on her face, “It’s you two…”

“Yes, we have a VIP guest coming to inspect soon, so we’re checking the plumbing system one last time making sure that there won’t be any mistakes then.” Lu RanKong said seriously.

“That’s…” Mrs. Fang’s face appeared hesitant.

Lu RanKong didn’t give her a chance to refuse, pushed open the door and walked in directly.

Mrs. Fang didn’t say anything else, turned to the table to get a glass of water and poured it out, saying, “Thank you so much for what you just did.”

“You’re welcome…” Lu RanKong looked around the room, while Lan Yu went to the window and looked out.

“You guys… Didn’t you say you were here to check the plumbing?” Mrs. Fang asked suspiciously, carrying two glasses of water.

Lan Yu walked towards the bedroom and stood in the doorway, “You should know that someone big is coming, right? So we’re not only checking the water pipes, but also checking for other dangerous goods.”

“So…” Mrs. Fang handed a glass of water to Lu RanKong, but he refused with a raised hand, “Thank you, I’m not thirsty.”

“Is the baby sleeping?” Lu RanKong asked, looking at the crib next to the sofa.

“Yes, the caregiver just brought her in, she’s sleeping soundly.” Mrs. Fang replied.

Lu RanKong went over and leaned down to look at the baby girl for a moment, her pink mouth slightly open, sleeping soundly.

He sat down on the sofa, crossed his legs comfortably, and indicated to Mrs. Fang the sofa opposite to him, “Mrs. Fang, put down the glass of water, we’re not thirsty. Let’s sit down and talk first.”

Lan Yu then exited the bedroom and headed for the bathroom.

“Are you guys really here for an inspection?” Mrs. Fang got alert and put the glass of water on the table, “You don’t need to sit down and talk if you want to inspect, right? I need you to confirm that this is indeed happening, and to confirm with the director—”

“Mrs. Fang, I don’t have the patience to give you proof of this and that, please sit down quietly and we’ll just ask a few questions.” Lu RanKong lowered his legs and leaned forward slightly with his upper body, looking serious.

Mrs. Fang was unmoved and pointed to the door and said sternly, “I don’t need proof now either, please get out now.”

“Mrs. Fang, we are here to investigate the situation, so sit down and be cooperative.” Lu RanKong gestured to the couch.

“Not going out, are you? Then I will immediately notify the security—”

“Empire stationed in Tower Planet 3rd army mecha battalion Colonel K, orders you to cooperate with our investigation.” Lan Yu interrupted Mrs. Fang’s words in a loud voice, holding his officer’s card in his hand as she looked over in shock, and raised his chin arrogantly, his gaze cold.

Mrs. Fang didn’t make a sound, and the little baby girl who was sleeping soundly grunted twice and moved her arms and legs.

Lan Yu glanced slightly in the direction of the crib and closed his mouth.

Lu RanKong lowered his head and hooked the corners of his lips, also took out his officer’s card, lowered his voice and said, “Empire stationed in Tower Planet 3rd army mecha battalion Colonel Lu RanKong orders you to sit down now.”

“Mecha battalion? The army?” Mrs. Fang was stunned.

“Sit down, sit down, say what you have to say while sitting. You’re stressing me out like this.” Lu RanKong urged again.

Mrs. Fang was a bit alarmed, “I haven’t done anything wrong, so why is the army here? I want to find my husband…”

“Keep your voice down. Don’t be nervous, it’s just a little investigation, we’ll ask a few questions and leave.”

Mrs. Fang finally stopped talking and moved to the sofa and sat down, her face full of anxiety.

Lu RanKong asked, “What’s your name?”

“Chen Yan…”



Lu RanKong asked Lan Yu, who was standing at the door of the bathroom, “Is the information true?”

Lan Yu took the form he had obtained from the director earlier and nodded to him after going through it.

Lu RanKong leaned back on the couch and continued, “What year did you get married? What were you doing before that?”

“I got married last year. I was an actress before I got married.”

Lan Yu paused at this sentence and turned around to enter the bathroom.

The bathroom in the suite was very spacious, for an Omega who just gave birth, the facilities had some small changes, whether it was the toilet or the bathtub, the design was very humane.

Lan Yu looked around and then his eyes fell on the shelf in front of the mirror.

There were a bunch of bottles and jars of skin care products and cosmetics on it, and he saw the bottle of facial cream from the sanatorium mixed in there.

He picked up the cream and unscrewed the lid, a cloyingly strong fragrance wafted out. It had been used and a small piece of the flat surface was scooped up.

Screwing the lid back on, he casually picked up a bottle of other skin care products and typed in the logo on the terminal, and the price that popped up made him raise an eyebrow.

Lu RanKong was still questioning Mrs. Fang, the atmosphere seemed harmonious, and Mrs. Fang wasn’t as nervous as she was at first.

After answering where she studied, Lu RanKong knocked on the arm of the sofa and suddenly asked a question, “What is your relationship with Yong?”

Mrs. Fang seemed to be stunned for a moment, then she stood up to pour water, saying, “I’m a little thirsty, let’s have a glass of water first.”

“Drink the water you just poured yourself, we aren’t thirsty.” Lu RanKong said.

Mrs. Fang explained, “I have a special glass of water.”

Lu RanKong continued to ask, “What is your relationship with Yong?”

“Just an okay relationship, I guess.” Mrs. Fang replied as she poured water.

“You two were classmates before, and he invested tens of millions of dollars in your movie, so it’s just an okay relationship?” Lu RanKong’s eyes were fixed on Mrs. Fang.

Lan Yu just walked out of the bathroom with the bottle of cream. When he heard Lu RanKong ask this question, he stopped and stood at the door to look at Mrs. Fang.

Mrs. Fang didn’t make a sound as she poured water with her head down.

“Mrs. Fang, the cup is full.” Lu RanKong reminded her.

Mrs. Fang put down the kettle and took the cloth next to her to wipe the water.

“Mrs. Fang, that seems to be your daughter’s bib, right?” Lu RanKong reminded her again.

“Oh oh, I’ve made a mistake, I was remembering, so I didn’t notice.” Mrs. Fang turned her head and smiled blushingly, and put down the soiled bib.

Lu RanKong returned the smile, and his handsome face showed some deep meaning, “Mrs. Fang, you haven’t answered my question yet.”

Mrs. Fang turned around, looked at Lu RanKong and said, “There is no such thing…”

“No?” Lu RanKong tapped his finger on his knee, “This is the information from our secret investigation. If you don’t tell us, you will have to go to the police station.”

The look on Mrs. Fang’s face changed for a while before she finally said with some shame, “These things are really a bit hard to talk about.”

“Tell us, we will keep your secret.”

“When we were classmates, he was pursuing me, but I had my own dreams and goals at that time, so I turned him down. Then later I entered the acting world and started filming, and as you know, an Omega actress without any backing would encounter a lot of difficulties. At that time, Yong found me and said he was willing to invest in a movie for me, so I…” Mrs. Fang bit her lip and whispered, “So I agreed.”

“Oh? That’s right, indeed, I can understand.” Lu RanKong nodded his head.

Just as Mrs. Fang was about to speak, he raised his hand to interrupt, “But Mrs. Fang, I just made all these things up.”

Mrs. Fang was frozen in place with her mouth slightly open.


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Sue R
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Hahaha, it was a perfect pluff. Good job colonel.😆😆

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These 2 are a truly great team. Was the gold digging Mrs Fang controlled by a Lontan person and if so, who are they in now?! Is it ‘K” I wonder.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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I love these two!!

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Colonel Lu and K are the best, I love them!

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So the Lontan in Mrs.Fang🤔🤔

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