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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


His words fell and caused Jiang ChengLi to pause. His expression was mixed with two points of surprise. Shi Yu, like a child being lectured, stood in front of him with his eyes downcast, as he squeezed his fingers and avoided meeting his eyes.

Qiao Yu, who stood to the side, witnessed the whole thing and explained to Jiang ChengLi with a smile. “We just ran into each other by chance. He didn’t just wander off with me, a stranger.”

The restaurant owner delivered Shi Yu’s packed dinner. Jiang ChengLi took it with a smile then looked at Shi Yu. “Sorry. I misunderstood. Shall we go back together?”

Shi Yu nodded and quietly walked ahead of him. As soon as Jiang ChengLi took a step, Qiao Yu reached out and stopped him. “You saved my sister this morning, thank you. Do you have time for me to buy you a meal?”

“No, it was just a good thing to do.” Jiang ChengLi thought for a moment and turned sideways. “I thought Shi Yu was in danger at first.”

The two people who were walking side by side outside the door suddenly laughed out loud. Now, high school students in a relationship really was pure love, ah. Jiang ChengLi followed Shi Yu wordlessly, and came to stand at his side. The two people didn’t speak until they went into the elevator.

Shi Yu watched as the numbers jumped upward and asked, “Why did you come out?”

“I’m worried about you.” Jiang ChengLi coughed. “Qiao Yu is an alpha. I had a sense of crisis.”

Shi Yu knew he would answer that way. “You don’t have to distrust me so much.”

“Well, alphas are prone to worry. I will review.”

“I’m not as petty as someone who gets angry and sulks for half a day.”

Jiang ChengLi understood that he was alluding to his own incident this morning, and couldn’t hold back his laughter. “Mn, you’re the best.”

When they reached the seventh floor, Shi Yu looked at his room door and hesitated for a while. He finally went to Jiang ChengLi. “I haven’t eaten dinner either. Do you want to eat together?”

Jiang ChengLi’s fingertips moved slightly, and he was silent for a moment. “Maybe not. I may be a little sick. I’m afraid of infecting you.”

Shi Yu hadn’t expected to be rejected. His cheeks burned as he stood there. He replied vaguely and went back to his room.

After he closed the door, he leaned against it and pursed his lips slightly, very remorseful. It was all Qiao Yu’s fault. He said something to him that made him sway, actually made him feel real, incomprehensible emotions towards Jiang ChengLi.

It was also unexpected guilt that gave Shi Yu the courage to propose having dinner with Jiang ChengLi, but he ended up being rejected. Shi Yu slowly sat down on the ground, reached out and touched the side of his face. He felt his eyes were a little dry.

The feeling of being rejected was so unbearable, and he had been so self-righteous to distance himself from Jiang ChengLi.

Now that he thought about it, he was a really contradictory and frivolous being. First, he rejected someone’s kindness, but then he noticed his own feelings, and wasn’t able to help but approach. He felt that if he were Jiang ChengLi, he would have been bored with such an omega who was so close and yet distant.

Shi Yu leaned against the door, reached out, pinched the side of his face and said in a muffled voice, “A liar whose words do not match his actions.”

To clear his head, Shi Yu went to take a shower. He came out with wet hair, only to find that Li Chen had called him several times.

Shi Yu called back to ask him what happened. Li Chen gasped, “Have you seen Jiang ChengLi? He’s not answering my calls and messages. I’m worried something has happened to him.”

Shi Yu snapped back to look at the door. “I was just taking a shower, but I met with him about half an hour ago.”

“Can you help me, and go see if something has happened to him? We have too many people here. It’s a little hard to squeeze out.”

“Okay.” Shi Yu hung up the phone, and went across the hall to ring the doorbell. “Jiang ChengLi?” Shi Yu rang twice more, then knocked on the door and finally tapped on the door with some urgency. “Jiang ChengLi, are you in there? Say something?”

The door to the room in front of him suddenly opened.

