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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


Among the candidates for the crown prince, neither Lu Wu nor Erika was the child of Emperor Hea. Lu Wu was the youngest son of Prince Ludwig, the youngest uncle of Emperor Hea, who had inherited his father’s title, and was known as Prince Lu Wu. Erika, on the other hand, was the child of Emperor Hea’s sister, Princess Rebecca. Both of them were chosen as one of the candidates for the crown prince because of their natural talent, plus the high purity of their omega pheromones.

However, everyone knew they were just foils, Emperor Hea would not likely give the position of crown prince to someone other than his own children. Just after Lu Wu’s birthday party and the previous dispute between Saroyan and Amelia, many people present began to have other considerations.

Was it not possible that Emperor Hea intended to choose Lu Wu?

Emperor Hea would come to the birthday party, even Lu Wu himself did not know. Of course he sent the invitation to the emperor as a matter of routine, but he did not expect Emperor Hea to actually come. The young prince, dressed in a fancy suit, stood respectfully next to Emperor Hea, but Lu Wu looked more relaxed and casual than the other princes.

“Your Majesty.”

Emperor Hea looked at his young cousin and he said, “Today is your birthday party, don’t worry about me.”

Lu Wu nodded. “I am grateful that Your Majesty is willing to come to this party.”

Emperor Hea nodded indifferently. “I am bored in the palace all day long, the inside of the palace is not as lively as the outside, and A’Wu is even more lively here.”

Lu Wu has always been uncontested in the world. To put it nicely, he was indifferent to fame and fortune, to put it bluntly, he had no ambition. However, who could guarantee that this was not a kind of disguise to deceive the world?

In the face of Emperor Hea’s words, Lu Wu replied with a slight smile, “You are too kind, it is just that you want to have some fun, just like Your Majesty, take the opportunity of my birthday banquet to get together.”

After greetings, Emperor Hea moved towards the head of the banquet hall. Emperor Hea sat down on the temporary velvet seats, and he said to Lu Wu, Saroyan, and Amelia, “Disperse yourselves, no need to be here.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Just one thing, today is Wu’s birthday, don’t cause any trouble.” Although he did not use an aggravated tone, there was a sense of intimidation. This was obviously said to Saroyan and Amelia.

Since the public opinion war a few days ago, the atmosphere between these two could be described as tit for tat and sword for sword. Today, when they gathered here together, it was possible that they would make some kind of mess.

The two of them looked as if nothing had happened and said, “Please rest assured, Your Majesty.”

Saroyan, on the basis of his closeness to Emperor Hea, took a step forward and said intimately, “I started preparing gifts for my cousin’s birthday a month ago, so I’m sure he’ll like it.”

Amelia and Lu Wu retreated, not bothering the father and son’s heavenly happiness.

Grand Duchess Amelia looked ahead with her head held high and looked slightly sideways at the youth next to her as she said in a thin, inaudible voice, “Why do you think there are so many people here today?”

Without waiting for Lu Wu’s answer, she dropped a sentence, “No one would want you to stand on the edge of the cliff and watch the show. Today His Majesty brought us here to pull you into the limelight and draw fire for my precious brother. Just watch, what happened to me a few days ago will happen to you just the same.”

After saying that, she stepped on those radiant high heels and parted ways with Lu Wu in a dignified manner.

Almost an hour after the opening of the party, everything seemed so normal and ordinary during this time. In addition to the presence of Emperor Hea, everyone was restrained and did not dare to joke around.

Even Amelia and Saroyan, who should be rivals, acted as if nothing had happened in general, not to mention the smell of gunpowder, not even a spark was seen. However, it was this kind of calm that was more disturbing.

At that moment, a blue cocktail was poured violently on top of an ironed uniform.

The omega holding the glass said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you.”

He was walking on his own path, but he didn’t know where this major general came from, so he hesitated to stop and had hit him head on.

Ji Cheying looked at the stains on his clothes and frowned slightly. 

Next to him, Yan Siyu came in time. “You go, it’s okay.”

“I’m really sorry.”

Ji Cheying wiped it with the handkerchief on his body. “It’s okay.”

The attendant next to him kept a close eye on what was going on in the banquet hall, and when he saw this he rushed to meet him. “Major General Ji, there are spare clothes in the guest room.”

Yan Siyu said, “I’ll go with you, there’s no point in staying here.”

In another part of the banquet hall, Ji Shanhong tapped his companion’s reddened cheeks to one side and found a waiter. He said with concern and worry, “She seems to have drunk a little too much, can you take her to her room for a rest?”

“Of course, Miss Vichia, please come with me.”

Ji Shanhong said tenderly at the woman with misty eyes, “Anna, you take a good rest, there is no hurry to come back.”


“Major General Ji, the clothes are ready, I will take your changed clothes to be cleaned and sent back to your house later.”

The attendant led them to a guest room, opened the door and let Ji Cheying in. He was about to turn around and close the door behind him, but the moment he turned around, his body went numb and he fell unconscious on the floor. Ji Cheying was quick to catch the person, then dragged him into the room, and next to him, Yan Siyu very tacitly cooperated with him by quickly closing the door.

While watching Ji Cheying tie up the person and throw him into the bathroom without hesitation, Yan Siyu pulled out a device from his own pockets, and he coolly said, “You have a whole legion under you, with hundreds of generals and officers, and you can’t pick one person to do this? Why bother to risk it yourself?”

