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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze found himself facing Long Yuan’s collarbones. He panicked and averted his eyes, blushing and stuttering, “Cu, cute.”

Long Yuan lowered his eyes and saw his reddened ears clearly. The white ears were dyed red, the color was very nice and looked very soft. Long Yuan couldn’t resist and reached out to touch it, “You’re the one who’s cute.”

Yu Ze, like an electric shock, tilted his head to avoid his hand and took a step backward, but he didn’t move because his waist was still being held, “I… I can stand still.”

Long Yuan laughed and let go of his hand, “Why did you suddenly become a stammerer?”

Is it not because I’m too close to you! Yu Ze stepped back and distanced himself from him, less panicked and more calm. He bit his lip, swallowed the answer that came out of his mouth, and looked at Long Yuan seriously to explain, “I really didn’t laugh at you, don’t misunderstand.”

Long Yuan laughed lightly, “Mn, there is no misunderstanding now, but,” his chin was slightly raised and his tone was aggravated, “I am not cute, I am cool!”

Yu Ze nodded in agreement, “Yeah, you’re cool.”

Long Yuan looked at him for two seconds and suddenly raised his hand and rubbed his hair, “Are you really two years older than me? You’re too obedient, even better than my cousin.”

Yu Ze was dumbfounded, the touch on the top of his head was light, but not to be ignored. There was an illusion of being pampered. He was no stranger to this feeling. His family often rubbed his hair like this when they praised him or encouraged him. His heart moved slightly, and his family’s heartbreaking scene after he went into a vegitative came to mind.

His eyes immediately reddened.

Long Yuan froze and quickly withdrew his hand, raising both hands up. His tone was panicked as he said, “No more rubbing, no more rubbing. Don’t cry, I apologize!”

The difference between this look and his appearance in front of his classmates during the day was really wide, there was a kind of contrast. Yu Ze’s sadness dissipated and he laughed out loud.

Long Yuan put his hands down and on his chest, as he looked at him, “Teasing me?”

Yu Ze was embarrassed and rubbed the corners of his eyes, “Sorry, I just thought of my family.”

Long Yuan immediately understood, “Your family likes to rub your hair?”

“Yes.” Yu Ze nodded his head.

Long Yuan rubbed his fingers on his arm for a while, recalling the touch of his hair just now, and thought, No wonder, it feels good.

“Is this your first time living on campus?” Long Yuan asked.

Yu Ze was about to shake his head when he thought that he was now Feng Ze and nodded, “Yes.”

Long Yuan said, “You’ll get used to it in a couple of days, and if you miss them too much, you can video chat. Besides, you’re an adult, you need to learn to be independent. You don’t have a family at school, but you have classmates and friends, so don’t be sad.”

Yu Ze could not explain the real reason why he was sad, but looking at Long Yuan’s serious comfort, his heart was warm. “Thank you, I’m not sad anymore.”

His family had always protected him. This time he would complete the mission independently and return to his family in good health!

Long Yuan hummed, “Rest early, I’ll wake you up tomorrow.”

“Huh?” Yu Ze looked puzzled, why did he need to wake him up?

Long Yuan didn’t explain, turned around and left Yu Ze’s room, closing the door behind him.

The next morning, Yu Ze knew why.

He stood at the track while Long Yuan warmed up and said, “If you can’t run, run slowly. At least do one lap, and then we’ll go eat afterwards.”

Bai Yan made a Hercules gesture towards him, “Go for it.” Then he pulled Xuan Miao to the front and ran off.

Long Yuan said, “Move your hands and feet. Don’t immediately start running, don’t get hurt.”

Yu Ze did not move, this behavior was contrary to his idea of disguising as a mushroom. He had already thought about it, he needed to act like the group of fellow mushrooms, except for eating. He did not resist hunger at all, and could not crouch at the roots of a tree like them and be satisfied.

He could not go to the Logistics Department for the time being, and could not reveal his identity as an Awakened person. He had to be like a mushroom, while not being like one at the same time. He said honestly, “I don’t want to run.” 

Long Yuan walked up to him and lowered his voice, “Did you forget what I said? You have to run even if you don’t want to.”

Yu Ze looked up at him in surprise, “You’re helping me?”

Long Yuan said, “It’s good to know, it’s not easy to fight against instinct. If you don’t want to, I can only use coercion.”

Without waiting for Yu Ze’s reaction, Long Yuan faced him, grabbed his hands with each hand, and led him to spread his hands from both sides and raised them to the top of his head.

When he reached the top of his head, he unfolded and dropped them again, and so on. Yu Ze was forced to do five rounds with a dazed face. When he came back to his senses, he struggled slightly with his hands.

Long Yuan held his hand tighter, “Don’t resist.”

Yu Ze tilted his head, his hand was held firmly in Long Yuan’s palm, his bony fingers fell on the back of his hand, between the movements, creating a small friction. It was clear that only the back of his hand was rubbed, but he had the illusion that Long Yuan’s fingers were falling on his heart. He subconsciously held his breath, and after lifting up and down twenty times, Long Yuan released him.

“Why is your face so red again?” Long Yuan’s voice was filled with laughter, a young man’s flirtation.

Yu Ze still answered, “I’m not used to being too close to others.”

Long Yuan said, “So, you are emotionally sensitive. Your Mushroom Awakened trend is not too strong, maybe you can successfully Awaken.”

Yu Ze was dumbfounded. No, he did not want to hear this conclusion.

Other things he could disguise, but blushing, he really could not help it. He blushed too easily.

Long Yuan asked, “Can you turn your ankle, or do you need help?”

How could that help? Yu Ze’s mind floated various possible positions, and he hurriedly withdrew his right foot and moved it, “I’ll do it myself.”

