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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


The clumsy little robot wandered over slowly, holding a glass of warm water in its hand. “Guest, please have some water.”

Xie Quan could not see at the moment, so he listened to the direction of the voice, took the glass of water, and took a sip. The pheromones in the air were like a torrent that made him very restless. If he hadn’t been in heat not long ago, the impact would have been even greater.

However, Ji Cheying obviously made some isolation measures for himself, otherwise the pheromones in the air would have been even stronger and more aggressive. The glands on the back of his neck burned like fire, and Xie Quan’s face was bloodied with excitement.

How long was the susceptibility period for an alpha?

Naturally, it’s five days.

But with an inhibitor, the pheromone burst should diminish in half a day, and then slowly return to normal.

Half a day…

Then let’s wait.

Xie Quan simply laid back down in the open treatment capsule. In fact, he was quite tired, so he could just take a nap and wake up, and the person would be fine. He had a few things he wanted to ask Ji Cheying. For example, did he know who his captor was? Where did he get his mecha? From the military department? But could he use the military ministry’s mecha privately? Why did he come to save him?

Tolerating the stirring of the pheromones inside his body, Xie Quan frowned and closed his eyes tightly. Ji Cheying should find himself a more closed place. His pheromones were really too… abrasive. It was amazing how well it fit with him.

Time gradually passed by, the inside of the mansion was trapped in silent anxiety, while the outside was already in an uproar.

The royal public relations quickly took off, but not in response to the storm of public opinion against the two royals, but in response to the speculation that Emperor Hea was running for office that year. The post was quickly blocked and the account that started it was blocked, and a warning was issued by the news agency that “presumptuous talk of the royal family can be a crime”.

Prince Lu Wu survived an attempted assassination, and the imperial army and the police department were mobilized to find the culprit. The strange dark blue mecha who suddenly appeared was listed as the first suspect and was wanted nationwide.

The military department’s Marshal Ji’s forces were liquidated, while Marshal Ji’s camp and the rest of the military department quickly held discussions. Everyone also quickly gathered to discuss the next countermeasures.

In addition, outside the Imperial Capital, a group of people began to gather…

Most of the day passed, it was already late at night, and even nearly early in the morning, the young man lying in the healing capsule did not show a single sign of unfolding his brow. He opened his eyes in the dark, although whether those eyes were open or not, they were actually the same.

He whispered to himself, “Why don’t the pheromones show any sign of abating at all?” His physiological reaction tinted his voice with annoyance, which was also mixed with a strong sense of doubt and disbelief.

The alpha susceptibility period was the same as the omega estrus period, both of which were physiological phenomena developed for the continuation of offspring, where the glands would secrete pheromones in large quantities to attract the right mate for sex. In today’s era of highly developed inhibitors, as long as the boiling pheromones were controlled with the corresponding inhibitor, one could basically pass this special period unharmed and quickly.

Generally, after the injection of an inhibitor, the pheromone level in the body will rapidly decrease within three to four hours, six hours the pheromone level in the body would be close to the usual state, and eight hours the gland would be back to normal. However, now nearly eight hours have passed.

The flame-like smell within the air had not abated in the slightest.

He even had the illusion that he was already in a sea of fire and was being burned by the flames.

He didn’t know if his body was deceived by this smell, or because of the restlessness of the pheromones in his body. Even in a room with sufficient cold air, his forehead and the back of his neck still developed a dense layer of sweat. Even under the influence of pheromones, his companion disease was triggered and his head began to vaguely ache .

The pheromone concentration here had not even decreased, and he could hardly imagine what kind of situation Ji Cheying’s side was in.

It was only a “sea of fire”. And this was very abnormal. Did Ji Cheying not have an inhibitor? Did they not work?

Without inhibitors, if an alpha during the susceptibility period did not carry out marking behavior, it would be hard to survive, and it would be like losing a layer of skin.

After thinking about it, Xie Quan sat up.

The robot that was charging in the room sensed the movement and immediately disengaged itself from the charging port, then walked up to Xie Quan. “Hello, guest, may I help you?”

Xie Quan asked, “Excuse me, do you have a wheelchair?” After a pause, he added, “And an alpha inhibitor.”

Ten minutes later, Xie Quan was in a wheelchair, and then followed the pheromone trail to a closed door.

Xie Quan couldn’t see, but he could feel the raging storm of pheromones and the sense of intimidation that nearly suffocated him. He touched the door with his other free hand; it was locked. He knocked on the door and the knock was crisp and clear, so it was clear that no special sealing had been done, no wonder the pheromones leaked so much in the space outside.

There was no sound inside. Xie Quan knocked again vigorously. This time there was finally an echo.

From the other side of the door came a low and hoarse voice. “Speak.”

There was not much strength and it was full of irritation, like a pile of dry wood that could start a fire with a single spark. It seemed that his susceptible period was indeed tormenting.

Xie Quan’s delicate eyebrows knotted up. “Are you okay?”

