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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


Xie Quan replied without changing his face, “I learned it from my teacher when I used to do odd jobs.” He smiled slightly, “But I haven’t learned it completely yet, I can only fix some small things, so I occasionally use this skill to earn some pocket money.”

Indeed, he had not completely learned it yet, as the sea of learning was endless. He still had many designs he wanted to test, so earning pocket money from it was also not a lie, although that pocket money in his account had become a huge string of meaningless numbers.

The information did mention Xie Quan’s work-study.

Ji Cheying took the screwdriver, and he looked at the cleaned-up screwdriver, in contrast to the stained hands of the youth holding it.

The yellowish-black dirt on his long, white, jade-like fingers stood out.

He frowned, put the screwdriver to the side, and then subconsciously tugged on Xie Quan’s hand that had not yet had time to withdraw. Xie Quan’s eyes were full of panic as Ji Cheying wet a paper towel to wipe off his fingers one by one.

The calloused fingertips accidentally crossed his palm, Ji Cheying breath paused for a moment. The subconscious action was so natural that he overlooked the intimacy of the action.

Ji Cheying’s tone was sparse and normal, “Didn’t you notice that your hands are dirty too?”

Ji Cheying’s movements were not gentle, even rubbing Xie Quan’s skin a little red, Xie Quan watched the other party look at his hands with downcast eyes, eyelashes dense and slender, casting a gray shadow under the eyes.

Xie Quan came back to his senses, and he immediately pulled his hands out of his palms, “I can do it myself.”

The empty hands withdrew slightly by a few inches in discomfort, and Ji Cheying reached out to draw some more paper towels and handed it to Xie Quan, “Then you can do it yourself.”

So, Xie Quan lowered his head, the top of his furry head reflecting the light, seriously and carefully wiping his fingers a little.

Ji Cheying watched for a few seconds, took a deep breath, and averted that gradually eerie gaze.

He slightly empathized with Márquez.

This was bad.


Márquez didn’t give up on Xie Quan, and after being rejected that day, he even became more attracted to Xie Quan. That’s probably the charm of begging and not getting it. In order to chase Xie Quan, he had recently even left his omega.

It’s just that he noticed that this beauty seemed a bit nerdy. Nor did he go out to work, nor did he go out to buy much, let alone go out to play or anything like that.

The door of that semi-basement apartment was as quiet and lifeless as when no one had lived there before.

He was going to go to the movies with his omega today, but he saw Xie Quan outside his apartment on the rare occasion when he was out, so he decisively sent a message to his omega, saying he suddenly had something to do and couldn’t make the appointment. Then, he straightened his clothes and looked at Xie Quan who was about to leave and he took three steps to catch up with him.

“Xiao Quan, what a coincidence.” When he reached Xie Quan’s side, he greeted familiarly, “I haven’t seen you lately, what are you working on?”

Xie Quan frowned at the other’s form of address and he refused, “Just call me Xie Quan.” What Xiao Quan, do they know each other well? It sounds oddly disgusting.

But because his voice was soft and didn’t sound so tough, Márquez didn’t take it seriously at all and just thought Xie Quan was shy. He laughed cheerfully, “Xie Quan sounds rusty, Xiao Quan sounds cute and suits you better.”

He noticed that Xie Quan was carrying two bags of things in his hands, but because they were packed in cloth bags, it was not clear what was inside. Not only that, the thin shoulders were also carrying a backpack full of things. He sounded distressed, “Why did you take so many things? Are you going out to buy something? Let me help you.”

He was about to reach out to take the things Xie Quan was carrying but Xie Quan was quick to dodge it, and took a few steps back to distance himself from Márquez. So many people like to carry things for others these days?

Ji Ming wanted to help him carry things, and this alpha also wanted to help him carry things.

Xie Quan did not like this kind of uninvited warmth and friendliness, and his tone was a little colder, “Excuse me, I’ll do it myself.” After a pause, he added, “I’m very strong, I can carry all this stuff.”

Márquez looked at the other’s thin arms and legs, thin as if the wind could blow away his body, and looked at Xie Quan’s serious attitude when talking. He could not help the coaxing tone he used, “Okay, you are very strong. Then I’ll accompany you back, it’s okay, right?”

At this moment, he really thought Xie Quan was cute.

He stepped forward and extended his hand, even wanting to pat the other’s head.

