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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


Márquez, as a B+ grade alpha, had rarely received such a rejection. And it was because of a beta!

He was a bit embarrassed, but considering the need to leave a good impression on Xie Quan, he maintained his poise and said, “That’s a pity, so let’s meet again next time, and next time you must leave me time.” He said, hooking the corners of his mouth at Xie Quan with a slight smile.

Xie Quan, “…”

Ji Cheying had a smile on his face, but his eyes were cold as he watched Márquez leave. He was about to turn around and tell the little beta to be careful of the other person when he saw Xie Quan walk out of his room and close the door with a ‘bang’.

Ji Cheying asked, “Are you going out?”

Xie Quan looked at him suspiciously, “Didn’t you say you were going to dinner?”

Ji Cheying was silent, he wanted to explain that what he just said was just an excuse to relieve himself, but when he met Xie Quan’s eyes, he instantly thought of the other party’s life.

He had actually taken his casual excuse seriously.

So innocent, no wonder he was bullied by his uncle’s family like this. He was also bullied at school. Not having many friends and no family, it’s been a long time since he’d had a meal with someone.

Thinking about it, he unconsciously brought a kind and loving feeling in his sight. He said in a gentle tone, “Okay, let’s go eat.”

Xie Quan didn’t know why, but the other party’s expression was somewhat disgusting, somehow like Anna.

Ji Cheying was going to start his own meal tonight, after eating takeout for so many days, he was really a bit tired of it, so he went to buy some ingredients. Luckily, he bought a few days’ worth of servings for convenience, otherwise there would be no meal for Xie Quan to eat tonight.

The two of them arrived at Ji Cheying’s apartment together. Before opening the door, Ji Cheying quickly went through it in his head that there were no items that would reveal his true identity, and then he opened the door with confidence.

Invited in, Xie Quan noticed that the apartment was cleaned up very well, and the items were few and far between, almost like a model room.

Yet, he frowned sensitively.

His glands burned uncontrollably, a physical reaction like a blush. It was mild, but there were still some alpha pheromones left in this room. He could even recognize that it was the smell of burning flames, and even though it was much diluted by the air, the strong sense of aggression was still there.

Xie Quan glanced at Ji Cheying suspiciously.

But Ji Cheying didn’t smell. Looking at Ji Cheying’s figure with his back turned wide open, his eyes searched the back of his neck, but found no sign of glandular thoughtfulness.

He was indeed a beta.

Perhaps it was left by Ji Ming’s friend.

Xie Quan was on the couch, fidgeting a bit, resisting the urge to grab the gland at the back of his neck, watching Ji Cheying go into the kitchen and start to clean up.

Noticing the movement, Ji Cheying turned his head, “What’s wrong?”

Xie Quan let the fresh air wash away some of the pheromone smell that made him restless. It wasn’t that he hadn’t smelled alpha pheromones before, but this was the first time it had made him restless.

Even so, this was the first time he felt the alpha pheromones hook. Previously, he only felt that the smell of pheromone bothered his nose.

It was like a bad perfume.

But the smell of the burning fire reminded him of the sight of steel being reborn in flames.

It made people unconsciously addicted.

Xie Quan’s voice was calm, “It’s a bit stuffy.”

Ji Cheying was very nimble, and in less than half an hour, he made dinner – tomato and egg noodles with a chicken breast and a poached egg.

Xie Quan sighed inwardly as he looked at the dish that had been ‘crackling’ and pounding for half an hour. Although it looked quite healthy, he preferred to eat less healthy ones.

Besides, did the person on the other side of the table really eat enough?

Ji Cheying sat down across from Xie Quan, not feeling in the least that the dinner was slightly skimpy for someone who was invited to share a meal with him. He had been in the army for a while, and although he could cook, he wasn’t very picky about food.

If not for Xie Quan, he would have been ready to cook a few chicken breasts and sprinkle some pepper on them.

As for whether you can eat enough, if you can’t eat enough, you can drink a can of nutrients later.

“Come on, eat, don’t be polite.” Ji Cheying handed the chopsticks to Xie Quan.

Xie Quan took the chopsticks, moved his eyes from the tomato and egg noodles to Ji Cheying across the table, and smiled thankfully, “Thank you.”

Ji Cheying froze for a moment, and from the dense heat, he looked at Xie Quan and asked, “Why is your face so red?”

At the moment, Xie Quan’s face was a little flushed from the pheromone left in the air; he was fair-skinned and a little flush would have been very obvious. In the primitive pale light of the dining table, Xie Quan was like the only color in a gray world.

His eyes reflected the light and his face was a warm pink.

Xie Quan also knew that he was blushing at the moment, and it was the damn pheromone that was provoking it. However, he was sensible enough to know that this was just a normal physiological phenomenon.

It has nothing to do with his psychology.

So, he didn’t get flustered or embarrassed at all. His tone remained as warm as water, “It’s a little hot in here.”

Ji Cheying thought for a moment and nodded, “It’s hotter here than your room… Yes, it’s a little hotter.” The basement was definitely cooler.

But it shouldn’t be very hot either, right?

It’s not like there’s no central temperature control.

As he stirred his noodles, Ji Cheying watched Xie Quan’s head bow as he ate his noodles, thinking of Márquez earlier, he couldn’t resist reminding him, “That man, you’d better stay away from him.”

