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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


The man who called himself Rod was able to take action openly in the underground exchange. After getting the design from Xie Quan, he really invited the bigwigs from all walks of life the next day and successfully organized an auction exclusively for Yan Bai.

No wonder when Xie Quan made this request, the other party agreed without much hesitation.

In the eyes of that man, this was just a child crying for candy.

“Sir, I heard that your work has fetched more than 300,000 star coins, which is the highest auction price for a mechanical design, and the owner said that 70% of the money will be credited to your account. The owner highly reveres you.”

Sitting in his wheelchair, Xie Quan took a small screwdriver and fumbled with the console of the wheelchair. He was feeling the circuit boards, chips, and other structures underneath with his fingers. Hearing Sofia’s words, he didn’t show any expression on his face, but his mind was already churning with thoughts.

Was there a way to honor someone by making them blind?

However, that person was willing to give himself the lion’s share of the auction proceeds, which meant that what he valued was not money. The purpose of this auction was probably something else. And, he was able to organize an auction quickly in such a short period of time, which was not possible without the head of the underground exchange.

If he was really in charge of the underground exchange, then it was no wonder that he could not comply with the rules of the underground exchange. It’s just that…this man had something to do with the royal family?

Such a suspicion initially came from the flowers in the garden. That day in the garden, he smelled a familiar smell, and later asked Sofia, and it was true, it was the blue lace only available in the royal palace.

The garden of the palace was planted with this blue lace, like a real ocean.

This flower was specially developed because of a previous king’s love for blue flowers, and from the time it was developed, it was only available to the royal family. This flower was extremely delicate, and only specially trained florists knew how to take care of it. So even if the seeds were leaked to the outside world, without a florist who knew how to cultivate blue lace, it wouldn’t help.

Then there was the man’s manner of speech. He used elegant words, and spoke in a slow and clear tone, exactly the way the royal family spoke. He did not know his relationship with the royal family, so he did not deliberately hide this in front of him.

And at first he only thought the man was imitating the accent of the royal family, and did not care. After all, the people in the Imperial Capital had always taken the royal family as the benchmark; most liked to imitate the dress and habits of members of the royal family.

However, it was hard for those imitators out there to imitate so well, unless it was natural. Just why would the royal family have such a deep connection with the underground exchange?

“Mr. Yan, you’re injured!” Sofia found that the youth did not respond to her, but only fumbled with his fingers in the disassembled console, and upon closer inspection, the youth’s fingers had actually been cut by the tough and sharp metal wires.

Blood emerged from the tip of the finger and dripped on the chip.

When Sofia shouted so, Xie Quan realized that his finger did have some wet touch. Just now he did have a little tingling, but did not know that it had bled.

So, he quickly withdrew his hand, and when Sofia thought Xie Quan was trying to prevent further bleeding, Xie Quan’s other hand pulled over the blanket he had placed next to him and stuffed it into the console—

—It turns out that he was afraid that the blood would flow into the chip and affect the operation of the machine.

Xie Quan frowned; when he spoke, his tone was unpleasant and had a bit of emotion, “I never thought I would make such a low-level mistake.” He called to Sophia and withdrew the blanket, “Look at this, is the bleeding serious?”


Although these days together were short, it did not prevent Sofia from feeling love and admiration for this elegant, handsome, gentle and excellent young man. But at this moment, she still almost couldn’t resist and wanted to blurt out, “psycho”.

Still, she went forward, bent down and looked carefully into the dismantled console, the blood had dried up, and she replied, “It’s not too bad.”

Xie Quan nodded reassuringly. “That’s good.”

Sofia, somewhat helplessly, found a medical kit from the side and sterilized and medicated the youth’s finger. “Mr. Yan, it’s not convenient for you right now, if you want to do anything, it’s better to let me do it.”

Xie Quan hesitated for a few seconds, then said without politeness, “That won’t work, you can’t do it.”


Without waiting for Sofia’s answer, Xie Quan asked, “When is your master going to come to me next?”

Sofia shook her head. “I’m not sure about that, the master never tells us his schedule.”

“He said his name is Rod.” Xie Quan suddenly said something else, “Is that his name?”

“…” Sophia shook her head. “I don’t really know, the master said yes, so maybe it is.”

“Even you don’t know his name?”

Sofia hesitated but admonished, “Mr. Yan, I advise you not to have other thoughts, the master values you and he will not do anything to you as long as you are willing to cooperate. But if…”

“If I go against his wishes, he will not hesitate, will he?”


