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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


Originally, Xie Quan just wanted to ask without actually doing anything. However, when he tried to leave at the door, it was like he was pinned in place, unable to move. Maybe it was the alpha pressure, he thought. So after it was quiet inside, he remained quietly at the door, and because he could not see, he could only confirm its presence by rubbing his hand against the still cold inhibitor.

There was only one inhibitor in this house. The bottle in his hand was brought to him by the little robot. So, it couldn’t be that Ji Cheying had allowed himself to be caught in the whirlwind of susceptibility because there was no inhibitor.

But if there was an inhibitor, then why…

Was it expired?

He ran his fingers over the embossed writing on the inhibitor container. He didn’t understand the complicated Braille, but he had been curious before, so he knew a bit of Braille, and he could recognize the numbers.

Ah. It was within the shelf life, far from expired.

So, the second possibility that the inhibitor lost its effectiveness was also ruled out.

Xie Quan’s face didn’t change, he just knocked gently on the door and said, “Open the door.”

His intention was to ask Ji Cheying to open the door, but the moment his voice fell, he heard the sound of the mechanism inside the lock turning, and the lock opened. He froze for a second and reacted. That’s right, Ji Cheying had just said that he had given himself permission.

The command just now was heard by the smart system, which automatically unlocked the door for him.

The moment the door opened, the pheromones in the room drew Xie Quan forward, but at the same time, the tyrannical pressure also made him repel and retreat from within. His instincts were making him submit. Such a feeling made Xie Quan extremely unhappy.

But his face remained calm and unruffled, as if he was unmoved by all the fluctuations in the air in the room. This also made Ji Cheying even more certain that Xie Quan was apathetic to pheromones.

He was a beta after all.

After answering Ji Cheying’s question, Xie Quan judged his location based on Ji Cheying’s voice, but he didn’t lean forward at will. The wheelchair was slightly reoriented so that he was facing Ji Cheying, and then moved slightly forward three steps, that’s all.

Any further, and it was a different story.

The man’s low voice was slightly tightened, like a string. “Get out.” Seemingly realizing that his words were too strong, he added in a slightly softer tone, “You are not fit to stay here.”

However, Xie Quan ignored it. “You’re not using an inhibitor.”

This situation was completely caused by the free releasing of his pheromones.

After a pause, he frowned again and asked, “Or are your glands out of control?”

The appearance of those victims of uncontrolled glands that he met before came to his mind, and Xie Quan’s heart jumped, could he have been secretly set up? Xie Quan’s brain was hurting from the effects of the pheromones, but right now he was not in the mood to care about his headache. If Ji Cheying was really out of control, then…

However, at this very moment, Ji Cheying answered him, with a little helplessness underneath the obvious irritation, “With my companion disease, inhibitors are of no use to me, it’s not out of control.”

This was the longest sentence he had said so far, and if another alpha were present, they would know how incredible it was that Ji Cheying was still able to stay awake at this moment and not completely lose control.

Even with the inhibitor, an alpha before the susceptibility period was very aggressive, with no outlet for their lust. The desire and instinct that rose to the top at this moment made them produce a nearly atavistic bestiality.

It was common sense that alphas in the susceptible period should never be alone with other people.

They were not humans now, but beasts.

“Hurry up and leave, or I can’t promise I won’t hurt you.”

The inhibitor didn’t work on Ji Cheying, and Xie Quan froze for a few seconds when he heard about it. It was another stupid companion disease.

He had once heard that there were some alpha as well as omega companion diseases that made them allergic to inhibitors. This group would often register with the imperial gene pool immediately after differentiation and then get engaged as soon as possible so that they could get through the first susceptible period as well as the estrus period safely.

If they did not find a suitable partner, many would not be able to withstand the torture and engage in self-harm. They would use external forces to control themselves, such as anesthesia to put themselves into a coma, or have someone put them in bondage to get through those brutal days.

He didn’t expect Ji Cheying to be one of them. It was surprising that he had managed to endure not looking for a spouse until now. This man, just how tolerable was he?

Xie Quan’s mind never worked according to common sense, and at such a time, his thoughts were flying around, but something suddenly came to him. His voice was clear and bright, like a cold spring, just like his name. “You like me?”


Asking at this time? Ji Cheying felt that Xie Quan was deliberately coming to test the limits of his patience as a way to get back at himself for losing his temper with him earlier. He took a breath, and the sensible villain felt like he was standing on the edge of a cliff, swaying.

