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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


“What did you say?”

One of his cronies hurried up to Saroyan and leaned down to whisper something, and a look of shock and anger passed over Saroyan’s face at the other’s words. He gritted his teeth, looked around, and then led the men to a hidden place in the corridor.

“What do you mean?” In his anger, he still didn’t completely lose his mind, and still controlled his voice. “What do you mean the canvassing was exposed? Who leaked it? What are you doing?”

“Your Highness, it is obvious that the other party’s plan is the same as ours. They plan to take advantage of the banquet and use the signal failure to incite the media to launch a public opinion attack when we can’t process the information in time.”

Saroyan’s pupils shrank, and he lowered his head to see that the terminal he carried on his wrist was still showing the signal blocking sign.

They had planned to activate the signal blocking device at 19:55, and the device would last for fifteen minutes, during which time they would launch a public opinion attack on Amelia. The people in the house would not receive any information from the outside world for 15 minutes, and this 15-minute window was enough to make Amelia’s side miss the golden time to deal with public opinion.

Whether someone from the outside quickly found the banquet hall and told the news in person, or someone found out that the signal was blocked in the first place, and Lu Wu started to repair the signal receiver, it would take about fifteen minutes, and by then Amelia would have been irreversibly vulnerable.

However, it was now 20:12 and had been more than fifteen minutes.

That meant that in addition to him, someone else had used a device to block the signal of the mansion. And who this person was, it was already self-explanatory.


She had the same intention as him! No wonder she offered to go with him before he provoked her to come to the banquet in front of His Majesty. At that time, he thought Amelia was just performing in front of his majesty.

Amelia…ironically at such times, they really were extraordinarily similar.

Saroyan took a deep breath, but he couldn’t hold it back, he yelled in a low voice, “Then what are you waiting for? Take the news down! Block the network!”

“Your Highness, this must not be done, if you block the star network, it will only add fuel to the fire.”

The people’s anger was not something that could be stopped by blocking it, it was like a flood, the more it was blocked, the more it raged. And at this moment, if the star network was blocked, wasn’t it a disguised admission of the truth of those “rumors”? Therefore, it was absolutely impossible to simply and roughly stop those people from viewing that information.

Saroyan actually knew very well, and after a moment of brain fever, his reasoning returned slightly. He gritted his teeth and said, “So now what? Let those words continue to fester? What if…” He continued, his voice lowered a bit, sorrowful, like the cold wind at night, “… If the investigation process is really launched and these charges are completely implemented, everything will be damned to hell!”

“Your Highness, please remain calm. This matter is a huge deal. The grand duchess is in the same situation as us, and will definitely not start an investigation so easily. Right now, we should respond to the change of events by sticking with the same idea. The more impatient we are, the easier it will be for the enemy to take advantage of us. Now the people from the public relations department have already started to release the news of a movie star’s hidden marriage to the sinner, Lieutenant General Harris, so as to divert the attention of the masses, and at the same time we have also hired a water army1 to confuse the public and question the reports that are unfavorable to you, Your Highness…”

Although Saroyan was pampered, he was a child that grew up in the royal family, and his political sensitivity was high due to his childhood exposure. He immediately found another key piece of information in these words. “Lieutenant General Harris? When was he convicted? Wasn’t he on garrison duty outside Rainforest?”

The crony explained succinctly, “Just now, the military department issued an order temporarily relieving Lieutenant General Harris of all duties and requiring his immediate return to the Imperial Capital to face a court martial.”

“And the reason?”

“Indiscriminate killing of innocent people.”

Saroyan frowned.

The crony seemed to know what Saroyan cared about, and he continued, “Not only that, a liquidation of the people of Marshal Ji’s party was launched in many places.”

“Also in those ten minutes just now?”


Saroyan understood and sneered, “It seems that Amelia and I are not the only ones who did it.” No wonder the signal was isolated for such a long time, yet no one raised a question.

Everyone here knew that there would be such a “signal isolation” tonight. And then, all thought it was in their plans. Just like he did. It’s just that…

Saroyan turned around, he was currently standing in the dark outside the banquet hall, and in these shadows he looked at those people who were drinking freely under the chandelier.

Who knows how many of these people were on the chessboard.


There was a muffled thud and the patrolman who was coming towards Xie Quan fell to the ground. However, it was not Xie Quan who did this. In fact, Xie Quan was still thinking about how to deal with this person. Without waiting for him to decide what to do, this trouble automatically solved itself.

Could there be such a beautiful thing in this world?

Of course not.

“There is a heat source approaching ahead,” Xiao Bai warned.

Sofia panicked and was ready to run backwards with Xie Quan, but Xie Quan shook his head calmly. “It’s okay.”

The person who would appear at this time probably had a rough idea of what was going on. It should be that the bait he left behind before had finally brought someone in.

Listening to Xie Quan’s instructions, Sofia didn’t move rashly, but she still nervously listened to the footsteps getting closer and closer, and the shadow stretched by the light gradually appeared in front of them, followed by a conveniently dressed, well-built woman coming out from around the corner. Because the pheromones were isolated too tightly, it was impossible to distinguish if she was alpha, beta, or omega.