Long Yuan raised his eyebrows and smiled smugly, “I found a good way to help you resist your instincts.”

Yu Ze’s scalp tingled and he had a bad feeling. As it turns out, his hunch was correct.

After warming up, Long Yuan said, “Let’s run. If you don’t want to run, I’ll hold your hand and we can run together.”

His hand was outstretched.

Yu Ze lifted his feet and ran forward, avoiding his hand.

Long Yuan looked at the palm of his hand and tsked, obviously his goal was achieved, but why was he not happy?

Was holding his hand so scary? It’s even worse than resisting his instinct?

Yu Ze ran, the wind blew in his face, and an uncontrollable impulse rose in his heart.

Faster, faster! He needed to go faster to take off. His limbs were vaguely hot, as if they contained endless energy.

“Hey, look here.” Bai Yan’s voice came from ahead.

He looked up and saw a bright flash of light as Bai Yan closed his bracelet and waved at him, “Keep running!”

A layer of cold sweat appeared on Yu Ze’s back. If not for Bai Yan’s voice, he would definitely have run past them. If he did that, in five minutes, Feng Sheng would know that he was an Awakened. He took a deep breath, tried to restrain the urge to run wildly, and ran slowly.

The muscles all over his body were protesting against this speed, as if there was an invisible force pulling him to speed up. Real speed fought against the false speed of his muscles, and his movements were affected, and he stumbled and fell forward after taking a wrong step.

Halfway through his fall, his shoulders were grabbed from behind, followed by his waist, and he stood firm. His heart was beating wildly, and his ears were filled with the sound of thumping.

“How can you fall even at such a slow speed?” Long Yuan let go of him and came around to him with a helpless face.

Yu Ze shook his head, “I don’t know.”

He was breathing heavily, gasping for breath when he spoke, and his voice was soft, sounding a bit pathetic.

Long Yuan pointed to the bleachers, “Forget it, you go sit and rest for a while, then we’ll go eat together after the run.”

Yu Ze nodded in response, and when Long Yuan ran away, he took a deliberate step with his feet.

When he was not running, his eagerness to speed up vanished. He sighed with relief and walked to the bleachers to sit down.

“Hey,” an unfamiliar student who sat away from him asked in a lowered voice, “are you and Young Master Yuan in love?”

Yu Ze’s eyes opened slightly and his heart beat a little faster, “No.”

The student looked back at the track and saw Long Yuan was still far away. His tone was pleading, “Just tell me the truth! I promise not to tell anyone, I just want to make a fortune on the forum.”

Yu Ze didn’t know what the forum was referring to, but no one knew more about his relationship with Long Yuan than Long Yuan, “No.”

“Really? I promise not to tell anyone, I’ll give you 20% of the money I make,” the student reached out and stuck out three fingers, “No, 30%.”

Yu Ze was helpless, “No, Long Yuan and I are really not in a relationship.”

The classmates said, “Too bad, the negative option has almost no odds!” He looked at the playground and saw Long Yuan running close by. He got up quickly, “Thanks.” And with that, he quickly ran away.

Yu Ze thought for a moment, turned on his bracelet, asked a question and then searched. Soon he logged into the Awakened Department forum. The forum was anonymous, and he filled in the name of his family’s second son, ‘Qiu Qiu.’

Once inside, at the top was a post labeled ‘Hot’, with a name in the title that he was all too familiar with.

[Are Young Master Yuan and Feng Ze a pair?]

He clicked in, and at the top was the betting screen, with only a thousand star coins for [Yes] on the left, and more than 100,000 star coins for [No] on the right.

At the bottom was a variety of analysis.

[Feng Ze, eighteen years old before he Awakened, he’s a mushroom no doubt. Young Master Yuan with his identity, how is it possible for him and a mushroom to be together?]

[Yes, I inquired. Feng Ze is just lucky. He got put into Young Master Yuan’s dormitory and Young Master Yuan is helping him. They are nothing more than roommates. I want to replace him!]

Looking at a series of concurrences, Yu Ze sighed, thinking that Long Yuan was really popular.

Many comments later, another argument emerged.

[He’s not necessarily a mushroom! Young Master Yan sent photos last night. Feng Ze is still eating meat!]

[Is this not normal? He just tested his genes, and Awakened Mushrooms also need the process.]

[That’s it, he doesn’t deserve Young Master Yuan at all.]

There were more than 1000+ comments after.

Yu Ze looked towards the track. He kind of understood why Bai Yan was taking pictures of him. He was touched in his heart, they must have known the news he didn’t know — it was dangerous to enter the Logistics Department within this month, so they helped him to set up an Awakened persona.

He was also a little helpless. The persona set up was too stable and if Feng Sheng believed in it, what would he do?!

“What are you looking at?” Long Yuan asked as he approached. Bai Yan was standing behind him leaning on Xuan Miao’s shoulder.

Yu Ze thought of what he was looking at and hurriedly closed his bracelet, “Nothing.”

Long Yuan didn’t believe it, “That’s not what your action says.”

Yu Ze froze, then realized that his words and actions did not match.

Bai Yan smirked and said, “Are you reading the forum?”

“What’s so good about the forum?” Long Yuan snorted.


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This would make a really good solo plot, it’s such a pity it’s a QT novel. I’ll read it nonetheless but… ahhhh, oh well.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

March 1, 2022 5:26 am

Idk, I got the feeling that author wasn’t really sure how to build the first world. I thought it was an interstellar background with awakened people at the start, but it turn out to be zombie apocalypse one. But the technology is much more advanced and it looks like they have plenty of resources. Is it few years of the apocalypse? I am still a bit confused about this world background cause it doesn’t really like an apocalyptic one XD not that I hate it, just, confused XD

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Thanks for the chapter!

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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