Xie Quan could not see, so he could not see the appalling and ferocious lust present in Ji Cheying’s eyes. It was the possessive desire for Xie Quan that he tried his best to hide from his voice.

If he had not been able to control himself, he would have pulled the person under his body.

A beta did not have pheromones, and if an alpha in the susceptible period mated with a beta, the alpha, who couldn’t get omega pheromones through a mark to lift their frenzy, that beta would definitely lose half of their life. So, he must never lose his sanity, no matter what.

The palms of his hands were bleeding from overexertion, and his body was in a state of bursting tension, but he didn’t even dare to make the slightest movement. He did not dare to go near Xie Quan, otherwise he could have just thrown him out.

He was afraid, he was afraid that if he moved, once close to Xie Quan, the fragile sanity would instantly collapse. There was no crueler torture under heaven than this.

Ji Cheying simply took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “I’m not in the mood to talk to you about this.”

Xie Quan seemed to be oblivious to Ji Cheying’s torment at the moment. As if he was attending an afternoon tea party and making small talk, his tone was normal. “Why do you like a beta?”

“…” Ji Cheying’s brow twitched.

“Shouldn’t you hurry up and find yourself an omega?”


“Do you really want to be with me?”

“…” The muscles in Ji Cheying’s cheeks tightened.

“Or do you think I’m good looking and are just ready to have some fun with me?” Xie Quan’s emotionless voice was like that of an uninitiated child who was simply curious.

Ji Cheying couldn’t help himself, it was as if he was holding a hornet’s nest on his neck instead of a head, buzzing and confusing. He opened his eyes, and they were as cold as sword blades in the darkness. “I really don’t know whether to say you despise yourself or me.”

Every word seemed to pop out from his teeth, raw and emotionless, but the words he said were the most heartfelt words these days.

“I never speak lightly of my feelings, even more so in front of you, always so cautious. I have never thought of spending my life with anyone other than you.”

When he heard Ji Cheying’s answer, Xie Quan was silent for a few seconds. His calm voice was not audible with happiness or anger, but only slowly and carefully raised his question, “With a beta, won’t you always be suffering from the susceptibility period?”

This time, Ji Cheying’s answer was simple and decisive, almost without thinking, “So what?”

The answer was so firm that no one could question it.

After giving his answer, Ji Cheying took another deep breath, and his body started to tremble slightly from holding back, while the fabric of his back was already drenched with sweat. “Have you asked enough?”

Sweat slid down his forehead over his hard, angular face, rolling over the knot of his throat, and under his shoulder blades. He closed his eyes again in slight pain, his voice dripping with exhaustion and a touch of vulnerability. “If you’ve asked enough, get out.”

Still, Ji Cheying tried his best to sound more cold, even frightening. “I’m not confident enough in my control to continue to put up with you staying. If you don’t want to spend the next few days in bed, get out.”

Although he said this to scare Xie Quan away, in fact, all he had to do was put out his intimidating pressure without reservation, but the pressure came from the alpha’s offensive intimidation as well as hostility.

How could he be hostile to Xie Quan?

As for intimidation, the harsh words he just said were all he could do.

As Ji Cheying said before, he had always been cautious in front of Xie Quan, just as he had been when he was young. When he first touched his mecha on the training ground under the vast blue sky, he was joyful but did not dare to be abrupt, always thinking twice before making a move.

But the other person present was clearly not such a cautious person.

Xie Quan was completely different from Ji Cheying. He was used to being free and loose, living one day at a time, not thinking about the next. Except in mechanical design, he hardly used his vision.

Xie Quan’s tone was soothing and long, not rushed. “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in being the object of your lust.”

The wheels of the wheelchair rolled up, the sound of the mechanical spindles smooth and silky, almost inaudible, but currently unmistakable to Ji Cheying’s ears. He breathed a small sigh of relief in his heart.

But then, there was a deeper emotional pain.

Emotionally susceptible alphas were so attached to their mates that even a moment of separation was unbearable for them. Even though Xie Quan was not really his mate, Ji Cheying’s heart involuntarily rose with the emotion called “reluctance”.

He even had an impulse to go up and pull the other person in.

Luckily, Xie Quan was gone.


He really was about to lose control.

However, in the next second, Xie Quan’s voice sounded again, and this time, not at a distance of ten paces, but at a distance where he could pull the other party by reaching out his hand forward.

