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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Long Yuan let go of Lang Hao and swept his gaze over Yu Ze. The young man’s skin was white, his whole body clean and fresh, and he did not look athletic.

“You…” Long Yuan paused, “Come with me.”

Yu Ze’s face was filled with incomprehension. Long Yuan turned and went, but Yu Ze hesitated before following.

Behind him came a low voice that also revealed a lively discussion, “Does he know him?”

“Young Master Yuan wouldn’t have fallen in love with him, would he?”

Someone raised his voice, “He is almost 18 years old, so slow to react. He must be a mushroom. Young Master Yuan’s vision can’t be so bad!”

Long Yuan didn’t even turn his head back, walking with a cool and steady posture, only Yu Ze heard him give a “tsk.”

Long Yuan stopped at the edge of the field, turned around, and nodded his chin towards the tree not far away, “Do you like the shade?”

No, he wanted to get some sun.

Yu Ze didn’t want to lie to Long Yuan, but he couldn’t tell the truth, “Yeah.”

“Don’t want to exercise?” Long Yuan continued to ask.

Yu Ze nodded again.

Long Yuan pondered for a moment and came closer, leaving only a fist’s distance between them. Yu Ze stared at the nice collarbone in front of him, and his breathing suddenly went haywire. He moved his feet and tried to back up.

Long Yuan, “Don’t move.” He lowered his head and lowered his voice, “Even if you don’t like it, you have to pretend to like the sun and be active.” His voice was slightly deep, “At least, don’t enter the Logistics Department this month.”

Yu Ze’s left ear and the left side of his face were all red and he couldn’t speak well, “Why, why?”

Long Yuan simply said, “If you want to live peacefully, just remember my words.”

He finished and took a step backwards.

Yu Ze was surprised, what does this mean? Could it be that going to the Logistics Department this month would be dangerous? He frowned and searched, but didn’t find any information about the Logistics Department in the original’s memory. After the original entered the Awakened Department, his Awakening process was very smooth, and he didn’t pay attention to the Logistics Department because both departments were not next to each other.

“What are you blushing?” Long Yuan just got too close and didn’t notice, but now he realized that Yu Ze was blushing.

Yu Ze’s thoughts were immediately stuck, and then he awkwardly touched his face, “Hot, hot.”

Long Yuan raised his eyebrows, “Is that so? When you’re hot, only one side of your face is red, right?” Long Yuan bent down and came closer, face to face with Yu Ze, “I was talking from your left side before, right?”

Yu Ze’s right side of his face also reddened and he took a step back to explain, “I’m just not used to being too close to others.”

Long Yuan asked, “I was just asking, why are you nervous?” He smiled and opened his bracelet, “Remember my words, tell me if you need help. Let’s exchange contact information.”

After exchanging contact information, Long Yuan waved his hand and turned around to walk back to the Higher Division’s area. On the way, many eyes fell on him, but he did not seem to notice, walking calmly and steadily, his posture still very handsome.

Yu Ze slowly walked back to the tree where he was staying before, and heard many of his classmates biting their ears, “Young Master Yuan is so manly.”

He thought about Long Yuan’s dorm room, the corner of his mouth curled up, and he tried to suppress it.

Lang Hao was no longer in the same place and was playing tennis on the courtyard. He occasionally turned his head to glare at Yu Ze, before looking resigned.

Yu Ze, who was not paying attention, was standing and thinking in a slightly tangled way. Since Long Yuan spoke in a serious tone, he had to be cautious. He originally planned to disguise himself as a Mushroom Awakened and enter the Logistics Department to avoid being targeted by Feng Sheng and live a full 100 days in peace.

But Long Yuan’s implication was that he would be in danger if he went to the Logistics Department within this month. This meant that he could not let others think he was a Mushroom Awakened and had to show some Awakened characteristics.

This put him between a rock and a hard place.