Shi Yu instinctively shivered as a frosty smell greeted him. Jiang ChengLi stood breathlessly by the door, his eyes burned at the end with an abnormal flush, his voice was so hoarse it was frightening. “Yes.”

Shi Yu held his breath. “How did you?…Susceptible period?”

Jiang ChengLi nodded and closed the door a little. He wanted to keep his pheromones from leaking out. “I just fell asleep for a while, and woke up to find that my pheromones were out of control.”

Shi Yu frowned as he pushed the door open. He saw that the dinner he had gotten for him was still on the table, without the slightest trace of being opened.

“Get dressed. Do you have blockers or inhibitors with you? We’ll take a taxi to the hospital right away.” Shi Yu closed the door to keep the pheromones from escaping and affecting other travelers, then pressed the hotel’s exhaust system.

Jiang ChengLi stood still. “Shi Yu, the concentration of pheromones is very high here. You’ll be affected by me.”

“So I can just let a susceptible alpha go?” Shi Yu turned out the jacket that was on the bed and looked at his suitcase again. “Where is that bottle of blocker from the other day?”

The alpha was standing at the doorway, in a dark corner, to hide the smile at the corner of his lips. He said weakly, “It’s in the suitcase.”

Shi Yu finally found it. First, he sprayed the barrier agent onto the back of Jiang ChengLi’s neck,  then held his hand. “I’ll help you a bit, and then we’ll immediately go to the hospital, okay?”

Jiang ChengLi looked at him and nodded. “Be gentle.”

“Such a big boy is still afraid of pain.” Shi Yu frowned, but the movements of his hands were very careful. After the injection of the inhibitor into Jiang ChengLi’s body, the smell of frost and snow faded a lot, and with the exhaust air change, Shi Yu felt less uncomfortable, so went to his room to find the omega inhibitor to inject himself.

“The car is still on the road, fifteen minutes to arrive, then five minutes to the hospital.” Shi Yu came back and looked at the boy who was sitting on the edge of the bed and slowed down his tone, “Feeling okay?”

Jiang ChengLi inclined his head to look at him, then slowly lowered his eyes. “Not very well.”

Shi Yu’s heart felt pained. He looked at the suitcase. “Too much inhibitor injection isn’t good for the body. You endure a little, and we’ll immediately go to the hospital.”

Jiang ChengLi gradually raised his hand and hooked the end finger of his right hand, like a child who whispered and begged his parents for candy. “You smell so good, I want to hug you.”

Shi Yu’s fingertips trembled noticeably.

Jiang ChengLi was an alpha and he was an omega. The two of them were highly compatible with each other’s pheromones. At this kind of moment, just like when he instinctively wanted to be marked by him, Jiang ChengLi would also become attached to him.

Shi Yu’s heart was in turmoil, when he felt Jiang ChengLi slowly let go of his hand. “You have to stay away from me or you’ll have a hard time too.”

He slowly curled the hand that had just touched the omega by his side. His fingers fumbled as if he was still recalling that touch.

Shi Yu’s thoughts were empty and he instinctively took that hand. “I won’t be uncomfortable. You can hold it for a while if you really can’t help it.”


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Sue R
Sue R
September 22, 2021 6:01 pm

Not sure now, did JCL pretend to be more suffering from the susceptible period to get his TLC??

September 22, 2021 9:51 pm should stopped “bullied” SY😅😅😅

September 22, 2021 10:15 pm

Thank you for the chapter!!! Well, I’m glad Shi Yu has finally noticed his behaviour isn’t all that good. JCL pretended to have his susceptible period before but when it actually hit now, he’s away from home and has to deal with it together with Shi Yu.

Will he change into his dragon form because of his uncontrolled pheromones or not? Hmmmm…

September 24, 2021 11:30 am

So Shi Yu is finally aware of how contradictory he’s been.
He’s stepping up now though.
Hope these 2 work things out.
Thanks for translating and editing.

June 20, 2022 12:58 pm

Good job, Qiao Yu (our passerby brother who knocked some sense on Shi Yu’s head) hahahaha! *thumbs up*

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