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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Jiang ChengLi’s emotions converged quickly, and instantly his eyes darkened. Shi Yu admitted that he was momentarily shocked, and the hand holding the blow dryer also froze for a moment. When he came back to his senses, Jiang ChengLi’s dark eyes were gazing at him. He asked with an imperceptible tentativeness, “What’s wrong?”

Shi Yu felt that the image just now was very familiar. He couldn’t help but hold Jiang ChengLi’s face, and lean close. “Your eyes…”

“What’s wrong with my eyes?”

“Nothing.” Shi Yu came up with a rather absurd idea, but quickly pressed on. “I just saw that your eyes changed a bit.”

Jiang ChengLi rubbed his eyes sleepily and said, “Maybe I’m a bit tired? You can go back first. I’m not feeling well.”

Shi Yu was sure he hadn’t just been blinded, but Jiang ChengLi’s current expression seemed even more vain than his.

It was fruitless to pursue it. Shi Yu put the hair dryer aside. “Your hair is almost dry. Lie down for a while, remember to go to lunch.”

“Okay.” Jiang ChengLi nodded and sent him to the door. “I’m not angry anymore. You go play well with them.”

“Yeah.” Shi Yu nodded and watched as Jiang ChengLi’s eyes drooped tiredly while he closed the door. His mind was in turmoil. He had noticed early on that there was something wrong with him, but he was never quite sure what it was. The change in Jiang ChengLi just now made him sure that what had been wrong for so long was not just his own imaginary delusion.

Shi Yu stayed at the door for a while, then turned to leave.

Jiang ChengLi stood behind the door, and listened to the sound of footsteps going away. He slowly opened the pupils of his ice blue eyes. The tiredness and sleepiness in front of Shi Yu disappeared. It left only the deep and possessive coldness.

Even without the influence of the contract, Jiang ChengLi and Shi Yu’s pheromone fit was still very high. He wavered over the charming thoughts that were instantly exposed in front of Shi Yu.

Jiang ChengLi lay on the bed and suppressed the absurd thoughts in his heart, a little annoyed.

He wanted to hold Shi Yu more than he thought.


Jiang ChengLi didn’t eat lunch, and also refused dinner. The reason given was that he wasn’t feeling well. Li Chen was probably clear on what was going on, and explained to everyone. After they made sure Jiang ChengLi wasn’t seriously hurt, they decided to go to see the seaside fireworks in the evening.

“What a pity, the fireworks by the sea is a once a year thing. Jiang ChengLi actually couldn’t see it.” Xia ZhiNing regretted watching the fireworks. “I was planning to take a lot of photos.”

“After all, he went into the water this morning in order to save someone. Shouldn’t he be tired?” Xiang Wuzhu said.

Lian Jing wanted to ask how a dominant alpha could be unwell because of a trip in the water, but after he saw the look Li Chen gave him, he didn’t say more.

Shi Yu was holding a bag of small fireworks in his hand. He listened to the arrangements absentmindedly. He Huan noticed his lack of interest and asked with concern, “Shi Yu, what’s wrong with you?”

Shi Yu shook his head and smiled with the corners of his lips. “I’m a little sleepy. Why don’t you guys go ahead tonight and I won’t go.”

He Huan gave an ah, and was about to persuade, when Xia ZhiNing reached out to grab her. “Okay, then you go back to rest. We’ll take more pictures to show you.”

Shi Yu said thank you, and went in the direction of the hotel.

Lian Jing stood in the same place, looked at his back and silently sighed. “Our little Shi isn’t stupid. How come he was dumped, but is still hung up on that alpha?”

After saying that, he turned back and found that the companions behind him were looking at him with a ‘are you stupid’ expression.

Lian Jing, “Did I say something wrong?”

He Huan sneered. “You deserve to be single.”

Xia ZhiNing, “Every day you want to fall in love with a quality alpha, but your emotional intelligence is so small.”

Even Xiang Wuzhu nodded. “I can recommend a book to you, called ‘Omega in Love.'”

Lian Jing, “…”

Shi Yu sent a message to Jiang ChengLi to ask why he hadn’t come to dinner. Jiang ChengLi quickly replied: [Sleepy, sleeping. Come back and bring me something to eat?]