Xie Quan noticed the other’s movement and was about to dodge it, but at that moment, an angry voice came from the front of the apartment, “What are you doing?!”

Xie Quan and Márquez were both stunned and turned their heads to see a stylishly dressed teenager standing there, his eyes blazing with fire as he stomped at Xie Quan and the others.

Márquez saw the visitor and immediately withdrew his hand, then he adjusted himself and took a step back, then he rushed to the man and asked with some confusion, “Xiao Yi, what are you doing here?”

Xie Yi sneered, “If I didn’t come, how could I see you here with someone?” He walked over and looked at Xie Quan, he froze for a moment, just now he only saw the other’s back, then saw his alpha talk to this person softly, now a frontal glance, he was more annoyed.

“I say, with the fact that you have a few good looks, you run to seduce someone’s alpha, what a fucking bitch.” He glanced at the back of Xie Quan’s neck and then said disdainfully, “A gross beta.” He looked at Márquez, “If you like betas, then you can hang out with a beta for the rest of your life.”

Xie Quan found this man inexplicable, no, he had felt inexplicable since Márquez had rushed over to him. He didn’t have the heart to accompany these people to act like a clown, so he still said in a gentle and polite tone, “Then you guys talk first, I’ll go first.”

Xie Yi saw Xie Quan move to leave, he pulled Xie Quan’s clothes, trying to drag Xie Quan over, but tried to drag, but found that Xie Quan stood there, not moving. But at least it stopped the other from leaving.

Xie Yi looked at Xie Quan and suddenly remembered something, “You live here? How come I haven’t seen you before?” He slightly narrowed his eyes, “You wouldn’t be Xie Quan, would you?”

Xie Quan was a bit confused, did they know each other?

Seeing that Xie Quan did not retort, Xie Yi even gave a mocking laugh, “So you are the poor boy who came to our house to beg for mercy.”

Xie Quan suddenly remembered that his cheap uncle’s family had a child, and they were an omega. Because it was a person related to ‘Xie Quan’, Xie Quan made a few more efforts to maintain his patience. He smiled and greeted, “So it’s you, Cousin, how are you?”

Yes, Xie Yi is the only son of “Xie Quan’s” uncle, Xie Dongye.

When Márquez heard this, he remembered why he had heard the name ‘Xie Quan’ at first and thought it sounded familiar, because Xie Yi had once complained to him unintentionally about a country bumpkin who came out of nowhere to join them. He said that his parents were just too nice to help such a person. Xie Yi didn’t like the cousin who came to join them in the first place.

After knowing Xie Quan’s identity, Xie Yi was even more disgusted with this foxy-looking beta who came to seduce his alpha.

When these two identities were combined, it was simply a new hatred plus old hatred. He ruthlessly used force with his hand to knock over the items Xie Quan was carrying, “Who is your cousin? Really fucking shameless, and I shouldn’t have to recognize you as my relative. You’re living in my house and you’re seducing my people. How can there be such a shameless and ungrateful person like you in this world?”

Xie Quan: !!! His stuff!

Márquez listened and said, “Xiao Yi, you misunderstand. We don’t have this kind of relationship, I was just trying to help. We’re just neighbors.”

“Neighbors? You just touched him and you think I’m blind? I thought you said you couldn’t go to the movies. So your thing is to help neighbors, I’m afraid you’ll also help him in bed!”

The two of them were very intimate in a place he couldn’t see, and Xie Quan’s legs were probably wrapped around Márquez’s waist last night. When he saw Xie Quan bend down to pick up his things, he lifted his foot and kicked Xie Quan hard!

Caught off guard, the bag of convenience store food Xie Quan was holding fell, food ‘clattered’ spilled to the ground, and he himself ‘bang’ hit the ground.

Xie Quan told himself that he had to stay true to his role and not to cause trouble. But he was also thinking that it had been a long time since he had left Epsilon District, become an adult, and been treated like this.

It was long enough to make him a little uncomfortable. So long that he was actually a little angry about such behavior. In the past, he would never be angry about such things. It wasn’t even worth a fluctuating emotion.

After all, if you want to have mood swings, then how tired you have to be after a day.

He was really living too happily these days.

“What are you doing?!”


The author has something to say:

Ji Cheying: He’s so cute, I kind of want to…


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