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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


Following Xie Quan’s instructions, Sofia connected the wires pulled from Xie Quan’s wheelchair console to an alarm in the corner of the room. She didn’t quite understand and asked, “Mr. Yan, I’ve connected the wires, but what are you going to do?” 

Could the alarm system be cracked by an automatic wheelchair control center with little computing power? That was a bit too whimsical.

Indeed it was.

But if Xie Quan’s eyes could see, he could use the wheelchair’s control center to hack the alarm system. However, he couldn’t see now, so he had no way to decipher the system. He didn’t have to decipher the system to disable it. There was a simpler and more brutal way.

Several wires of the wheelchair had been connected to the circuit board of the alarm and the control panel of the smart hub according to Xie Quan’s instructions, while the energy storage device of the wheelchair was connected to a plug in the room, and then Xie Quan fumbled and pressed the start button of the wheelchair.

Sophia smelled a burning smell a few seconds later, and she was shocked. “Mr. Yan, do you smell something? It seems to be a fire.”

Xie Quan calmly reassured Sofia, “It’s not a fire, it’s the circuit of the alarm system that’s burned out.”

“Burnt out?…” Sofia froze for a few seconds, and she immediately understood. “You are using the wheelchair as the energy transmission port, so that the monitor fails from energy overload, causing it to short-circuit? But even if it briefly fails, the central control room people will immediately receive a monitoring device failure, and then send someone to repair… Not even need to send someone, the system can repair itself.”

“Don’t worry, the information transmission input is usually made of weak micro-conducting gold fiber tubes, its melting point is very low. The high temperature created just now is enough to melt it off, so the news of the monitor failure cannot be transmitted.”

Xie Quan sharply ripped off the wire connected to the plug. His foot now had limited mobility, the wheelchair must still be cherished.

Sofia watched Xie Quan restore the wheelchair, she then no longer doubted Xie Quan’s ability and asked, “Then sir, what should we do next? Escape from here?” After asking, she was a little worried. “Although the alarm system is temporarily disabled and we can try to avoid the patrols, the gate is definitely guarded, it will be difficult for us to get out.”

Xie Quan nodded as he put the control panel of his wheelchair back in. “That’s true, and in my current situation, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to escape.”


“In order to escape, I still have to recover my eyes and legs first.”

Sophia’s eyes lit up. “Mr. Yan, you are trying to find the antidote first.”

Xie Quan nodded. His blindness, as well as his inability to use his legs and feet, were the result of the drug that Rod had put in his food, using a neural nano-machine molecule to target and control his visual and motor nerves. He had read about it a few times when he was researching; it was a technical means used to target the brain.

He didn’t expect it to be used on him one day.

Fortunately, he had read that research piece, so he knew that it was easy to disengage the control, just find the controller of the machine molecule and enter the command to end the program. The controller was not something someone could just hold in their hand like a remote control, but a machine that was more than a meter high and had a certain distance limit.

So, that controller must be in this mansion.

What he had to do was to find that machine first, restore his vision and mobility, and then he may escape.

At this point Sophia asked again, “Then where is Sir going to find the antidote?”

She did not know the details, only that Xie Quan was eating the medicine and then gradually lost his eyesight and legs. So, she only thought that he was going to find the antidote, but the concept of an antidote couldn’t be wrong.

Xie Quan had now recovered his wheelchair, he did not directly answer Sofia’s question, but asked, “Xiao Bai, has the map of the mansion been drawn?”

Sofia was wondering who Xie Quan was talking to, when a slightly childish voice came from the wheelchair’s control panel. “Yes!”

Sofia was startled. “Who?”

Xie Quan pressed his hand, indicating that she should not panic. “This is my artificial intelligence,” he explained simply.

Xiao Bai had actually been by his side, only the network was blocked, so Xiao Bai could not make contact with the outside world, and it was difficult to obtain any information. However, not being able to contact the network or reach the central network of the mansion did not mean that Xiao Bai could not do anything.

If he couldn’t get to the cloud, he still had a local connection.

That day, when Xie Quan was tinkering with the internal structure of the wheelchair, one was to modify the internal structure to be able to carry high amounts of energy, and one was to implant Xiao Bai into the smart hub of the wheelchair.

This wheelchair was a smart wheelchair with automatic pathfinding, as well as obstacle avoidance functions. Being able to automatically pathfind meant that there was a map loaded inside, and being able to avoid obstacles meant that there were detection components.

So, as long as he could get Xiao Bai to get inside the wheelchair system to crack it, then naturally he could get a map of this mansion. And, he could also have a detection device.

Hmmm… Smart wheelchairs were really good. He could use it in the future, and not have to walk. It was very convenient.

But in the studio, the wheelchair was a little less convenient, there were too many things on the floor…

“Mr. Yan, Mr. Yan.”

“Mr. Quan, Mr. Quan!”

Xie Quan came back to his senses and he said as if nothing had happened, “Xiao Bai, is there a marked medical room, a lab or something like that?”

“Yes! There are four medical rooms and five laboratories, one of which is located seven hundred meters from the room.”

“Then let’s go there first.” There was a distance limit, the location where the instruments were located should not be too far away.

Meanwhile, there was chaos outside.

Almost at the same time, Grand Duchess Amelia and Third Prince Saroyan were exposed for bending the law in order to win the support of the nobles as well as the officials, conniving at multiple cases of corruption and bribery, and even interfering in the judicial proceedings of the Imperial Court to influence the outcome of the judgment.