“I have a proposal.” Xie Quan said, “Our pheromones seem to be a pretty good match, and since we’re both suffering from companion diseases, why don’t I let you take a bite and we’ll get it over with?”

Ji Cheying opened his eyes and looked at the man in the wheelchair in front of him. The light wrapped around the man from back to front in the hallway, giving him a warm, soft glow. Xie Quan’s hollow eyes were downcast, clearly he could not see anything, but he seemed to be looking at him very seriously.

Ji Cheying was silent for a second. “Say it again?”

So, Xie Quan repeated, “I said, I have a proposal…”

With a bang, the wheelchair was brought down to the floor, the wheels turning in the air in a bewilderingly futile manner, while Xie Quan’s voice suddenly disappeared.

He was yanked onto the floor and into Ji Cheying’s face. No, he almost crashed into Ji Cheying’s face.

His legs and feet were weak, he couldn’t kneel, and he couldn’t support his body at all. However, the man’s strong arms tightened around his waist, so that he relied on that strength to stabilize his body.

Then, Ji Cheying’s hot breath quickly invaded and entered.

The other hand held Xie Quan’s face, and his fingers explored backward. Xie Quan’s neck was slim and long, so the other could easily touch the back of his neck. Ji Cheying’s voice sounded through almost gritted teeth, “Pheromones? What pheromones?”

The fine tail of hair swept over his fingers as his fingers lightly stroked at the back of the neck gland, feeling a slight edge of a gland patch.

Ji Cheying’s pupils shrank. “You… You’re not a fucking beta?”


Ji Cheying was silent for a moment, while his arms around Xie Quan’s waist did not relax in the slightest. The fingers around Xie Quan’s neck pressed heavily on the glandular patch, he looked at the person in front of him, with danger in his low voice. “You are an omega and you came at this time. Do you know what this means?”

Xie Quan certainly understood. It was not without reason that he would have parked his wheelchair in that position before. Because one more step forward would be submissiveness. But he acted very plainly, as if he was totally unaware of the great significance of his act. He just frowned because he felt a little tired in this position, and then replied, “I know, so, a bite? A temporary mark should work for a while too.”

Ji Cheying had self-control that one could be proud of, but just because he had self-control didn’t mean he would take everything lying down. There was no need to put up with it. Someone provoked the door, what did he need self-control for?

The finger traced the delicate skin at the back of the neck, found the edge of the glandular patch, and relentlessly tore it off with a tug.

At first it was only faint, but soon, the pheromones of ice and lime were in the air with the blaze. It was like a moth to a flame, no one could endure in such a situation.

So the next second, Xie Quan felt dizzy, and when he reacted, he had been taken by the waist directly to the bed, was pinned down on the bed, and then unceremoniously had his glands bitten.

The alpha pheromones invaded powerfully, like an injection of lava directly into his body, and then rampaged through his body, screaming its presence, invading every inch. Xie Quan frowned and bit his lips with some difficulty. Under such an attack, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of vulnerability.

That vulnerability caused tears to unconsciously spill out of the corners of his eyes.

The alpha pheromones and the omega pheromones quickly combined together.

The temporary marking was completed.

Xie Quan’s body was covered with a thin layer of sweat, and he was panting slightly. His body was becoming sensitive from being marked while his instincts made him start to cling to the body heat behind him.

Such a shift made him very uncomfortable. Especially at this moment, where his butt was against a very strong penis and made him feel some awe. So he opened his mouth, and at this point his voice was a little weak, but he still kept his composure, saying, “Don’t be like a hungry wolf, biting on a piece of meat and not letting go.”

Ji Cheying did not get up, he loosened his mouth and unconsciously kissed lightly at the gland that had deep teeth marks. He then pressed near Xie Quan’s ear, with his deep and hoarse voice full of desire, and said, “…You do not want a permanent one?”

A permanent mark.

A temporary mark was not enough.


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Love it!!!! I love the fact that JC did not care if he was an omega or not and would be willing to endure the companion disease for him! The lady scene was hilarious when XQ told him don’t be like a hungry wolf lol I totally love how JC was like not being careful as he unceremoniously just put the temporary mark on XQ!

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Sue R
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December 15, 2022 8:32 pm

XQ certainly seems to like living dangerously! JC is one self-controlled individual, that’s for sure.
Looking forward to the response.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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