There was silence for a few seconds before Ji Chenying replied in a barely organized voice, “…I’ve given you access, if you need anything you can find the smart butler.”

He thought Xie Quan was trying to find him for something. Because of the torment, Ji Cheying had apparently lost track of time. Who would come knocking on someone’s door at four in the morning just because they needed something?

However, now he really wasn’t in a situation where he could care about the time either.

Every alpha and omega had their own companion disease, and Xie Quan’s manifested as a headache. Ji Cheying’s companion disease showed no signs at all on a day-to-day basis, and only came to the fore during periods of susceptibility. During the susceptibility period, his glands were out of control, his body had twice as many pheromones as normal during the susceptibility period, and was resistant to inhibitors, which had very little effect on him.

This caused his susceptibility period to be longer and more painful than that of a normal alpha. His alpha aggression as well as his pressure was even a bit more uncontrollable during such a susceptible period.

This was all the cost.

Yan Siyu had prepared a place for him to spend his susceptibility period, where there was a foolproof isolation measure that could perfectly isolate his pheromone and pressure, and lock him in alone and safely. His original plan was to go there as soon as Xie Quan was settled, but he didn’t want to have an accident midway, which took longer than expected, and made it too late for him to get to the prepared isolation area before his susceptibility period flared up.

He sat on the floor with his back against the wall, his shirt collar ripped wide open, revealing his collarbone and lean, powerful muscles. He tilted his head back in pain, his sweaty forehead hair was sticking up, revealing a full forehead already full of aggression, but also tired eyes because he had been suppressing his nature.

At this moment, Ji Cheying suddenly thought. Xie Quan was fortunately a beta, not sensitive to pheromone perception, so that even if the seal here was not strong, he would not be too affected.

It’s just that he couldn’t control his own pressure right now, and Xie Quan wouldn’t feel too comfortable outside the door.

He’ll be gone later.

He would not end this susceptible period for a while, but he had asked Yan Siyu to come over the next day and take Xie Quan to be treated. After the treatment was over, Yan Siyu would send Xie Quan to another city on his behalf.

Xie Quan had already messed with Lu Wu, and no matter what Lu Wu’s intentions were, the Imperial Capital would not be a safe place for Xie Quan. Ji Cheying had the intention of sending Xie Quan away from the Imperial Capital, but now the arrow was on the string and he had to do it. But then, he could not personally send Xie Quan away, could not say goodbye.

Although, Xie Quan probably didn’t care too much.

”Is it Colonel Henry?”

When they met, Xie Quan’s words stuck in his throat. Ji Cheying laughed slightly to himself despite his exhaustion.


He was no better than Henry.


Even so, seeing Xie Quan sitting on top of a wheelchair, blind, just looking confusedly into the void.

More resentment in his heart caused him to blame himself. He should have found him earlier. No, he shouldn’t have left in anger in the first place, leaving Xie Quan alone. Thinking about Xie Quan, perhaps it was a distraction, and the torment on him seemed to lessen a bit, but it could also be that he was starting to get a little numb.

From the time he started to differentiate, he got used to it.

The pain at the beginning of the susceptible period would gradually cool down along with the numbness later. This companion disease was actually quite tame.

Yan Siyu’s companion disease was that his legs and feet would feel pain on stormy days and make it difficult to walk. If not for this, he would have been a warrior who made a name for himself on the battlefield.

In the midst of Ji Cheying’s rambling thoughts, the door was quiet. It was as quiet and dark as ever. Ji Cheying closed his eyes tiredly, but his frown still twitched slightly, as if his veins were flowing not with blood but with lava, burning his heart to the point of explosion.

The alpha’s desire for destruction rose sharply, but Ji Cheying suppressed it with that frightening self-control, letting himself sit quietly, motionless, like a statue.

A few minutes later, when Ji Cheying was in a trance and thought the call was just his imagination, the door handle was suddenly turned. The door was slowly pushed open, and then the light from the corridor leaked in, poking the darkness in the room at once.

Holding back the aggressive pressure of an alpha that would attack the intruder, Ji Cheying could only squint and open his eyes because he was uncomfortable with the light. His long, narrow, sharp eyes were like a beast about to attack, full of murder. Yet, that murderous aura disappeared instantly after just seeing the person who came in.

Like an instinctive reaction, it was quick without thinking.

Xie Quan, who was sitting in a wheelchair with an inhibitor in his hand, asked in a calm, cold voice as if nothing had happened, “I thought carefully, you can’t be without inhibitors, your situation is not normal, what’s wrong with you?”

“…” Ji Cheying didn’t know what kind of emotion to feel for a moment, he tried to ask in a normal tone but he couldn’t help but burst out, “How the hell did you get in here?” 

Did he not lock the door?

Xie Quan smiled and tilted his head a bit inexplicably, then he rightfully asked in return, “Hm? Didn’t you give me permission yourself?”

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Sue R
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