After Ji Cheying finished with the attendant, he took off those medals from his uniform jacket and threw them on the bed with his hat. While loosening his collar, he said rightfully, “Why should someone else do what I do?”

Yan Siyu took out a device the size of a cream jar, and he walked to the communicator in the room, then glued the device to the intercom. “I remember that one dumped you? How come he’s still your business?”

“…” Ji Cheying face sunk, but the tone was still light when he replied, “He was brought to the Imperial Capital by me, naturally I have to be responsible for keeping him unharmed. And I’m not comfortable with someone else coming.”

“Just the way you are? To be honest right now you may not be as good as the people on your team.” After starting the device, Yan Siyu threw Ji Cheying a packet of things. “Pheromone shot to dim your pressure and a neurosomatic patch to isolate your pheromones.”

Everything else about his childhood friend was good, but the way he spoke was too sharp, and would cause most people to be upset.

However, the words of Yan Siyu were not exaggerated.

Ji Cheying’s current state was not really suitable for walking outside; his body’s pheromones were like a volcano with lava boiling over. Even though his face had no change, in fact his body was now like fire burning a village. This was a precursor to the susceptible period, which symbolized that he would most likely enter his susceptible period in a few hours.

“…” Ji Cheying expressionlessly took out the needle from the box that Yan Siyu threw at him and stuck it into himself.

Just then, the alpha pheromones in his body that were faintly leaking into the air through the glandular patch had completely disappeared, and the burning sensation in his body also temporarily subsided.

“In five minutes, this device will let the intercom connection network invade this mansion’s signaling system, and then ten minutes later will temporarily shield this mansion’s signal delivery channel. When the security system fails for five minutes, you can use that time to sneak in. The inhibitor can only give you an hour, so hurry up and get it done, and then go back to find a corner to hide.”

Yan Siyu scrunched his eyebrows, “You are now at the threshold of the susceptible period, your state is dangerous—” he lengthened his voice, “for others.”

“I know.” Ji Cheying opened the window of the guest room, which was on the third floor, took out a hook rope and hooked it on the edge of the window. With the rope, he rolled over, then tugged the rope with one hand and stomped along the wall a few times before landing lightly on the ground, just like a cat.

Yan Siyu leaned on the windowsill, hugging his shoulders as he watched his best friend’s figure disappear into the bushes. He lowered his head to look at the time in the terminal on his wrist.

Seconds ticked away, unaffected by anyone or anything, gradually moving forward according to its own rhythm.

Two minutes until the signal shield…

However, at this moment, the pupils of Yan Siyu’s eyes that were staring at his terminal suddenly shrank violently—

“How can…?” He turned around and hurriedly walked over to the intrusion device that was attached to the intercom in the room, and the current program status was clearly displayed on the tiny screen on the device.

Currently, this intrusion device had only just broken through the firewall of the signaling system and had not yet located the console of the signal delivery channel. In other words, the signal shielding hadn’t even started yet.


Yan Siyu’s eyebrows knotted up, he frowned deeply, his eyes heavy as he looked at his terminal, because it showed—the signal was currently lost.

Yes, the signal was blocked in advance.

But it wasn’t them who did it.

That meant there was someone else in this mansion who activated another signal blocking device.

What’s going on?

And just before and after these few minutes, in the banquet hall, five other people gave instructions to the outside without missing a beat before the signal was blocked, and then waited for the moment when the signal was blocked—

Ji Cheying’s target was a wall of other houses. He had gone through all sorts of trouble in the past few days to finally get some information about this mansion.

Who would have thought that an unpopular and unsupported prince who only inherited a false name from his father would have an information protection and security system that was not weak at all compared to the military headquarters. If it were not for the fact that he had been keeping a close watch on Xie Quan’s apartment, he would have tracked the person at the first sign of intrusion.

He really could not find Xie Quan’s location.

Ji Cheying’s face was heavy as he thought about the effort he had put into getting information over the past few days. He had a distinctly foreboding feeling that if he was on the battlefield and facing a battle, then he would never have taken this action.

But sadly, it wasn’t. And what he had to do was not to win a battle, just to save a person. It wasn’t the lives of his country and comrades that he carried on his shoulders either.

It was just some insignificant personal feelings.

So, he did not have to be a general, he did not have to think ahead, he did not have to make a choice. He could do something reckless.

When the time came, confirming that the security system was not working, Ji Cheying vigorously climbed over that wall in the back garden and landed in the middle of his target’s  area. He did not move immediately, but hid in the bushes, like a beast on the hunt, vigilantly watching for any movement.

Sure enough, a few moments later, a patrol of guards approached with weapons. Ji Cheying narrowed his eyes and was about to strike, but before he could, the guard suddenly fell to the ground.

This unexpected development caused Ji Cheying to stop himself from preparing to attack. He frowned, then slowed his breathing and took a step back into the shadows to make himself more invisible.

Who had beaten him to the punch?

A few seconds later, a lithe, swift figure entered Ji Cheying’s line of sight.

In the garden light, he gradually made out the face of the person.

Then, his face showed disbelief and surprise.

Although she had changed out of her dress and then tied up her hair, he still recognized that it was the same female companion that his brother had brought to the party tonight. That beta whose last name was Vichia. Why did she appear here? Did this have anything to do with Ji Shanhong? What about with Xie Quan?


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