Shi Yu replied with an ok, and went to a restaurant to pack dinner for him first. While he was waiting, he met Qiao Yu. The tall alpha was also a bit surprised. “Why are you here alone?”

Shi Yu replied, “They went to see the fireworks. I don’t like being around too many people.”

“Oh. Actually the fireworks are quite nice. It would be a pity not to go.”

Shi Yu shook his head and said he didn’t care, so Qiao Yu didn’t persuade him again, just asked, “By the way, do you have the contact information of the alpha who saved my sister today? I want to say thank you to him personally.”

Shi Yu nodded that he did, and pushed Jiang ChengLi’s WeChat to Qiao Yu. But not long after pushing the card over, Jiang ChengLi messaged him first: [Where are you? Didn’t go to watch the fireworks?]

[At the restaurant. Met Qiao Yu. He asked for your contact information.]

Jiang ChengLi asked what restaurant. Shi Yu sent him the address, after which he didn’t hear back. He felt something strange, and looked up at Qiao Yu, who was watching him.

Shi Yu took back his phone. “Anything else?”

“You and him,” Qiao Yu pointed to the WeChat interface, where he could see Jiang ChengLi. “Are a couple?”

Shi Yu was stunned and shook his head. “No.”

Qiao Yu raised his eyebrows, thoughtfully gave an oh, and looked down at Jiang ChengLi who hadn’t returned any of his messages. “I saw him take such good care of you the other day, and thought you were together.”

Shi Yu’s heart beat a bit faster as he dropped his eyes and said vaguely, “Not really.”

“Brother, don’t lie to yourself.” Qiao Yu laughed. “Everyone knows that alphas are very possessive. There are other people encroaching on his territory. Even to his favorite omega ideas, emotions and pheromone fluctuations will be very large. Moreover, this little friend surnamed Jiang, should be a high level alpha.”

Shi Yu looked at Qiao Yu. The words he wanted to say were frozen in his throat, he was unable to make a sound.

“A dominant alpha who is willing to collect his emotions and negative thoughts for you, has restrained a lot of difficulties. Besides, I see that you don’t reject or avoid him…You like him too, but you don’t want to admit it, do you?”

“Shi Yu.” At the entrance of the restaurant, Jiang ChengLi, with a mask on, pushed open the door and walked in front of the two with a slight panting breath.

Qiao Yu smiled and pulled away. He held his hands at his side in a ‘I didn’t do anything to your omega’ stance.

Shi Yu looked at Jiang ChengLi. His heart surged with emotions that he could hardly restrain. He pursed his lips. “Why are you here?”

Jiang ChengLi’s eyes were drawn away from Qiao Yu. “Li Chen asked if you had returned to the hotel, so I came out to look for you. The night is dangerous. You shouldn’t wander alone.”

Shi Yu looked away and retorted in a low voice, “I didn’t wander around.”

Jiang ChengLi said, “Don’t go around with other people either.”

“I did neither. I was worried that you were hungry, and was buying you food.”


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Sue R
Sue R
September 21, 2021 5:06 pm

Thank you to Qiao Yu for pointing out Shi Yu feeling toward JCL. JCL also need to be more openess to him.

September 21, 2021 7:04 pm

I really liked Shi Yu, but he’s irritating the pants off me now. I just want to shake him.
Thanks for translating and editing.

September 21, 2021 10:02 pm

Ah, this again. I really wish there was a way to end that immature contract other than erasing Shi Yu’s memories. I know that the author’s prolly trying to make him fall for JCL naturally, not because of contract or pheromones, but after what they had, it’s irritating. Purposely stalling and throwing pests his way, argh!

Thank you for the chapter!!

September 22, 2021 12:56 am

Geez…these two…esp SY….admit it already…your heart want JCL😑😑😑

June 20, 2022 12:55 pm

Aiya, I miss the old Shi Yu who was feisty.

I get that he’s confused af and probably disoriented from having his memory wiped, but I really wanna shake him like a rattle or bonk him in the head so he gets his memory back. The current him is too indecisive and frankly, although it isn’t given too much focus, would have been better for him to cleanly and outright reject JCL instead of keeping him hanging when he can’t even be sure of his own feelings yet, or refuses to acknowledge them.

Fluffy Wing
September 6, 2022 9:42 pm

You know shit is going too slow when you have to have a newly added random supporting character to point it out to you

Official LMW release!

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