He leaned against a tree trunk in thought, his eyes shining slightly as he skimmed over a group of students. He could stay in the freshman section as long as he was in control and acted like both a Mushroom Awakened and an Awakened.

The freshman section were those Awakened with unknown identities.

With a solution, his expression relaxed and he sat down comfortably.

“Awakened, what are you doing looking at the freshman section?” Bai Yan’s hand was on Long Yuan’s shoulder, “Do not worry. Since you showed that you were protecting him, no one will give him trouble, at most, they will only give him a few sour words.”

Long Yuan looked at Yu Ze, who was half-smiling and enjoying himself, and let out a light hum, “Stupid.”

I’ve made it so clear, but this person actually stayed under the tree!

Bai Yan laughed, “So interested, you fancy him?”

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Long Yuan retorted, waving away his hand and explaining, “He helped me, I will repay him for his kindness.”

Bai Yan turned his hand to Xuan Miao and his voice trailed off, “Is that so?”

Long Yuan exclaimed, “That’s it!”

Bai Yan said, “Mn, in that case, he also helped me and A’Miao, we also have to repay the kindness.” He lowered his voice a bit, “He can’t do this. A Mushroom Awakened is too obvious. If he gets sent to the Logistics Department, we won’t be able to intervene.”

Long Yuan frowned, “I’ve already warned him.”

Bai Yan, “One’s instinct, which is so easy to resist, cannot be disguised. We can help!”

When the bell rang, all the students, except for the advanced students, ran like wild horses towards the canteen. The Awakened, who could transform, unfurled their wings and took off, leaving behind a sea of cursing and swearing.

Yu Ze was stunned by the situation and silently approached the tree trunk.

It didn’t take long for the field to empty out and for the dust from the crowd to fall to the ground. Yu Ze glanced at the group of Mushroom Awakened students and saw someone getting ready to get up, so he stood up quickly.

“Wait,” he was stopped by Long Yuan before he could take a step, “are you hungry?”

Yu Ze was confused and didn’t understand why he was asking, but thinking about his disguised identity, he shook his head, “No, I’m not hungry.”

“Exactly,” Long Yuan said, “come and give me a hand.”

Ten minutes later, Yu Ze was crouched by the Higher Division’s sparring table, holding three bottles of nutrient solution under the sun. He looked at Long Yuan who kicked his classmate off the stage with a bewildered face, what did this mean?

Special grade nutrient solutions were very expensive, but he could understand with his toes that even though no one was guarding it, absolutely no one would dare to take Long Yuan’s three nutrient solutions!

This was just the beginning of his bewilderment.

“Eat.” After class, Long Yuan took him to the cafeteria to express his gratitude and pushed a hearty meal in front of him.

Yu Ze looked at the meat and shook his head, “I want to eat green vegetables.”

Long Yuan said, “There are vegetables underneath.”

Yu Ze replied, “I don’t want to eat meat.”

Long Yuan asked, “How old are you and you’re still picky about what you eat?” He took away most of the meat in the bowl, “Finish this.”

Yu Ze couldn’t resist, “Why do you have to eat meat?”

Long Yuan said, “I saw other people eating vegetables and lost my appetite, so let’s eat!”

“Then I’ll change my seat and eat.” Without waiting for him to get up, Long Yuan pressed his hand.

Long Yuan glared at him, “Eat up, cut the crap.”

Bai Yan smiled and said, “Try it, the canteen meat is very good.”

Yu Ze saw that they were definitely going to make him eat meat. He looked down, thinking about the unpalatable vegetarian dishes, thinking that since they were all unpalatable anyway, meat and vegetables didn’t matter.

He took a bite of the meat and his brow furrowed, it was actually worse than the vegetarian dish!

Click……” the sound of pictures being taken sounded. Yu Ze looked up, and Bai Yan smiled and said, “I like to take pictures to commemorate.”

Yu Ze, “……”

Are all the hobbies of these big brothers so strange? He silently finished the whole piece of meat.