She quickly saw Xie Quan sitting in a wheelchair, then subconsciously wanted to rush to Xie Quan’s front, but seemed to be concerned about Sofia behind Xie Quan, and stood stiffly in place—

“Xie Quan!”

Sofia saw this gesture and understood in her heart that this person probably came to save Mr. Yan.

It’s just that… Xie Quan?

Wasn’t he called Yan Bai?

Xie Quan listened to the voice, he was a little surprised, yet also not very surprised. “I thought they would send a well-trained secret guard.”

Anna did not answer, but narrowed her eyes at Sofia, who was standing behind Xie Quan. “Who are you?”

Sofia hurriedly explained, “I am the maid serving Mr. Yan.”

Hearing the answer, Anna quickly raised her hand—

“She is no threat to me.” Xie Quan stopped her in time.

Although he was blind at the moment, he knew Anna all too well, but now that he thought about it, he didn’t seem sure about that. After all, the image he used to be familiar with might have been disguised.

Anna still didn’t lower her hand. She frowned, and there was an undisguised alarm in her gaze and voice. “But she’s from here.” How could one trust that?

“Well… That’s true, but now we’re on the same team.” Xie Quan directly omitted the cause and effect, a very simple and brutal conclusion. He did not have so much patience to explain bit by bit.

Only then did Anna drop her hand. She walked up to Xie Quan. “This is not the place to talk, let’s get out of here first—” At this point, she realized that Xie Quan was sitting in a wheelchair, and she had a bad guess in her mind, “What happened to your legs?” Then, she took a closer look and found that Xie Quan’s eyes were not focused on her at all either, but were staring blankly ahead.

It was as if, as if—he was blind.

After realizing this, Anna sucked in a breath of cold air, and her already round eyes glared even more round, she was shocked and angry. “Xie Quan! What did they do to you?!! Your legs? Your eyes? What’s going on here? Can’t you see now? Did they cripple you? The fucking scum! Who was it? Who did it? I’ll have them all arrested and burned to the ground! How dare they do that to you!”

The one who carefully said it was not suitable to speak here one second was now someone willing to shake the heavens. If Xie Quan could see, he would see Anna’s face was red with anger, and her eyes were murderous.

But Xie Quan did not need to see because he smelled her mood as her alpha pheromones began to boil. It seemed that the former Anna was not exactly a disguise. At the very least, this little bit of burning fury was true.

In contrast to Anna’s bearish anger, Xie Quan’s voice sounded extraordinarily cold. “It’s only temporary, to prevent me from escaping.”

“What?! Just to prevent you from escaping, they crippled you? Shit!”

Sofia weakly explained, “Not just to escape, the master wants to use this to force Mr. Yan to give in and agree to cooperate…”

“Master? What master? Your master did this?! Where is he?! I think he had the guts to do it to Xie Quan, and this is a cooperative fucking attitude? Don’t tarnish the word cooperation! No wonder Xie Quan handed over his designs, what was he going to do next if he didn’t hand them over? Break his hands?!” The thought of this possibility made Anna even more furious. “Damn it, I’m going to burn this place down!”

Xie Quan had a bit of a headache. He still thought those people should send someone else. Although Anna was an alpha, personality-wise, the beta Tang Wenshao was better. That person was not staggering, but a little more measured.

The point of his words just now was clearly the first half of the sentence. Xie Quan was about to explain again when the tip of his nose twitched.

There was a faint smell of another pheromone mixed in with Anna’s pheromones. Now that he was blind, his other senses were extra sensitive. So even though it was very faint, like a strand of thread in a mess that was hard to distinguish, he recognized it.

Because that strand of pheromone impressed him.

S-grade pure alpha pheromone.

The pheromone that matched him to a high degree.

The smell of burning flames.

The smell of pheromones from Lieutenant Colonel Henry, the one by Ji Cheying’s side.

It was a little far away and not so unrestrainedly pronounced.

Probably watching this side secretly.

Lieutenant Colonel Henry had not been seen for a while since he came to the Imperial Capital. Did his appearance here now indicate that he was ordered to come? Did Ji Cheying ask him to come? Ji Cheying found out he was missing?

Then… That Major General Ji should know that he didn’t really move out, right? So, maybe, the things he left in the apartment should not be thrown out? And maybe, he’s not angry anymore, right?


Author’s Note: 

Anna: Why are my pheromones a mess?

In the distance, Ji Cheying: deep breath deep breath – a little intolerance is a big mess – damn Lu Wu, you’re screwed!


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Translator Notes:

  1. 水军; Internet water army: People that are hired to post comments, news, gossip, or false information online to change public opinion. (They “flood” the Internet.) They may be hired either for social justice, promoting products or companies, propaganda, slandering, or to remove negative content. Not to be confused with a navy, which shares the same characters.


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I wouldn’t trust Anna😠 she has betrayed Xie Quan before with that Tang guy. JC! I smell you..come get me!

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I didn’t realize he still thought that the burning flame pheromones were Henry’s. Hahaha!

December 5, 2022 3:45 pm

How come he is a genius but still doesn’t get that the pheromones are from JCY…

December 6, 2022 3:25 am

“And maybe, he’s not angry anymore, right?”


Sue R
Sue R
December 6, 2022 6:30 am

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