“But Sophia, no matter what, as the one who serves me, it will not end well for you, do you know that?”

Sofia’s hand that was bandaging Xie Quan’s wound gave a violent lurch, and she raised her eyes in shock to look at this relaxed youth.

“Whether he will be kind to me in the end or not, you learned his secret, he will definitely kill you to silence you.”

Sofia’s face turned white. “How do you say that, Mr. Yan? I- where do I know the master’s secret?”

Xie Quan shook his head gently as he said instructively, “My existence, my whereabouts, is his secret. When this is over, whether we end up cooperating or falling apart, you will not be allowed to live.”

The tone of voice was calm and cruel, causing a chill to run down Sofia’s back. However, it was the coolness from the heart that really told Sofia that what the youth said was true. Time passed by, and finally, Sofia’s weak voice rang out in the room, “Sir… So, what should I do?”

Xie Quan’s bandaged hand once again slid across the exposed wiring board. “Do you know where the device for the alarm system of this mansion is?”


On the third day, His Highness Lu Wu’s banquet was held as scheduled, and this time the birthday banquet was not open to the media, which explained the private nature of this birthday banquet. The number of guests invited by His Highness Lu Wu was also much smaller than before, but all of them were people of importance.

Ji Cheying was also on the list of invitees. He wore a formal suit, his major general uniform, and walked into the venue with great dignity under the announcement of “Major General Ji Cheying”.

Ji Cheying rarely appeared on such an occasion, and when he heard the announcement, many people looked sideways, and then muttered in their hearts, when did this unfriendly Major General Ji have a friendship with His Highness Lu Wu? This is the first time he came to attend the other’s birthday party.

One should know that Ji Cheying did not even accept Saroyan’s invitation before. And, at this point in time… Was it hard to say that the Ji family was supporting His Highness Lu Wu?

Yan Siyu had been inside for a long time, and when he heard the sound, he turned his head and walked to Ji Cheying’s side. “You came quite early.”

Ji Cheying was holding his military cap in his hand. “Luckily, I prepared a little.”

Just then, the head guard once again announced, “Marshal Ji Shanhong and Miss Vichia.”

When this voice came out, even Ji Cheying couldn’t help but turn around to look at it. It was not because of Ji Shanhong, but that Miss Vichia. There was no one in the Imperial Capital that did not know that Ji Shanhong was a golden bachelor. He was young in a high position, with excellent means, but had no companion. Don’t even mention companion, even an ambiguous partner was not seen.

He was always alone when he attended various occasions.

Who was this Miss Vichia? How did she become the female companion of this Marshal Ji today? And the name was not heard of, was there a beauty in the capital that they have not heard of?

Many people were curious about Miss Vichia, who was wearing a golden fish-scale-like dress. She indeed looked graceful, but the face could only be said to be clean, not at all like a heavenly goddess as everyone imagined.

She was really average.

The woman lowered her voice, the shape of her mouth barely moving, then complained, “Marshal, I think I made a mistake coming here with you today.” 

Ji Shanhong smiled, his gaze gentle without temper. “Anna, you should also adapt to such occasions.”

“Why? What does this have to do with me? I can’t do this at all, if not for…” She closed her mouth afterwards, then put on a smile and asked in a low voice, “So Marshal, when are we going to move?”

“There’s no rush.”

Yan Siyu, who was watching from afar, said with some surprise at Ji Cheying, “I had thought you would be one step ahead of your brother, but I didn’t expect this to be overtaken?”

“…” Ji Cheying’s face darkened. “No one thinks you’re dumb if you don’t speak.”

At this moment, the announcement sounded again.

“His Majesty, Her Highness Amelia, and His Highness Saroyan have arrived.”

At the gate, wearing luxurious gowns, Emperor Hea and the two omegas slowly entered, and the gate also slowly closed behind them.

The people in the banquet hall were instantly silenced, and only the host of the banquet, His Highness Lu Wu, quickly reacted and greeted them. Ji Cheying and Ji Shanhong’s presence had already made people want to have a good time, but they didn’t expect Emperor Hea to appear as well.

Thinking about the next plan, Ji Cheying frowned, the presence of His Majesty was not a good thing.

Yan Siyu also looked at the overbearing royals and hugged his shoulders. “I’m afraid this banquet will not be peaceful.”

At a non-direct prince’s birthday banquet, the four final candidates of the crown prince competition had surprisingly all arrived. There were also people from the military and business sector.

The people who held the lifeline of this country were basically all at this party.

And, the people who wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to cause trouble, were on all sides.


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