Long Yuan asked, “Is it good?”

Yu Ze answered honestly, “No.”

Long Yuan took his chopsticks and took all the meat out of his bowl, “Then I won’t eat it.”

Yu Ze breathed out a sigh of relief and ate the rice with the remaining vegetables. After eating, they went back to the dormitory building. The four people separated on the first floor, and Bai Yan and Xuan Miao continued upstairs.

The Awakened Department dormitory was split where the first floor was full of flying class Awakened people and flying class beast ancestor gene carriers. This was to prevent Awakened’s flight instinct and to stop them from falling from high places.

Of course, due to the limited rooms on the first floor, Awakened persons of low grade would be arranged for the second floor bedrooms.

Bam……” In the middle of the night, Yu Ze was sleeping when a loud bang came from the window. He was woken up, opened his eyes to look at the window, and a cold sweat broke out on his back.

Under the illumination of the moonlight, it was very clear that a human figure was hanging outside his window.

Knock…” The door of the room was knocked on and Long Yuan’s voice came, “What’s going on?”

Yu Ze heard his voice, calmed down a bit and sat up.

“Don’t turn on the light!” The words came from the window in a low, breathy voice.

Yu Ze’s heart was in a flurry, so he pressed the light on.

Once the light was switched on, the figure hanging in the window quickly slid down, “Ouch……”

The word “ouch” only sounded halfway, then abruptly stopped, and then there was the sound of panicked footsteps getting farther and farther away.

“Are you okay?” Long Yuan continued to tap on the door.

“Yes.” Yu Ze replied, getting out of bed and opening the door.

Long Yuan stood in the doorway, wearing silk pajamas that were tied casually around his waist. He had most of his skin exposed, and the water kept slipping down from his wet hair, the light brightly reflecting off of the droplets. Apparently, he heard the commotion and quickly got out of the bathtub.

“You…” Yu Ze froze, “you are taking a bath?”

Long Yuan replied, “I slept in the bathtub, what just happened?”

Yu Ze briefly explained, then nervously looked at the window, “Could it be a thief?”

“What do you have that they could steal?” Long Yuan raised his eyebrows. He walked over to the window, opened it and looked out and down, then looked over the edge of the window and snickered.

“It must be that the people upstairs failed to resist their Awakened flight instinct, jumped down from above and plopped on the edge of the window in time.”

Yu Ze immediately recalled the scene when he first met Long Yuan, “Are you still affected?”

“Of course not,” Long Yuan’s expression stiffened slightly and he argued in a heavy voice, “That was an accident.” He glared at Yu Ze, “You forget about it!”

Yu Ze looked down and stifled a laugh, feeling that Long Yuan was being childish, “Okay, I’ve already forgotten.”

“Really?” Long Yuan asked, “Where did we first meet?”

Yu Ze paused, “The Feng family banquet hall.”

Long Yuan was satisfied. Seeing that Yu Ze kept his head down, his eyes narrowed. He took a step forward and walked in front of Yu Ze. Without waiting for Yu Ze to react, he directly squatted down and raised his head, and the smile at the corner of Yu Ze’s mouth was exposed.

Long Yuan stood up straight as if he had been stabbed by a needle, and his voice rose, “You’re laughing at me!”

“No,” Yu Ze hurriedly waved his hands, “I’m not laughing.”

“You must be, otherwise why are you looking down if you’re not laughing?” Long Yuan’s chest rose and fell, he glared at him for two seconds in annoyance, turned around and walked away.

Yu Ze subconsciously chased after him and reached out to grab him, “Don’t get me wrong, I just think it’s cute.”

Long Yuan suddenly turned around. Yu Ze did not expect him to turn around so suddenly, and ended up bumping into him. His body was thrown back because of the impact.

Long Yuan wrapped his arm around his waist with a complicated expression, “Cute?”

The author has something to say: 

Yu Ze: Super cute!


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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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