Xie Quan’s mouth was chewing noodles and he could not speak easily, but his eyes could speak and conveyed his doubts very clearly.

Ji Cheying’s heart was hammered hard again.

Xie Quan had never seen anything in the world before, his family was not well off, and he did not have many friends around him, so he was probably fooled by Márquez.

He said solemnly, “That man is not a good person, he obviously has an ulterior motive for you, you better not contact him, or you will be easily sold.”

Xie Quan’s mouth was empty, he was finally able to speak, and he said, “I know.”

Ji Cheying was speechless for a moment. He looked at Xie Quan suspiciously, not quite sure how much he knew.

He tapped his hand thoughtfully on the table.

“He’s an alpha with a lot of ambition, he won’t really like a beta.”

Xie Quan frowned with some disapproval at his words, “There’s a wrong logical relationship there. Being an alpha has nothing to do with liking a beta or not.”

Ji Cheying’s heart thudded, he did not expect that Xie Quan had already fallen into the mud in such a short period of time. He looked at Xie Quan, as if he had already seen Xie Quan’s miserable appearance when he was abandoned. But in the end, this was someone else’s business after all.

He did not know Xie Quan very well, and it was not very convenient to interfere with Xie Quan’s decision.

Ji Cheying frowned and could only choose to remain silent for the time being.

Although in his heart Xie Quan was not very willing to come to this meal, after finishing the meal, he still politely helped clean up. Upon receiving the dishes in the kitchen, Ji Cheying put the dishes into the dishwasher and pressed start, and the dishwasher emitted a subtle electromagnetic sound.

After processing, as soon as he turned his head, Ji Cheying saw Xie Quan staring at that dishwasher.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Cheying asked suspiciously as he turned his head to look at the dishwasher again, not finding anything to be concerned about.

Xie Quan looked at Ji Cheying and then at the dishwasher, pondering in his mind.

To say, or not to say?

It’s a bit troublesome to say it.

However, the other party helped him a few times and even invited him to dinner.

Xie Quan made a decision, he opened his mouth and the tone of his voice leisurely calm, “Your dishwasher is going to break -“


As soon as Xie Quan’s words left his mouth, the dishwasher let out a wail. Then, a wisp of gray smoke billowed up and a large amount of water seeped out from underneath as it gave up working.


Ji Cheying looked at Xie Quan with a few moments of surprise.

“You’re quite accurate in saying bad things.”

The implication was that Xie Quan had a crow’s mouth.

Xie Quan shrugged his shoulders, but did not argue that he heard the sound of electricity and it  was not right to judge him.

He just didn’t understand, “Where is the smart housekeeper of your apartment?”

By definition, the smart system would inspect the electrical equipment in the apartment daily, and if there was the slightest problem, it would be reported and repaired.

Just now, he noticed that Ji Cheying’s apartment did not have a smart housekeeper.

Because of this, this dishwasher broke to the point of direct strike.

Ji Cheying was now squatting down and opening the dishwasher, he poked his head in and tried to fix the problem.

When he heard Xie Quan’s question, he replied, “I don’t like to use that thing, so I turned it off.”

Not liking to use it was an excuse, but he was on a mission, infiltrating, and this kind of communal smart housekeeper was too easy to hack into, giving others a portal to spy on him for nothing.

He did have a military-type encrypted private smart butler, but it was too flashy to use that.

Simply do not use anything.

The human race had come from the Manual Age anyway.

Xie Quan watched him pounding away at it, and he couldn’t help himself, “I’ll do it.”

Since the smart housekeeper was shut down, it was impossible to rely on intelligence to repair.

Might as well let him do it.

Ji Cheying pulled his head out and looked at Xie Quan with a skeptical look, “You will?”

“… I’ll try.”

Xie Quan walked next to Ji Cheying, bent down in a gesture that could not be denied, and gestured for Ji Cheying to go out and give him space.

Ji Cheying raised his sword eyebrows and drew back to make way.

“Forget it. If it doesn’t work, I’ll have someone come over tomorrow to fix it.”

Xie Quan stuck his head inside the dishwasher, and his voice was a bit muffled, “Doesn’t it cost money to have someone come and fix it?” Seeing him like that, if he can save some money is something.

Ji Cheying was silent.

By now, Xie Quan had already found the problem, he pulled himself out and dragged the dishwasher out of the cupboard. With the back of the dishwasher facing him, Xie Quan asked, “Do you have a screwdriver?”

Ji Cheying handed Xie Quan the screwdriver from the toolbox.

With the tools in hand, Xie Quan’s gaze was calm and focused as he skillfully opened the dishwasher’s mainframe and found the faulty wiring, then he methodically fiddled with the transmission wires on the chip.

Within ten minutes, the dishwasher was back in operation.

Xie Quan restored the dishwasher and pushed it back into the cabinet. He wiped the screwdriver down carefully and said, “It’s fine for now, but there’s a part that’s old and needs to be replaced, and I don’t have it right now.” The oil stains on the screwdriver were cleaned up and he handed it back to Ji Cheying.

Ji Cheying didn’t take it. Instead, he looked at Xie Quan with a meaningful look in his eyes, he smiled and praised, “You’re really fast, did you study electronic equipment professionally?”

If he remembered correctly, in college, Xie Quan studied history.


The author has something to say:

Xie Quan and Ji Cheying achieved the ‘Cross-Channel Communication’ Silver Achievement


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