If the previous scandal about Amelia and Saroyan’s contemptuous words to the beta crowd only caused some people to resist, then this incident was causing a national outcry.

Coupled with the previous incident, the image of the two royals could now be said to be in ruins. The people of the two royals had started their own emergency public relations and were trying to contact the two royals themselves, but they couldn’t get in touch at this critical moment.

However, before one wave subsided, another wave rose.

But this time, the spearhead was not directed at any of the crown prince candidates, but at the current reigning Emperor Hea.

The truth about the crown prince race.

In the star network, a post silently appeared in a pile of posts discussing the Amelia and Saroyan incident. At first, this post did not attract much attention. It didn’t even attract the attention of people from the royal public relations agency either.

Yura also thought it was just someone trying to take advantage of the opportunity to muddy the waters and divert everyone’s attention.

Until he clicked into this post.

[The final decision for crown prince was not the sixth prince, the current Emperor Hea, but the third prince, Joan Cyrus Ansel, who was killed in an accident for the crown prince’s position, and whose grandson, Caesar Ansel, is nowhere to be found…]

“What a mess, these people are getting more and more outrageous, didn’t they say that the third prince in the last crown prince competition was found guilty in court for beta human testing and was stripped of his crown prince candidacy?”

However, just after finishing, Yura’s sweaty hair stood up.

Because this was not nonsense.

The first video was a surveillance video of the accident, in which the hover car carrying Joan Cyrus Ansel and the royal grandson was suddenly slammed into by the hover car that rushed out from the side, and then fell directly from the air and landed on top of the rocks.

Then there was a record of the original experiment.

It included a signed letter of consent from the experimenters to voluntarily participate in the experiment.

And an audio clip.

The experimenter in the audio said worriedly, “Your Highness, this experiment… Beta gland re-differentiation is still uncharted territory, and no one can predict what the results of the research will be.”

Then that prince’s voice was cold and clear, but there was a kind of compassion condensed in it: “Something has to be done, betas have unlimited possibilities and should not be despised all the time. If their potential can be stimulated, the country can also have another group of excellent warriors and breeders, and they will not remain at the bottom of the society. This experiment must be done carefully, it must be done with sufficient preliminary research before continuing down the line, I don’t want to see anyone get hurt because of this.”

“Your Highness, don’t worry.”

Yura swallowed her drink, then excitedly left a comment of her own: [This third prince looks like he was really killed.]

Once the comment was updated, dozens of comments poured out at once.

[Could it be that the human experiment was planted by someone?]

[Isn’t there evidence?]

[Silly, people can be murdered, how’s it impossible to fake some evidence?]

[This third highness has a gentle voice.]

[Upstairs1, not only does he have a lovely voice! He’s a beauty too! Go read the next post!]

[The post says that the grandson is missing, so is it possible that the grandson is still alive?]

[I am shocked that such a post was not immediately blocked.]

[The two royals are stirring up so much trouble that no one has time to deal with that, but they might not live for long. Let’s watch and savor it..]

Yura looked at these comments with great interest, and then with a refresh, all of a sudden there were dozens of comments.

Not only that, but link posts were also popping up all over the place. By the time the public relations department reacted, public opinion had already begun to ferment, forming a royal scandal no less than the Saroyan and Amelia incident.

However, like Saroyan and Amelia, Emperor Hea had lost contact at this moment. Even if the loss of contact was just ten minutes, it was enough to miss the critical time to deal with the incident.

Yet, the night was not over yet.

At Rainforest garrison at the border, Lieutenant General Harris was removed from his post on suspicion of violating military regulations and immediately returned to the Imperial Capital to face a court martial.

At the same time, the Eleventh Legion, which had been stationed next to the Imperial Capital, was sent to the front line to carry out its mission, as well as a team from the Seventh Legion, which was carrying out a reconnaissance mission, suddenly lost contact and their lives were unknown.

These people all had one thing in common, namely, they all belonged to Marshal Ji Shanhong’s camp.

Underneath the visible shocking waves, there were even more thrilling undercurrents, which were currently unknown to the netizens watching on the star network. What they didn’t know was that they were witnessing a major event that would be written into the empire’s history.

At this point, Xie Quan and his team were already nearing their destination, and because they had to dodge the guards, the journey was very slow, but luckily they didn’t encounter many people.

However, suddenly—

“There are guards coming towards us,” Xiao Bai whispered promptly.

Sofia looked around in a panic, but this was still in the middle of the corridor, and there was no place to hide. “Mr. Yan, what should we do?”


The author has something to say: when writing to such places it is easy to get stuck in the text, ahhhhhhhhhhhh when will they meet!!!


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Translator Notes:

  1. 楼上; Upstairs: Chinese Internet slang to refer to the previous person that posted in a forum thread.


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Sue R
December 3, 2022 1:03 pm

The guard who is coming must be JC.
Please don’t let me down.

December 3, 2022 5:37 pm

True when will they meet, what despair! Thanks for the chapter!!!!

December 3, 2022 8:47 pm

They say that the truth will always come out eventually and that seems to be the case now, with regard to XQ’s true identity and what happened to his father.
The group JC’s brother leads, that includes Tang Wenshao, seem to want to reinstate XQ to his rightful place, but, their involvement in the suffering of betas is still unresolved.
Author… do something about your comment! 😉
Thanks for translating, for the T/N and editing.

December 4, 2022 11:22 am

Aaaah, what a chaos! All big things happening at once!
Thank You for the new chapter (。’▽’。)♡

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I love Xiao Bai, I wish I had the knowledge to bring him to life! Thank you for translating!

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